SpecPan Review: Scam Or Legit Paid Online Survey Site?

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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

In this full Specpan review, we’re going to provide you with the full details of what it takes to really earn with this online survey site.

Before you dive right in, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into and if this site is a scam or legit.

Here’s a brief outline of what we’ll be covering:

  • What is Specpan?
  • How does this survey site work?
  • How much can I make?
  • Is it a scam or legit?
  • Final thoughts

Table of Contents

Specpan Review

With that said, let’s go ahead and get started on our full Specpan review.

What is Specpan?

SpecPan is one of many top survey sites on the web that pays you for your honest opinion.

They offer an easy, fun paid survey experience to help you bring extra cash through your computer or cell phone!

Your answers as a consumer help companies shape the way they create products to service the general public.

You will answer paid surveys on a variety of topics like:

  • Purchase habits
  • Product brands
  • Products you use
  • And, more!

You take surveys, earn points, and then you can start redeeming rewards for cool prizes.

That’s how the process works, in a nutshell.

How Does SpecPan Work?

To get started, first you register for SpecPan.

Registration is completely free.

During registration you will answer questions about yourself which help them match you with surveys.

You can update this information on your profile, by just logging into your account.

Here’s what you need to know about it:

  • It’s legit (mostly)
  • It’s easy money
  • It’s time-intensive
  • You can’t make a full-time income
  • You can receive money, rewards, or gift cards

Surveys are Legit

This one depends on the opportunity because sadly, like some things on the internet, there can be scams that exist.

To identify a scam, you want to follow these rules of thumb:

  • Never pay to join online survey sites
  • Never give out too much personal information (name, address, gender and related information is fine but social security number and other sensitive information should not be required)

Online Surveys are Easy Money

Are they easy money?

Of course! You don’t need specialized skills, background or education needed.

It’s purely based on your honest opinion.

You’ll be answering questions, sharing your feedback and opinions and that’s really all there is to it.

But, keep in mind, just because it’s easy, does not mean it’s fast.

Surveys Are Time-Intensive

Some require 20 or more questions to answer, that can take 30 minutes or longer to complete.

And, you might not think it, but this process can be exhausting. 

That’s why you’ll want to follow our best practices for making the most money, that will be shared further down in this article.

It Won’t Make You Rich

Do not be fooled here.

It may seem like this method may be a pool of unlimited income potential.

And while that might be true to an extent, you simply cannot bring in a full-time income with this method.

They usually pay a few cents to dollars (up to $50 each or more) and the higher paying ones are few and far between.

So, even if you dedicated a full working day (8 hours) five days a week, you still wouldn’t land even close to earning a full-time salary.

Hopefully that doesn’t burst your bubble too much.

They are still a great way for an easy cash reward and a cool side hustle that doesn’t require much effort and you’ll like SpecPan because they pay up to $10+ per survey!

You Receive Cash in Various Ways

Lastly, online surveys pay in a few different ways, such as a free cash reward, an Amazon gift card, and more.

SpecPan offers a simple way to voice your opinion.

It’s a straightforward process to earn $10+ per online survey legitimately online. 

If you’re looking for a way to receive free money online that offers flexibility to work around your current schedule, you’ll want to read our full review.

Be sure to bookmark this post so you can come back to it later.

When Will I Get Surveys?

You will be notified about surveys that you qualify for.

This is based on the information you provided in your profile.

As SpecPan receives more offers, if you’re a match, you’ll be notified by email of surveys available to take.

In short, there’s no exact way to tell when you will receive new ones to take.

How Do I Take Surveys?

First, you must qualify.

If you meet the requirements, you’ll get an email with a link to start right away.

In What Countries Can I Use Specpan?

This website is available to the U.S. and Canada.


  • Flexible way to earn extra money
  • Work from home using your cell phone
  • Independent work
  • Take surveys 24/7


  • Surveys are assigned to you based on your profile match
  • You get paid in rewards not direct deposit or PayPal

Is SpecPan Worth It?

If you’re looking for ways to earn extra money, there’s no easier way than getting paid for your opinion.

No experience needed, no degree needed, no specialized skill or technical knowledge required.

It’s an easy way to bring in some extra cash on the side.

Why Take Surveys for Extra Cash?

People are swooning over survey-taking because it can be a fun way to get paid to share your opinion.

It’s flexible, independent work where you can work from home, when you want, using your cell phone or computer.

This is not a get rich quick scheme but you can receive real money sharing your opinion with paid survey companies, like SpecPan.

Extra money is always a great thing to have in your back pocket.

And, you can use it toward doing things like:

  • Growing your emergency fund
  • Paying off credit card debt
  • Building your retirement account
  • Saving toward your child’s education

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is SpecPan available outside the U.S.?

SpecPan is available to people in the U.S. and Canada.

2. Why is my personal information needed?

You will never be asked about vital information like your social security number, but you may be asked questions about you, like gender, age, and related questions so SpecPan can find offers that match your profile.

3. Who does SpecPan conduct surveys for?

They work mostly with manufacturers and retailers who are seeking consumer feedback so they can make future decisions on their products or company.

4. What Are Some Similar Sites?

Just because you’re earning a lot with Specpan doesn’t mean you have to stop there.

Here are some of our other favorite sites to bring in extra cash online via taking surveys:

  • Survey Junkie – One of the top survey sites in which you can bring in anywhere between $5 – $18/hour via a Target or Amazon gift card or PayPal cash
  • Swagbucks – An GPT site that gives you a $5 upon registration and pays you to watch videos, take polls, share your opinion and more
  • Vindale Research – One of many popular online survey sites that gives you a flat $3 per survey

Final Thoughts

Here’s the final verdict.

SpecPan is a legit company that pays pretty well for your honest opinion.

The surveys you can land can be higher paying but the frequency of receiving surveys will keep you from earning consistently.

That’s because surveys are matched to your profile and you’ll only be notified of survey opportunities when there’s a match.

I still think this is a great survey company to join and keep in your back pocket.

You can use it to bring in more money using these best practices we recommend for all survey companies:

  • Create a schedule
  • Get organized
  • Set up a separate email address for surveys
  • Treat it like a job

Creating a Schedule

You want to think about this like if you were given the authority to make your work schedule.

Keeping this mindset will help you to maximize your earnings while on a schedule.

Here are some examples:

  • One hour daily during the week after work
  • Saturdays/Sundays for 2 hours each day
  • 30 minutes of your lunch hour during a work day
  • Mondays and Wednesdays in the evening after dinner, from 7pm to 9 pm

You have full control here and can craft any schedule you’d like.

Getting Organized

Getting yourself organized is another trick I’ve personally used to maximize my earnings from survey taking.

You can do this by doing things like creating a separate email address (more on this below), putting yourself on a schedule, checking specific survey companies at set times to discover opportunities and more.

Setting Up a Separate Email Address

This is optional, like all the tips shared so far but if you have a dedicated email address strictly for surveys, it is a big time saver.

It can help you save time from trying to sift and sort through survey emails in your primary email inbox.

This means you’ll be able to spot survey opportunities faster and respond to offers quickly, which helps you take advantage of time-sensitive offers.

You can get a free email address with Google (Gmail) and create an email account in under 5 minutes.

Then, just use that email address when joining SpecPan (and any other survey companies you might join).

Treat Survey Taking Like a Job

If you treat survey taking like it’s your job, you’ll likely get better results, with this little shift in mindset.

It’s like if you’ve ever worked from home and felt the difference between wearing pajamas and wearing work slacks or jeans, at the very least.

This can help you with focus and productivity, which can amplify your survey earnings.

You can test this and see if you notice a difference but I think you will.

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