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15 Best Jobs For Teachers (Retired Or Career Change)

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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

If you’re coming out of a career as a teacher, you may be wondering what to do next. Fortunately, there are plenty of jobs for retired teachers.

The skills that are picked up during your years of teaching translate well into other jobs.

There are plenty ways to make money after your time teaching that utilize your expertise.

This guide will help you discover that some of these professions are exciting and they pay well too!

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Why You Might Want to Retire from Teaching

Teaching is a wonderful profession that helps enlighten the minds of our youth.

It is a powerful position to be in, and many educators pride themselves on their work.

It is with good reason because education is important.

The phrase has always been “Knowledge is Power.”

You may find that your time may be coming to an end as an educator, and this is ok!

There are many reasons to move on from being a teacher, here is a look at some of them.

Greater Financial Independence

If you decide to move on from teaching, you may be prepared to live off your retirement money.

Having a savings plan that you’ve built over the years will help you facilitate this.

Some teachers manage to save a pension for themselves in their years of teaching.

This can help facilitate a balanced life after being a teacher.

Some may discover after some time though that they don’t have enough to do.

They may decide that it’s time to move on and try their hand at a new career.

Once you’ve retired from teaching, you may be able to live off your savings, but extra money never hurt anyone.

You may decide it’s time to find a side hustle and move on to a different more flexible career.

After retirement, you’ll have the freedom to explore different avenues of money making.

You will be able to decide on doing jobs that are educational in nature without being an instructor.

The skills that you honed as a teacher will become useful here.

You will be able to count on your interests and savings to help provide you a new kind of financial independence.

Retirement is the perfect time to enjoy exploring different avenues of income.

Teaching is a rewarding profession, but deciding to move on to something else may make you even happier.

There are so many new ways you can choose to make money after retiring from teaching.

Choosing a new profession that coincides with the world of education and uses your skills can be perfect for you

You’re Retired, Not “Finished“

Many people who are interested in finding a new profession are doing so to get a change of pace.

Teaching is the kind of profession that someone can do comfortably for most of their life.

It is a profession that people who take it on are emboldened by their passion for education.

After spending years teaching, be it ten or fifty, you may want to attempt something new.

Deciding to change course may be good for your personal development, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Retiring from your job as a teacher does not mean that you have to pack up and ship off to a golf course.

It may just mean it’s time to open the doors of new work opportunities!

You may want to try your hand at something completely unrelated or move into a field near to teaching.

Whatever the choice may be, you are able to do so knowing that there are opportunities for you.

You May Find Your Passion Late in Life

It is very possible that through your years of teaching you slowly discovered exactly what you wanted to do.

Tied into a tenured contract or having other obligations may have kept you from moving towards those goals.

Once you decide it’s time to retire from teaching, you can begin to plan your next move.

Changing careers once you realized your passion may have been an impossibility.

There are many factors as to why leaving your profession abruptly would be too disruptive.

Having young children to care for, social obligations, and the need for personal development could’ve contributed to the delay.

This means that once you had the ability to retire, you jumped at the chance.

Discovering your passion could mean going into business for yourself.

Once you can let go of the other obligations in your life, you can pursue what you really want to.

Retiring from your teaching job gives you the ability to move forward in that passion without fear.

You may even consider starting to pursue your passion before you retire.

This will allow you to get your footing before you move away from teaching for good.

You can begin a career as a consultant, writer, tutor, and more as you transition out of teaching.

These different activities may lead you to find that you want to do them full time.

The intuitive understanding that you’re doing what you love will guide you to find the perfect career after teaching.

Here are some different careers you can consider that are adjacent to teaching.

Online Work After Retirement

After the years of waking up very early to make it to school on time, you’ll be glad to give up those days for cozier ones.

Once you’ve retired from teaching, you’ll be able to work from the comfort of your home if you wish.

Rolling out of bed, making coffee, slipping on your favorite robe, and getting to work at your computer is possible.

