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Avibra App Review: Free Life Insurance For Living Well ($5,000 Coverage Bonus)

avibra app review
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Your daily jog and giant monster green smoothie in the mornings is actually benefiting you in more ways than one.

Not only is it leading you down a healthier path with long term benefits, but it is potentially putting you on track to earn free life insurance.

For some, life insurance may not be something that is a major concern, as a lot of employers tend to offer life insurance. Despite this, nearly 60% of the U.S. population doesn’t have life insurance and the peace of mind that it can bring.

Life insurance isn’t really for the policy-holder, but it is protection and reassurance for your family if something happens to you. Avibra considers life insurance to be the legacy of a life well-lived.

By making it free, they are hoping to shine a light on the importance of life insurance and the focus on one’s longevity versus one’s mortality.

The Avibra app is your chance to finally get rewarded for all your healthy lifestyle habits…at least, rewarded beyond the clean bill of health your receive from your doctor each year.

Avibra is a unique startup company, affectionately referred to as the Robinhood of life insurance,  that will invest in your free life insurance policy whenever you complete your daily, positive actions.

If you are intrigued, then keep reading. In this review I’ll give you some background on Avibra, how it works, who can benefit from Avibra and more.

The best part? We’ve partnered with Avibra to give you a special deal. Sign-up using our link and you will receive a $5,000 bonus in your insurance coverage and bonus rewards.

Table of Contents

About Avibra

The Avibra Motto: “Live A VIBRAnt Life”

Avibra is co-founded by Yogesh Shetty, a former New York Life executive who wanted to change the accessibility of life insurance for the 70 million people between ages 18-38 who don’t have life insurance coverage.

The Avibra app was launched at the end of 2018 for both IOS and Android platforms. Their goal is to create an integrated service that transcends life insurance and takes a holistic view of every individual life.

Not only are they focused on their customers well-being but they genuinely believe that life insurance, a 500 year old service, is a great place to start in terms of securing one’s future.

Avibra is backed by well-respected insurance companies who have been in the business for more than 75 years and have earned an A “Excellent” rating by A.M. Best an external independent oversight entity. As a result, you can rest assured that your life insurance coverage is in reliable hands.

What makes Avibra unique is their integration of life style and life insurance into one product. They encourage daily wellness and as a result, reward you for your good efforts in the form of life insurance coverage.

Even if you don’t have kids, Avibra encourages you to get life insurance coverage. Most people are faced with different life obligations, like credit card debt, a mortgage or student loan. And most people have some kind of beneficiary, like a grandparent, parent, loved one or even a pet.

Even having a small amount of coverage in place can help you handle any unforeseen expenses after the loss of a loved one.

While you can’t expect to get million dollar coverage with Avibra, they can guarantee that it is totally free. Avibra is paying the premium for the “micro life insurance” that they offer to their members and all because they want to encourage people to live better, healthier lives.

Your coverage with Avibra is guaranteed and non-conditional, meaning they don’t deny you coverage based on previous medical conditions.

And there is no medical underwriting required either. Just download the app and in a matter of minutes you can have a few hundred dollars or more in coverage.

How Avibra Works

Avibra combines data science with machine learning to track your everyday habits. And, Avibra is 100% free to sign up for! Your insurance coverage will increase weekly based on your positive habits and actions.

There is no need to log into the app daily. Once a week is more than enough and they even encourage “ Wednesday Wellbeing Day” as the day you should check-in as they will have reward notifications available.

When you check-in, you can receive perks and a chance to convert them to life insurance coverage. The app also offers several other ways to increase your perks and coverage.

Life Well-Being

Here is where you identify your best and worst habits. This covers all aspects of your life to include financial, health, career, relationships, and community.

You’ll have the opportunity to link your bank information with Avibra to keep track of your daily spending. You can connect with your LinkedIn to keep track of your career. You can connect with your wearable items like a FitBit or Google Fit to keep track of your fitness.

You can even invite friends and family to use Avibra as a way to increase your coverage.


