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32 Best Ways For Kids To Make Money (Online And Local)

ways for kids to make money
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Today, there are plenty of ways for kids to make money.

Kids don’t have to rely on their parents allowance or working hours away at a minimum wage job.

The most rewarding and best ways kids can make money are through entrepreneurial ventures!

Tapping into their inner entrepreneur gives kids endless opportunities to make money.

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Start Making Money As A Kid

Earning money as a kid doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems.

This list goes way beyond simply setting up a lemonade stand or having your kid mow lawns, wash cars and doing yard work.

With that said, let’s get started. 

Here’s our list of the 32 best ways for kids to make money.

1. Pet sitting

People love their pets – and it’s one of the easiest ways to earn money as a kid.

What happens to pets when their owners have to travel? 

Or, if they are away at work all day. 

Pet sitters are in great demand and your kid can earn money by pet sitting.

What Kind of Work Do Pet Sitters Do?

As a pet sitter, your kids will likely be responsible for making sure the pet is fed, water is changed and fresh, pets are taken out for a walk or let out in the backyard and other related duties.

What Pets Need Pet Sitting?

Pets might include dogs, cats, birds, iguana, fish or other animals. 

This gig is a great way to make money for animal lovers, especially if you’re looking to make money as a kid semi-passively.

Think about it.

The pet owner will drop the pet off at your child’s house or your child will visit their home and get paid to watch the pet, which usually involves a few simple tasks spread out over a long period of time.

It won’t even feel like work.

For an entry-level job, this requires few responsibilities and is an extremely easy way for kids to make money.

Where to Find Pet Sitting Jobs?

You can start by looking in the classified ads.

This can include classified sites like Craigslist as well as local neighborhood sites like Nextdoor.

Other places to find pet sitting jobs include:

  • Social media, like Facebook
  • Local groups (like local Facebook groups) or meetups online

The money isn’t as high as other jobs out there, but it’s a great way for your kid to learn the value of a dollar in a very simple way.

Check out these 5 tips for helping kids start their own pet sitting business.

2. Pet washing

This is just what it sounds like, washing pets. 

What Kind of Work is Involved in Pet Washing?

Your kid might be giving a dog a bath outdoors or grooming a cat, clipping nails, etc. 

If your job has experience washing animals, like maybe from their own pets at home, this job might be a fit.

Where to Find Pet Washing Jobs?

You can turn to the same places as with pet sitting which include classified sites, local groups and websites.

Something else to try is creating a flyer and placing in high traffic areas around your neighborhood like the mailbox station or community center.

This is another good option for your kid to make money if your child is a pet lover.

3. Dog walking

After a long day of work, furry friends (dogs) are ready to greet their owner, play, and look forward to a walk. 

With busy, full schedules, outsourcing dog walking is something that pet owners will love to do.

They don’t want to deprive their dog of a walk but they are too tired or too busy to do it themselves.

How to Start Dog Walking

This is a neat side hustle that dog lovers will enjoy.

It’s great exercise and a fun activity to walk dogs a few hours per day.

For your child, they could walk dogs after school in the evenings or weekends.

How to Grow a Dog Walking Business

Dog walking is a great home business to scale.

Walking one dog can easily turn into walking 4 or 5 dogs at once, turning this into one of many thriving business ideas for your kid.

Not sure on where to start? Earn money using a service called Rover to get started.

4. Babysitting

Babysitting is great for kids who love other kids. 

If your child is of age in your state, babysitting is a great way to earn extra money. 

This can even be done for younger siblings in the household, too, helping mom out and babysitting the younger kids.

Babysitting can actually be pretty lucrative, fetching $17/hour or more.

How to Make The Most Money Babysitting

Make it official, and get your teen set up on Care.

Outdoor Jobs

Your kid can help out the neighborhood by offering outdoor services. 

This is a good solution to get your child out of the house, get them activity and keep them busy getting paid to do outdoor jobs!

These services are abundant and people are happy to outsource these jobs.

5. Landscaping

Landscaping includes mowing the grass, edging, and gardening work. This includes things like having your kid plant flowers, pull weeds, mulching, etc. 

