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75+ Best Money Saving Apps (iPhone and Android)

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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

Today, I am going to look at 50+ best money saving apps that you can use to help save you money.

These will be broken up between grocery, grocery, dining, hotel, and financial apps to give you a wide variety of apps to choose from.

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Grocery Money Saving Apps

One of the expenses that most people are going to have are groceries.

While not everyone’s grocery bills are going to be the same, there are ways for you to save money whether you are a single student in college or a stay at home mother of 3.

In the past, many people would spend Sunday mornings clipping out coupons to save and use at the grocery store.

With the advancements in technology, you no longer need physical coupons to save hundreds of dollars a year in groceries.

With the following smartphone apps, you can get the best prices and save money on every grocery trip.

Let’s take a look at the top 15 apps I have personally used to help make some extra room in my grocery budget.

1. Ibotta

Starting off the list is one of my favorite apps that I use everytime I go to make any type of purchase.

Ibotta, a popular grocery rebate app, has grown over the past few years to be one of the most popular money saving apps of 2021.

Ibotta is partnered up with many different retailers allowing you to save money on many different in-person and on-line stores.

How Ibotta works is by allowing you to browse the app for products that are participating in cash back rebates. 

You simply click the product you want to earn cash back on, purchase the product in store, and scan the product and/or receipt to verify your purchase.

Each product is labeled with the amount of cash back that you will earn from the purchase, so you know exactly how much you can expect to get reimbursed for.

Once you have started to earn cash back, you can cash out after you earn $20 or more in rebates.

You can cash out on gift cards to popular retailers such as WalMart, Amazon, Nike, and many others.

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2. Drop

Drop is another personal favorite that I have saved a lot of money on over the past year.

In fact, I would save an average of $3 per $30 I spent at WalMart when using online grocery pickup services.

Drop works a few different ways, all of which are very easy to use and are convenient enough for anyone to easily start saving money.

The first way to use Drop is by linking your popular debit or credit card to the app to earn points when using your card at participating retailers.

The second way to earn point in Drop is to shop through the app, similar to an online shopping portal.

I use this when I do online grocery shopping by clicking the Walmart Grocery tab which takes me directly to the Walmart Grocery app where I place my order.

Drop registers my order and awards me my point after verifying the order with Walmart.

Lastly, you can use Drop to sign up for special offers which award you larger point values.

These include signing up for credit cards, services, or even Hulu.

The Drop points work in the same way as most reward apps do as they allow you to redeem your points for gift cards to popular retailers.

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3. Shopkick

Using gift cards to get your grocery shopping done is always a great way to avoid having to pay more out of pocket for your grocery bill.

What if I told you there was a way to earn free gift cards to some of the most popular grocery retailers by simply visiting stores without having to make a purchase.

That is exactly what an app called Shopkick allows you to do.

Shopkick uses your phone’s Bluetooth function to detect if you are at a participating store’s location and rewards you “kicks” for visiting.

While these kick amounts can vary, you can always get more kicks by scanning barcodes or making purchases.

To do this, simply look at the app and see which products you can scan to earn kicks. 

Simply find the product in the store and scan the barcode to get rewarded the specified amount of kicks. 

Many of the products that have scan kicks will have a larger reward for making a purchase of the item.

I regularly check this app often to see if there is anything I had already planned on purchasing to ensure I am getting the most kicks possible.

You can also link your debit or credit card to this app to get automatic kicks for making in store or online purchases from participating retailers as well.

As with most apps, these kicks can be redeemed for gift cards to popular stores in $5 increments.

4. Receipt Hog

So if you have used one of the above apps to get cash back on in store purchases, you may be thinking that this is all that you can earn.

However, you can still earn cash back by sending in photos of your receipts to an app called Receipt Hog.

Receipt Hog allows you to take a full photo of your receipt and submit it to earn points which can be redeemed for gift cards once you reach a certain threshold.

From my experience using ReceiptHog, it takes a little longer to earn a gift card, but for the amount of work you put in and no extra purchasing necessary, it’s free money for simply snapping a photo.

Combine this with Ibotta or any other cash back app to maximize your money savings.

5. Checkout 51

If you are a fan of Ibotta, or simply like earning cash back on items you purchase from the supermarket, you are going to love an app called Checkout51.

Checkout51 is very similar to Ibotta as it allows you to earn cash back on popular products in grocery stores across America.

Signing up is easy and you can get started saving money in minutes.

Simply open the app, select the offer that you want to take advantage of, make the purchase, and then upload a photo of the receipt to the app.

Checkout51 will then verify that the product you purchased matches the offer, and then reward you with the appropriate credit.

After you have earned $20, you are able to cash out the amount in your account in the form of a check that is then mailed to you by Checkout51.

6. Fetch Rewards

When it comes to earning cash back on groceries, the business model followed by Ibotta and Checkout51 is pretty much the standard for popular cash back apps.

Another app that is both a fan favorite and follows the same structure as the aforementioned apps is Fetch Rewards.

Fetch Rewards allows you to scan your receipt into the app and earn points on thousands of products if they were purchased on that receipt. 

In the app, you will see which items are considered applicable to allow you to figure out which products you should purchase to maximize your payout.

Once you purchase the items, scan the receipt into the app and stack up the point until you are ready to cash out on a reward.

You can use these points to cash out on gift cards to a large selection of retailers to allow you to save money on your next purchase.

Don’t forget to send in your receipt to Receipt Hog to double up on your potential savings.

7. Rakuten

While most of the apps that I have looked at so far are going to be product specific and allow you to earn only what is predetermined by the manufacturer, there is a way to earn a cashback percentage of your total bill on your next grocery trip.

Rakuten, formally known as eBates, is a site/app that allows you to earn anywhere from .5% up to 10% back on purchases made at thousands of retailers.

Rakuten is partnered up with a large number of grocery stores to allow you to earn cash back on your groceries.

For example, if Rakuten offers a 2% cash back offer to Walmart, you can get $2 back for each $100 you spend. 

Rakuten offers many different ways for you to earn money using their site and app, so make sure to explore any ways to double up your earnings when you can.

8. Target

While this list is mainly comprised of universal apps that can be used at a variety of different retailers, there are great savings to be had in store-specific apps.

One of the most popular retailer apps that allows you to save money is going to be Target.

Target has a very easy to use app that allows you to get access to special savings and earn cash back on purchases when using the Target app.

With this app, you can expect to get 1% cash back on purchases made through the app or with the barcode within the app that can be scanned in store at checkout.

The app allows you to view weekly ads and get access to member only deals to further you money savings.

9. Saving Star  

As one of the highest rebate apps on this list, Saving Star is a very popular app among frugal shoppers.

Saving Star works much like many of the other apps that we have reviewed as you will need to browse the app for specific offers to save on.

One of the great things about this app is that you can view the products both on the app and on their site to give you better convenience if you like operating on a computer more than your mobile phone.