Avibra offers educational videos that will give you information on different well-being topics. When you watch a video you can earn additional coverage. For example, watching a one minute video on the benefits of volunteering and sharing it on Facebook earned me $200 in coverage.


The Avibra app will list quizzes you can take on different well-being topics. You’ll earn coverage just for trying. Trust me, I scored only 4 correct answers out of 10 questions on my first quiz and still earned $100 in coverage for my effort.

Guided Meditation

Avibra offers a short, daily guided meditation session. The session is only five minutes and very simple and soothing. The voice direction is mellow and essentially asks you to look within and relax. Even meditation newbies can handle something like this.

We can all benefit from five minutes of meditation, especially if you have a hectic home or work life. Since this handy app is with you all the time, you can check in and meditate at any time, whenever you have five minutes to yourself.

Just by meditating, I earned $100 in additional coverage.

Life Tips

Sprinkled throughout the Avibra app are life tips. These quick tips offer ways to increase your well-being, such as laughing for fifteen minutes a day, which is just as beneficial to you as sleep!

You don’t earn any extra coverage for reading these tips, but overall the information they provide is very helpful toward improving your lifestyle.

Meet Arya

When you first download the Avibra app you’ll meet Arya. She is Avibra’s version of artificial intelligence similar to Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. She will walk you through the set-up process.

From there, Arya will track your everyday habits and let you know the areas you are doing well in and the areas that need improvement. Don’t worry, you don’t lose coverage for having a few bad habits. Avibra is a strictly reward-the-good-behavior kind of system.

Arya will evolve with you the more you use the app. The daily tips, videos and quizzes will function around your lifestyle and habits, encouraging you with ways to improve your well-being, particularly in the areas that may be lacking.

Arya will work differently for everyone, so no two Arya’s will be exactly alike as no two people are exactly alike. Her sole goal is to help each individual she is tracking and working with live a more holistic and well-rounded life.

Plus, Arya will work with other apps that you may be using that track things like your daily eating habits, weight loss, and more. Using these apps can help contribute to your no-cost life insurance coverage.

To have your apps incorporated into the Avibra rewards program, just email

The Sign-Up Process

To sign up with Avibra is free and very easy to do. Plus they require very little information for you to get started with using the app.

After downloading the App, Arya will ask for your email or Google account information, your full name, date of birth and zip code. By providing your zip you can receive alerts on special well-being rewards that are specific to your area.

Finally, you’ll provide a phone number to confirm your account and after that, the app is available for you to start using immediately. Plus, you’ll start with at least $1,000 in coverage just for signing up!

How Your Privacy Is Protected with Avibra

Avibra is maintaining a very basic profile for you and doesn’t store any of your personal information. They access your data only to determine positive well-being insights, but don’t actually hold your data on their servers.

So if you connect with your LinkedIn profile, all of your LinkedIn data will stay on the LinkedIn servers. The same goes for your banking. The main thing to remember is that everything you do is controlled and managed through the app on your smartphone, which is where your data will remain versus the Avibra server.

Who Can Use Avibra

Currently Avibra only offers insurance coverage opportunities for anyone within the age group of 18-38. Avibra is eligible for U.S. citizens and non-citizens with a green card, working visa or student visa.

You are not required to pay a monthly fee in order to claim coverage with Avibra, but there is a cap on how much coverage you can earn, though the exact amount is still being discussed behind the scenes.

Since the plan is free and the app fairly new, I highly encourage you to provide any and all feedback when you can. This will help them improve the app and the functions that users may be looking for. You can contact with any feedback that you have.

Your Life Insurance Policy Documents

Within the Avibra app, you’ll be able to access your policy documents and share them with your beneficiary so they are aware of your benefits.

While you didn’t need to provide a beneficiary when you signed up with the app, you can add one or change this information directly within the app at any time.

Once you have updated your beneficiary information, you’ll be asked to generate a policy document and email that to your beneficiary to have on file. Since Avibra does not store your personal information on their server, this document is the only verification document that proves who your beneficiary is.