When it comes to moving on from teaching in a brick and mortar building, you may wonder if you can do similar work from home.

The answer is yes!

Thanks to the ability to telecommute for work, aka work from home, you can find teaching jobs online.

They’re far more flexible than teaching jobs in a school in terms of the hours.

You’ll be able to work online helping students from anywhere in the world learn subjects that you’re interested in teaching.

You’ll be able to teach on your own schedule and make decent money while doing it.

There’s also the ability to switch up what kind of work you’d like to do.

As a “free agent”, you’ll be able to blend consulting, teaching, writing, or other kinds of work to create a desirable work experience.

If you’re retired and looking for work from home opportunities to pass the time, there are plenty of options.

1. Online Teacher

If you’re interested in teaching students subjects that you are interested in and familiar with, then online teaching may be for you.

There are many different websites available that you can utilize to start teaching online.

You will be able to teach student who are home schooled in the US or abroad.

There may be adult students who are studying subjects they are interested in on their own time.

There are many ways that being a teacher online who works from home can help you live your dream life.

It must be noted that teaching from home means that you’ll be making a little less money than you would at a school.

There also aren’t as many protections, such as teachers unions or contracts that give tenure.

You will be able to teach more conveniently.

The downside is that there may likely be a pay cut involved.

A way to circumvent a loss in cashflow is to take on different kinds of work.

If you stabilize your salary with jobs in similar fields that use your teaching skills, you’ll be able to balance your income.

You can do other work that is done from home.

There are different online jobs that do not involve teaching that you can take on.

Some job options include teaching by way of tutoring.

These jobs can be lucrative depending on where you look to tutor.

2. Online Tutor

If you like the thought of helping students learn new information but do not want to be a teacher, you can tutor!

Tutoring allows you to specialize in subjects that appeal to you and help students understand them.

There are plenty of platforms that you can choose to work from.

You will be able to pick academic subjects to teach, ESL, SAT prep, and more.

Depending on your interests, you can teach subjects like math, science, geography, social studies and more.

You can also choose to work on platform that teach hobbies.

This can be things like cooking, learning an instrument, gardening, dancing, and more.

Depending on what platform you choose, you can work on a one on one basis with students.

You’ll be able to do this with simple technology and programs.

You’ll need a web cam.

Many computers come with webcams installed in them.

If you do not have one, you can easily purchase one online.

You will also need Skype or other similar software.

You can name your price for the classes that you teach depending on the platform you choose.

There are some platforms that require you to provide your own materials.

This means you’ll have to come up with the entire course.

If you want to teach students based on your interests with course materials provided to you, you can do that as well.

There are different options available dependent on what your interests are in the world of tutoring.

The best part is that you won’t have to drive across town to teach your student!

With tutoring jobs, you can expect to make between $30 and $50 per hour!

3. Online Adjunct Professor/Instructor

If you’re interested in finding jobs that are tenured, you may discover how difficult it is to find them.

When you retired, if you were working as a professor, you may be interested in finding professorial work online.

The online market for jobs as an adjunct professor are going to keep expanding in the years to come.

This means that you’ll be able to find this kind of work much easier than you might be able to in the real world.

Thanks to the fact that you’ll be able to teach from home, you’ll be able to balance your day to your liking.

The salary for an online professor is going to be a little lower than the salary of an in-site professor.

Having the ability to work from your own home is a good counter point to this pay cut.

There are genuine perks surrounding working as an adjunct professor from home.

You’ll be able to make extra cash as a side hustle after retiring.

You don’t want to spend your retirement working full time anyway!

This will be a good way to bring in some extra income while you enjoy days where you sleep in.

is a lot easier to stomach when you can teach from the comfort of your own home.

Alternative Jobs for Retired Teachers

If you’re interested in finding work after your retirement but do not wish to continue teaching, you have options.

There are certain skills you gain in your years of teaching that make you the perfect option for these jobs.

If you’re looking for some alternatives to teaching jobs, here are some other options to consider.

