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ReceiptPal Review: Scam Or Legit Receipt Scanning Cash Back App?

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If you’ve been following FFL lately, you’re probably already aware of Receipt Hog, an app that pays you cash for scanning receipts to your phone.

A very similar app called ReceiptPal uses these same methods that can make saving your receipts a lot more fun and enjoyable.

What is ReceiptPal?

ReceiptPal is a smartphone app that rewards you for uploading store receipts to their app or by submitting e-receipts via email.

The points that you earn can be exchanged for donating to charity or Amazon gift cards or other various offers.

The ReceiptPal team collects your receipt data anonymously and develops market research to help stores and brands create better promotions and products. No information will ever be shared with a third-party, so you can be assured that your information is safe.

What is the Earnings Potential?

Every time you submit 4 receipts you earn 100 points.

The more rewards you save before you cash in, the more value you’re going to get for them. For example, you can exchange 350 points for a $1 dollar gift card or 17000 points for a $100 gift card at Amazon (equivalent to 170 points for $1 dollar).

By saving for the highest redemption offer, you can more than double your point value.

When you start using ReceiptPal, the max you can submit is 20 receipts per week which refreshes every Monday. The more you use the app, you will slowly be allowed to upload more and more receipts each week.

Receipts usually take 24 hours to process, and out of all of the times that I’ve submitted a receipt, only one was rejected because the receipt I scanned was too blurry. I re-submitted the receipt and eventually received my points.

Receipts from any store are accepted, even including e-receipts. When you buy something online, simply forward the e-receipt to

ReceiptPal is currently available for both iPhone and Android. In order for receipts to be valid, they must be submitted within 30 days of purchase. make sure you capture the entire receipt.

How Do I Get Started Using ReceiptPal?

We on Frugal For Less will guide you how to use the ReceiptPal app in 4 easy steps.

1. Download the ReceiptPal app for iPhone or for Android.


2. Start collecting your receipts. Once you have one, click on the camera button on the home  screen to upload.

3. Place your receipt face down so it’s easier to get a clear image. The receipt must have the store name, date, total, and items purchased for it to be valid. For extra long receipts, snap from a distance. Press the blue camera button at the bottom of the screen to take a picture. If it looks good, tap on send.

4. Receive your points within 24 hours. To claim your rewards, click on the “Rewards” button on the upper-right hand corner of your screen.

A great tip on saving time is to collect receipts for an entire week and then upload them all at once. This way, you don’t have to continuously reopen the app each time you make a purchase.

How Can I Earn Even More Money?

By registering your email address, each receipt that you submit will be entered automatically in their weekly sweepstakes of $250. That means each time you upload, you’ll be getting a free entry on top of rewards. Each drawing is help on Monday.

Final Thoughts

While there aren’t any other ways to earn with ReceiptPal (currently no referral program), you can still get more savings by stacking your rewards with other apps.

Currently, Frugal For Less has articles featuring Ibotta and Receipt Hog, other smartphone apps that also reward you for saving your receipts and uploading them.

All-in-all, ReceiptPal is a great way for you to make some extra beer money or some cash on the side while enhancing your shopping experience. Let us know how much you’ve earned thus far in the comments below.

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