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55 Fun Jobs That Pay Well

fun jobs that pay well
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When we graduate from school, we all hope to work at dream job, in our dream city and make the money of our dreams. While for some this may happen, for many others it does not and we take the first job thrown our way because the bills need to be paid.

Or maybe you graduated without a dream job in mind and have no idea what you want to do. That’s okay, because there are several jobs out there that are right for you. And not every job has to be the typical, boring 9-5 (though fun jobs can fall under those hours too).

You can have a fun job that you enjoy working at day-to-day. A fun job is essentially your way of making a living by doing one or more of your favorite activities.

What a fun job means can vary from person to person. Based on that theory, every job on this list may not appeal to you. When going through this list, consider your biggest interests and see what grabs your attention.

I’ve also noted those jobs that require a lot of education, i.e. a postgraduate degree or doctoral degree may be required. For many of the jobs, education preference will be dependent on the individual employer.

Below I’ve listed, in alphabetical order, 55 fun jobs that pay well. If you’re looking for that perfect job to start pursuing today, this list should have something that appeals to you. Please note that the average salary listed for each will vary by location.

Table of Contents

1. Advertising Sales Agent

Average Salary: $25K-$59K Annually

Fun Factor: Potential to meet new clients and people, handle and demonstrate new products, and you don’t have to constantly be glued to your desk.

As an advertising sales representative, you are the person to research and locate potential customers to offer your company’s advertising services to. A go-getter attitude is essential for success in this position.

The position has room for growth and you could eventually work up to a marketing coordinator or director position with enough diligence and hard work.

2. Aircraft Mechanic (Aircraft Maintenance Technicians)

Average Salary: $28K – $63K Annually

Fun Factor: Performing routine maintenance on airplanes and helicopters, what’s not to love!

This job requires specific training and an eye for detail. To become an FAA certified aircraft mechanic you’ll need to pass a written exam and to get into this position full time can take 1-5 years.

3. Animal Groomer

Average Salary: $21K – $56K Annually

Fun Factor: Grooming cute, furry animals all day.

Professional animal groomers can choose to work at a salon, veterinarian office, or own a private business. While most of the animals brought in for grooming are dogs, you’ll get the occasional cat or exotic animal.

Most animal groomers can expect to work on 5 or more pets a day, at an average rate of $22/hr to start. As with most jobs, pay will vary based on your level of skill and expertise.

Formal training isn’t required for this position, but experience is a must and pet grooming courses would be a great place to start if this type of job interests you.

4. Animator

Average Salary: $38K – $87K Annually

Fun Factor: You would be that awesome person bringing images to life on the big or little screen.

Animators aren’t just essential for movies and tv shows, their work is apparent in commercials, music videos, video games, and on websites. The more experience you have, the better you will be paid and the more access you will have to bigger projects.

5. Antiques Appraiser

Average Salary: $80 – $300 Hourly (based on experience and location)

Fun Factor: If sifting through old and unique items and then putting a price on them sounds like your jam, look no further!

You’ll mainly find appraisers in auction houses or estate sales and they thrive in big cities, though most appraisers pursue the position part-time as it’s hard to gain the experience to work up to full-time.

While you won’t need a degree, most appraisers do belong to an appraisal society. If you’re ready to pursue this career, try reaching out to someone already working as an appraiser and ask to be mentored.

6. Architect

Average Salary: $47K – $75K Annually

Fun Factor: Designing houses, commercial real estate and other large scale buildings

In order to be successful in architecture, you’ll need an extensive educational background as the field requires both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. You’ll also need to get certified by passing several tests in order to officially call yourself an architect.

If the schooling hasn’t scared you off, this is a rewarding career that lets you exercise your design skills and creativity.

7. Art Director

Average Salary: $51K – $103K Annually

Fun Factor: Total control over the visual aspects of an advertising or media campaign and directing others to make that vision come to life.

It is the art directors job to oversee the work of other designers and artists. Working as an art director can be applied to a lot of different companies, from television to film to newspapers or even at museums. If you have the creative eye, than this job could be the career of your dreams.