4. Writing Coach

When it comes to writing, not everyone has the best skills.

Being able to write eloquently doesn’t come easily to everyone.

As a teacher, you spent years writing and reading.

You spent many years teaching, examining, and developing skills associated with reading and writing as well.

The fact is, many adults have issues writing eloquently.

It is considered one of the skills that graduates may have the most trouble in.

This is something that is correctable!

As a writing coach, you can help people develop better writing skills.

The best part is, you can do this from the comfort of your own home!

You’ll be able to teach students essential aspects of writing well.

You will be able to help people in corporations improve their writing as well.

This work is comparable to tutoring jobs.

You’ll be able to do these jobs from the comfort of your own home.

To be able to successfully be hired for these jobs, you’ll need to have the right technology.

You’ll need a functioning webcam and some sort of video conferencing software.

You will need this technology to be able to communicate with your students.

The work will be mainly online.

You will be able to pick up as many students as you’d wish.

You’ll also be able to make your own hours, set appointment blocks to get your work done, and teach when you want.

Helping people write better will boost their confidence, and you will receive more clients through your ratings.

Be prepared to work at your leisure and potentially take a pay cut.

Even still, this is a great way to make some side money after you retire.

5. Curriculum Developer

In your years of teaching, did you ever think that your lessons were particularly entertaining?

If you feel like you’ve done the best you can when developing your teaching materials, this job may be for you.

People enjoy a good story.

Depending on what subjects you like to teach, you may ave a knack for weaving a tale.

Developing a way to make information interesting no matter what it is may be your ideal job.

As a curriculum developer, you have the chance to do exactly that.

You get to be the mastermind behind the script a teacher uses to teach their students.

This can be a fun job, especially if you know that you have a natural sense of humor and teach well.

People want to be entertained while they’re learning.

They will be more interested in the material if you’re able to captivate their attention.

As a curriculum developer, you’ll be able to incorporate your best teaching methods and your voice together.

You’ll have the ability to take the information you know and share it with students.

The best part is you won’t have to be in the room!

You can pass on your expertise by being the developer of the curriculum.

You will be able to find these types of jobs on job boards.

If you’re looking for at home only jobs, you’ll be able to search for those easily.

Websites like Indeed give you the ability to filter based off of whether you want to work from home.

You’ll be able to find the perfect kind o work for yourself in no time at all!

6. Teaching Materials Provider

If you’ve compiled all the teaching materials you have used over the years, they may come in handy.

After years of teaching the same information over and over, you might have a custom teaching guide.

This may be due to the eclectic process of keeping new information as you gather it over time.

Having a bunch of tried and tested teaching materials can help you earn some side money.

All of those notes, all of the information, worksheets, lectures, exams, quizzes and more are useful.

If you have all of this information on hand, you can help other teachers do their job well.

You can do this by sharing your teaching materials!

The best part about selling your teaching materials is that you can make money from them repeatedly.

Most teaching information doesn’t change over time.

History will always be history and 2+2 will always equal 4.

You can join Teachers Pay Teachers and help other teachers teach!

You will be able to provide your lesson plans, activities, tests, articles, worksheets and more for money!

To keep things in perspective, you won’t make a salary that can support a family, but money is money.

You will be able to make an extra couple hundred dollars a month depending on what you’ve got to share.

Depending on your level of focus and what you have available, you can definitely admonish decent side hustle money.

The truth is, you might make more selling teaching materials than doing anything else after retirement.

If you hone your teaching materials to suit teachers across the US, you’ll be able to make some cash.

You can help other teachers teach their students and make money doing it.

If you have teaching materials to share, you should give it a shot.

7. Educational Writer/Editor

Once you’ve decided to leave the classroom for good, you may be wondering what jobs you can do.

There are plenty of options for retired teachers, and educational publishing falls under the umbrella.

This is something that can feel almost seamless when transitioning from on profession to the other.