To use the app with store cards, all you will need to do is link your store cards, select the rebates that you would like to redeem, use your store card at the checkout, and await your rewards.

For those wanting to use this app without store cards, simply scan in your receipts either in the app or on the site.

After you have redeems $20 in  rewards, you can withdraw the amount to your bank or PayPal account.

If you are feeling generous, you can also donate it to charity.


Following the same structure as Saving Star, has seen great success by offering the same format and rewards.

The difference between the two is that allows you to print coupons, use digital coupons, and use coupon codes to help save you as much money as possible.

By using their free smartphone app, you can have over $500 in savings ready to go in the palm of your hand. allows you to use the app to save money two different ways when shopping, at checkout, or after checking out.

At checkout, you can show your digital receipts to take money off your total purchase amount to save you money right then and there.

If you would rather submit your receipt after you checkout, you can do so to earn cash back as well. 

You can only use one of the two options with the app at this time, so no stacking these offers.

11. Dosh

One of the easiest ways to save money and earn cash back on your grocery purchases is by linking your card to an app and letting the cash back pile up.

While picking and choosing products that have rebates can earn you more money, you may not always remember to do so if you live a busy lifestyle.

Dosh, a smartphone app that rewards you for shopping and dining out, ensures that you earn cash back on each purchase.

Dosh works by linking your credit or debit card to the app.

When you make a purchase at a participating store, you get up to 10% cash back on the purchase without having to do any extra leg work.

The withdrawal limit for Dosh is a little higher than most at $25, but you will be able to withdraw it straight to your bank or paypal account.

You can also earn extra cash back by referring friends to the app, a huge plus if you have a big social circle.

12. Makeena

If you are the type that likes to purchase healthy food and would like to get cash back on these higher priced foods, you guessed it, there is an app for that.

Makeena, a free, easy to use loyalty app, is aimed to rewarding those who purchase eco-friendly and healthy products at any retailer, even those online.

Makeena was designed to connect brands and shoppers for good.

This app works on the same principles as most, but it is geared more towards those purchasing specific brands that offer vegan, diet, or eco-friendly foods.

When using the app, you will notice that the layout is very easy to navigate, allowing you to choose between shopping by brands, browsing through the available rebates, redeeming your purchases, cashing out, and viewing your profile.

Makeena will also have the $20 cashout limit plus bonuses to allow for getting freebies as well.

13. CoinOut

Since most of these apps on this list are going to be segmented to participating retailers, I am adding in an app that can be used at virtually any store both in store or online.

Coinout is a rewards app that is marketed toward those who are wanting to use a rewards app, but are tired of apps that are confusing or too complicated to use.

You can earn immediate cash back from retailers that Coinout is partnered up with or submit your receipts for a smaller percentage reward from non-participating retailers.

One of the best features of this app is that there is no minimum cash out, so you can get your cash back at any time deposited right into your bank account.

You also have the chance to win weekly surprise bonuses if you regularly upload receipts and share with their community.

14. Receipt Pal

Learning to be more frugal is all about how you can make your dollar stretch further, even if that dollar is being saved.

When using cash back rebate apps such as Ibotta, you can turn around and submit your receipt to a receipt-centric rewards app such as ReceiptPal.

ReceiptPal is an app that allows you to turn your grocery and store receipts into valuable gift cards and cash prizes.

These types of apps are great because they don’t require you to purchase a specific product, simply submit any receipts you get with your normal purchases to earn cash back.

A great feature of ReceiptPal is that you can connect your email or Amazon account to earn point from your online orders as well.

The points that you earn from your receipts can be used to cash out on gift cards from popular retailers.

You will also automatically be entered into ReceiptPal’s weekly sweepstakes for cash prizes.

15. TopCashBack

With the big push from giant retailers to have consumers order online or participate in their delivery service, many apps are starting to reward you for trying out their out-of-store services.

TopCashback is an online app that is usually used to earn cashback on non-grocery purchases, but as of recently, I have seen that there are more offers from retailers who want customers to use online grocery ordering.

This has led to a great reward for making your grocery purchases online and with TopCashBank, you can cashout at anytime as there is no minimum payout requirement.

They offer the highest cash back guaranteed and offer a payout bonus on top of cash back.

At the time of this article, they are partnered with over 4,400 retailers.

16. BerryCart

BerryCart is a receipt scanning app like Ibotta but with a unique twist. With Ibotta you can earn cash back on groceries that one would normally buy on a daily basis. BerryCart gives you cash back for buying groceries that tend to be healthier.

With this money saving app, you can often get cash back on gluten free, dairy free, soy, organic and other food products with specific attributes. The best part is that you can type in your location and BerryCart will help you find where you can purchase such items.

You get a $2 bonus when you sign-up using promo code 7xYw14Jb and scan your first receipt. You need a minimum of $5 to cash out directly to your PayPal account. This is one of the better receipt scanning apps for health nuts.

Keep in mind that if you find the same offer on BerryCart and Ibotta, you can use the same receipt for both apps to increase your cash back. In fact, you can do this with all receipt scanning apps. The more apps you use, the more cash back you get for that specific offer.

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17. SavingStar

Want to use coupons but don’t want to deal with the hassle of printing them out or scanning them at checkout? Now you don’t have to with SavingStar. Simply link your loyalty cards to your SavingStar accounts and start saving money.

When you log-in to SavingStar, they’ll have a wide variety of coupon offers. Activate a coupon for the product of your choice. Next time you scan your loyalty card at checkout, SavingStar will automatically deduct the amount on the coupon from your total purchase price. You can even see it on your receipt!

SavingStar has recently added a receipt scanning feature similar to Ibotta. Keep your receipt and take a picture of it when you’re done. Match the offer on the app with the item that’s on the receipt and earn cash back.

Once your account reaches a minimum of $5, you can cash out. The great thing about SavingStar is that once you link all of your loyalty cards, all you have to do is log-in and activate the coupon offers. What I tend to do is log-in once a week and activate all offers just in case. It usually only takes a minute to do so.

Dining Money Saving Apps

When people go to save money, one of the things that most people cut back on is fast food or dining out at restaurants.

After all, who wants to pay $15 for a meal that you can make at home for a fraction of the price, especially when you are trying to save money.

However, there are times where you are going to want to get out of the house and have a date night or treat yourself to a good meal, so you might as well be saving as much money as you can.

The following 15 money saving that apps are going to allow you to save money, earn reward points, and get cash back on dining out at most popular restaurants and fast food establishments.

18. iDine

For those who live in the larger cities such as major metropolitan areas, finding a rewards program for upscale restaurants is almost unheard of.

I-Dine, a premier dining rewards membership program, allows you to earn up 5-10% cashback when dining in at some of the most premier restaurants in town.

I-Dine is very easy to use, the only drawback to this app is that is is specialized to upscale restaurants in major cities.