Your Life Insurance Coverage With Avibra

Avibra is offering you term life insurance, which means there is an end date to your coverage. Your insurance terminates on the earliest of the following dates:

  • Your death
  • Your 39th birthday
  • If you haven’t utilized the Avibra app within 30 days
  • You have requested to terminate coverage

Beneficiaries will need to submit an email to initiate a claims process. Avibra will connect the beneficiary with the insurance carrier to start the steps to successfully process a claim.

Let your beneficiaries know that there is a 60 day waiting period before eligible benefits will be paid.

Maximizing Your Earning Potential With Avibra


When you share your personal link and invite friends and family to join Avibra, you and the individual joining will earn $5,000 in coverage.

Connect To Your Wearables, Bank, and LinkedIn

In order for Arya to offer you insights to your spending habits, work habits, and exercise habits, you’ll need to connect to your wearable devices, like your Fitbit, your LinkedIn and your bank account.

By doing so, Arya can track your well-being habits better and you’ll be able to earn more coverage.  You don’t have to focus on all three, simply tracking your exercise and health can go a long way toward increasing your coverage.

Pros and Cons of Avibra


  • 100% FREE to sign-up for
  • FREE coverage: no monthly fee required
  • No need to share a lot of personal data
  • Earn coverage daily just from simple tasks like exercising, watching a well-being video, or taking a well-being quiz
  • Great starting point to building life insurance coverage
  • Multiple ways to increase your coverage daily
  • Offers a referral program that will increase your coverage when a friend or family member sign up with the app
  • Available for IOS and Android users


  • Only available for the age group 18-38
  • No option to actually buy a life insurance policy
  • Not available outside the U.S.
  • Fairly new app, so information is still being gathered
  • No clear indication what the cap is on coverage accrued

Is Avibra Worth The Download?

Considering you do not have to pay anything in order to obtain life insurance coverage using the Avibra app, I would say it’s definitely worth the download. Or at least I think it’s worth checking out, as there is no harm in trying it since it’s not costing you anything.

From what I can tell by using the app, there really are no gimmicks involved. I’ve not been asked to give any information other than what I provided at the initial sign up and from there it is my choice if I decide to connect with my bank account, LinkedIn profile or health apps.

I also think Avibra is worth the download because in less than half an hour of downloading and using the app, I had accrued $1,500 in coverage.

That was only from downloading the app, taking two quizzes (which I bombed), mediating and watching a one minute video. All of these were such easy tasks!

Life insurance is generally a lot more complicated to sign up for and you generally need to provide a lot of background information to determine the type of coverage you receive.

I do believe you will want to invest in premium life insurance at some point simply because you can get more coverage for your family.

But, as a starting place, Avibra is a great app to use to kick off your dabbling with life insurance coverage. At no cost to you and no need to provide a full background or medical history, I see only positives with the Avibra app.

Plus, I like that Avibra has a holistic approach to life insurance coverage and encourages you to make positive well-being choices in all aspects of your life, from your finances to your health, relationships and even your community (yes, you can get more coverage by simply volunteering locally!).

What’s On the Horizon for Avibra

At this time, the age group for using Avibra is limited, but they are working to expand the age group in the future.

They also plan on developing an Avibra Premium Membership Plan which will function as a monthly subscription. Since there will be a fee, your insurance coverage will be a lot higher than the basic plan that’s currently offered.

Final Thoughts

Avibra is a very new app on the market, so I can understand some having a little trepidation with using the app. But again I want to point out that they do not store any of your data nor do they ask for a lot of personal information in order for you to use the app.

As someone with a family, I think life insurance is pretty important, especially when it comes to having some peace of mind that my loved ones will be taken care of if something happens to me.

If you’re interested in the same peace of mind without shelling out a monthly premium just yet, then check out the Avibra app and see how it works for you.

At any point you are allowed to cancel your coverage or, when Avibra makes their planned updates, you can switch to a premium plan that offers you more life insurance coverage for your needs.

Either way, this app has a lot of potential to help out a younger population right now that may not realize they should be thinking about life insurance.

If you are interested in life insurance, would you try out the Avibra app? If you try it, let me know in the comments below. You can even use this referral link to earn $5,000 in coverage when you sign up.

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