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Free Xbox Gift Cards: 12 Legit Ways To Get Them

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free xbox gift cardsXbox gift cards are essential for any gamer, but the cost of them adds up fast.

Fortunately, there are many ways to get free Xbox gift cards. Smartphone apps and websites pay users to complete surveys and other tasks. A lot of the apps and websites offer gift cards as a form of payment.

In this post, you’ll find 12 legitimate sources that offer free Xbox gift cards. You’ll see what you need to do to earn them, your gift card options, and more.

Check them out to see which ones are best for you. You can start getting free gift cards right away.

1. Swagbucks

How To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards – Swagbucks is an extremely popular app and website, and it’s easy to see why. Millions of members get paid to complete various tasks and offers. These are worth points called SB that are used to get rewards. Swagbucks offers tons of reward options including cash and gift cards. They launched in 2008 and have a solid reputation.

You can do lots of different quick and easy tasks to earn SB. Some examples are taking surveys, watching short videos, reading e-mails, referring new users, signing up for trial offers, and performing web searches. The amount of SB per task varies depending on how long it is and a few other factors. Each SB is worth about $0.01.

Swagbucks Free Xbox Gift Card Options – You can redeem SB for Xbox Live digital gift cards in increments of $15, $25, and $50. You can also get a three month Xbox Live Gold Membership for 2,500 SB or a 12 month membership for 5,000 SB.

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2. InboxDollars

How To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards – InboxDollars is a get paid to (GPT) app and website that’s a lot like Swagbucks. Since 2000, InboxDollars has paid over $50 million in cash and gift cards to users. It’s definitely one of the most popular survey and small task websites. Signing up and using the site is completely free, too.

Each survey and task is worth a set amount of money. For example, surveys may pay between $0.25 to $1.25. Paid tasks include opening e-mails, taking polls, referring new members, watching videos, signing up for trial offers, using the InboxDollars search engine, and so much more. You even get $5.00 just for signing up, and you get 10% of each referral’s earnings.

InboxDollars Free Xbox Gift Card Options – Once you’ve earned at least $30, you can request payment through the InboxDollars website or app. They offer Xbox Live gift cards if you’ve met the $30 minimum, and you can add some or all of your earnings to a gift card.

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3. Ipsos i-Say

How To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards – Ipsos i-Say started as a market research firm in 1975, and they continue their research via online surveys. The company’s website pays users to take surveys about their opinions on products, brands, and more. Surveys vary in length, and pay is based on length. Users receive e-mail invitations for surveys, and the average user gets eight invitations per month.

Each survey you take is worth a set amount of i-Say Points. The average survey is worth about 45 to 90 i-Say Points. Some are worth 100 to 200 points, but this isn’t common. You also earn bonus i-Say Points for consistently taking surveys. Five surveys earn you 25 i-Say Points, 10 surveys earn you 50 points, and so on. This loyalty bonus system goes up to 600 i-Say Points for completing 200 surveys.

Ipsos i-Say Free Xbox Gift Card Options – A $10 XBox Live digital gift card is available for 1,000 points. 100 points are equal to $1, so it shouldn’t take to long to earn 1,000 points.

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4. PointClub

How To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards – PointClub is a popular survey website with a solid reputation. Users complete surveys for market research, so they simply give honest answers and opinions. You know how many points a survey is worth before you take it. You’ll also see an estimate for how long it’ll take to complete it. This makes it easy to choose surveys that suit you.

PointClub surveys usually pay anywhere from 200 to 2,000 points. There are dozens of surveys available at any given time, so racking up points is easy. You’ll receive 6,000 points as a new user once you register and complete your first survey. PointClub also uses a 10-level bonus system that pays you when you log into the site for several consecutive days in a row. This system gives you anywhere from a 10% to 100% bonus per survey.

PointClub Free Xbox Gift Card Options – $25 Xbox Live digital gift cards are available for 25,000 points. $50 Xbox Live digital gift cards are available for 50,000 points. These may seem like high goals, but the bonus system just for logging in makes them easier to reach.

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5. PrizeRebel

How To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards – PrizeRebel is a survey website with a very positive history. Since 2007, the site has paid over $16 million in cash and gift cards. There are more than 8 million PrizeRebel users, but there are plenty of paid surveys for everyone. You can earn some extra points by watching videos and completing special offers.

Each PrizeRebel survey is worth a set amount of points. I logged into my account, and the featured surveys pay 61 to 266 points. These surveys range from 10 minutes to 106 minutes in length. The average length of current surveys is about 10 to 30 minutes. When you refer new users, you get 20% of their earnings.

PrizeRebel Free Xbox Gift Card Options – You can get a $10 Xbox Live gift card for 1,000 points, a $15 gift card for 1,500 points, and a $25 gift card for 2,500 points.

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6. CashPirate

How To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards – CashPirate is known for being a fun and unique smartphone app. Users primarily earn money by playing free smartphone games and downloading game apps. Taking surveys, watching videos, and other quick tasks are secondary money makers. CashPirate has a great reputation with a 4.5-star Google Play rating based on over 112,000 reviews.

Each game or task is worth points called Pirate Coins. For example, simply downloading a game app and starting it may be worth 50 Pirate Coins. Downloading game apps and interacting with them can be worth 300 Pirate Coins or more. You get 500 free Pirate Coins if you sign up using a referral code – ours is XZQBIU. For every person you refer, you’ll receive a percentage of their earnings.

