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39 Ways To Get A Free Laptop No Strings Attached

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It sounds crazy, can anyone actually get a free laptop?

Well.. yes actually! In fact, there are many ways to snag a free laptop. In most cases, a student, veteran, or low-income household will increase your chances, but the truth is – everyone is capable.

The needs of a laptop are growing every day to get ahead in life for things like education, work, and managing everyday life.

In some cases, there may be strings attached, but if you’re lucky you may be able to just scoop up a laptop. No matter your circumstances, it’s actually pretty easy to grab a free laptop. A lot of these laptops are even quality laptops; it all depends on your situation and where you get it from.

Here are the very best ways to grab a free laptop:

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Free Laptops For Low-Income Families

Laptops are very important to any family, not only to keep people entertained but also to make money and get ahead in life.

The world is going virtual and nobody should be left behind. Just by a simple laptop a low-income family could make money online and get out of their current situation.

Here are some amazing companies providing free laptops for low-income families:

Free Laptop Way #1: The On It Foundation

This organization’s mission is to provide low-income families with the technology they need. They are offering free laptops to families with elementary-aged kids. Along with the laptop, they will give away computer training and internet access. They are truly here to serve families in need.

To qualify for the program, the kid must qualify for free or reduced lunch at their school.

This organization is also selling a $99 laptop, this laptop includes a warranty.

Free Laptop Way: #2 Computers With Causes

Computes for Causes is a fantastic organization that provides services to those in need. They are a non-profit with the mission to provide laptops to many people but specifically veterans and head of foster homes.

To qualify you will need to fill out a questionnaire, background check, and reference call. They want to help those that are most in need. This is a great opportunity for anyone that has “nowhere else to turn” and to get back on track.

Free Laptop Way #3: Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse

Otherwise known as the ATRR, is a group of non-profit organizations that are giving away free or discounted laptops based on the family’s needs. They have multiple locations across the US. This will allow for better communication along with quick shipping for your laptop.

Each non-profit has a different size, this will affect the number of supplies they can deliver. But at the end of you’re truly in need they’ll make something work. They do not mention what type of laptop but they are all refurbished laptops. This means they were broken but rebuilt to their original state.

Free Laptop Way #4:

This site was made to connect low-income families to government assistance. Their mission is to positively impact low-income families. More than a laptop they will offer the following:

  • Job training
  • Medicaid
  • Nutrition Assistance
  • Many more

Although they do not mention what laptop, most likely they are refurbished, these laptops work just like new and will offer many benefits to get people back where they want to be. is great for any family that wants to get back on their feet and grow.

Free Laptop Way #5: EveryoneOn

Another non-profit, EveryoneOn has a mission to help over 1 million people find low-cost computers. This is a great way to find a cheap or free laptop. They also want to help people get access to the internet.

To qualify they require everyone to plug in their zip code and answer a few questions. An added bonus is that this questionnaire is a lot shorter compared to other companies. According to their website, you can find computers for around $150. They do not mention what type of laptops.

Free Laptop Way #6: Craigslist

Although not exactly an obvious choice, craigslist could be the way to go. There are loads of people on this site willing to sell their laptops for a cheap price. Most will be used but you could find a great deal!

There are laptops listed anywhere from $50 to $500. It all depends on the type of computer and how much you’re willing to spend. They have all kinds of brands.

The process will take a little bit of effort. You’ll need to meet up with the seller to make the exchange along with some studying to make sure it’s a solid deal. But it could be worth it to check it out and possibly grab a deal!

Free Laptop Way #7: Freecycle

This network of people and businesses wants to help those who might need a little help. They’re giving away free supplies to people that need it more. This is a global operation so there’s bound to be resources near you.

To get your laptop you have two choices. The first choice is to browse the groups and see if anyone is giving away free laptops. The second option is creating a post requesting a laptop. It wouldn’t hurt to do both and I’m sure there are loads of people willing to help!

There can be Microsoft, Dell, or even Apple laptops. It just depends on needs and a little bit of luck.