8. Assistant Winemaker

Average Salary: $34K – $89K Annually

Fun Factor: Tasting wine during all stages of production up to bottling.

If you’ve got a taste for wine and stellar attention to detail, then working as an assistant winemaker can be a really fun job that pays very well depending on the state you work in and the winery. While a degree isn’t required, most wineries will look for someone with a background in Chemistry or Enology.

9. Astronomer

Average Salary: $53-$103K Annually

Fun Factor: Studying the stars and possibly discovering new information about our galaxy.

Astronomers can pop up anywhere, from working in an observatory to a museum. In this position you’ll study planets, stars and everything in between, in a quest to discover more about our solar system and beyond. While a Master’s degree will get you a chance at this job, a Doctoral degree will open more doors.

10. Au Pair

Average Salary: $19K – $53K Annually

Fun Factor: If you love kids, than you’ll enjoy being around them full time and have the potential to work in other countries.

An Au Pair is essentially a nanny, usually from a foreign country, but that’s not necessarily a deal breaker when taking on this position. In addition to receiving a salary, many Au Pairs live with a family and are provided room, board and meals.

If you acquire the experience, this is a great job that would allow you to travel and help families for many years and not have to worry about rent and utilities in the process. A perfect job for anyone looking to save money for a while, though your work days are likely to be long ones.

11. Beachbody Coach

Average Salary: depends on 25% commission off orders made through website, weekly team bonuses, and quarterly bonuses. Average active coach can make about $400 a week.

Fun Factor: Earn an income all while staying active and helping others achieve their fitness goals.

If fitness interests you, along with a flexible schedule, then pursuing a career as a Beachbody Coach could be a great job for you. It is the kind of career you can pursue full-time or part-time.

A degree isn’t required, just an interest in fitness and a drive to market yourself in order to grow your business and gain clients. In order to really succeed in this career, you’ll need to put in the time and the effort, as Beachbody doesn’t guarantee you’ll make a certain amount by becoming a coach.

12. Blimp Pilot

Average Salary: $25K – $70K Annually

Fun Factor: You get to pilot a blimp!

In order to become a blimp pilot, you’ll need to get licensed as a pilot and then get a certificate with an airship rating. It isn’t a glamorous job as you don’t get to fly fast since blimps are used for advertising on behalf of companies, but if you enjoy being up in the air, then go for it!

13. Brewmaster

Average Salary: $30K – $50K Annually

Fun Factor: Making, testing, and tasting beer.

Working for a bigger company will allow you to get paid more than a smaller craft brewery, but either way you’ll have fun making beer. Plus you don’t need a degree to get into this, just experience and knowledge of all things beer related.

Making beer has become really popular in the last few years so it will be hard to find your niche, but if you’ve got a taste for beer and some creative ideas about the beer making process, then look no further. Besides, who wouldn’t love a job title like Brewmaster.

14. Buyer

Average Salary: $30K – $68K Annually

Fun Factor: Basically you get to decide what’s in and what’s not and companies will rely on your creative genius.

Also known as a purchasing manager or purchasing agent, a buyer is the person that determines what gets sold on the store shelves and online. A specific degree isn’t necessarily required, but most companies will look for someone with a Bachelor’s degree, even if the field isn’t related to merchandise.

15. Caterer

Average Salary: $26K – $40K Annually

Fun Factor: Working events in interesting locations and sampling delicious food and beverages.

Caterers are used to prepare, set-up, and present food at events, from weddings to large corporate parties. It’s a great job to meet new people, visit buildings or venues you otherwise wouldn’t have access to and to sample all kinds of exotic and delicious foods. All that leftover food has to go home with someone.

16. Chef

Average Salary: $25K – $78K Annually

Fun Factor: You’re in charge of creating those yummy dishes at restaurants that make people drool in anticipation.