To use the app, all you have to do to get started is link your most used debit or credit card to the secure app.

Once you use your card at participating restaurants, you will get rewarded your cash back if your purchase meets all of the qualifications set forth in the app.

Once you have reached the $20 mark, you will be sent an American Express Reward Card in the following month.

19. Seated

One of the coolest innovations when it comes to dining out at restaurants that are tech savvy is that you can usually make reservations in advance straight from your phone.

This is a huge plus when you are out of town or have a busy schedule where your lunch may fluctuate.

With an app called Seated, you can make reservations at thousands of restaurants across the United States – and get paid for it.

That is correct, you can get cash back by making your reservations online and submitting your receipts to the app.

The amount of money you can save and earn will vary from restaurant to restaurant, but you can get up to 30% back from the highest paying stores.

20. Open Table

Much like Seated, an app called Open Table allows your to make reservations, find the best deals on food, and reward you with cash back from dining at your favorite restaurants.

Open Table was created to help people beat the crowd and find an open table at restaurants all over the city to make dining much easier.

While this app is most useful for those who are trying to sit down and eat as quickly as possible, it can be used by those who are looking to earn cash back on their meal.

When you make a reservation through Open Table, you will earn Open Table points which can be used to redeem for gift cards to hotels, Amazon, and other popular stores.

21. Yelp

Businesses love to get feedback from their customers and review sites make their earnings off of people leaving reviews.

These needs are what led to the great success of the popular review site Yelp.

Yelp is an online review platform that allows people who have visited businesses to leave a review about their experience.

Yelp has created its own reward system that allows you to link your credit or debit card to the app to let you earn cash back from your favorite stores.

At the end of the month, you will be cashed out on the previous month’s rewards.

This allows you to make money just by dining at the restaurants you already frequent.

22. Groupon

If you are looking to save money instantly and get the best deals available at local restaurants, downloading the Groupon app can help save you hundreds of dollars.

Groupon is an app that allows businesses to offer exclusive deals to its users in the hopes that it will bring in more first time customers.

From my experience, there have been many deals on restaurants and food that has allowed me to either save instantly or stock up and save for a future date night.

You can also save on hotels, experiences, and other great activities in just about any city that you are in.

23. LivingSocial

Another great app that allows you to save money on various activities, restaurants, and events in your city is Living Social.

Much like Groupon, Living Social is flooded with great deals on all types of businesses to allow you to save money on just about anything you do.

While it is not very popular in the grocery sector, you can find many great savings at local restaurants to help you save money the next time you eat out.

Living Social is one of the most popular discount sites for activities and you can sign up for push notifications so that you can get to the deals before they are all gone.


When it comes to saving money on dining out, there has always been one go-to app that has been a consumer favorite throughout the years. is partnered up with 187,000 restaurants and retailers, both local and nationally known, giving you the largest selection of savings available.

With such a great clientele, is able to offer the best deals and coupons across the web.

With great features such as coupon codes, savings alerts, and discount dining passes, there is not much to not like about Restaurant.

This app also allows you to earn money by recruiting restaurants to join their site and if you are a business owner, you can take advantage of great incentives as well.

No matter where you are, you can always find ways to save on your next meal by using this app. 

25. Hooch

While many of the apps we have looked at already are mostly specialized in rewarding you for completing specific actions, there is an app that gives you many of these reward-able actions in one.

Hooch, a dining rewards app, allows you to earn up to 10% back in TAP dollars along with getting access to exclusive deals in travel, shop, and dining categories.

For booking hotels, you can save up to 70% on hotel rooms through the app, making it great for budgeting your next vacation.

Secondly, you can reserve a spot at your favorite restaurant and dine in with exclusive deals.

Lastly, you can get rewards from your favorite brands to get cashback on many of your everyday purchases.

26. Starbucks

There is nothing like a hot cup of coffee in the morning to get you caffeinated and kick start your morning.

The only thing that could make that deal better is by getting it for free.

With the Starbucks app, you can work your way up to a free coffee simply by making the same coffee purchases you have always made.

By signing up on the Starbucks app, you become a member of Starbucks Rewards, a loyalty program designed for frequent visitors.

This program allows you to earn “stars” after making purchases in the app which you can use to get a free coffee, free food, or even Starbucks items from their site.

27. McDonalds

As one of America’s favorite fast food restaurants, McDonalds is always an industry leader when it comes to innovations in the fast food world.

One of those innovations is the mobile app available on iOS and Android markets.

The McDonalds app allows you to take advantage of delicious deals, exclusive coupon codes, check their menu, and even order online if you are in a rush.

Some of the deals I have personally seen are cheap coffee, dollar amounts off food items, and even a digital punch card for coffee that rewarded you with a free coffee after purchasing 5 coffees.

28. Burger King

As someone who lives a frugal life and always tries to find the cheapest ways to grab a bit to eat, Burger King is always a contender as they have a great value menu and their burgers taste much better than most.

The Burger King mobile app is a great way to save on your next trip to BK as it offers secret deals and exclusive mobile coupon codes to allow you to dine in or drive thru for cheap.

You can also take advantage of the online ordering to skip the line when you go to pick up your food.

While this doesn’t seem like a money saver, for those who order impulsively, this function could help you order just what you need and not overspend.

29. Taco Bell

If you are in the mood for some Tex-Mex food, but don’t have the time nor the money to sit down at a restaurant, there is always fast food options.

Taco Bell, one of the most famous Tex-Mex fast food joints all over the world, offers their own app where you can check the latest deals, specials, and even place orders online for pickup inside or through the drive thru.

While Taco Bell is a staple for those who live frugal since their prices are already pretty low, having this app is another secret weapon you can use to save even more money.

30. Sonic

Last but not least, the nationwide favorite Sonic, has it’s own app that allows you to take advantage of specials and daily deals.

Sonic is one of the most well known fast food restaurants and their classic car hop style ordering is a popular choice for anyone who want a budget friendly meal.

The Sonic app allows you to access a fully interactive menu, exclusive deals, and even online ordering to have your food ready to go when you pull up.

This app is great for checking for any money saving deals such as their corn dog specials and happy hour 1/2 priced drinks.

31. Gambeal

Starting off the cash back restaurant and food apps is an app that allows you to see what’s trending, help restaurants by leaving reviews, and allow you to earn cash.

This app is called Gambeal, and it is one of the easiest ways that you can earn cash at restaurants.

Gambeal has a wide network of top rated restaurants that it works with to help better their customer’s experience by paying you to give your feedback.

How Gambeal work is by giving you an app that shows you all of the new and trending restaurant chains, along with any specials that they are offering.

You can browse through a list of restaurants that are paying for quick feedback from your daily visits in their stores.

This not only helps you earn cash back, but it also helps the restaurant or company better their services and offerings to provide a better experience for everyone.

You can also submit your receipt for qualifying restaurants to earn cash back on as well.