Free Laptop Way #8: PC’s for People

Beginning in 1998, PC’s for people have been serving people by giving out free laptops. They have been growing their company ever since. This might be the opportunity to finally get a laptop and hit the road to success.

But to get a laptop there’s a criterion that must be met.

A recipient will need to fill out a questionnaire, some of the main parts to qualifying are:

  • Must be at or below 200% poverty level
  • A family member with a disability
  • Work with a social worker

Free Laptop Way #9: Interconnection

Located in Seattle, this company connects people in need of laptops, with laptops. They offer their services nationally. Their online store offers many low-priced laptops. These are highly discounted and sometimes free depending on needs.

They currently offer brands like Lenovo, Dell, and even Apple! Depending on your needs will reflect the price and brand. If you need a higher quality it will cost more but still well-below market value. They also have desktops available if that’s an interest.

Free Laptop Way #10: Komputers 4 Kids

This company is currently giving away laptops to those in need along with an education. This company is geared towards kids

They are located and serving only Los Angeles and Orange County at this time. They also are supplying laptops to low-income families to help get them back on their feet.

Their help goes outside the laptops as they’re helping women, infants, and children get the right nutrition. They also have started giving out free phones and mobile devices.

They do not state what type of quality or brand they give out. It’s most likely Dell, Microsoft, or even Apple.

Free Laptop Way #11: Microsoft Registered Refurbishers

This is a program offered by Microsoft that helps low-income, charities, and other places that are in need of computers. They offer free Microsoft and windows computers to all that are in need and fit their criteria.

This is perfect to get a refurbished laptop (just like new). Depending on your situation you can get either a completely free laptop or highly discounted. They will need to do some questionnaires and make sure that the end recipient truly needs the device.

Free Laptop Way: #12 With Causes

With Causes is a non-profit that helps multiple different people. Here are the main groups they help:

  • Low income
  • Disability
  • Emergency or Hardship

They truly care for those in need and want to help them the best they can. They also help with many other needs such as new cars, taking in abused women and children, or laptops.

If you’ve been struggling to find a laptop, just send them a message and they will do their best to get you a laptop or a large discounted laptop. They do not specify what brands or quality, but they love to help and they’ll do their absolute best for everyone.

Free Laptop Way: #13 The National Cristina Foundation

The National Cristina Foundation provides free laptops to individuals in need through donations.

Free Laptops For College Students

Of all the ways to get a free laptop, being a college student is probably one of the easiest ways. I can’t exactly say it’s the cheapest seeing how expensive college is. So, if you’re dead set on getting your education, I’m sure you’ll take any help you can get. There are all kinds of colleges that will give you a free laptop to come to their school. You’ll also find a lot of stores that give discounted laptops for college students.

I couldn’t imagine getting through college without a laptop. Having one gave me the freedom and flexibility to get my schoolwork done from any location and on my own time. I remember the one week my laptop broke and I had to walk in the snow to the computer lab to do “simple” tasks that I once took for granted.

On average 95% of undergraduate students own a laptop or smartphone.

So if you’re part of the 5% that doesn’t pay close attention to this list of 10 schools that offer free laptops.

Free Laptop Way #1: Independence University

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Independence University is one way to get a free laptop! This University is a non-profit that offers an iPad for the first term and a laptop for the fourth term. Not only is it great that you can get a free laptop, but it’s also a beautiful location!

To qualify, you’ll need to be enrolled at the school. You will get to keep the laptop as long as you stay in school. So if you decide college isn’t for you, then you must return the laptop.

This college believes in commitment and wants every student to have the ability to learn on their own time.

Free Laptop Way #2: Wake Forest University

This university is offering a grant to any students that need financial help. This grant will allow for a free laptop. To qualify you will need to be enrolled in their classes. Any Student receiving-based aid, merit scholarship, or athletic scholarship, can apply.

They also give a heavy discount for all students that don’t get accepted for the technology grant.

Wake Forest is known for its medical, business, and biotech programs. They support each and every student and want to help the ones in need. They don’t say exactly what laptop they give out but most likely its a Microsoft or Apple laptop.