Requirements for Landscaping Jobs

  • Ability to lift 20 lbs or so (for carrying bags of fertilizer, etc.)
  • Ability to operate lawn equipment (like lawnmowers, etc.)

This fulfilling job is busy work that makes the time go by fast and can keep your child busy on weekend afternoons.

Benefits of Landscaping Work

It’s great because the schedule is flexible.

Homeowners don’t need to be home for landscaping work to be done and it’s a good source of recurring income, since lawns will need to be mowed over and over, and the same goes for gardening and trimming hedges, along with other landscaping work.

Drawbacks of Landscaping Work

It’s hard work.

That’s not really a drawback but it’ll get your child nice and tired but a good solution to get them out of the house and busy on weekends or after school.

Just make sure they’re strong enough to fill the requirements of the job.

6. Washing Cars

Who has time to wash cars anymore? 

Hand washing is preferred but more and more people are heading to the automatic car wash to get their vehicle clean.

Your kid can hand wash, wax, and dry cars for your friends and neighbors. 

Your child can even offer detailing-type work like vacuuming the interior, polishing wheels, and related work.

Requirements for Washing Cars

Your child just needs to be able to use a water hose, bucket and car wash solution to hand wash cars.

If detailing is also required, this means they should enjoy or be good at cleaning surfaces, small areas, washing tires, and vacuuming the interior of cars, among other duties.

Where to Find Car Washing Jobs

This is the kind of money making gig that can get your child clients through word of mouth.

You can help (if you’re the parent) by talking to neighbors, friends, coworkers, community members from church or other places to drum up some business ideas for your child.

Placing fliers around the neighborhood can be helpful too, as well as sharing the opportunity in local neighborhood groups and websites.

7. Washing Boats

The same goes with boats! 

Washing your boat is a labor-intensive job that you might hate doing. 

Outsourcing to energetic kids will give you what you want, a clean boat, and give kids what they want, the chance to earn money.

If you live near the coast or in a community full of boaters, this can turn into a nice side business for your child.

Looking for more outdoor job possibilities for your child? 

You’ll love these 15 outdoor jobs for kids to do this Spring.

Making Money Around The Neighborhood

Your child can help your neighbors out by doing these home care and maintenance jobs that most people really hate. 

These home gigs are super easy to scale and turn into long term money makers.

8. Furniture Cleaning

Furniture cleaning is all about wiping down, cleaning, and disinfecting rugs, couches, and mattresses. 

Keep in mind that furniture should be cleaned regularly and it’s especially important for pet owners or families with small children. 

A clean, healthy home is a happy home.

How Much Can Furniture Cleaning Make?

Prices can be set by the room, by the hour, or by the project.

A per room rate might be $60 per room.

So cleaning living room furniture would run $60.

An hourly rate might be $75/hour which means that a 3-hour furniture clean in the entire house would make $225 ($75 x 3 hours).

Then, a project rate would be based on the type of job, like a set rate, $100, for example, for cleaning childrens’ bedroom furniture.

9. Housekeeper

This might sound funny to think of your kid as a housekeeper but in the end, it’s home cleaning. 

Busy families hire housekeepers and cleaning staff to come in and clean their home and do other types of chores.

Your kid could do the cleaning for a fraction of the cost.

The only supplies needed would be a vacuum, mop and broom, along with cleaning supplies. 

You could drive your kid to neighborhood homes with supplies in tow and pick them up when the job is done!

What Kind of Housekeeping Work Would Be Involved?

Here are some home cleaning activities your kid would most likely do:

  • Sweeping and mopping
  • Dusting furniture, lamps and ceiling fans
  • Wiping down hard surfaces
  • Washing dishes
  • Making beds
  • Picking up debris and scattered home belongings (like rogue socks or toys)
  • Cleaning bathrooms

Who Housekeeping Jobs is Good For?

If your kid loves a clean house or enjoys putting things in their place, this might be a good opportunity for them.

10. Carpet Cleaning

Some people just need a hand with their carpets. 

This can include vacuuming, shaking out, and/or washing carpets.

This is a service that neighbors may want to do once a month, seasonally like for a Spring cleaning or more or less often. 