Freelancing is a big deal these days, and the ability to find work is simple enough.

Most writers and editors make around $15-$75 per hour when they freelance.

Salaries usually depend on the subject matter of the writing project and the research needed to complete it.

There are writing jobs available that are simple and quick and can provide a few extra bucks.

There are other jobs that may require you to do intensive research and comprehensive writing.

These jobs may pay more because they are intensive projects.

These projects can all cover a wide array of subjects.

Being able to be flexible and write about different subjects can lead to even more jobs.

Freelancing has many upsides, including hour flexibility and the ability to work from home.

Even still, it may not appeal to everyone.

This is a go-getter kind of job.

You must be able to focus on your own to complete your jobs.

If you’re set on working for a company, you may not have luck there with freelancing.

Contract work is becoming more and more popular, and many companies are moving to hiring remotely.

This lets people work for a company for a short period and then move on to the next project.

There are thousands of freelance jobs online.

If you want to try your hand at Educational Publishing, all you have to do is sign up for a freelancer’s site.

8. Test Scorer

Every year, students across America take standardized tests.

If you’re interested in scoring standardized tests you can work with the Educational Testing Service.

This company is always looking for people to score tests onsite and online.

This means you’ll be able to find work periodically throughout the year.

There are different kinds of tests offered every year through this service.

You can choose to score tests for different types of students and education levels.

You can help to administer tests including Advanced Placement tests for high school students.

Also, you will administer tests like the TOEFL, GRE, and other tests.

The work isn’t steady because the tests are given as needed.

Different schools in your area may need test administrators and scorers as well.

This company will help to connect you with different test scoring opportunities.

You may have to go to a school or other testing site to administer exams.

You may also be able to administer exams online only.

The choice is yours!

The more work you want to do, the more likely it will be for you to end up doing both.

If you open yourself up to test scoring online and onsite, you will have more job opportunities.

To be able to be eligible for these positions, you must go through a screening process.

The screening process includes going through drug testing.

9. Blogger/Writer

As a teacher it is likely that you’re a person with exceptional writing skills.

Blog and article writing is an accessible job for those interested in post retirement work.

It is easy to find work as a blogger or writer.

Due to the nature of your previous profession, you can easily find work that focuses on education.

You may be able to find work writing instructional manuals or editing text books.

There are innumerable possibilities.

Finding the first few jobs may be tough at first, but if you stick with it you will find it gets easier.

You will want to start by getting in gear to pitch your skills.

Any examples of writing work you’ve done before can help you land more jobs.

You’ll want to take into consideration what you already know.

Trying to find work writing about things you are familiar with can help you land jobs faster.

Writing careers can be lucrative.

It is important to keep in mind who you work with and how.

All of the writing work that you do once you begin this hustle should be saved.

You’ll be able to use your previous work in your portfolio and help yourself find more work later.

At first, you may find that your rate of pay is a bit low.

After you start to gain more and more clients and discover different ways to supplement your income, that will change.

You will be able to name your price and have clients seek you out for work.

Before you know it, you’ll have people coming to you to complete projects!

It’s all a mater of building a web of connections that will keep the money flowing your way.

10. Educational Consultant

When it comes to having a lucrative side hustle, consulting is one for the books.

As a matter of fact, you might earn more by being a consultant than by being a teacher.

As an educational consultant, you’d be sharing your expertise with other teachers and administrators.

This is a bit of a personal business that you’d begin and maintain on your own time.

You will have to hone in on what you are best at to get yourself started.

Understanding what skills you have that are marketable can help you find the right direction.

Consultants help teachers and administrators facilitate a positive learning environment.

You can help teachers learn different teaching methods and tricks.

There’s also the chance to help administrators develop programs that help engage students.

You will be able to showcase your talents and your passions however you see fit.

That is the beauty in consulting!

Whatever you are good at, you can use to make money.

As a teacher, you developed useful skills that were honed by your intuition.

If you considered yourself a successful educator, consulting may be the next fruitful step.