Free Laptop Way #3: Full Sail University

Full Sail University goes far beyond a free laptop, they also offer equipment specialized for each program. For example, the digital Cinematography class gets a camera, lighting equipment, microphones, and even various software.

This is a great opportunity to not only get a laptop but also excel in your career. This University is becoming known as the center for technology learning.

To qualify you will need to be enrolled in their program. They don’t specify exactly what laptop you can get.

Free Laptop Way #4: Rochester University

Located in Michigan this college offers free laptops to all students, even freshman, and transfers. This is pretty rare and an opportunity worth taking advantage of! You also get to keep the laptop if you complete 6 semesters.

TO qualify all it takes is being enrolled and staying for at least 6 semesters. It’s really that easy. Students will receive a Macbook or Ipad if you prefer tablets.

They recently became a university in 2023.

Free Laptop Way #5: Chatham University

This University has a program that gifts every freshman a MacBook air. This will include a warranty, theft, and damage protection. They also will throw in a free backpack for carrying the laptop around. This university is located in Pittsburg, PA.

This is perfect for any young student getting prepared for college. Get an education and a free laptop.

Not too bad!

Their goal is to prepare students for the changing world of technology and deliver the freedom to study whenever.

Free Laptop Way #6: Local Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a thrift shop that could assist you with getting a new laptop. They get loads of free or discounted items every day. They might even have a laptop that you could grab. It’s worth a shot, it could save you thousands compared to a new laptop.

The Salvation Army is a national non-profit so there won’t be a problem finding one near you. Just call or walk in and ask if there are any free or discounted laptops. Maybe you’ll even hit the jackpot with a very nice laptop!

Free Laptop Way #7: St. Vincent de Paul

This is a non-profit company that helps people anywhere from furniture, food, and you guessed it…


To snag a laptop visit their website and go to the assistance page. From there you just will need to contact them about free laptops. Not all stores will have them available but you never know. This could be one route to saving a lot of money on a new laptop.

They have locations all over the country so finding one nearby shouldn’t be an issue.

Free Laptop Way #8: Southern Nazarene University

This University offers two different options. The first way to go is to get a free Dell laptop, no strings attached. Or you can upgrade to the Mac starting at $700, compared to the tuition $700 might not be too bad!

But is it worth it?

Ultimately that’s up to you. But the Dell laptop is said to be high-performing. It might be worth it to save some cash! It just depends on your needs and goals.

Southern Nazarene University is located in Oklahoma and is a Liberal Arts college.

Free Laptop Way #9: University of Minnesota-Crookston

Minnesota Crookston’s free laptop for college program benefits all incoming freshmen. They also offer a free laptop to online students as long as they take half their credits at the university.

This University focuses on the students and wants to push technology as it grows in the world. They also want to make sure their students have what they need to gain an education. This could be a great chance to get a free laptop while earning a degree.

Free Laptop Way #10: Bethel University

Want a free Chromebook? Enroll at Bethel University and you’ll get one. Whether you’re online or on-campus you get a Chromebook. They believe this will help students learn on the go and ultimately get more knowledge on times convenient to the students.

So if you’re planning on going to a University and also need a laptop, this would be the place to go!

Bethel University is located in Tennessee but they also offer online courses. They are a Christian university and highly respected throughout Tennessee.

Free Laptops For Disabled People Students

Everyone deserves the right to a computer, laptops are a great way to get back where you want to be. They can help pass time, make money, or do anything you want.

There’s just one problem.

Laptops can be expensive. They can also be hard to get for just anyone, stuff comes up, bills need to be paid, and life happens, that’s why these organizations and companies are offering free laptops.

Free Laptop Way #1: GiveTech

GiveTech is an amazing company that is providing free computers to people with acute physical or mental disabilities. They are a non-profit that wants to give back and positively impact the disabled.

To qualify you’ll need to visit their website and fill out some questions. To avoid fraud they require applicants to prove their disability.

They do not mention what type of laptop or how long it will take to receive it. Odds are it will be either a Microsoft, Dell, or even an Apple laptop.