To succeed at this job is all about gaining experience. Start shadowing other chefs to learn the ropes of the kitchen or test out recipes by cooking for your friends. A degree isn’t needed, but attending a culinary trade school can’t hurt.

17. Chocolatier

Average Salary: $21K – $68K Annually

Fun Factor: You get to make delicious treats out of chocolate and eat way too many samples. Healthy no, but definitely fun for your taste buds.

There’s nothing not to love about this job, unless you don’t like chocolate. You get to come up with creative ways to present and mold chocolate for the enjoyment of others. If you really make it to the top as a world renowned Chocolatier, you could even make as much as $100K a year.

18. Concierge

Average Salary: $26K – $66K Annually

Fun Factor: You are the person to talk to for anything interesting to do and know in your city.

Most well paid concierge work in high profile hotels. To do well in this position you’ll need to know your city, from knowing the best Italian restaurant to places to catch live music.

You only need a high school diploma to get this job and along with your paycheck, you can expect to get paid a few tips while on the clock as well. To earn more money you’ll want to work up to a manager or supervisory position. It’s the perfect job for a people person.

19. Conservationist

Average Salary: $43K – $64K Annually

Fun Factor: You get to be a modern day Captain Planet, sans all those cool rings to bring you to life.

Most conservationists care about the planet in some way and it is their goal to protect things, places, ecosystems and biological life. If you are one that cares about the future of the planet and want to make real changes and improvements, than a conservationist position might be just for you. You will need a bachelor’s degree for an entry level position.

20. CPA (Certified Public Accountant)

Average Salary: $47K – $87K Annually

Fun Factor: The more money you make your clients, the more money you make.

A CPA allows accountants to operate at the highest level and is a prestigious license to have. You’ll need to research the requirements needed to get licensed as a CPA in your specific state, but if you’re someone that likes to crunch numbers and handle money (especially someone else’s money) than a CPA a job for you.

21. Cruciverbalist

Average Salary: $70K Annually

Fun Factor: You are the one creating those brow furrowing crossword puzzles for the New Yorker or other publications.

Possibly the coolest sounding job ever! If you are a writer and critical thinker, than working as a cruciverbalist is perfect for you. A degree isn’t required, but you’ll need to be good with words and work in a timely matter. Those crossword puzzles are the work of true professionals.

22. Cruise Director

Average Salary: $50K – $80K Annually

Fun Factor: You get to travel to fun and exotic locations.

The Cruise Director is the person that plans all the ships activities and entertainment. It’s a big job to have, as besides the exotic destinations and food, the entertainment is essentially keeping everyone happy during the travel time between places. If you like planning events and don’t get sea sick, definitely check this one out.

23. Dance Instructor

Average Salary: $26K – $61K Annually

Fun Factor: Teaching others your Swayze-esque skills.

A dance instructor can work privately, offering one-on-one lessons, or you can work for a company and teach a group. Whatever the case, if you’ve got the moves (or at least are formally trained in dance) and want to share your craft with others, go for it.

24. Disney Imagineer

Average Salary: $50K + Annually

Fun Factor: You are the brain behind the theme parks, cruise ships, resorts and other attractions around the world.

This is such a great job title and job to have. You are the mastermind behind the creation and development of all the amazing rides and activities seen at Disney theme parks around the world. If you’re not sure where to get started, they actually have a competition called Imaginations that could open doors if won.

25. Editor

Average Salary: $35K – $65K Annually

Fun Factor: Finally, a job on here that lets you dust off the English degree.

If words and writing are your forte, than editing is a great job. You’ll be the one in charge of planning, reviewing and revising content for publication. Editors are needed for websites, magazine, newspapers and any company that produce written material.

26. Entertainment Reporter

Average Salary: $30K – $60K Annually

Fun Factor: You’ll be allowed to stalk your various favorite celebrities and get paid for it.

Whether you want to report on musicians, athletes or even politicians, you’ll find yourself doing the work you love following some of your favorite (or not so favorite) people.

27. Ethical Hacker

Average Salary: $99K Annually

Fun Factor: Get paid to use your hacker skills without worry of the FBI beating down your door.