A good, relatively easy job for a kid to do.

Requirements for Carpet Cleaning Jobs

Your child will need access to a carpet/rug washer.

This is like a vacuum cleaner with a water component.

They are pretty easy to operate, just like a vacuum cleaner.

This, along with a cleaning solution and a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning surfaces before the carpet shampoo is all that’s really needed.

11. Make Money Window Washing

For local storefronts or homes with plenty of windows, window washing is a job that your child could do to make money fast.

What Equipment is Needed?

A squeegee, rag, and cleaning solution is all that your child will need to do a thorough deep clean of windows on the interior and exterior of properties.

12. Make Money Organizing Closets

Keeping a closet organized takes a lot of work. 

A closet can go from clean to messy super fast. 

As a closet organizer, your child will come in and organize the closets of your neighbors.

What Tasks are Required for Closet Organization?

This might involve folding clothes, hanging jackets and coats, color-organizing garments, etc.

Closet organizing can take several hours or several days to complete.

It requires a careful eye, great organization skills, patience, diligence and multi-tasking, in some cases.

This can feel like an overwhelming task so it’s just easier for a lot of owners to outsource this chore.

13. Make Money Cleaning Out RV’s and Campers

For busy travelers, their RV or camper can get dirty and messy quick. 

What Kind of Work Is Involved?

This is kind of similar to car washing.

RV’s can be huge so a wash might not be involved in every case but organizing the interior, vacuuming, washing, wiping down surfaces and throwing out trash are common activities your child might do.

Your kid can offer cleaning services to RV/camper owners who travel often or use their camper seasonally, like during Summer.

14. Make Money Cleaning Gutters

This is the kind of job a lot of people imagine when thinking about jobs their kid can do to make money.

Gutters can be cleaned with ease using a hand sprayer. 

It’s a chore that neighbors really hate but it’s one of those things that needs to be done. 

Cleaning full, dirty gutters is a great neighborhood side job your kid can do for extra money.

It’s great during certain times of the year, like during the rainy season or Fall, when leaves from trees are falling.

15. Putting Up Holiday Decor on Homes

I never knew you could pay people to put up decorations until a few years ago. 

My Dad is aging and he’s always put up decorations until recently.

Now, he pays to have his holiday lights and decorations put up on the outside of his home.

It’s a smart decision that can make a lot of sense for many people.

As the holidays draw near, you might start seeing your neighbors outside more, putting up holiday lights on their homes and lawns.

How Long Does This Take?

This chore can take several hours and can be drawn out over a few days.

If your child has the time, they can do this tedious task for busy parents or neighbors for extra money.

How Much Money Can You Make?

This can be a quick two figure to three figure payday for your child, depending on the scope of the job.

Some people may need the interior of their home decorated as well, which might involve putting up holiday lights inside, decorating a tree, etc.

This is a seasonal job but the kind of gig that can be recurring income every year for your child.

16. Taking Down Holiday Decor on Homes

This job goes hand in hand with the above job shared.

Holiday decor goes up and holiday decor must come down.  

Make money as a kid fast taking down holiday decor when the season ends.

This is a great opportunity to double your kids seasonal income!

But be careful – you don’t want your kids getting injured if he has to take up decorations that are high up, so make sure they’ll be suitable for the job.

17. Holiday Decor Help Inside Homes

Homes are decorated on the inside as well as the outside, with holiday lights, Christmas trees and more. 

Neighbors can hire your kid to pull their Christmas tree from the garage, put it up and decorate. 

This is useful for the elderly or busy professionals that want to enjoy the holidays but have no time to decorate, themselves.

18. Make Money Assembling Furniture

Years ago when shopping for big furniture like desks, exercise equipment or other home goods that needed assembly, it was top priority to find a company that offered assembly.


Because assembling furniture can be hard. It takes time and, if you’re like me, not handy then, you’ll end up with “extra” pieces at the end and always wonder if your piece of furniture is as sturdy as it should be.

Eliminate this headache by hiring a furniture assembler, your kid!

How Furniture Assembly Works?

If your kid has helped you put together things in your own home and can read and follow instruction well, this might be a great opportunity.

