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40 Ideas To Get Free Stuff On Your Birthday Without Signing Up

free stuff on your birthday without signing up
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First of all – happy birthday! Or soon to be birthday! Birthdays are very special days that should be recognized. That’s why many companies offer free stuff on your birthday without signing up! 

This can include food, attractions, or even gifts! There are loads of opportunities across the US. The best part is there’s no sign-up process. 

So lets deep dive into some freebies and take advantage of them!

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Free Food On Your Birthday (Without Signing Up)

Getting free food on your birthday is great, not only is food amazing but they also make it very easy for you! Depending on the restaurant, all it will take is letting the restaurant know it’s your big day! 

From there you will get free food based on what they have to offer! If you plan on having a large group it might be smart to let them know ahead of time.

Free Food Freebie #1 The Cheesecake Factory

Freebie: At The Cheesecake Factory you’ll receive a free complimentary sundae topped with ice cream, whip cream, sprinkles, and even candles!

How To Get It: To get this free sundae all it takes is a visit to the Cheesecake Factory. No signing up!

Free Food Freebie #2 Bob Evans

Freebie: Free meals for kids! 

How To Get It: Dine in exactly on your kid’s birthday, let them know about it and boom! Free kid’s meal.

Free Food Freebie #3 O’Charley’s

Freebie: Free slice of pie.

How To Get It: If your birthday is on a Wednesday then roll into O’charley’s and claim your pie!

Free Food Freebie #4 TGI Friday’s

Freebie: Free birthday ice cream 

How To Get It: Just let your server know it’s your big day, they’ll bring the ice cream out along with a song!

Free Food Freebie #5 California Pizza Kitchen

Freebie: Get a free dessert on your birthday

How To Get It: Simply show them your I.D to confirm your birthday and enjoy your free dessert!

Free Food Freebie #6 Outback Steakhouse

Freebie: Free treats go anywhere from blooming onions to dessert.

How To Get It: Although not advertised, they offer treats for your birthday. Just be sure to bring your I.D!

Free Food Freebie #7 Jack in the Box

Freebie: Depending on your location, you can get a free New York cheesecake, chocolate cake, or 5-piece mini churros snack.

How To Get It: Although no sign-up you will need to visit their website and print a birthday coupon. Just simply show them the coupon and I.D to claim your free snack!

Free Food Freebie #8 Dunkin’ Donuts

Freebie: Grab a free drink of your choice! (excludes bottled drinks)

How To Get It: They claim that you need to be a DD rewards member, but most will give out a free drink with a provided I.D.

Free Food Freebie #9 Firehouse Subs

Freebie: It’s your day! Swing by Firehouse Subs and grab a free medium-sized sub.

How To Get It: Their website claims you need to be part of their rewards program. But usually, you can grab a free sub regardless!

Free Food Freebie #10 Denny’s

Freebie: Start your birthday off right with an “Original Grand Slam” breakfast. This includes two bacon strips, two eggs, two sausage links, and a short stack of pancakes. That’s a lot for free!

How To Get It: All you need to do is show up with a valid I.D and enjoy your breakfast!

Free Food Freebie #11 Cracker Barrel

Freebie: Grab a free dessert and have a fun birthday song sung to you!

How To Get It: Simply show up to any Cracker Barrel with valid I.D and get your freebies! Although it’s only valid with the purchase of a meal.

Free Food Freebie #12 Chompie’s

Freebie: Munch on a free “eggciting Breakfast” for your birthday! This meal includes two eggs, home fries, and a choice of bagel, toast, or an english muffin.

How To Get It: Bring in a valid I.D to any location to grab your free breakfast!

Free Food Freebie #13 Dutch Bros. Coffee

Freebie: Sip down a free coffee at Dutch Bros Coffee!

How To Get It: Bring in a valid I.D and call ahead to make sure your location participates.

Free Food Freebie #14 Applebee’s

Freebie: Grab a free dessert shooter (Hot fudge sundae) + Birthday song!

How To Get It: Although their website states they require a membership, you can walk in and they’ll hook you up with your free dessert!

Free Food Freebie #15 Harkins Theatres

Freebie: If you’re up for a movie, enjoy a free popcorn with it!

How To Get It: Visit the box office and show them either a birth certificate or I.D and enjoy your free popcorn!

Free Food Freebie #16 The Dead Poet (New York)

Freebie: Grab a free beer for your birthday!

How To Get It: Simple show up to the bar and with a valid I.D and grab your free beer! (21+ of course). 

Free Food Freebie #17 The Capital Grille

Freebie: Throw down a free chocolate espresso cake!

How To Get It: You must get a meal to get the free espresso. They also require it to be exactly on your birthday. Don’t forget your I.D!

Free Food Freebie #18 Iguana Mia

Freebie: This is a good one! Grab a regular entree of your choice along with fried ice cream! ($18 value).

How To Get It: You must show up to any location with an I.D. They require it to be your birthday.

Free Food Freebie #19 Joe’s Farm Grill + Joe’s real BBQ

Freebie: Snag a free adult-sized meal for free! ($10 value).

How To Get It: Located only in Arizona, you must show up on your birthday. Be sure to bring an I.D!