Yes, hard to believe there is such a thing as an ethical hacker, but it’s true. Ethical hackers get paid by companies to test out the strength of their security. For once a hacker is one of the good guys. You’ll need a certification to land this job.

28. Event Coordinator/Planner

Average Salary: $53K – $73K

Fun Factor: You’re in charge of everything, from food to decorations. Sounds stressful but many enjoy it.

A degree in hospitality, communications or public relations are great backgrounds for this job. As an event planner you can work for a company or go solo, plan weddings or just corporate retreats. It’s all up to you and how much you want to grow as an individual and business.

29. Fashion Designer

Average Salary: $32K – $74K Annually

Fun Factor: You’ll get to create new clothes and accessories for the public.

If you’ve spent years watching Project Runway and dreaming of a career as a Fashion Designer, you’ll know that breaking into the world of fashion can be tough. You’ll need to have an eye for style, an ability to sew, and possibly a degree in design or some kind of fashion specific certification.

30. Film Critic

Average Salary: $24K – $82K Annually

Fun Factor: Get paid to watch and evaluate movies.

Getting paid to watch movies and critique them for online publications and magazines is a great job for someone who either has a background in film or journalism. It’s not as simple as saying you loved a movie or hated, but really breaking down the qualities of a movie from the acting to the cinematography.

This article from the New Yorker is a great read for anyone interested in pursuing this type of career.

31. Film Editor

Average Salary: $26K – $67K Annually

Fun Factor: You make movies, TV shows, music videos, and animations look good.

While camera operators have the task of capturing content for the big or little screen, it is up to the film editor to mold that content into a cohesive piece of work that is appealing to an audience. A degree in film production or broadcasting may be required.

32. Food Stylist

Average Salary: $450 -$850 Daily

Fun Factor: You make chicken look good.

In this position, you are in charge of making food look pretty for photographers. That could mean painting Vaseline on chicken to make it look more appetizing. Most food stylists are skilled cooks or have some kind of culinary degree.

33. Food Taster

Average Salary: $30K – $65K Annually

Fun Factor: Enjoy free meals at new and exotic restaurants or companies.

If you have an iron stomach and love trying new foods, you could get paid to be a food taster. This kind of job can vary. You can pursue it full-time and work specifically for a company or you can provide your taste buds for specific survey-esque tastings where you get paid a flat fee.

34. Futurist

Average Salary: $33K – $111K Annually

Fun Factor: Get paid to help companies map out their future.

As a futurist, you’ll wear many hats. You’ll be a scientist, a market researcher, and a visionary.

Companies will look to you to crunch their data and predict favorable outcomes that will net profits. You can pretty much have a degree in anything to work as a futurists, though a degree in Futures Study can help.

35. Graphic Designer

Average Salary: $38K – $61K Annually

Fun Factor: You get to be the one to create interesting visual content for companies for publication or commercial use.

You’ll need a degree in design or a certificate as a graphic designer and have a background using several different types of design software. The best thing about this job is that you can work for a company or you can pursue freelance work and set your own pay rate and hours.

36. Hair Stylist

Average Salary: $25K – $45K Annually

Fun Factor: You’ll get to create various cuts and styles for a diverse group of clients.

Not everyone wants to cut hair, but some do really love the design aspect that goes with working as a hairstylist. It’s especially fun when you get a client who’s game for anything. You will need a license to work in a salon.

37. Interior Designer

Average Salary: $32K – $52K Annually

Fun Factor: You are the eye behind those perfect store displays or hotel lobbies.

Interior designers can look at a space and determine ways to make that space more beautiful. This not only comes down to the materials in the space, but the layout of the space and even the lighting are important. A degree is required, usually one with a focus in interior design.

38. Luxury Car Test Driver

Average Salary: $24K – $45K Annually

Fun Factor: You get to take exotic cars for  a spin!

Companies like BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Porsche and Ferrari use test drivers to give new cars a ride before they become available to the public. In order to get this job full time you’ll want to go directly to the car manufacturer.