Cashouts are redeemable after you have reached $20 and you can cash out via Paypal.

32. Mogl

If getting paid to eat or drink in popular restaurants is something that interests you, then you are in luck with an app called Mogl.

Mogl is an easy to use smartphone app that allows to you get paid cash to eat and drink at 100s of local places.

You can expect to earn up to 10% cash back on your total at participating restaurants.

To use Mogl, you are going to want to link your favorite debit or credit cards to the app to ensure that you get credits without having to hassle with coupons of loyalty cards.

Next, you will want to open the Mogl app and find participating offers that will allow you to earn cash back on in your city.

Lastly, use your linked card to pay for the meal and check your account in a few days to find your rewards.

This service allows you to effortlessly get rewarded for dining out without having to notify your server or fumble with the app when you are in the restaurant.

You can earn cash that is deposited each month, donate it to a fundraiser, or earn points for airlines, hotels, and other reward programs.

Hotels/Travel Money Saving Apps

If you are one who likes to travel, you are well aware of how much a trip can cost both initially and unexpectedly.

For those who may have to travel unexpectedly for a family emergency or to help a friend, you may be looking for the cheapest ways to get to your destination as well.

While traveling is not always the cheapest thing to do, thanks to smartphone apps, you now have access to money saving apps that can make traveling much more affordable.

I am going to check out 15 great traveling apps that are designed to save you the most money on your next trip and help make traveling more affordable.

33. Uber

If renting a car seems like too much work for what you are going to be doing, you can always rely on a taxi or ride share service.

Uber, one of the most popular ride share apps of the past decade, has disrupted the taxi industry and made getting around town much easier.

Uber allows just about anyone who fits their qualifications use their vehicle as a taxi, which allows you to take advantage of super low fares and quick transits.

Using their simply smartphone app, you can enter your current location, your destination, and the size of your party and Uber drivers can claim your request for quick and affordable transportation.

Uber’s fares are much lower than taxi fares and with Uber drivers signing up everyday, there is rarely a shortage of driver, especially in popular cities and high traffic hours.

34. Airbnb

One of the most stressful parts of traveling is trying to find a hotel that you can afford and has a decent rating.

Over the past few years, Airbnb has changed the game for the hotel industry by allowing individuals to rent out their homes to others online.

By choosing to rent a home on Air B&B, you can save money, get a whole home to yourself, and not have to worry about hotel inconveniences. 

The best part is, you can choose from all types of places to stay from one bedroom lofts to multiroom mansions that can sleep up to 20 people.

These homes are usually always cheaper than the average hotel room and are cleaned after each stay.

35. Vrbo

Before there was Air BnB, there was a similar service called VRBO.

VRBO stands for Vacation Rentals By Owner and was founded in 1995 for homeowners to rent out their properties for short term visits. 

VRBO has been one of the industry leaders in offering home rental solutions at lower prices and with better amenities than most hotels.

While Air BnB is more residential focused, VRBO is going to be your go-to for vacation rentals.

36. Dayuse

Have you ever found yourself needing a hotel room to catch up on some sleep on a road trip but couldn’t check in until later in the afternoon?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could rent the hotel during the day so you can travel at night when there is less traffic?

Well now you can with an app/site called DayUse.

DayUse allows you to book hotels for a few hours a day at up to 75% off of the overnight stay price.

This is perfect for those who want to enjoy all of the amenities of a hotel without the commitment of a full nights stay.

37. Roomer

If you have ever found yourself having to cancel your vacation or a hotel stay last minute, you know how frustrating it can be to not be able to get a refund on your hotel room.

For those who are wanting to save money on a hotel, an app called Roomer can help both you and those who are wanting to recoup some of their money from their reservation.

Roomer is a smartphone app that allows you to either put your hotel reservation up for sale, or browse available reservations for deeply discounted prices.

Each reservation is verified through their automated system to verify that the room can indeed be transferred over to a new customer.

This is perfect for spur of the moment trips, emergency stays, or just a money saving way to take a small vacation.

38. Freebird

If you are already saving by using Uber or Lyft, there is a way that you could be saving even more money by earning cash back on your trips.

With an app called Freebird, you can get bach back from your Uber and Lyft rides and save money at local businesses that are partnered with the app.

Freebird connects seamlessly to your Uber of Lyft account to allow you to earn cash back without all of the leg work.

You can earn points for every ride that you take and use these points to cash out on valuable rewards or cash-back.

39. Best Parking

If you live in a city where parking is scarce, you know just how frustrating it can be to both find a spot and pay a reasonable price for it.

With an app called BestParking, you can scour your city for the best deals on open parking spots, make reservations for that spot, and compare prices to find the best deals.

Most users can enjoy up to 50% off of standard rate when using BestParking, not including all of the time you can save by finding a spot straight from your smartphone.

This app is for most larger cities, but we are seeing many new cities popping up.

40. Hopper

When planning a vacation, airfare can be one of the largest, most confusing expenses between bag fees, upgrades, and changing prices.

With a smartphone app called Hopper, you can find the best prices on airlines fares as well as see when the best time to buy is to save even more money.

Hopper has helped over 30 million travelers save more than $1.8 million dollars since it’s release, and that number grows everyday.

The app monitors airline prices and suggests the best time to buy by predicting future spikes and dips in prices.

It will also let you compare airline fares to help you find the lowest prices at that very moment.

If you are going to be booking any type of flight, this app should be on your phone, ready to save you money.

41. Service

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a travel assistant that could stay on top of all of your reservations and find any saving opportunities for you?

That is exactly what Service, a travel savings smartphone app, can do for you.

Service is an app that keeps track of all of your flights and hotel reservations and finds ways to help you save money.

If you flight has been delayed, like many often do, Service will automatically file for compensation to ensure you get any money back that you are owed.

If a cheaper rate pops up for you hotel stay, Service will automatically rebook your hotel to instantly save you money.

42. Kayak

This is one of the most well known sites/apps when it comes to saving money and comparing prices on traveling.

The Kayak company is a part of and allows you to search for the best prices when it comes to flights, hotels, cars, cruises, and full travel packages.

This app is very simple to use and can help you find the best prices on just about any type of trip and any size party.

Before you start calling hotels or airlines to get your trip setup, check Kayak to find the best deals and save some money on your next trip.

43. Getaround

With car sharing apps reaching an all time high over the past few years, it is no surprise that we are seeing more and more apps pop up with the same premise.

GetAround, a car sharing smartphone app, utilizes the Getaround Connect Technology that allows drivers to rent and unlock cars in their area with their smartphones.

With GetAround, you get keyless entry as soon as you book your rental through the app, a great variety of vehicles, and the convenience of renting cars on demand by the hour or day.

Each driver and car is screened to ensure the safety of both the people using the car, and the car that is being rented out.

This app allows you to rent a vehicle at a fraction of the cost of a rental car company to help you save money on your next car rental.