CashPirate Free Xbox Gift Card Options – CashPirate does not publicly disclose their gift card options. However, many reviews say XBox gift cards are available. You need a minimum balance of 2,500 Pirate Coins to request payment. Depending on the gift card you choose, you may need more Pirate Coins.

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7. FeaturePoints

How To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards – FeaturePoints is a GPT app and website, but it’s a bit different than the others. The main way users earn money is by downloading apps and trying them out. You only need to use the app for two minutes to get paid. You can delete them when you’re done, and there’s no limit to how many apps you can download. FeaturePoints also pays users to complete surveys and cash back offers.

Each task you complete is worth a different amount of points. Users report earning anywhere from 20 points to over 150 for downloading games. Reviews also state that some surveys are worth around 200 points, but lengthier ones may pay 4,000 points or more. You also get 50% of the earnings from every person you refer to FeaturePoints.

FeaturePoints Free Xbox Gift Card Options – FeaturePoints offers a $10 Xbox gift card for 6,000 points.

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8. AppBounty

How To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards – AppBounty is another popular platform that pays users to download and try out free apps. Once you’ve tried them out, you’re free to uninstall them. AppBounty has paid out over $1 million in gift cards to AppBounty users. The app has a solid 4.2-star Google Play rating based on over 250,000 reviews.

Each app download is worth a certain amount of credits. The amount of credits often depends on how much you have to use the app. For example, you earn more credits for apps that require you to play a game and reach a certain level. User reviews say that each task pays anywhere from about 500 credits to 1,200 credits or more. You’ll also get 250 credits when new users sign up using your referral link.

AppBounty Free Xbox Gift Card Options – Users report that Xbox digital gift cards are available in $5 and $10 increments. $5 gift cards are available starting at 2,700 points and $10 gift cards starting at 5,000 points.

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9. appKarma

How To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards – appKarma is a very popular app that pays you to install and play with other apps. Users can also earn extra money by completing quizzes, meeting milestones, and referring new users. appKarma has an impressive 4.7-star Google Play rating based on over 300,000 reviews.

Users earn Karma Points when they download and use apps. The appKarma website displays a few examples ranging from 1,161 to 2,025 Karma Points. Users have also reported earning a few hundred Karma Points per download. You get 300 Karma Points just for downloading and signing up with appKarma. For every person you refer, you’ll get 30% of their earnings. Achievement badges for downloading several apps and other milestones let you earn more, too.

appKarma Free Xbox Gift Card Options – appKarma offers $5 and $10 Xbox Live digital gift cards. Users report that you need 6,000 Karma Points for any $5 gift card.

10. Perk

How To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards – Perk is a GPT platform that’s pretty well known. Users can earn through the Perk website or Perk apps. They’ve paid out over $57 million in cash and gift cards to users. There are endless quick and easy tasks to choose from. Examples include watching movie trailers, watching popular videos, completing quizzes, using Perk Search, and more.

Each task is worth a set amount of Perk Points. For example, you may earn 4 Perk Points for watching a quick movie trailer. You may earn 30 Perk Points by completing quizzes. Completing trial offers may earn you hundreds or thousands of Perk Points. Each Perk app offers unique earning options.

Perk Free Xbox Gift Card Options –  Perk doesn’t publicly list their Xbox gift card options or how many Perk Points you need to get one. However, users report that gift cards are available starting at $5 worth of Perk Points.

11. AppNana

How To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards – AppNana is a smartphone app that pays you to download and use game apps. One unique feature about AppNana is that you get free access to game apps that would otherwise cost money. You earn points called Nanas every time you download a game app and use it. You can watch videos for a few extra points, too.

The number of Nanas you earn varies with each app you download and use. The AppNana website displays examples 2,250 to 3,300 Nanas. User reviews say app downloads pay anywhere from 1,000 to 6,000 Nanas. The number of Nanas depends on how much you have to interact with each app.

AppNana Xbox Gift Card Options – AppNana offers $10 Xbox gift cards for 160,000 Nanas, $15 Xbox gift cards for 210,000, and a three month Xbox Live subscription gift card for 330,000 Nanas.

12. FreeMyApps

How To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards – FreeMyApps is one more app that pays you to download and interact with other apps. Some apps only require 30 seconds of interaction, but others have more in-depth requirements. The payment amount and requirements are displayed before you download an app, so you can choose ones that suit you.

Each app you download and use is worth a certain number of credits. FreeMyApps screenshots and user reviews show earnings ranging from 20 credits to over 300 credits per app. You can also earn credits when you refer new users to FreeMyApps.

FreeMyApps Free Xbox Gift Card Options – Recent reviews say FreeMyApps offer $15 Xbox Live gift cards, but this isn’t officially listed online. User reviews also frequently say that 1,500 is worth $5.

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More Ways To Earn Free Gift Cards

Xbox gift cards are a popular pick, but they aren’t your only options. Dozens of legitimate websites and apps offer free gift cards. All you have to do is complete surveys and small tasks like the ones described in this post. Here are a few great Frugal For Less posts about these sites and apps:

Start exploring the great options you have for earning free gift cards online. Once you find apps that you like, you can starting earning right away. It’s truly as easy as it sounds.

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