Also drivers will need to have a background in automobile mechanics and engineering, as you’ll be reporting on several details of the car and not just how smooth of a ride it is.

39. Marine Biologist

Average Salary: $35K – $80K Annually

Fun Factor: Spending your days exploring the wonders of the ocean.

As a Marine Biologist you’ll study marine organisms in their natural habitat. A Bachelor’s and possibly a Master’s degree are needed in order to get an entry level position. Degrees in Zoology, Biology, or Ecology will be best.

40. Mystery Shopper

Average Salary: $43K Annually (employed full-time)

Fun Factor: Flexible schedule and getting paid to shop.

If you like shopping, this is the job for you! Getting paid to shop would be a dream come true. Mystery shoppers are employed by companies to go into stores to see how their business is doing. This can be anything from engaging with a salesperson to scoping out how organized the dressing rooms are.

You don’t need a degree to work as a mystery shopper, but be careful for some of the scams that are out there.

41. Netflix Tagger

Average Salary: Around $40K + Annually (several hundred dollars a week)

Fun Factor: Get paid to watch shows and movies.

If you’re already spending your days watching Netflix, then you might as well get paid for your binge watching efforts. Netflix Taggers (i.e. editorial analysts) watch shows, movies and specials in order to tag them with metadata, so that suggestions can be provided to fellow Netflix watchers based on their preferences.

42. Orchestra Musician

Average Salary: $34K – $100K Annually (depends on the city and symphony)

Fun Factor: Play an instrument you love and get paid.

If you are skilled at playing an orchestra instrument, such as a violin, cello, tuba, trumpet, etc, than you can try getting a job with your city’s major symphony or with a state run orchestra. A degree isn’t required, but you will need to have real talent to make it through the auditions.

43. Park Ranger

Average Salary: Varies, click here for details

Fun Factor: You get to help protect our national and state parks and enjoy a lot of time outdoors and not glued to a desk.

As Park Ranger you’ll wear a lot of hats. You’ll be the one to enforce the law, educate the public and work with conservationists. You will need to decide if you’d like to work in a municipal, state, or national park. You’ll also need a degree in a related field, like Environmental Science or Biological Sciences.

44. Personal Shopper/Stylist

Average Salary: $35K + Annually

Fun Factor: You’ll get paid to use your fabulous sense of fashion.

Working as a personal shopper can mean a lot of different things, but mostly it involves fashion and dressing a specific client, though some shoppers also run errands. If you’ve always been that person to help a relative or friend decide what to wear to specific social events, then working as a personal shopper might be your calling. A degree isn’t needed, but having one in fashion or design will give you more opportunities.

45. Personal Trainer

Average Salary: $31K – $71K

Fun Factor: Get paid to not only stay in shape but help others get in shape too.

As a certified personal trainer you can choose to work as part of a gym or you can go solo. It’s a flexible job that can be pursued full or part time. If you work solo, you’ll get to set your own rates and hours. Growing a large client base can be slow at first, but once you are established you’ll have a study income doing something you love.

46. Photographer

Average Salary: $33K – $90K Annually

Fun Factor: You’ll get to work at fun events and set your own schedule.

Like a personal trainer, a photographer can work for a company or you can work solo. If you work solo, be sure to expand the type of work you do in order to keep the cash flowing. On the weekends you can work at weddings or parties, and during the week you can make money by taking head shots or stock photos.

Your options are limitless and you don’t need a degree, just quality skills and experience. If your interests lean toward photojournalism, than you will need a degree before you can proceed.

47. Private Investigator

Average Salary: 36K – $94K Annually

Fun Factor: You can be the Jessica Jones of your city or town.

Okay, you don’t need superpowers to work as a PI (though I’m sure they would help) and the job may not be super exciting all the time, but if you’re interested in criminology or solving cases on behalf of a client, then this job could be a great fit. As a PI you can choose to work for an agency, law enforcement or for yourself.