44. Hotel Tonight

It is no secret that hotel prices can be a little more than most people are wanting to pay, especially when there are cheaper options such as Air BnB.

However, there are times where you just need to get a hotel quickly and don’t want to pay too much for it.

That is where an app called HotelTonight can help you save up to 70% on your next stay.

This app finds the best last-minute hotel deals in some of the most popular cities to allow you to get the best price possible for your stay.

You can even book in advance to find great deals on future stays as well.

45. Trip Advisor

As the world’s largest travel platform, TripAdvisor gives you just about everything you need when it comes to planning the perfect vacation or business trip.

TripAdvisor allows you to find and compare the best prices on hotels, activities, restaurants, flights, vacation rentals, cruises, and much more.

They also provide you with reviews and descriptions of many locations and restaurants so that you can plan your full trip based on the reviews of others.

You can even bundle up your travel expenses into one cheap vacation package to save even more money and reduce the amount of booking you have to do.

This app is a great all in one travel app that will allow you to fully plan your next vacation for the best price.

46. Skiplagged

Finding the best deals on airfares can be quite difficult as many of the sites out there offer just slight discounts on flights when compare to the actual airline’s site. 

With Skiplagged, a smartphone app that helps to find loopholes in airfare pricing, you can find rock bottom deals on flights to some of the most popular destinations.

Skiplagged make sit easier for your to experience the world by showing you flight that airlines don’t want you to see. 

Their system exposes inefficiencies in airline pricing to help you find deals you would normally not see and can save you up to 50% off regular rates of both airfare and hotel rates.

47. Turo

For those who travel by plane, you know how important it is to have some type of transportation lined out for when you arrive. 

After all, how will you get around if you can’t drive or rideshare?

While there are many rideshare apps that we will discuss a little later in this article, renting a car is still one of the most popular ways people who travel like to get around town.

Years ago, the only way that you could do this is through a car rental company, but with the convenience of smartphones, you can now rent a vehicle through an app called Turo.

Turo allows you to either rent a vehicle from an individual at a way lower price than car rental companies, or you can put your vehicle up for rent to make some extra cash.

Gas Money Saving Apps

If you own a car, and it is not an electric car, another expense that you can always count on is having to buy gas.

Purchasing gas is an expense that billions of people have to account for when budgeting their finances, especially if they do a lot of driving.

One of the things that makes budgeting for gas expenses much harder is the ever fluctuating gas prices.

Gas prices are affected by many different things and can rise and drop unexpectedly.

The 15 money saving apps below will allow you to find the cheapest gas in town, allow you to earn cash back rewards on gas purchases, and help you find the quickest routes to your destination.

48. Gas Buddy

In the world of money saving gas apps, there is one app that has always reigned supreme – GasBuddy.

GasBuddy has been a consumer favorite over the past decade or so due to their easy to use app and innovations that keep them ahead of the game.

Like most money saving gas apps, you can find and compare gas prices from stores in your local area, but you can do many other things as well.

With special GasBuddy offers, you can earn addition free gas automatically by shopping with retailers who are partnered up with Gas Buddy.

This allows you to earn free gas just by shopping at stores such as The Home Depot, Walmart, and Dominos.

49. Waze

While most money saving gas apps are going to only show you how to save money on your gas, these is an app that shows you the best route to take to ensure you save as much gas as possible.

Waze is a smartphone app that has quickly risen to popularity through their strategic marketing and partnerships that has revolutionized how people drive.

The purpose of Waze is to help others carpool and find the best route to their destination so that they are not wasting gas in traffic or by taking a longer route than needed.

It works by connecting with other drivers to help reduce traffic, keep people safer, and to make the roads a better place.

50. Map Quest

When you think about taking a road trip, one of the first things you will need to do is get directions to where you are going.

While most cars have built in GPS, there are still times where you may need to print out a map for your specific route.

MapQuest has been the go-to site for driving directions for years and users have found ways to use it to help save them money.

While it does not have a rewards program of money-back incentives, you can find the quickest route to and from your destination which can result in money saving trips!

51. Upside

For businesses that travel often, there can be quite a headache trying to manage all of the various trips your teams are taking as well as trying to find the best deals and money back incentives.

An app called Upside allows you to effectively manage travel for your teams and get cash back on company travel.

You will get easy booking all in one place, 24/7 expert support, and up to 3% cash back after spending $100,000 on business travel through Upside.

You can also take advantage of loyalty points and exclusive deal that help your team travel easier and smarter.

52. AAA Mobile

Owning a car can come with a wide variety of ups and downs which makes having a service like AAA such a a relief.

AAA has always been known for their roadside assistance programs that help you in the event of a breakdown, flat tires, and other mechanical problems that leave you stranded.

With the AAA Mobile app, you get all of these features along with great money saving features such as maps, discounts, battery quote, and hotel deals.

This free, all in one app is perfect to have when taking roadtrips or even commuting day to day to insure you are always protected in the event of an emergency.

53. Route4Me

When it comes to companies who employees are driving everyday, time and fuel are money which means you will want them to take the quickest routes possible. 

While your team may think that they know what routes are best, using a program designed for the shortest routes can help increase profits and efficiency.

Route4Me is a great app that allows you to map out your driver’s routes ahead of time to optimize their routes and ensure that they are always on the quickest route possible.

This allows you to not only save time and money during the drives, but also in the planning phase as well.

It can also be used by anyone who drives to multiple addresses a day.

54. Trunow

With all of the great money saving gas apps that we have discussed, it is only right to list an app that gives you all of these great features in one easy to use app.

Trunow is a smartphone app that allows you to earn cash back on gas station purchases and find the best deals available.

Trunow’s deals section allow you to find exclusive savings on gasoline prices, restaurants, and everything in between, making it perfect for those who travel.

To earn cash back, simply snap a photo of your receipt and submit it in the app for points which can be used for redeeming on rewards or cash back.

55. Murphy Drive Rewards

As one of the leading gas stations in the United States, Murphy USA has developed their own mobile app to allow you to save money on your everyday purchases.

The Murphy USA app will show you the best deals on gas, groceries, snacks, drinks, and other items in their offerings.

Since they are partnered with Walmart, you can expect huge gas savings when using a Walmart gift card or Walmart Credit Card.

You can also use the app to earn points, find the best deals on gas, and exclusive offers not normally available to the public.

56. Exxon Mobil Speedpass+

With the ride in smartphone apps, we are seeing a trend in gas stations offering up their own apps to help incentive drivers to purchase their gas and reward them for doing so. 

Exxon, a leading fuel giant in the industry, offer their Exxon Mobil rewards app that allows customers to earn points and get rewarded for simply purchasing gas at Exxon gas stations.

If you pay in this app, you can earn up to $0.10 per gallon once you reach Synergy Supreme+ Status. 

Until you reach this status, you will earn $0.05 per gallon in points on all other fuel purchases at Exxon.

