Adfun App Review: Earn A Passive Income Watching Videos From Your Phone

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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

Note: This smartphone app no longer exits. Looking for other similar apps? Check out this list of other apps that give passive income.

The best rewards apps are the ones that pay you for watching videos. The task requires very minimal effort and you get some entertainment in the meantime.

The only downside is that most of the video watching apps out there require you to click a button in order to proceed to the next video. Yet the Adfun App is completely passive.

Once you hit the play button, you can watch as many videos as you want without having to do any work on your end. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices.

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What Is The Adfun App?

The Adfun app is a recently-launched rewards app that pays you from watching videos and playing games from your phone. Each time you complete one of these tasks, you’re awarded a certain amount of tokens. These tokens can then be exchanged for cash prizes such as gift cards to popular retailers, an Xbox or other cool items.

Right now there are currently only two games. This includes a scratch card and a gift card bidding game. This scratch card requires you to scratch off a lucky number. Match the number that they give you for your turn and you can win a prize of 20,000 or more tokens. Adfun plans on adding more games in the future.

As for the gift card bidding game, you bid a certain amount of your tokens on a specific gift card of your choosing. The person with the highest yet unique bid wins. For example, if two players bid 1,000 tokens but you’re the only player that bids 999.99, you get the gift card. Keep in mind that you’ll be competing with other users of Adfun, so it may get a bit competitive.

Most of the time we’re going to be focus on watching videos to earn a passive income, so the games are mostly just for fun.

Get Cash Back For Shopping

Adfun also has a “Shop” section that gives you tokens for using their links to by products at popular retailers such as Amazon. While it sound great and can end up saving you a lot of money, we don’t recommend it. This is because you can use cash back portals to get an even higher rate of cash back.

For example, you can use TopCashBack to get 8% off of certain purchases at Amazon. If you stick with the Adfun app for this part, you can only get 5% back. Not only that, but cash back isn’t available 100% of the time. Cash back portals always have cash back. If you’re confused about how these portals work, we recommend reading our shopping portal guide.

How Much Can I Earn With Adfun?

Adfun is very generous to new users and automatically gives you 1,000 tokens upon registration. 6,000 tokens are equal to $1 USD, and the more videos you watch or games you play, the more money you’re going to earn. While it is difficult to determine exactly how much you can make with this app, we wouldn’t let you go away without a sound estimate.


As for the scratch card game, we’re not even going to count this in our estimate when calculating how much you can make. This is mostly because it’s very unlikely that you’ll win since there’s a complex algorithm involved to determine whether you win or not. We personally suggest to skip this section all together unless you genuinely enjoy it.

The gift card bidding game requires you to actually spend your tokens for a chance to win a bigger prize. Again, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to win, so we suggest staying away from it.

Watching Videos

This is where the actual money is going to come in. When you click on the channels tab at the top of the app, there will be 4 different channels for your to select on your screen. Keep in mind that only channels 1 and 4 are passive.

Select either one of them to start playing videos. On average, we’ve found that it takes roughly 60 seconds for a round of videos to go by in which you are rewarded 10 tokens.

Given that all of the videos are of this length and each video rewards you with ten tokens, at this rate you’ll be earning a little over $2 daily or $60 per month. However, we realize that other issues can come into play. This may include video loading time, your internet connection speed, and the time it takes for them to find another video. For that matter, our estimation is going to be on the safe side. We’re going to cut the earning rate to a little below half at around $25 per month.

I sometimes find that it takes a minute just for a new video to load. Not sure if this is due to my internet connection or to the app itself. In any case, it’s best to add some leeway when estimating earnings. Your best bet is to leave your device running for 24 hours and multiply it by 30 to see how much you can earn monthly with Adfun.

You May Run Out Of Ads

While your potential earnings can be calculated at around $25 per month, I’ve often found that I sometimes run out of videos and have to switch channels to play more. While this is fine, it makes the app much less passive since I have to actively switch channels. The app is growing in popularity, so we do expect them to have more ads in the near future.

Increase Your Earnings With Multiple Devices

Adfun currently only allows you to have one account per household. However, there’s no limit to the amount of devices you can have on one account. If there are enough video ads to around, this could greatly multiply your earnings depending on how many devices you have.

The one thing we do want to warn you of is bandwidth issues. Using a lot of devices under one internet connection (especially playing videos) can greatly reduce your internet speed. Not only that, but some Internet Service Providers such as Comcast have a bandwidth limit. Be sure to contact them regarding this issue.

How Do I Get Started With The Adfun App?

Getting started with Adfun is incredibly simple. In order to ensure that you don’t miss any details, we’re going to break it down detail by detail. We can do this in just 4 easy steps.

1. Register.

You can register for a new Adfun account for free for both Android and iOS devices. All you need to enter in is your name and email address, or you can use your Facebook account. They give you 1,000 tokens just for registering as a new user.

2. Scratch cards.

If you want to play the scratch card game, click on the “Scratch” button at the top of the app. Match the lucky number they give you for that turn to win a prize of 20,000 tokens or more. You can only play this game up to 100 times per day. Keep in mind that this game is incredibly difficult to win and may not be worth your time.


3. Watch videos.

This is where the majority of your money-making is going to come into play. Click on the channel tab and then select 1 of 4 channels to play. Keep in mind that only channels 1 and 4 play passively. On average you will earn 10 tokens each time a set of one or two video ads plays through.


4. Cash out.

Once your account reaches a minimum balance of 150,000 tokens, you can cash out for a gift card of your choosing. This includes Amazon, Target, Whole Foods and many other ones to come. You can also choose to use your tokens to participate in the gift card bidding game. If you continuously leave your phone running and playing videos, you could most likely cash out by the end of the month.


Final Thoughts

Passive video apps are a great way to earn some easy cash in your spare time. You don’t have to click a button to go to the next video, meaning there’s no effort on your part other than opening the app.

Adme allows you to earn roughly $25 per month just by leaving your phone on. Keep in mind that if you’re looking to go with multiple devices, extremely cheap phones may crash on you. Therefore, it’s a good idea to buy something that’s cheap but still runs your phone well.

For this reason, we recommend going with the ZTE Quest or the LG Fuel phones. They only cost around $20 – $30 on Amazon and won’t crash when running Adfun. If you keep your phone running constantly for a month playing these videos, you’ll easily make your money back.

If you have any questions or any other tips on using the Adfun app, we’d love to hear about them. Leave them down in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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