What’s in Demand?

IKEA furniture. 

Along with other popular furniture brands.

They are certified professionals that actually put together IKEA goods for people, for a living!

There are tons of opportunities for assembling furniture, tables, exercise equipment, and more.

19. Picture Hanging

Picture hanging requires a lot more skill than you might think. 

What’s Involved with Picture Hanging?

If your kid has experience with hanging pictures and has interest in taking the time to measure, locate good spots on the wall, and hang wall art beautifully, this might be a great fit.

Investing in a stud finder and a few inexpensive tools will make this job super easy for your kid, while getting them amazing results every time. 

This is perfect to help out neighbors throughout the year as the season changes and their home decor needs shift.

20. Make Money Curtain Hanging

Hanging curtains is a pain point for many people. 

It’s not hard but it can be time intensive and it takes some effort.  

You have to do measuring, drill holes or using tools to place screws, etc. 

It can all be a pain.

This task is one in high demand, especially for new neighbors. 

This is a great way to make extra money in the neighborhood.

Making Money With Crafts

Is your child the crafty and creative type? 

They can monetize their passion and make money fast and easily with their crafts. 

Keep reading to learn how.

21. Make Money Creating T-Shirts

Today, it’s easier than ever to launch a t-shirt business

All you need is a computer and a creative mind. 

Your kid can design and sell t-shirts online. 

Where to Sell T-Shirts Online?

Check out this story of a 17 year old who started a t-shirt business out of their garage.

It can be one of the more lucrative ways to make money for kids if done well.

22. Make Candles

Candle making is a hobby that can be monetized easily. 

If your kid is at least 13, they can sell candles on Etsy. 

This 14 year old made headlines when starting to sell their manly-scented candles, just one of many of the more uncommon money making ideas.

23. Crafting on Etsy

Aside from candles, there are a ton of other crafts that can be made and sold on Etsy, Redbubble and other handmade marketplaces online. 

Here are some examples:

  • Wall art
  • Knitted blankets
  • Jewelry
  • Prints
  • Sculptures
  • Clothing
  • Pillows

It’s pretty simple to get set up on the platform. This side hustle can turn into a full time gig in the future.

A lot of kids find this as a fun and great way to make money online.

24. Sell Cookies

Is your kid a baker? 

Do they love coming up with innovative, new recipes? 

Having your kids sell baked goods is a fun, lucrative way for your kid to make money.

You can sell cookies at flea markets and local businesses is a great place to start. Start a bake sale in your neighborhood to earn money from your neighbors or at your school.

They can even sell their cookies on Etsy like this cookie seller!

This project is fun for kids of all ages. Just make sure to have some adult help if your kids are on the younger side.

25. Make Money Designing

Is your kid an artist? Do they love drawing, calligraphy and other artsy hobbies? 

There is a whole world online for designers. 

Here are some ways your kid can make money online through design:

  • Hand lettering
  • Logo design
  • Illustration
  • Creatives for websites and small businesses

Make money fast by helping your child join marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork.

26. Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is a great way for kids to make money fast.

Your kids could make up to $10 or more per hour with just a little bit of time each day.

Here are some paid online survey opportunities that kids can take advantage of:

  • Swagbucks is personally one of my favorite survey sites. You get paid to take surveys, sharing to social media, answer polls, watch videos and even play online video games. You need to be 13 years or older to join.
  • E-poll is a really good option for kids age 13 years old or older. The focus is TV and media-related surveys. Each survey is taken for points and points are redeemed for PayPal cash, gift cards and other rewards.
  • Ipsos I-Say works with kids age 14 years old or older. Their system is similar to E-poll. Your child will take surveys for points and can redeem points for PayPal cash and other reward options.
  • Toluna is for kids 13 years old and older. Your child will take surveys and polls for points and can redeem for cash and gift cards. They also offer a daily sweepstakes for participants.

Get paid via PayPal cash or free gift cards. Not one of the most exciting ways to make money, but it is easy.

27. Make Money As a Social Influencer

Get your kids online and making money by becoming a social influencer, a more and more popular trend amongst younger kids.