Free Laptop Way #2: Jim Mullen Foundation

Jim Mullen was a Chicago Police officer, in 1996 he was shot and wounded. This incident left him paralyzed from the neck down. Mullen was in need of a computer and he actually got his from GiveTech.

Since then Mullen has created his own foundation to help those with disabilities get free laptops.

They don’t mention what type of laptops or how long it will take to receive.

This would be a great foundation to go with because you get a free laptop and you help out with the motivational foundation.

Free Laptop Way #3:

As the name mentions, this is a government program that is serving those with disabilities. Although they expand more than laptops. They have the following:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Civil Rights
  • Benefits

They will help you get a free or highly discounted laptop if you’re in need. They do not mention the quality or brand of laptops. But they will do their absolute best for everyone they can.

To qualify they will require a questionnaire and proof of insurance.

Free Laptop Way #4: The Beaumont Foundation of America

This is an outstanding company that is offering loads of free stuff to those with disabilities. They want to benefit others and get everyone some help and enjoyment. More than just laptops they also offer free computers.

To qualify, they require questionnaires and proof of disability. They also don’t mention the computer or laptops they give away.

Their mission is to aid those in need of, medical care, foster care children, and education. They want to impact many communities across the nation.

Free Laptop Way #5: Check with the Local Library System

There are many libraries that will give out grants to those with disabilities or low-income. They do this to help the community and benefit the disabled.

If they have a website you can possibly find the information you need or at least contact info to see if they can make something happen.

The quality and brand will depend on the library and what they have. Also, make sure to check with multiple libraries if you get turned down the first time.

Free Laptop Way #6: Charities

Charities are out there that can help with specific disabilities. So if you truly want to snag a free laptop odds are there a charity out there that’s willing to help. Charities are out there to help others, visit to search and find a charity that could help you.

The quality and brand will depend on the charity and your needs. But it can be a pretty fast process if you’re willing to contact and find a charity.

Free Laptop Way #7: Computers4Kids

This company helps multiple different people that might be in need of laptops. They help the following groups:

  • Those with disabilities
  • Low-income families
  • Children
  • Anyone that needs help

There are many different locations throughout the United States, each of them focus on a local level. You’ll want to be sure there’s something close. Requests are typically accepted through writing or an online website.

They don’t mention the quality or brand of the laptops. But they do the very best for everyone that’s in need.

Free Laptop Way #8: Computer Recycling Center (CRC)

This company is providing refurbished laptops to anyone that needs help. The way they work is they will connect with local agencies, this is how they will get donations and the laptops to anyone in need. They are located in California but help people all over the United States.

They are currently helping people with disabilities, this is a great advantage to get a free laptop. It’s unknown what laptops or the brand’s people receive but hey it’s a free laptop that could truly change our life.

Free Laptop Way #9: Computer Accommodations Program (CAP)

At CAP they want to give back and benefit anyone that really needs a laptop. Their main focus is to help those with disabilities. They also are helping with employment and they partner with IT professionals.

This is a great place to go if you’re looking for cheap or free laptops. Not only are they a great company but the quality is great. No matter your situation they’ll do what they can to help.

To qualify for the CAP program it will take a lot of questions and proof that you actually need a laptop.

Free Laptop Way #10: Recycled Computers

There are companies all over the world that have old unused tech equipment. A lot of them will be willing to give away their old laptops for free. It might take some calls or emails but there will eventually be a company willing to help you out!

The quality will most likely be used but who knows maybe you’ll get a brand new device!

This is a great way to build a relationship and get a free laptop. It takes a little more work, but will be more than worth it in the end.

Free Laptops For Veterans

Veterans are the most hard-working, dedicated, and even put their lives on the line for the United States. After serving for so long what can they do when they get back?

They’ll most likely need to find a job or a way of making money, and one of the best resources for that would be a laptop.

That’s why these amazing organizations are offering free laptops to all veterans.

Free Laptop Way #1: Tech For Troops

This non-profit company has a very good system. Tech For Troops currently accepted donations of either working or nonworking laptops. They will then re-furbish (Make them like new) the laptops and give them out to veterans that are in need.

