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Make $6,000/Month Using Your Car As A Taxi: 3 Legit Companies

use your car as a taxi
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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

Want a job that let’s you work whenever you want and pays you a minimum of $15 dollar per hour? There are 3 main companies that pay you to use your car as a taxi and drive people to their destination.

There’s always a need for drivers, so don’t be afraid to apply and start making some extra cash.

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What is Lyft?

Lyft started out in San Francisco as a peer-to-peer taxi service founded by Logan Green. The company currently operates in about 65 cities throughout the U.S. Passengers who need a ride are able to connect with drivers who have a car in their surrounding area. Drivers can be found using their mobile app and reserving a time.

use your car as a taxi lyftThere are currently three ways to ride when selecting a Lyft car:

  • Lyft
  • Lyft Plus
  • Lyft Line

Lyft is the original ride that is available nationwide, allowing you to travel solo or with up to three other friends.

Lyft Plus is a service that offers six-passenger rides or just for those who simply want to ride in a little bigger space. These rides usually cost a bit extra.

Lyft Line works like a shuttle service. You share a ride with someone going on the same route, thus splitting the price between passengers for a cheaper fare. This service was first offered in New York, LA and San Francisco.

use your car as a taxi lyft 3 ways to rideA lot of people don’t like becoming a Lyft driver because there’s one requirement: you have to wear a pink mustache on the front of your car. While others may think it’s cute, some men might not be too into the idea.

How Do I Sign-Up And Start Making Money With Lyft?

As long as Lyft operates in your city, it’s pretty simple to become an eligible driver as long as you complete the necessary steps. This can be done in 3 simple steps.

1. Register. You can register at On the front page, click the “Drive with Lyft” button. From there you’ll be asked to enter some personal information such as your name and your phone number. You’ll be sent a verification code to your phone.

2. Enter vehicle information. As a Lyft driver you’ll be driving your own car. It’s imperative that you enter your vehicle information as accurately as possible in case something were to happen to your car or your passengers.

use your car as a taxi vehicle information lyft

3. Background check. You’ll be asked to enter more information such as your SSN. Even though you may not want to enter it, Lyft cares about the safety of its passengers. They do a background check on all drivers. From there, Lyft will verify your information. Once this is completed, they will contact you on how to get started as a driver.

use your car as a taxi ssn lyftTake note that if your car is not a 4-door or is made before the year 2000, your car will not qualify. If this is the case, ask a friend or family member to borrow their car. The reason Lyft does this is for insurance purposes, otherwise it’s too much of a liability.

How Much Can I Make With Lyft?

The amount you’re going to make as a Lyft driver is going to depend on your location. They have a calculator on their website that determines how much you can make per week.

I currently live in Spokane. I typed in the amount I could make for working 20 hours a week, and it turned out to be $400 dollars! That’s really good for a part-time job that’s completely flexible. You can work any hours you want, whenever you have time.


What Is Uber?

Uber is another transportation company that works along the same lines as Lyft. You work as an independent contractor, picking up and dropping off passengers at their desired location.

The passenger uses the mobile app to find the driver closest to their location and sends them a notification if they can accept the job or not.

use your car as a taxi uber what is itThis is a great way to be your own boss and select your own schedule. If you don’t want to work at a certain moment, you don’t have to. This is great for part-timers or those who want to try something different outside of the office environment.

For those of you wondering, Uber doesn’t require you to put anything on your car like Lyft does.

How Do I Sign-Up For Uber?

Signing-up as a driver for Uber is very similar to the Lyft sign-up process and can be done in 3 easy steps.

1. Register. On the front page of the Uber website, there will be a box for creating an account. If you use this link here, you automatically get a $100 bonus after completing your first trip. Enter in your personal information and wait a few minutes for a verification text.

use your car as a taxi enter information register uber

2. Enter vehicle information. After receiving a text welcoming you to Uber, go ahead and enter your vehicle information. Your vehicle must be a 2005 or newer in order to qualify.

use your car as a taxi vehicle information uber

3. Background Check. All potential Uber drivers must verify the safety of their passengers by going through a background check. This can be done by entering your social security number.

use your car as a taxi background check uber

From there, Uber will send you instructions on what you need to do for your first ride and how to get started. Usually this is done by sending you reminders via text on what to do next.

How Much Can I Make With Uber?

The bigger the car you have, the higher amount of money you are going to make. People pay higher prices for more space and more luxury. Of course, this also depends on the city and the amount of passengers you pick up.

Uber has long-stated that their drivers make roughly $6 dollars more than traditional cab drivers. Uber is a little vague about the amount of money you can make, but drivers report earning roughly $1,500 dollars a week working full-time in big cities. That’s a giant paycheck, making your monthly income at $6,000 before taxes.

use your car as a taxi uber phone app

For anyone who has a car that qualifies and lives in a big city, I highly recommend giving Uber a try.


What Is SideCar?

Sidecar is the third and final company on our list. Just like Uber and Lyft, this company is a transportation network that connects people for peer-to-peer riding. Simply enter your car information, get registered and approved, and pick up people and make money.

use your car as a taxi sidecar how it works

How Do I Get Started With SideCar And Making Money?

Signing-up with SideCar can be done in 3 simple steps.

1. Download the app. You can sign-up with SideCar by clicking here. Enter your mobile phone number in the box on the front page and they’ll send you a link to download an app that walks you through all the instructions.

use your car as a taxi sms sidecar

2. Create an account. This can be done by using your Facebook profile or by entering in your email and creating a password.

3. Fill out your vehicle details and do a background check. Your vehicle has to be of year 2000 or later in order to qualify, and it needs to be a 4-door. Wait a week or to for the approval process to go through and you’ll be all set. You’ll also be asked to enter your SSN for a background check. SideCar is very strict about the safety of its passengers and drivers.

use your car as a taxi sidecar register

How Much Can I Make With SideCar?

Again, just like Uber and Lyft, it really depends on how much you drive and what city you are in. SideCar isn’t as widespread as Uber and Lyft, and definitely a lot less popular. This means that less people are likely to use this service, especially in a small city.

use your car as a taxi sidecar how much you can make

In any case, with a constant stream of customers in a large city, you could be looking at making $35 dollars an hour. That’s pretty good for a part-time job that’s incredibly flexible.

Final Thoughts

If you’re eligible for any one of these programs, you’re on your way to a fun job with great pay. If you qualify for one, sign-up for all three. This would lead to a substantial income and a constant stream of passengers to pick up.

After browsing the forums to see how much someone in a large city actually makes, I came across a post on Reddit about a person who was working roughly 10 hours a day using Lyft, Uber and SideCar.

He made about $450 dollars that day.

He literally picked up everyone he possibly could to maximize his earnings for the day. Do this for one week, and you already have a month’s income in your pocket. Of course, you might not make as much, but coming pretty close is still good.

This is one of the best ways to make cash if you have a newer car. I encourage everyone to try it, especially to sign-up for Uber since it is the most widespread.

If you have any questions or any other ways to use your car as a taxi and get paid, let us know in the comments below.

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