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10 Free Apps That Pay You To Watch Videos From Your Smartphone (Updated 2020)

10 Free Apps That Pay You To Watch Videos From Your Smartphone (Updated 2020)
Jason Wuerch Jan 8, 2018
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

apps that pay you to watch videos

Money making apps can be a great way to earn some extra cash.

Apps that pay you to watch videos are the best type of money making apps since little work is involved other than watching a short clip.

For that reason, I’ve put together a list of 10+ free apps that pay you to watch videos from your smartphone.

I often find that these apps are great for when I have a few minutes to spare while waiting for someone or am just lounging around.

The best part about these apps?

Aside from the fact that they’re completely FREE, most of them come with a sign-up bonus just for registering as a new user.

Are These Apps Passive?

I receive a lot of questions via email asking me if they can simply install these mobile apps and let them run.

In this sense, you’re essentially earning a passive income since no work is required on your end.

Unfortunately, the majority of these apps are not this way.

Most of them require you to hit a “next” button in order to continue watching the next video.

If there’s an app on this list that plays each succeeding video automatically, we’ll be sure to mention it in the description.

Want to skip the reviews and get straight to the apps? Here are some of my favorite apps that pay you to watch videos:

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of my favorite mobile apps out there due to its versatility.

Not only can you earn money watching videos, but Swagbucks allows you to earn cash taking surveys, playing games, shopping online, filling out free-trial offers and more.

It’s one of the most popular rewards sites on the web.

We put Swagbucks at the number one spot due to the fact that you can earn a passive income with this app.

In fact, we even did a write-up explaining how you can easily earn an extra $30/month in passive income letting the swagbucks run automatically.

Each time you complete a task with the Swagbucks app, you’ll earn a certain amount of points.

These points can be exchanged either for cash prizes, direct deposits to PayPal or a gift card of your choosing.

Swagbucks also comes with a great referral program.

For each friend that signs-up using your link, you earn 10% of all of their earnings for life.

Swagbucks does offer a registration bonus, but we’ve found this amount to vary anywhere between $.50 cents and $5.

2. FusionCash

FusionCash offers a great incentive right off of the bat by giving you a $5 sign-up bonus.

There’s a minimum of $25 needed in your account in order to cash out, but it shouldn’t take long to reach this amount.

Aside from watching videos, FusionCash also pays you to take surveys, refer friends, listen to music, clicking ads and more.

New users have an abundant amount of offers, and it’s not difficult to earn $25 within your first 30 minutes.

However, don’t expect to make this amount consistently.

FusionCash also has an excellent referral program.

Get a $1 bonus when your referral confirms their email, $2 when they complete a Pay-To-Sign-Up offer, and an additional $5 dollars each time they cash out.

Definitely the best referral program on this list.

3. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another rewards site that pays you for completing tasks aside from watching videos.

This includes, reading emails, taking surveys, filling out free-trial offers and more.

If you’re looking to earn the most amount of cash, I suggest doing a combination of reading emails and watching videos.

Both of these options are incredibly simple, which is why it’s my favorite on this list.

This is not a passive way of making money, as you’ll have to click a button in order to play the next video.

The great thing about InboxDollars is that they give you a $5 sign-up bonus.

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4. MyPoints

MyPoints is primarily known as a cash back shopping portal.

They’ve partnered with hundreds of online retailers across the web and placed all of their affiliate links onto their page.

Each time you click a link and shop at a retailer of your choice, they earn a commission

Instead of keeping this cash to themselves, they give it back to you in the form of cash back.

Expect to earn anywhere from 1% – 10% in cash back each time you shop.

As well as earning cash for shopping online, MyPoints also gives you a chance to watch videos for cash.

You even get a $10 bonus when you earn your first $20.

5. EarningStation

EarningStation and Swagbucks are very similar in nature.

Get paid to watch videos, take surveys, play games, shop online or sign-up for free-trail offers.

You even get a $10 registration bonus when you sign-up for 5 of their partner sites.

EarningStation probably has the best referral program on this list.

For each friend you refer, you get 10% of all of their earnings for life.

Not only that, but you also get a $5 bonus when your friends earn their first $5 provided it’s within their first month.

6. Global Test Market

GlobalTestMarket is a little bit different than the other apps on this list since it’s primarily known as a survey site. However, you can still earn cash watching videos. Earn money watching movie trailers and giving your opinions about them.

GlobalTestMarket is the only app on this list that works no matter what country you live in. The payout isn’t as high as the other sites on this list, but it’s definitely a great one to add to the list. In 2014 alone they awarded over 32 million USD worldwide.

7. Perk TV

Out of all of the apps that we’ve mentioned on this list so far, Perk TV is the only one that focuses primarily on watching videos to earn cash. The best part? It’s also a passive income earner. This means you don’t have to click a “next” button in order to play the following video.