The goal is to build a client base around your area.

You will be able to do a lot of the necessary work from home, but that may not always be the case.

Meeting directly with people who you work with may be a part of this work.

Even still, you’ll be able to create your own hours and make a flexible schedule.

You will be able to dictate what it is you would like to tackle and in what ways.

You won’t have to wake up at 5 AM anymore!

Plus, you’ll be able to price yourself based on how valuable you believe your skills are.

What Other Post-Retirement Careers Can You Try?

There are plenty of different options for those interested in pursuing post retirement careers.

If you’re wondering what else you can try online or offline as a retired teacher, there are even more options below!

11. Professional Speaking

As a teacher, a major part of your professional career is speaking to large groups.

This is a particular skill that not everyone can handle.

Having the confidence to stand in front of a crowd and captivate their attention isn’t easy.

As a teacher, this skill as naturally cultivated over the years.

You have to commit to standing in front of a bunch of people every day and speak, answer questions and more.

This means that after you’ve moved on from teaching students in a classroom setting, you’ve developed your public speaking skills.

You can use these skills in other ways after you’ve finished your teaching career.

Public speaking is one of the biggest fears many people have.

Standing in front of a crowd of people, being on stage, essentially performing for an audience can cause a lot of anxiety.

This is why it is considered one of the top ranked fears!

Teachers have more practice with public speaking than the average person.

This means that moving from teaching into a career that involves public speaking can be a breeze.

The fear of public speaking can be a limiting one.

As a person who is comfortable speaking in public, you have a skill that can be sold.

You can utilize this skill in many different ways as well.

Types of Public Speaking You Can Do

If you decide to choose this as your next profession, there are different ways you can be a public speaker.

One way is to be a presenter for different groups.

You can choose to work with nonprofit organizations spreading messages that help to enlighten people.

There’s work as a presenter for corporations that have important engagements and conferences.

You can work as a person who does seminars or group trainings for businesses or organizations.

There are numerous ways that you can go about becoming a public speaker.

You can also choose to build a business where you focus on one type of speaking engagement.

You can build clients through networking and make a career out of public speaking.

If you like to travel, then you could potentially incorporate that into your speaking engagements as well.

The best part about being a public speaker is that you don’t have to do it for as long during one day.

As a teacher, you spend an entire day standing and speaking to other people.

Whether they are children or adults, you can do that for hours without any problem.

Speaking engagements as a public speaker will be much cheaper!

As long as you are able to use the skills you’ve gained as a teacher, you can be a public speaker.

12. Anything Involving Research

The years that you spend teaching lead you to go through the process of doing deep research often.

You must develop your own lesson plans, find your own educational materials and source proper tools.

This takes skill, and having a good sense of how to do thorough research is a marketable skill.

Not everyone enjoys this kind of work, but if you enjoy it, it can be lucrative.

You will be able to find work in research easily if you so desire.

Having an organized mind that knows how to methodically research subjects can lead to big bucks.

When you go through your years of teaching, you develop an profound understanding of these skills.

In some cases, you may have had to teach these very skills!

You also know how to weed out irrelevant information and present what is important.

You can choose a research career in almost any subject.

There is a lot of information being methodically looked into, and those people are getting paid.

You can easily find research work in one of many fields.

There is medical research, legal research, scientific research, political research, marketing research, and more!

Dependent on your interests, you can begin to work in one of these fields as a researcher.

If you were the go-to teacher of a specific subject in schools, then you can choose to move from it or towards it.

You’ll be able to continue a career related to your age-old interests or move on to a new subject.

There are a lot of different opportunities, you just have to be willing to try them!

13. Corporate or Government Trainer

Being a full time trainer for adults is something that you can easily transition to after retiring.

Spending years teaching kids is similar to teaching adults, except easier.

Adults who are seeking training for their careers, personal development, or education want a good teacher.

If you think about it, teaching adults is much easier than teaching children.