57. Speedway Speedy Rewards

If you live in an area that has Speedway gas stations, you can download their Speedy Rewards app to earn points and rewards on fuel and other in store purchases.

Speedy Rewards app is not just a buy and earn points app, you can also use their store locator and gas price finder features to help you save the most money on your next fill up.

With an easy access to settings and personalized stats, you can check your points balances quickly to see if you are ready to redeem for a reward.

This app also gives you access to exclusive digital cards and coupons that can be scanned in store for additional savings.

58. Shell Fuel Rewards

Much like many of its competitors, Shell has developed its own app to help reward its customer and allow them to earn cash back on both fuel and everyday purchases.

Shell Fuel Rewards program allows you to save $0.05 a gallon on every fill up at Shell as a Gold Status member.

To achieve Gold Status, you will need to purchase at least 5 gallons of fuel 6 separate times within your first 90 days.

To retain your Gold Status, you will need to make the same number of purchases each 90 days, otherwise you will be brought down to silver status where you will save $0.03 per gallon.

You will also get rewarded for making everyday purchases such as dining, traveling, online shopping, and in store purchases at Shell locations.

59. Geico Mobile

For those with Geico insurance, downloading the Geico app can save you thousands in roadside assistance each year.

The Geico app allows you to easily access your digital ID cards, request roadside assistance, speak to virtual assistants, and check your vehicle’s maintenance schedule all from the app.

While Geico does not have any type of rewards program built into their mobile app, simply being able to request roadside assistance from the app can save you money.

Not to mention having your maintenance schedule in the palm of your hand to ensure you are keeping your car in its best possible shape.

60. Gas Guru

When it comes to traveling on a road trip, or maybe even just commuting back and forth from work, finding the best gas prices can make all of the difference between going over your budget.

With an app called Gas Guru, you can use your location to search for the best gas prices in your area to ensure you are not overpaying for the same gas you can get cheaper.

You can even sort by the type of gas grade you need, the distance you are willing to travel, and you can sort by price to find which stores have the cheapest gas prices at that moment.

The app also gives you many details about the store so that you can compare amenities just in case you need an ATM, car wash, or need to know the hours.

Finance Money Savings Apps

Lastly, I am going to look at a few apps that will allow you to manage your money much easier to help you find ways to save money in your budget.

Most of the apps we have looked at before have been ways to earn cash back or save money on purchases.The apps below are going to be geared more toward helping you develop better money saving habits.

These apps are going to be great for those who have a hard time setting money aside or do not have good budgeting skills.

Let’s take a look at my top 15 money saving app to help you save money and control your finances.

61. BillTracker

One of the most overlooked expenses that many people may not notice is paying late fees on bills.

Life can get busy and if you are manually paying your bills without auto draft, there can be times where you may forget to pay a bill on time which could lead to a late fee.

While a small late fee may not seem like much in the moment, these fees can quickly add up over the year, causing you to spend hundreds of dollars in unnecessary fees.

Using an app such as BillTracker can help you better track your bills to ensure you are always paying them on time.

62. Acorns

We have all heard the great success stories of investing money in the stock market or other entities that have returned large amounts of money.

While learning the stock market or investing large amounts of money into a company aren’t easy tasks for everyone, there is a way you can invest your spare change to grow your wealth.

With an app called Acorns, you can automatically invest your spare change in predetermined investments that can help to slowly build up your portfolio.

This is a great way to start saving for retirement without having to dump a large amount of money into a 401K each week.

63. MyBudgetBook

One of the hardest things for people to do with their finances is to create a budget and stick to it. 

Budgeting is also one of the best ways to get your finances in order so that you are making sure that you are spending money in the most efficient way while saving money for the future.

An app called My Budget Book helps you easily manage your money by recording your income and expenses to forecast your future spending.

This can help you get a visual look at the money you are spending, what you are bringing in, and where you may be able to save money throughout the year.

64. Digit

Saving money can be a hard task for many who are not great with budgeting their finances.

Digit, a smartphone budgeting app, can help you achieve your budgeting goals by automatically saving the perfect amount everyday so you won’t have to think about it.

This can be used to save for an emergency fund, vacation, down payment on a house, Christmas presents, or any other goal, big or small.

With a sophisticated algorithm, Digit learns how you spend and works around your lifestyle to help you save money automatically.

65. YNAB

Adequately named, the smartphone app YNAB stands for You Need A Budget. 

The YNAB app allows you to have real time access to your budgets and finances at all times for constant monitoring. 

With this app, you can build out your budgets using the easy to use tools and save money with its budget helping tips and tools. 

The reason YNAB works so well is because it follows 4 simple rules that allow you to save smarter

Those rules include giving every dollar a job, embracing your true expenses, rolling with the punches, and aging your money. 

66. Qaptial

An all in one financial app is always a good thing to have no matter how good you are with your money. 

Qapital, a financial smartphone app, combines tools to let you save for your future while taking care of your current expenses. 

As an award winning app on both the iOS and Android markets, it is easy to see why so many people love this app. 

Qaptial allows you to save smartly, invest wisely, spend happier, and plan effortlessly. 

67. Tony Robbins Money

As one of the most popular financial gurus and inspiration speakers of all time, Tony Robbins has helped thousands of people get their finances back in order. 

While you may not have the time to attend one of his conferences or watch all of his videos, you can take full advantage of his free smartphone app, Tony Robbins Money

This app is designed to help assess your current financial decisions and give you the advice you need to reach your financial goals. 

You will also get exclusive life and wealth advice to help you live a more stress free life. 

68. PocketGuard

One of the lesser known finance apps, PocketGaurd, is a great app to watch how you spend and get advice on how to spend your money. 

PocketGaurd connects to your bank accounts to track and monitor your spending to suggest potential saving opportunities. 

You can also get alerts on upcoming bills and how you should spend your remaining money to allow for enough to pay each bill on time. 

If you are having trouble keeping up with bills or managing your money, use PocketGaurd to help reduce the chances of getting charged late fees and spending on things you don’t need to. 

69. Prism

When looking for a smartphone app that helps you remember to pay bills, it can be quite intimidating as there are many apps popping up each year that do this exact thing. 

Prism, a bill reminder app, allows you to connect your bank and your bills to the secure app to remind you about upcoming bills and allow you to pay them in seconds right from the app. 

This not only allows you to stay on top of your finances, it can help you save money on late charges as well. 

70. Personal Capital

If you are looking for an all in one solution to your finances, Personal Capital is going to be your best bet. 

This app combines all of the great features you get from many other apps, all in one easy to use app. 

With Personal Capital, you can track all of your accounts, see your net worth, manage your portfolio, plan for retirement, and get personalized advice. 

All of these tools can help you build better habits to save you money throughout not only 2021 but for years to come. 

71. Quicken

As one of the leading financial management companies in the world, it is no surprise that Quicken has designed their own smartphone app.