Free Food Freebie #20 Chili’s

Freebie: Grab a free molten lava cake from Chili’s!

How To Get It: This is very easy. Simply show up with an I.D and get your free dessert! 

Free Attractions On Your Birthday (Without Signing Up)

Enjoy an action-filled day by checking out these attractions! 

Not only are there some great offers, but it could be a ton of fun! Just make sure to let them know it’s your birthday and call ahead in some cases. We recommend planning out times and who will all be going. Regardless – it will be loads of fun and make for a great day!

Free Attraction Freebie #1 AMC Movies

Freebie: Enjoy free large popcorn!

How To Get It:  To get the free popcorn they require a purchase of a movie along with valid I.D. Simply just let the front desk know and enjoy your time!

Free Attraction Freebie #2 Denver Zoo

Freebie: Free admission to the zoo!

How To Get It: When you register online, you’ll receive a ticket to the zoo on the day of your birthday.

Free Attraction Freebie #3 Comedy Shows

Freebie: Enjoy a night full of laughter with Free/Discounted admission!

How To Get It: Many clubs will offer free admission, just call ahead to check if they offer free admission!

Free Attraction Freebie #4 AMF Bowling

Freebie: Get some free bowling on your big day!

How To Get It: Although eclub signup is required, usually you can get the discount without a problem! Just make sure to bring an I.D.

Free Attraction Freebie #5 Dave & Busters

Freebie: $10 off games

How To Get It: Show up on your birthday to enjoy a night filled with crazy games and prizes! Just bring an I.D and you’re good to go!

Free Attraction Freebie #6 Family Video

Freebie: Bring the party home with a free movie or video game!

How To Get It: Make sure your location offers a free DVD or Video game. If so – Make sure to bring an I.D.

Free Attraction Freebie #7 AZ on the Rocks

Freebie: Free day of rock climbing or yoga!

How To Get It: Simply call ahead and reserve a day/time to get started. They may require an I.D upon arrival.

Free Attraction Freebie #8 Mulligan Family Fun Center

Freebie: Free game of mini-golf! (Located in California)

How To Get It: Just show up on your birthday and have a great time mini-golfing! 

Free Attraction Freebie #9 Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum

Freebie: Free admission to the museum!

How To Get It: Bring the family for a great time! Show up on your time and explore the Salt Lake City-based museum!

Free Attraction Freebie #10 Baltimore Orioles 

Freebie: One free ticket to a non-prime baseball game!

How To Get It: Check out their website to claim your free ticket. Enjoy the day at the ballpark!

Free Gifts On Your Birthday (Without Signing Up)

Fun fact! Many stores offer free or discounted products. So take advantage of every opportunity. Anywhere from sporting goods to makeup, there will be discounts everywhere! There are opportunities online as well as in-store.

Make the day great by snagging a few gifts from your favorite stores! Check out the stores offering free/discounted products below!

Free Gift Freebie #1 DSW

Freebie: Get $5 valid through your birthday month!

How To Get It: Just show an employee at checkout your I.D and you’ll get your $5 off!

Free Gift Freebie #2 Benefit Cosmetics

Freebie: Get a free Brow Arch for your birthday!

How To Get It: Get your eyebrows shaped for your big day! All it takes is showing up with an I.D! 

Free Gift Freebie #3 SmashBox

Freebie: Score a free birthday gift with any purchase.

How To Get It: Once making a purchase at the store you’ll receive a free birthday gift! Check with your local store beforehand. 

Free Gift Freebie #4 Estee Lauder

Freebie: Free gift with any purchase

How To Get It: Just like SmashBox, you will receive a gift with any purchase. They do not state what the gift is.

Free Gift Freebie #5 Aveda

Freebie: With any purchase, you’ll receive a free gift!

How To Get It: Make any purchase to receive a free gift. Check with your local store to make sure they’re offering the free gift.

Free Gift Freebie #6 Changing Hands Bookstore (AZ)

Freebie: Get either $10 or 25% off your purchase anytime during your birthday month.

How To Get It: All it takes is an I.D! Just be sure to visit anytime during your birthday month.

Free Gift Freebie #7 NARS

Freebie: Get a free mini duo with any purchase during your birthday month.

How To Get It: Only rules are it must be your birthday month and you must make a purchase to get a free gift.

Free Gift Freebie #8 Winky Lux

Freebie: Free birthday cake lip gloss

How To Get It: All they require is a purchase on their website during your birthday month and you’ll get a free lip gloss!

Free Gift Freebie #9 SALLY

Freebie: Celebrate all month long with a $5 coupon on all purchases made in your birthday month.

How To Get It: Just order what you’d like and receive $5 off through the month!

Free Gift Freebie #10 Driscoll’s Berries

Freebie: Free berries for an entire month!

How To Get It: Doing it differently, Driscolls will enter you into a drawing with the chance at free berries for a month!

Happy Birthday!

Whether it’s your birthday or friends, go big! This day comes around only once a year. Make sure to snag some amazing deals while celebrating the big day!

Don’t forget to bring an I.D to most places as well as a fun spirit! We hope for an amazing birthday along with some amazing deals!

If you have any other ideas on how to get free stuff on your birthday without signing up, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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