To work as a PI you don’t need a degree, but a background in criminal science can help. You will need to get licensed in order to practice as a PI.

48. Sommelier

Average Salary: $27K – $64K (more at top restaurants)

Fun Factor: Get paid as a wine connoisseur.

As a Sommelier, you’re the person with access to the wine cellar at restaurants. You’ll pour the wine for clients and talk about the tannins, the fruit forward taste and what the wine pairs well with. Getting into this field can be tricky, but along the way you’ll get to taste a lot of delicious wine.

If you have a wine education program in your city, it can definitely help open doors for you. Also, if wine isn’t your main interest, you could also check out work as a certified tea sommelier.

49. Stunt Person

Average Salary: $5K – $70K Annually (depends on the work you find)

Fun Factor: How cool would it be to be that person doing the stunts for Batman or Wonder Woman?

While some actors do stunts themselves, a lot of the time it’s a stunt person jumping off planes or delivering a perfect roundhouse kick. A stunt person is essentials to both movies and TV shows.

It can be a tough industry to break into at first, but if you’ve been running around your city doing hardcore parkour just for fun, then a job as a stunt person sounds perfect for you.

50. Toy Designer

Average Salary: $37K – $107K Annually

Fun Factor: Can’t complain about a job where you get to design toys for kids.

This is a highly competitive but fun career to have. While there isn’t such a thing as a Toy Design degree, a background in art, design and engineering will go a long way toward helping you become one of the masterminds behind building a toy from the ground up.

51. Translator

Average Salary: $29K – $87K Annually

Fun Factor: Speaking and meeting with people of different cultures and possibly traveling around the globe.

If you’re fluent in a couple of languages, or even just one, then working as a translator might be the ideal job. Translators are needed for politicians, embassies, federal agencies and more and are most often used to convert text from one language to another seamlessly, though a lot of the work also entails being an interpreter.

The market is competitive, but the more experience you have the better job opportunities you will find and better pay.

52. Video Game Designer

Average Salary: $44K – $109K Annually

Fun Factor: Finally get paid to spend all day staring at video games.

There are schools out there specifically teaching individuals how to design video games. This is the perfect job for anyone that loves gaming, because in addition to designing games, you’ll have to test out your product as well.

53. Web Designer

Average Salary: $35K – $70K Annually

Fun Factor: You’ll get to design the components of a website that is attention-grabbing and easy to navigate.

A great website can really make or break a company, especially in this day and age where the first thing we do when wanting to learn something is to Google it. The web sites that pop up all over the internet had to be designed by someone and that someone could be you.

Not only do you work at making web sites aesthetically pleasing, you have to make sure they are user friendly too. While a specific degree isn’t always required, some companies will seek someone with a background in design or technology information.

54. Yoga Instructor

Average Salary: $16K – $64K Annually (based on a beginner teaching level)

Fun Factor: Namaste your way to a study income.

You’ll need to be skilled in yoga in order to get certified as an instructor. Certification involves training and leading several classes before you can be qualified to call yourself a yoga instructor. It’s a position that can be pursued as a part-time or full-time career and a degree isn’t required.

55. Zoologist

Average Salary: $43K – $87K Annually

Fun Factor: You’ll get to study and work with several different animals, from the exotic to the domestic.

As a zoologist, you have the option to work outdoors, in a lab or an office. You could even work at your local zoo.  A bachelor’s degree is required for entry level positions. The more experience you gain, the great responsibility you’ll have at work. It’s a fun career that allows for study advancement.

Final Thoughts

This list just touched on 55 fun jobs out there that pay well, but I’m sure there are many more fun and exciting jobs that I haven’t mentioned. As I noted in the beginning, what makes a job fun will depend on the individual. For some that could be working as a Neurosurgeon, while for others that’s styling hair.

Whatever your interests are, this list can provide a few insights into opportunities that you may have been considering. If you already work in one of these fields, tell me about your experience in the comments below! Thanks for reading and I hope one of these fun careers works out for you.

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