Make $20/Month In Passive Income With The ChargerPay App

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Note: This app is no longer available. We suggest taking a look at some of our best money making apps.

What if you could earn money when you aren’t using your phone? With the ChargerPay App, you can earn money by plugging in your phone and letting it charge and display ads. This method is 100% passive and your phone recharge rate remains the same.

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What Exactly Is ChargerPay?

ChargerPay is a free mobile app that “rents” your screen and turns it into a billboard, displaying ads while it charges. The longer you leave the ChargerPay screen turned on, the more you money you make. Once the app is running, no work is required on the user’s end meaning that this app is 100% passive income.

There’s no limit to the amount of money you can make with ChargerPay and it can be left on for 24 hours a day to max out your earnings. The only thing you need is an internet connection.

The reason why ChargerPay is able to give out free money is because each time they display an ad, the advertisers pay them money. Part of this money in turn is then given to the user. The apps displayed on your screen also give you a chance to discover new apps and products.Sometimes the app displays video ads and other times it shows an image ad on the screen. When ChargerPay is running, you cannot use your phone for other tasks.

How Do I Maximize My Earnings With ChargerPay?

The ChargerPay App pays you in points which can be redeemed in cash. 20,000 points are equal to $1 dollars and you can cash out when minimum value of $5 dollars in your ChargerPay account. The only payment method that is currently available is through PayPal.

Once you hit the $5 dollar minimum, the money will automatically be sent to your PayPal account within 15 days.

After doing some personal testing, ChargerPay gives you roughly 10 points per minute if left running constantly. Calculating this out will give you about $.70 cents a day, or roughly $20/month. That’s not bad for doing absolutely nothing.

What Phone Should I Get?

If you want to maximize your earnings, you need to run the app 24/7 on a phone that supports that app and won’t crash after running lots of video ads.

If you don’t have a spare phone already, we highly recommend found the LG Optimus Fuel. It can usually be found on Amazon for around $25 dollars or Walmart for $20.

This is the same phone that we recommend for Perk TV, another passive income app that display videos ads. The LG Optimus Fuel is capable of running videos for months on-end without crashing or dying, and it won’t run up your budget either.

I highly suggest not to use a phone any cheaper than this. Certain devices won’t support the ChargerPay App. If you buy a phone only to realize that the app won’t work, you’ve just wasted some money on a phone you won’t use.

One last note we’d like to mention is that only one device will count when running the ChargerPay App per household. You can use as many phones as you’d like, but you’ll be paid the exact same amount. Ads will be running on every phone, but you won’t be earning money any faster than if you were to run it on only one.

Even though the ChargerPay App doesn’t use much energy, it’s still best to configure the settings on your phone so that it lasts longer.

How Do I Sign-Up And Start Using ChargerPay?

The creators of ChargerPay made signing-up for this app incredibly simple and can be done in 3 steps.

1. Download the app. This app is only available for Android users and be found on the Google Play Store.

2. Make an account. The only information you need to create an account is your name, PayPal email and a password.

3. Leave the app running. ChargerPay will tell you how many points you have and your battery life. When you reach 100,000 points, wait 15 days for $5 dollars to be automatically sent to your PayPal account (if you activate autopay). Take note that PayPal will take away 2.9% for fees. Enjoy your free money!

Final Thoughts

While not a huge issue for most users, expect ChargerPay to take up about 10 GB of bandwidth per month. If you have a DSL or cable internet connection, you don’t have to worry about ChargerPay slowing down your internet speed.

This is a great way to earn money when your phone is charging at the office, you’re hanging out with friends or even sleeping. However, we suggest getting a separate phone just for ChargerPay so that you can maximize your earnings at $20/month.

Once the app is installed, all you have to do is open the app and let it work for you. Even the payments to your PayPal account are automatic, meaning this app is 100% passive. Just make sure that your phone is able to support the ChargerPay App. It will work on most Android devices but may have problems with really old ones.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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