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Get Amazon Products At A Huge Discount Or Free With AMZ Review Trader

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Update: AMZ Review Trader has changed its name to Vipon.

For those frequent Amazon shoppers out there, what if you could get Amazon products at a huge discount, ranging from 50% – 90% off? Very similar to another review site called Snagshout, AMZ Review Trader helps you get huge discounts on Amazon discounts in exchange for leaving a review.

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What Is AMZ Review Trader?

AMZ Review Trader is a website that helps connect Amazon sellers with buyers by offering their products at dirt cheap prices in exchange for an honest review. Sellers needing more reviews can simply apply to post on their page, and a few lucky buyers can receive a product at a huge discount or even for free.

When you sign-up for an account with AMZ Review Trader, you are essentially product tester. After you see an item you like listed on their page, simply apply to buy the product at a discounted price. The merchant will then approve your request, and you must leave a review within 10 days of receiving the product.

It’s very important to leave a review. If you don’t leave it within the 10-day timeframe, it’s highly unlikely that AMZ Review Trader will let you buy another product through their service a second time.

Here are a few of the items I’ve gotten for under $1 dollar so far:

Getting these items through AMZ Review Trader has saved me lots of cash in the long-run. Before buying a product on Amazon, I highly recommend looking here first just in case you see your product listed instead of paying full price.

How Do I Get Started Using AMZ Review Trader?

Signing-up and using AMZ Review Trader is very simply and can be done in 3 simple steps.

1. Register. You can register for a free AMZ Review Trader account by clicking here. If you wish to purchase products at a discount, click “Join as Reviewer” at the top of the page. From there, click the Join Now button and enter your email and create a password.

2. Select a product. No email verification is necessary. Once you create an account and are logged-in, click on the “Go Shopping” tab at the top of the page. When you see a product you like, click the “Review Now” button. You’ll also be asked to verify your Amazon Profile in the process. From there, a message will be sent to the seller requesting to approve your review.

3. Await approval. You’ll know that you’ve been approved by email. There will be instructions on how to purchase your product along with a promo code that you need to enter in order to get your discount.

amz-review-trader-email4. Leave a review. Go to the product page on Amazon and leave your review. Be honest about it, and don’t forget to do it within 10 days of your purchase date. Once your review is confirmed, AMZ Review Trader will allow you to make another purchase.

How Can I Save Even More Money On Amazon?

There are a couple more ways in which you can save money on Amazon.

Buy Amazon Gift Cards At A Discount

A lot of the products you buy through AMZ Review Trader will be given at a huge discount, but not completely free. For that remaining cash you have to pay, why not use a gift card that you can get at a discount? By buying gift cards through Raise and using a cash back portal, you can get gift cards of up to 8% off (and as high as 16%).

Use Snagshout

Can’t find the item you like on AMZ Review Trader? Luckily there’s another service that works exactly the same way called Snagshout. Purchase a product in exchange for an honest review. You can read the full review here.

Amazon Store Card

With the Amazon Store Card, almost all Amazon purchases will get you 5% cash back. Right now they’re having a special promotion in which you get a free $40 dollar gift card when signing-up.

Final Thoughts

Update: We recently wrote an article compiling 10 Different Amazon Review Sites That Get You Free Products.

Before making that purchase on Amazon, first check AMZ Review Trader to see if you can get that same product at a huge discount or even for free. Be careful of some of the deals, as they can be quite expensive even after entering your promo code. If I had to compare between AMZ Review Trader and Snagshout, I would say that Snagshout tends to have the better deals.

You can also contact the AMZ Review Trader team and sell your products in order to get honest reviews from customers. It’s a great marketing strategy. Tell us about your experience with AMZ Review Trader in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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