Perk TV specifically states that you can run multiple devices up to a maximum of 5. The more phones you run, the more you can earn. However, there’s a limit to only 1 account per household.

Back in the day, you were able to earn over $100/month just watching videos with Perk TV! However, they’ve since cut down their earnings. Now you can realistically earn about $40 – $50 per month, which is still a great deal. For those interested in more rewards apps by Perk, check out this list of 10 Perk Apps That Pay.

8. CashCrate

CashCrate has been around for a while now and they’re only growing stronger in terms of reputation. Get paid to watch videos, shop online, take surveys, refer your friends and more. In short, it’s another short task site.

From watching videos alone I’ve found that I can earn an extra $20 – $30 per month. If you’re looking at increasing your income even further, feel free to participate in the other tasks as well. Their surveys also tend to have a decent payout rate.

Each time you complete a task you earn a certain amount of points. These points can be exchanged for gift cards of your choosing.

9. Points2Shop

Points2Shop is primarily known as a short task site. Get paid to watch videos, fill out surveys, download apps and complete free-trail offers. You’re basically getting paid to do things that you already do online.

While it’s not as high-paying as the other apps on this list, it’s definitely a great one for watching videos. I can expect to easily earn an extra $20 – $30 per month watching videos. When you sign-up you automatically get a 250 point registration bonus.

10. National Consumer Panel

National Consumer Panel (previous known as Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel) is a company that collects data on consumer habits. This primary method of making money with this panel is by scanning products that you purchase, but they also provide video surveys.

Most people choose to use their Apple or Android device to get started, but they will also send you a manual barcode scanner if needed. After you sign-up for a short time, they will eventually give you quite a few video surveys that you can use to make money.

11. GrabPoints

Similar to Swagbucks, GrabPoints is also a free mobile app that pays you to complete certain tasks from your phone. Earn cash taking surveys, referring friends, downloading apps, watching videos and more. The best part? There’s an unlimited amount of videos you can watch.

Unfortunately, watching videos with this app is not passive due to the fact that you’ll need to close an ad after each video plays. Expect to earn about 1 – 10 points per video.

If you’re looking to earn even more with the GrabPoints app, we suggest looking into their downloading apps section. While it does take a little bit more work than simply watching videos, the payout is a lot higher.

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12. App Trailers

App Trailers – like Perk TV – also primarily focuses on watching videos. You get a 50 point bonus for registering as a new user.

The great thing about App Trailers is that you’ll always know how many points you earn. No matter what video you watch and no matter the length, you’re always going to earn 5 points.

From what I’ve seen, most videos only take around 30 – 60 seconds to complete, which is pretty short compared to the other apps on this list. Unfortunately, you can only run one device per account and one account per household.

13. Viggle

Viggle is quite unique compared to the other apps on this list. Instead of getting paid to watch videos directly from your phone, Viggle listens in to what you watch on TV.

When you open the app, there will be a list of TV shows that you can choose from. Select the one that you’re most interested in and tune into it on your television. Viggle will listen using your phone’s microphone and will give you more cash the longer you watch it.

Sometimes you’ll also have the option of watching ads for additional points. You can claim your points for gift cards as well as merchandise.

14. Checkpoints

Checkpoints is a mobile app that pays you to check-in daily, watch videos and scan barcodes from your local retailer. For those who are interested in earning the most amount of money with this app, you’re going to want to watch videos.

I can easily expect to earn an extra $10 per month just by spending a short amount of time on the app each day. I would be able to earn more if there wasn’t a restriction on the amount of videos you can watch per day.

Each time you watch a video you’re rewarded with a certain amount of points that can be exchanged for a gift card of your choosing.

15. Instant Rewards

The best thing about Instant Rewards is that most of the videos you watch are incredibly short. This is not a passive app as you have to hit a button to go the next button.

The downside? There’s a limit to the amount of videos you can watch each day. I personally am able to bring in an extra $10 – $15 per month spending a short amount of time on this app. You can also earn cash taking surveys and downloading other apps.

16. CashPirate

CashPirate is a great app for those who are interested in making money downloading other apps. Yet they also have a great payout rate when it comes to watching videos. You even get a 500 point registration bonus as a new user.

Assuming you participate in both downloading apps and watching videos, you can easily expect to make $3 – $4 within your first 15 minutes of download.

CashPirate also comes with an excellent referral program. For each friend that you refer that signs-up using your referral link, you earn a 5% bonus of all of their earnings for life.

By spending a short amount of time with this app, expect to increase your income by around $20 – $30 per month.

17. QuickRewards

QuickRewards is both a mobile app and a website that promises you at least $1 per survey that you take. In addition to this, they also provide you with the option of watching videos for additional cash.

The great thing about QuickRewards is that there’s no registration required. That means that all you have to do is go to their site, enter in your PayPal email and get paid once you finish. It’s literally one of the quicker ways to get paid.