Children can be difficult when it comes to getting them to focus.

It’s because they’re young and everything in the world is new.

They haven’t developed full control of their behavior because they’re learning for the first time!

Adults are easier to get to focus on subjects being taught.

Answer questions and getting tasks done can be quicker and very rewarding.

These students will also have the desire to learn that only comes from wanting to win in life.

They want to get the information that you’re sharing with them to help them succeed.

This makes becoming a trainer a worthwhile transition after retiring from teaching.

Being knowledgeable in public speaking is beneficial as a corporate or government trainer.

You will be excellent for this job because you’re accustomed to using different visual materials to help you teach.

A lot of these training programs are in place to help adults learn interactively.

If you think about it, this is an opportunity to hone your skills in a new way.

You’ll be able to engage with adults who are present, vocal, and interested in learning.

Can I Make Exceptional Money?

This is a profession that can be beneficial in many ways.

Having a familiarity with public speaking makes you a valuable asset.

You can teach people in training sessions how to be better at their jobs.

Not everyone can take on the skill of teaching a group of adults.

As a former teacher, you will have years of practice under your belt!

On top of that, this is a lucrative position to have in terms of financial gain.

It pays well, for starters, and the opportunities for work are almost endless.

Finding gigs to work can be easy, especially if you work closely with a corporation.

You may be able to develop a specific niche knowledge about a certain training type.

This will make you extremely valuable to the company you work with!

You will be able to get repeat work from companies looking for trainers with the knowledge you have.

You might be needed by the same company a few times a month!

By developing a client list, you can help yourself get weekly work.

Being able to learn new material quickly can also be helpful to you in this profession.

There is a need for people who are able and willing to present training material to adults.

Taking the time to learn this information can be daunting for some.

As a trained education professional, you’ll know ways to learn information fast.

If you take on this profession, you can see your monthly income increase by hundreds of dollars.

Do I Have to Create the Training Materials?

In short, no.

Most companies will provide you with the information that you need before you present it.

If you’re working closely with their training department, they will give you any worksheets you might need.

They will also give you any other visual aids that you will need to complete the training session.

If you are unfamiliar with the information for the training session, you’ll want to get familiar with them.

You are bound to be asked questions by the students in your training session.

You will want to appear as knowledgeable as possible.

There are training opportunities available in government as well.

The information shared with the adult learners in these classes must be accurate.

Having the incorrect information and sharing it with them can result in a lot of issues.

For this reason, it is important that you study your training materials before you present them.

In some rare cases you will have to create the presentation materials.

If this situation arises, you will have to use your research skills to develop your presentation.

You may have to pitch your presentation before moving forward to the teaching session.

If this isn’t something that you want to do, you should steer clear from those particular jobs.

You will be able to find work presenting to people who work for corporations or government easily.

There’s also the chance to teach training sessions in the medical or legal fields.

You can learn to administer CPR classes or overdose prevention classes.

You can choose to teach driving courses or other types of training.

The choices are limitless!

14. Teaching Career Coaching

When it comes to coaching people on how to effectively work in their field, these job opportunities are fewer.

Since you spent your years being a teacher, its most probable the you’ll spend your time teaching about teaching.

This means that you won’t have as many available students to you.

You may not be able to find a hoard of job opportunities, but they do exist.

This is a good side hustle after you retire, especially if there is a community college or community center looking for help.

Many college age students desire to become teachers.

During their time learning how to work in their field, they will need help.

As a teacher, you can lend the information that triumphed during your career to budding teachers.

You can make a point of working with individuals who are interested in moving from a different field to teaching.

These individuals may have a strong background in subjects surrounding teaching, but not in teaching itself.

You’ll want to find these individuals because you will be most valuable to them.

You may also find a surprising number of clients who are interested in widening their expertise.

These clients will likely be teachers who are in their first few years of teaching.

They will want to have the tips and tricks you’ve learned over the years to make you successful.

Seasoned educators can help new educators learn how to expand their careers through coaching.

