Instant Rewards Review: Earn Free Cash Watching Videos Online

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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

This Instant Rewards review is going to show you how to earn extra money just by watching videos on your phone.

We’re going to walk you through how much you can make, if it’s a scam or legit and if it’s worth your time or not.

If you have an iPhone or iPad (sorry Android users), you automatically qualify to make money while watching videos.

We’re going to do a comparison of how much you can make with this app compared to other rewards programs out there.

Now let’s get into the full Instant Rewards review.

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What is Instant Rewards?

Instant rewards is a smartphone app that awards you points for completing offers, tasks or watching videos. These points can then be redeemed for cash or gift cards. Instant Rewards gets paid through affiliate marketing and advertisers. You are simply getting a portion of this money.

The offers usually consist of a free sign-up or posting a link to your Facebook. To verify that you’ve done this, simply take a screenshot of your post or sign-up and Instant Rewards will give you the necessary points within a few days.

Tasks are broken down into 4 categories:

  • Tasks 1
  • Tasks 2
  • Tasks 3
  • Surveys

Tasks 1 involves downloading an app and then opening it. Usually it doesn’t take much more than this, but sometimes you are required to do something within the app to receive your reward.

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Tasks 2 are usually higher points, but require much more than a simple download. Sometimes you have to sign-up for a free trial or fill out an insurance quote to receive cash. It really depends on the offer, so make sure to browse through all of them before deciding.

Tasks 3 is very similar to Tasks level 1. All you are required to do is download an app and open it to receive points.

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Surveys are always worth 15 points each and normally take no more than a minute. Often there is a bonus that’s included, such as being entered in a drawing to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Surveys are far and few between, but make sure to check back often.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Here’s what we’re most excited about: making money. The quickest way to earn points is by completing surveys and watching videos. Each points that you receive is worth $.01 cent.


Videos take only 15-30 seconds to watch along with clicking a few buttons stating that you’re not interested in an advertised product. No matter the length of the video, you are rewarded $.01 cent per video. If we calculate this out mathematically, you’re looking at making $2.00 per hour.

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This may look like a low number. However, with Perk TV, you’re looking at $1 per day for each phone and with App Trailers it’s approximately $1 every 10 hours. One could argue that Perk TV is much better since you can have more phones and let it run as “passive” income, but when looking at points per video Instant Rewards takes the cake.

The only problem is that you must keep clicking to go to the next video and that the videos are limited. I usually find that I can only watch roughly 25 videos every few hours before I’m granted with new ones.

This is by far the best way to earn money while you’re waiting or have nothing to do at a boring desk job. It doesn’t take much time to get through all videos and you can make some extra money with time where you wouldn’t be doing anything anyways.

If you were to maximize the amount of money you could earn per day, it would turn out to be roughly $2.00 per day on watching 1 hour of videos. As Instant Rewards grows in popularity and gets connected with more advertisers, we may have the chance to watch more videos per day and thus earning more cash.


I have never taken a survey that has taken more than 30 seconds. Each time I’m granted 15 cents. This is 15 times what I would make watching a single video in the same amount of time.

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Surveys are also limited, with usually only two available per day. Make sure to check back often before they get taken away. Upon completing a survey you are also included in an automatic drawing which sometimes includes some extra points or a free gift card. Not a bad deal for only wasting a few seconds of your time.

Given the fact that these surveys take such short of time, we’ve calculated that you are earning an active income of $18 dollars an hour! This is incredible for answering a few simple questions. The beauty of these surveys is that you don’t have to go to an external page to take it. All can be done within the app.

If you feel like your time is being wasted, I at least encourage you to complete surveys. Completing tasks isn’t a bad way to earn money, but if you don’t like your phone being constantly bombarded from new apps or taking a long time to fill out offers, try to avoid this section. We’re out to earn the greatest amount of money in the quickest time possible.

There is a minimum payout of $7.50 (750 points) which can be deposited directly to your PayPal account at no cost.

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Are there other ways to earn money?

Instant Rewards has a great affiliate program. When you refer a friend you receive 10% of all their earnings. A great incentive to your friend is that when they use your bonus code they’ll automatically receive $1.00.

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From personal experience, most people who sign-up using my code don’t stick with the app long enough to earn a lot of money from referrals. However, every little bit counts, and if you’re frugal like me, this can be really helpful.

If you’d like to support Frugal For Less, download Instant Rewards Here and use my bonus code:WSyWRDGaJlDQN. We would greatly appreciate it.


For those of you who have a lot of time sitting at your desk or waiting at the doctor’s office, Instant Rewards can be a great way to pass the time while making a bit of extra cash. In terms of earnings per video, Instant Rewards beats more popular apps such as Perk TV and App Trailers by a landslide.

The best and quickest way to earn money is through surveys, earning an equivalent of up to $18.00 per hour for your time.

If you have anything else you’d like to add to this Instant Rewards review, let us know in the comments below!

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