This app is designed to put all of your finances in one place to allow you to better manage your money is one convenient location. 

With this app you can see your spending in real time, see spend trends, manage your finances, see your spending by category, and check your investment performances. 

72. Betterment

Last but certainly not least, an app called Betterment can help you save money on your day to day spending and help you invest for long term success. 

Utilizing smart technology, you can invest smarter to earn the most from your investments. 

Betterment also offers personalized advice to help you reach your personal financial goals.

73. Autemate

This is a brand-new app, released in January 2019. Autemate is a personalized debt payoff assistant that will analyze your debts and creates a tailored financial plan for you.

To use Autemate you complete all the monthly profiles by listing all your income, expenses and debts and once the program creates 3 different financial plans that suits your routine and needs.

All you need to do is choose a plan, follow it and pay off your debts faster. This app does not require linking to any bank or card accounts so there is a level of privacy and safety there.

The drawback of not linking your bank or card is that you’ll need to enter everything manually – not a bad thing if you stay on top of it.

I like this idea as sometimes we’re prioritizing our budget wrong and may be costing us more money by paying attention to the wrong debt – like concentrating on a smaller debt amount instead of the high-interest one which will cost more.

74. Save 1st: Save More Money

Another app released in January is the Save 1st app. Save 1st is for those who want a simple way to save money and control their spending.

It’s a budgeting tool that lets you know where you are with your spending for the month so you can stay within your set limits. You enter your income, set how much you want to save each month, set your budget, add your expenses and manage it all.

This app also doesn’t require linking to your bank or cards to work for better safety. Again, by not linking your accounts you’ll need to enter everything manually.

You can try out the app free for 5 weeks, then there’s either a yearly fee of $34.99, or a monthly fee of $4.49, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

75. Votaire Personal Finance

The Votaire app provides a financial plan and ongoing monitoring to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re planning for college, debt payoff, or retirement savings, this app will send you reminders and “positive reinforcement” to help you stay on track.

The different parts of the app you can access include reviewing your budget, emergency fund, manage your debt, and personalized sections for whatever stage you are at.

If you’re a college student the app will list college savings opportunities, if you’re looking to retire, the app will list those opportunities as well.

Because this app says it’s tailored to your needs, you may be inundated with advertising, such as 529 college savings ideas. That’s a lot of information to go through.

But the app is free to use and will offer huge discounts to those related offers outside the app – like an offer from LegalZoom to create a Will.

76. Piecewise

This app is for helping students pay off their student loans. Piecewise is so new that the website still states it’s in the beta stages.

Piecework works by analyzing your income, spending, and student loans. It will then move money from your bank account to your student loan by following a payment plan you chose – from rounding up to the nearest dollar on all your purchases, sending 1% of all deposited income to your savings account, and other options.

You do need to link your banking information and your student loan information but Piecewise is free to use. They claim that their users are going to save “an average of $10,000” on their student loans.

The average “Class of 2016”graduate has $37,172 in student loan debt, so any help in eradicating this is a great boon to have.

77. Health Care Expenses

Another new app that started in January is the Health Care Expenses app. This is a good app for those who don’t have complete health coverage offered by their employer.

It will list all your monthly health care expenses such as your prescription and medicine costs, monthly insurance premiums payments, and any out of pocket expenses for your doctor, dentist and other visits.

This health care expenses app also has a calendar to track all your appointments as well as provide a detailed report of all your bills and expenses for the month. It’s free to use and there’s an option to pay to have advertising removed from its display.

Did you know that nearly 1 in 5 Americans have some delinquent medical debts? So, any extra support to prevent this from happening to you is a decent idea.

77. Budgetvue

There’s a new fresh budgeting app, Budgetvue. This is similar to most budgeting apps and tracks all your spending and earnings and creates reports to fit your goals.

Adjust your budget to concentrate on areas you want to concentrate on, like pay off debt faster, and this app is also customizable to match your pay period – weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

This app is free to use with an option to upgrade to Budgetvue Plus for only $1.99. Although I cannot find out what comes with the Plus option.

78. Watchback

Released in October 2018 it’s still fairly new to the app scene. Watchback is a money-making app and you earn by watching videos.

Not only can you watch videos, tv shows, and movies, you’re entered into various sweepstakes with almost every video you watch. Sweepstakes can be from $1 to $100 a video, plus they have other contests such as their weekly $4,000 sweepstakes.

They don’t offer some random unfamiliar videos either, you can actually watch videos from Top Chef, Deal or No Deal, College Humor, Fail Army, Pet Collective, and many more that are actually interesting to watch.

I personally have used this app since it came out and have already won several sweepstakes for $1, $5 and $10 where I’ve already claimed several Walmart Gift Cards with.

79. OmniCam App

This is a new money-making app for those who love taking pictures and making videos.

OmniCam allows users to request a photo or video from other users at any time, or to become a “producer” and make money selling your own photos and videos.

You simply download the app, open an account and scroll user requests for photos and videos to make money on your own schedule. Since this is a brand-new app, there was only one request paying 50¢ for one photo. Maybe as it grows, the offers will grow as well.

This could be a great tool for bloggers, marketers, and others to use when they can’t find that “perfect picture” for their article or product.

80. Varo Mobile Banking and Saving

A new banking app that offers a full-featured bank account and high-interest savings.  The Varo app was released in December 2018, but Varo Money has been around since 2015.

They offer zero bank fees, a Visa debit card, and a 2.10% APY saving account. That means no maintenance fees, no minimum balance required, no ATM withdrawals (at most ATMs), and no transfer fees.

It even includes an automatic savings tool to automatically transfer money to your savings account, tracking alerts, linking to your other external bank accounts.

Lastly, they offer a mobile personal loan application that I have never seen in other banking apps. Apply directly from their apps for 3 to 5-year loans that have already been pre-screened for you.

81. Chime Bank

We all know too well the various fees and charges incurred at banks. One good way to make money and avoid fees is to use Chime Bank.

Chime Bank charges almost no fees to its customers, and part of the reason is that Chime has no brick and mortar locations, it is strictly an online bank.

You simply open a Chime account using your email address, enter some information including your address, and after Chime verifies your information and approves your account.

Once approved, your Chime Debit card will be mailed out to you within ten days.

They offer checking and savings accounts and more. There are several big differences between Chime Bank and the standard banking account and these are:

  • Checking: Earn cash back on your Chime Debit card
  • Savings: Opt-in to have 10% of each direct deposit transferred to savings
  • Round-ups: Like Acorns, Chime Bank offers to round up each purchase to the nearest dollar and deposited into your savings
  • Rewards: Each week, Chime will give you a 10% bonus on the amount of your roundups. If your roundups were equal to $5, Chime would give you $0.50 for free

How much can you save with Chime Bank?

Let’s imagine that you started with $100 in savings.