Kid influencers are cultivating an audience by talking about their lifestyle, sharing their school experience, chatting about products they use, and toys and games they play.

According to USA Today, YouTube’s top earner was a 7-year old who earned $22 million playing with toys! How eye-opening, right?

A lot of kids are starting to make money by producing YouTube videos.

It’s a great way to learn about how to make money online and could make your child the next millionaire.

Not sure on how to get started making money with becoming a social influencer? Udemy has plenty of free and paid online courses to help you out.

If done right, this job can make you a lot of money.

28. Odd Jobs

Everybody needs help with the occasional odd job from time to time around the house.

Let your kids be a personal assistant and make money by helping people in the community with their errands.

Mowing lawns, having your kids wash windows and yard work are very common ways for kids to make money fast.

It’s not uncommon to earn $20 or more per hour in just a short amount of time from mowing lawns.

Some of these ideas can even turn into a lucrative local business. This kid on YouTube is a great explanation for exactly what you need to know to start making money by mowing lawns.

29. Earn Money With Dry Cleaning

If the dry cleaners is walking distance or your kids can drive or have transportation, dropping off and picking up dry cleaning is a regular errand that can turn into a lasting odd job, for your child.

It’s a fairly simple but useful way for your kids to make money.

Who This Job is Good For?

If your kids get bored sitting and doing the same task over and over, this job is a really good fit.

This is also good if your kids like to run around and do errands.

30. Cleaning Out the Garage or Attic

Make money cleaning out the garage or attic.

It has to be done, the dreaded garage or attic clean out. 

This can be knocked out in a quick afternoon. 

Your kids can get paid to do this chore from neighbors or for you.

Also, you may also find out that you have a lot of unwanted items that can be sold at a garage sale for some extra cash.

31. Make Money Tutoring

Helping out other kids with their school work is a great side gig that can last for years. 

It can start with your kids helping their siblings with their studies, then neighbors and other parents at school can hire your child for tutoring jobs.

Where to Find Tutoring Jobs?

Keep in mind that tutoring and teaching are usually jobs for teens and not for the younger ones.

32. Make Money Doing Moms Errands

Your kids can help you with your own personal errands which may include:

  • Walking younger siblings to play dates
  • Watching brothers and sisters while you are on an important phone call or busy
  • Picking up lunch or dinner
  • Cleaning rooms in the house
  • Laundry

The list can continue on but you probably get the point. 

Pay some extra money to your child and have them give you a helping hand.

Ways For Kids To Start Making Money

So you see, there are a ton of ways kids can make money. And before you know it your child will become a money making machine.

Having your kid earn money can also help him or her learn the value of a dollar and earn some extra cash at the same time.

And remember – just because you’re young doesn’t mean making money has to be difficult.

Keep in mind that in order to get your kids started, they have to want to make money. Otherwise, convincing your kids is going to be quite difficult.

Hopefully this roundup gives you some money making ideas to get started:

  1. Pet sitting
  2. Pet washing
  3. Dog walking
  4. Babysitting
  5. Landscaping
  6. Washing cars
  7. Washing boats
  8. Furniture cleaning
  9. Housekeeper
  10. Carpet cleaning
  11. Window washing
  12. Closet organizer
  13. Cleaning out RVs/Campers
  14. Cleaning gutters
  15. Putting up holiday decor
  16. Taking down holiday decor
  17. Indoor holiday decor help
  18. Furniture assembly
  19. Picture hanging
  20. Curtain hanging
  21. Creating T-shirts
  22. Selling Candles
  23. Crafting on Etsy
  24. Baking and selling Cookies
  25. Design
  26. Online surveys
  27. Social influencer
  28. Doing odd jobs (things like mowing lawns, rake leaves and yard work)
  29. Dry cleaning drop off/pickup
  30. Cleaning out garage/attic
  31. Tutoring
  32. Moms errands

Your child making money is a great opportunity to teach responsibility and money management. 

Starting to develop these skills at a young age gives a good head start to your kids becoming a financially savvy, responsible adult.

If your kid is already a teenager, have them check out this list of the best side hustles for teens.

Do you have any other ways to make money as a kid? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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