This organization receives all different types of laptops and help out every veteran they can. Tech for Troops is located in Virginia but serving everywhere in the US. To qualify you must be veteran and they’ll have to receive proof before proving a free laptop.

Free Laptop Way #2: Combat Veterans To Careers

Similar to tech For Troops, this company takes in donations for veterans that need laptops. This is a great structure to both benefit veterans and others to get rid of their laptops. They will accept any laptop and fix them up before sending them to veterans.

To qualify you’re required to fill out some questions on their website, they require a lot of proof to avoid any fraud. They don’t mention how long the process will take. Regardless, this is a fantastic way to pick up a free laptop!

Free Laptop Way #3: ComputerBlanc

This company is giving back to the veterans. ComputerBlanc is located in Illinois but provides services all across the nation. They understand that when servicemen are finished with the military they will need a way of making money. How?

Laptops. This is quite possibly the best device for veterans to make money. They can find jobs resources, or even just make money from their laptop.

To qualify you’ll need to be a veteran with a DD214 card. The laptops are refurbished and practically new.

Free Laptop Way #4: Lenovo

Lenovo is giving back to those that served. They are giving a 10% discount on all their computers for anyone in the military, veterans, and even family members. These laptops have great reviews and the discount will help cut the price down a bit.

To get one of their computers with the discount, simply visit their website and fill out the appropriate info. This discount is offered for all products and computers so the choice is yours on how much you’d like to spend.

Free Laptop Way #5: Facebook Marketplace

This is a good way to pick up a free or highly discounted laptop. People all over your area are getting rid of their laptops. Some might be new and some might be used, but what’s important is the discounts.

There are all kinds of brands and all the prices are negotiable. To benefit from this just go to Facebook, find the marketplace section and search “laptops’ ‘ and you’ll start seeing results!

You will need to either have it shipped or meet with the seller to get the laptop, it just depends on what you and the seller are comfortable with!

Free Laptop Way #6: Tech For Troops

Tech For Troops is a fast-growing non-profit organization that aims to bridge the digital divide for veterans and their families. They do this by providing veterans and their families with free, refurbished laptops acquired through donations.

If you want to request a computer from them, simply contact your American Legion, VFW, Veterans Hospital, or any other Veterans Service Organization and ask them to use the contact form on their website to start the process.

10 Ways To Get A Discounted Laptop

It’s not always possible for everyone to get a free laptop, but there are ways to get a nice discount on a new or used laptop.

Maybe you don’t qualify for a free laptop but there are many more ways to snag a discounted laptop. Some of the discounts can be crazy and some can be small.

But here are the very best companies that are offering discounted laptops.

Discounted Laptop Way #1: Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest platforms to find great deals and get free 2-day shipping! This is perfect to get a laptop at a low cost. They offer all different brands, conditions, and sellers. This allows you to filter exactly to your needs!

All you need to do is sign and search for a laptop and make the purchase. Depending on the seller you can usually get free 2day shipping or pay more for same-day shipping on some occasions.

Regardless, Amazon is a great way to get discounted laptops!

Discounted Laptop Way #2: Overstock

Overstock is similar to Amazon, they put in the work to find the very best products including laptops. They believe in the best deal to give their customers a great price. You can also filter your exact pleasures when looking for a laptop.

They offer many brands such as Apple, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, and Dell. Overstock also has a clearance section that could have some hidden gems.

All it takes is a quick sign and you can find the perfect computer at a discount!

Discounted Laptop Way #3: eBay

eBay is also similar to Amazon but they also have a ”bidding” option, this can be a great strategy to get great deals on laptops! But if you’re not a fan of the bidding you can choose “Buy Now” and still get deals.

They have multiple different sellers on their platform so this opens up opportunities for different conditions and brands. You can filter everything to your exact budget, brand, and even discounts.

eBay is perfect for finding deals and locating your exact needs.

Discounted Laptop Way

This site features a deal rating to let you know how good of a deal you’re getting. This is extremely helpful and can prevent scams. They also have very highly discounted laptops available.