You earn 10% of your deposits – $1,000 monthly, that’s $100 transferred to savings, now add the round-up amount of $5 plus the 50¢ bonus reward a month. In one year you have saved $1,366.07.

82. Trim

Need your very own financial assistant? Check out the Trim app, it will analyze all the accounts linked to it and suggest ways to cut back on your spending.

Not only will Trim suggest ideas such as canceling subscriptions or cut back on those Starbuck coffees, but it will also hunt around for better deals on all your service providers. Trim will find lower internet services, car insurance, and other amenities.

You need not worry as Trim sends regular texts to let you know how your accounts are doing and any changes that have been made.

How much can you save with Trim depends on your expenses and the availability of services in your area – if you only have 3 internet companies available to you, Trim may not be able to do much there.

But one user claimed that she saved $240 in one year by using this app.

83. Stash

Another easy for beginners investing app is called Stash. Stash Invest is a registered investment advisor and they’ll help guide you in making the best investment choices based on your financial goals.

It only costs $5 to start investing (and get a $5 sign-up bonus) and there are no commission fees. It costs $1 a month (with the first month free) for investments under $5,000. Once your account reaches $5,000 it’s then 0.25% of your account per year ($12.50 a year for a $5,000 portfolio).

So, how much can you make with Stash? Again, this depends on how much you invest and in which stocks. One reviewer claimed to have made $2,840 in one year.

84. Clarity Money

Clarity Money is another personal finance management tool that uncovers your spending habits and suggests where to cut and save.

It works the same way as Trim does, analyzes your spending habits and cuts out extra spending and cancels subscriptions and negotiates to lower your bills.

There is no sign up or opening fees for using Clarity Money, but they do charge a one-time fee that’s 33% of your annual savings you gained from their negotiations – for example they lowered your cable bill by $10 a month, saving you $120 a year, they’ll charge you $40.

Clarity Money is still new to the money-saving scene, but they claim the average amount their users saved was about $300 a year.

85. Mint

Not exactly a money saving app, but Mint is a budgeting app that will help you stay on top of all your bills.

Mint allows you to see all of your balances and transactions together. All of your financial information is displayed on one picture, making it incredibly simple to balance your budget. It also can track your spending habits and categorize everything for you. It also gives you tips on what areas you can reduce your spending.

Because you’re budgeting and watching where you spend your money, this is a good way to save money buy not “blowing” your set budget.  Mint will also help you pay your bills on time – another money saver as you avoid late fees and suffer higher interest rates.

86. Tally

Tally is best for monitoring credit cards.

This is a great app for keeping all your credit cards in one place, track them and actually get out of debt faster.

Tally saves you money by:

  • Monitors all your balances, APIs, and due dates
  • Calculates the best way to save interest on all your cards
  • Offers a line of credit (7.9% – 19.9%) to consolidate your cards
  • No fees
  • Refer a friend and you both get a $20 Amazon card when they activate their account

A great way to keep an eye on all your credit and store cards and either see which one to payoff first, or consolidate them all onto one account for the best interest rate.

87. HoneyFi

HoneyFi is best for budgeting for couples.

How many times has it happened that one partner is managing the budget and is being careful, but the other blows it? It’s hard managing finances when the other doesn’t know what’s going on (or doesn’t want to know).

You can both create a household budget, label and comment on transactions for the other person. The both of you can contribute, share information on all accounts and see statements on their own app.

This app also helps the two of you save together for anything from a vacation to buying a home. Just enter what you’re saving for, choose a savings rule, and the app will do the rest.

No more blown budgets, no more fights over money. A great easy to use app for both of you to save money.

88. WiseBanyan

Want to start investing in your future but don’t know where to begin? WiseBanyan takes your current financial profile and advises you on what to invest in absolutely free.

When you first sign-up for WiseBanyan, you’ll be asked to take a short survey regarding your financial information. This includes your income, how many assets you have, how much you tend to save and other related questions.

Based off of these answers, WiseBanyan will assign you a risk level ranging anywhere from conservative to aggressive. Based off of this risk level, they will invest your cash (only $20 if you only use the sign-up bonus) into a certain percentage of bonds and stocks.

Shares of stocks and bonds can sometimes be quite expensive. But with WiseBanyan, you’re able to buy a small portion of the shares, so you only have to invest as little as $5 at a time.

The best part? There’s no commission fees. Some brokerage firms charge as high as $10 per trade.

Once you get an account setup, all you have to do is sit back and let WiseBanyan do the rest. Want to earn even more? Setup a reoccurring deposit that automatically puts some of your savings into your account every month.

Investing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

89. Mint

If you are having trouble budgeting your finances or simply just want to make it easier to see your spending, bill payments, and put your finances all in one place, there is an app for that.

As one of the most popular finance apps, Mint, has been helping people get control of their finances and learn how to better budget their money.

Mint allows you to set up the app to showcase all of your financial account along with all of your bills to remind you when your bills are due and send you notifications when you have low funds.

Within the app you can create new budgets and manage your money on to go, wherever you are.

Shopping Money Saving Apps

We don’t have that many shopping money saving apps yet as we’re constantly adding to this list, but we’ve went ahead and started with a few.

89. Raise

Lastly, another money saving app but in another completely different way. Raise is a gift card site that sells discounted gift cards and you can earn points as well.

Before going to a restaurant or doing any sort of shopping whether it be online or off, get on Raise and buy a gift card to maximize your savings. You can buy these gift cards at a discount – sometimes giving you up to 15% off of your total purchase price.

Let’s say you plan to go to Applebee’s on the weekend, you do a search on Raise and find a $25 Gift Card that’s only $21.65. That’s a 13.4% savings, you purchase it and now have already saved some money on your meal.

The other option is to buy (for yourself or for a gift) a brand-new gift card and earn Raise Cash on your purchase. Again, let’s say you bought a new $25 Applebee’s gift card for your weekend, you made $1.60 in free cash. Raise Cash then can be spent on gift cards on the site.

90. Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

You’ve heard of Honey where you can search for coupons and promo codes for many retailers. They’re planning to release an app soon.

Honey Smart Shopping Assistant will be a free personal shopping assistant to help you save time and money by listing all you favorite shopping sites and coupons together for easier scrolling. It will automatically find and applies any coupons and codes to any store’s shopping cart you are browsing on.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it, 50+ apps that can help you save money and for many more years to come.

One of the best hacks to remember when using these apps is to see which ones will allow you to stack together.

For example, if you are trying to book a hotel with a hotel specific rewards app, check an app such as Ibotta to see if you can earn cash back through Ibotta and the hotel app at the same time.This will maximize your savings and cash back potential allowing you to become even more frugal.

I hope that this guide has helped shed some light on the money saving potential of smartphone apps and makes your 2021 finances much easier.

If you have any suggestions on some money saving apps that I may have left out, I would love to hear from you.

Drop a comment below with your suggestion and a few details about the app.

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