If you want to help other teachers become better at their job, you can look into Teacher Training.

15. Paralegal

If you’ve always been interested in exploring a job in the legal field, you can become a paralegal!

Teachers who have retired can turn to this field to help them change course in their career.

This is an excellent field for former teachers because the work related skills used are similar.

As a teacher, you have to constantly be on the hunt for new and relevant information for your students.

This requires a lot of research, and those skills are transferable to the job duties of a paralegal.

As a teacher, you pick up information resources along the way that are profoundly academic.

These resources can help you become a powerful researching asset.

Another spect to being a paralegal is the ability to compose documents succinctly.

As a teacher, you have to keep a lot of information organized.

Teaching materials, exams, essays, classwork, homework, your own notes, there is a lot!.

Being a paralegal, you will experience the need to have strong organizational skills.

Being able to process all this information and compile it into one place is also a skill that teachers have.

You will need this skill as a paralegal.

The translation of skills from one profession to the other will be an easy one.

In this field, you’d be closely working with other legal professionals.

As a teacher, you will be no stranger to working in a professional setting.

You will be able to navigate the ins and outs of being in an office setting easily.

What Legal Field Can I Work In?

This is a great question, and the answer is simple: Wherever you want!

When it comes to working in the legal field, there are a lot of different options as to what area to contribute to.

You can choose to be a paralegal for all kinds of law firms.

You can work in a place that handles civil or criminal cases.

There’s work for entertainment lawyers, divorce lawyers, family lawyers, or disability lawyers.

You can work for the nonprofit sector, or choose to work for political law firms.

There are many different avenues you can choose from in terms of where to be a paralegal.

Major corporations also have their own law departments.

They need paralegals to work in the law offices of their buildings.

These are businesses that are working directly with industries that have changing laws.

These regulations are in place often for the safety of their employees or the public.

They are constantly trying to maintain information and files related to their legal contracts and cases.

They need paralegals to help with the research and organization aspects of these processes.

You do not need to have a prior legal background.

After teaching for years, you have gained skills that will make you valuable as a paralegal.

Being able to compile necessary information and omit anything not needed is a skill you have.

The information presented in legal documents must be as accurate and no frills as possible.

You will make a valuable paralegal if you have years of putting lesson plans together.

Paralegal Certification

Before you become a paralegal, you may have to complete a certificate program.

These programs are put in place to make sure you know what you must comply with legally as a paralegal.

You will be responsible for important parts of the legal process at these law firms.

Before being certified, you must meet certain education requirements.

Because you’re transitioning from a career as a teacher, you should have these already fulfilled!

Every state has different requirements.

Be sure to check what they are in your state, you’ll want to complete them before applying to a paralegal position.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to retiring, you may be looking forward to the mornings in and the extra free time.

Retirement is an exciting period of change, but it doesn’t necessarily mean retirement from work completely.

As a teacher, you may just be ready to transition into a new career.

Spending years as an educator was likely fulfilling, but there are limitations to this career.

The ability to work on a flexible schedule, raising a family, and having steady work through the summer can influence your career choice.

If you’re interested in moving away from teaching to pursue a different career, you can easily do this.

The skills you gain as a teacher are translatable in many different fields.

If you enjoy teaching but want to be able to do so on a less rigid schedule, you can choose to tutor.

Acting as a consultant to teachers is also a way to gain income in the world of education.

You can continue to share the knowledge you’ve gained on a case by case basis.

Other budding teachers will want to know your tips and tricks as an educator.

The skills and knowledge that you have gained are useful in many ways.

You can find ways to share the information you’ve learned in your years of teaching in many ways.

Choosing a career path after teaching can veer away from the world you’ve always known.

You can also choose to stay closely tied to the education community.

It all depends on what you are passionate about.

After you have retired, you will be available to openly explore new career paths.

Whether they be part time or full time jobs for retired teachers, you’ll be able to take your skills and use them in new ways.

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