Websites That Pay You To Watch Videos

So far we’ve only mentioned apps that pay you to watch videos from your smartphone. Yet I’d be leaving out a ton of options if I didn’t mention websites that pay you to watch videos as wells. While they don’t have an actual app that you can install, you can always use the website directly from your phone.

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18. GiftHulk

GiftHulk is another short task site that pays you to watch videos, complete surveys, sign-up for free-trial offers and more. Although their payout rate isn’t as high as Swagbucks or Creations Rewards, I still find it worth it to watch videos due to their decent payout rate.

Each time you complete a task you earn a certain amount of points. These points can be exchanged for a gift card of your choosing. GiftHulk has a great referral program giving you a 10% bonus of all your friends’ earnings.

19. InstaGC

Due to the various tasks that you can complete on InstaGC, I was earning around $10 per day with this site. Earn cash watching videos, signing-up for free-trial offers, shopping online and more.

While the videos don’t pay as much as the other tasks you can complete, we still find it worth it since they’re short and easy to watch. It’s definitely worth looking into the other tasks as well.

20. Paid2YouTube

I don’t have much experience with Paid2YouTube, but it’s a great way to earn some extra cash for doing something you do already on a daily basis. Earn extra money watching videos on YouTube.

The payout rate from the site is quite low at $.005 cents per video, but they are extremely reputable and have been around for quite a while. Want to earn even more cash? Leave comments, like videos and leave ratings.

21. NADA Mobile

NADA Mobile was originally created to give a way for people who couldn’t afford a phone plan a way to earn phone credits for free. Simply watch a few videos and earn free phone time.

Now they’ve expanded to give you more than just phone credit. The points you earn from watching videos can now be used to cash out for gift cards of your choosing.

22. Creations Rewards

I’ve only recently started using Creations Rewards, but I couldn’t be any happier with it. Their site is very similar to Swagbucks and EarningStation in which you get paid to participate in a wide range of activities.

You get a $5 bonus when you earn your first $5 in your first 5 days, and their referral program gives you 10% of all your friends’ earnings. Watching videos with Creations Rewards has a fairly decent payout rate when comparing to the other options on this list.

The great thing that I love about this site is that they only require a minimum of $5 to cash out. If you try the site for a short amount of time and decide you don’t like it, you can easily quit and still walk away with something.

Tips For Maximizing Your Income With Video Watching Apps

Here are a few tips that I suggest you follow when it comes to watching video apps.

Don’t Stick With Just One App

I make sure to at least install a few money making apps on my phone. Often times you’ll find that some apps have a limit on the amount of money you can earn in one day or a limit to the amount of videos you can watch. Diversify to maximize your earnings.

Get Multiple Phones

Since there’s so many different video watching apps on this list, it can be a bit difficult deciding which ones to run. In order to get over this barrier, we suggest running these apps at the same time.

Most of the apps on this list also come with a website that you can watch videos on. This means that you can also earn cash watching videos from your Desktop computer or laptop.

For those who are really into earning more cash, I suggest getting an extra phone or two. With a desktop version and a couple of mobile phones running, you can easily run 3 or more of these apps. If you’re looking for a cheap phone to run, try looking on Amazon Warehouse for buying refurbished phones. Any cheap smartphone will work.

Never Pay To Use an App

All of the apps on this list are 100% free. If you’re ever asked to put in payment information to participate in a rewards app or website, it’s most likely a scam.

Don’t Use a VPN

Depending on the app, they may suspend your account if you’re using a VPN. If you frequently use a VPN, either turn it off or contact the support team of the app and ask if the use of a VPN is permitted.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to make some extra cash, running video apps can be a great way to increase your side-income. I personally find that these apps are great for those with office jobs. You can run them under your desk or in your purse while working simultaneously.

If you’re having trouble deciding which of these apps to use, the main ones that we recommend are Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

With these two apps alone, you’ll be able to maximize your earnings with the shortest amount of time possible. InboxDollars also pays you to read emails, a ridiculously easy way to earn extra cash.

For those of you who liked this article, you may also enjoy the following:

If you have any experience using these apps, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below. Having troubles using the apps? Feel free to leave questions as well. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Jason Wuerch

My name is Jason Wuerch and I'm currently located in Madrid, Spain running a personal finance blog called Frugal For Less. My goal is to help everyone and anyone willing to make and save money through easy and simple ways that don't require much effort. Just because you're frugal doesn't mean you have to give up life's luxuries.

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I can’t believe you would recommend Swagbucks. My experience with them has been only scams and no replies to problems.

I tried inbox for a while and they have a minimum payout that is ridiculously high. When i got to $29.85 they canceled my account with the explanation that something weird happened and they would give no other info.

Can you give an update on which ones aren’t paying as much anymore. I think things have gotten slower this past year and I need to find which one besides swagbucks, I should look at.


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I recently came across an app called Watch2Earn. Am not sure if you’re familiar with it but when I tried to sign up using my google account, it said “The GCM id field is required.” Do you know what this means?

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