They feature just about every brand laptop to fit everyone’s needs. All it takes is signing up and finding your laptop. From there you just checkout and get the new (or used) laptop delivered to you.

If you’re looking for a website that shows if a laptop is worth the purchase then definitely check out

Discounted Laptop Way #5: Walmart

Believe it or not, Walmart actually has some amazing deals. They have refurbished, highly discounted, and top brands. These options are perfect ways to get discounts on a great laptop.

If you really want a discount, wait for the nearest holiday to really max out on the deal.

They also have clearance sections, these might not be top of the line but will absolutely get the job done!

Walmart has both in-store and online options, so you can have a rba=nd new laptop with a heavy discount shipped straight to you.

Discounted Laptop Way #6:

This website is a great resource for the best laptops at a discount. They have created this site to make it easier for everyone to get a laptop at a discount. They have so many deals they even feature a “Deal of the Day”. also has multiple blogs on choosing the best laptops for your needs. Most expensive doesn’t always mean the best or needed. Sometimes the slightly cheaper laptops are the better decision.

No matter what your goals are with a laptop, will have the perfect fit for you.

Discounted Laptop Way #7: TigerDirect

TigerDirect offers the biggest variety of laptops. They have low end, high end, and top of the line computers. They also include a “Deal of the Day ”. they have laptops starting at $158 and that’s not even including the discounts you can get!

If you want a cheap but reliable laptop, definitely check them out! The process is simple to find and choose your laptop. Although you don’t get 2-day shipping like Amazon, you’ll save a  lot more money.

Discounted Laptop Way #8:

This website is giving significant discounts for today’s modern technology. They even have “Shell Shocker” deals for the best savings. This site would be great to check out, they have a very clean system that makes it easy to get the perfect laptop at affordable prices.

They offer many different laptops. There’s refurbished, new, opened box, and many more options. These are all broken laptops that have been fixed like new by their team. This allows for major discounts.

Discounted Laptop Way #9: Discount Computer Depot

This is another fantastic site that benefits anyone in need of a cheap yet reliable laptop. They have all different types of brands and qualities. They have a strong online presence that gives them the ability to have lower prices.

No matter what your use for the computer they will have the perfect laptop. Since they also have refurbished laptops, you can get a great discount on a practically new laptop. They have a very good filter section to make it easy to narrow down the best laptop. They have high-quality brands like Apple, Dell, Hp, and Microsoft.

Discounted Laptop Way #10: Apple or Manufacturer

If you go directly to the brand of computer you’d like, they usually have a refurbished section. These are laptops that have been broken in the past but the company takes it back, fixes it up so it’s like new. They usually offer warranties on these products as well.

This is probably the best way to get discounted laptops. The shipping time will usually be around 4-7 days depending on location and company. Regardless, there are all types of brands, prices, and features. These companies will make the process great and make sure to ge=t you a fantastic deal.

Discounted Laptop Way #11: Best Buy

This might be the best way to get a nice discount with all the choices in the world. At best Buy they carry multiple different brands such as the following:

  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • HP
  • Dell

You can quickly impress friends and get the laptop of your choice with Best Buys military discount. To qualify you must be either active military, a veteran, or family member. They have in-store as well as online options for your convenience. They also offer many student discounts!

Discounted Laptop Way #12: Microsoft

Microsoft is a very solid company that easily ranks top 3 for laptops. They also love their military as they’re giving out 10% off laptops, computers, and other products. These laptops have a very good rating and will compete with the best,

To qualify you must submit a couple of questions, from there you can select a laptop of your choice. Don’t forget to add the discount!

You can find these discounts either online or in-store!

Final Thoughts

There are lots of ways to get a free laptop. You might not always qualify but there truly are free laptops out there. It just takes some searching and qualifying. Here’s a recap of the many ways:

  • Low-Income families
  • College Students
  • The Disabled
  • Veterans
  • Discounted laptops for those willing to do a bit of searching

Laptops have many purposes and can truly change someone’s life. Whether it’s getting your degree, making millions, or even just getting back on your feet, a laptop has many purposes. Companies and organizations all over are willing to help.

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