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VeryDice Review: Earn Free Cash Rolling Dice From Your Phone

VeryDice Review: Earn Free Cash Rolling Dice From Your Phone
Jason Wuerch Oct 2, 2017
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

VeryDice is a recently-launched mobile app that pays you to play games directly from your smartphone. For just a few minutes a day, earn points that can be exchanged for real cash prizes.

We’ve put together this full VeryDice review to give you the full break down. We’re going to cover how much you can earn, how it works, whether it’s worth it and if it’s scam or legit.

The best part? It’s absolutely FREE to join. If you have any experience using VeryDice, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

With that said, let’s get started.

What Is VeryDice And How Does It Work?

As mentioned above, VeryDice is a free mobile app that pays you to roll dice from your smartphone. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to earn money, this is by far one of the best ways to go.

When you first register for the app, you’re given 50 free rolls. Each time you roll you’re given a certain amount of “tickets” that can be used to exchange for real cash prizes (shipping is always free).

In order to roll, all you have to do is tap the dice on the home screen.

verydice review how it works app

To speed up the process of rolling, you can choose to use 3 rolls and earn 3x the amount of your regular earnings.

You can also earn bonuses by playing games, completing the daily doubles and through other methods (more information on this below).

Need more rolls? All you have to do is wait a full 24 hours, open the app, spin a wheel to determine how many new rolls you can receive that day.

You need a minimum of 2,000 tickets to cash out. At the moment VeryDice is only available to users in the US for both iOS and Android devices.

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Pros And Cons Of The VeryDice App

Let’s walk through a quick list of pros and cons.

  • Registration is completely FREE – never join a rewards program that asks for payment information
  • Chance to earn real cash prizes
  • Rolling dice makes it a fun way to earn points
  • Excellent customer support
  • Chance to invite friends for more rolls
  • Other ways to earn rolls aside from waiting 24 hours
  • Don’t want to wait for more rolls? You can pay for more (optional)
  • Game is quite addicting, and may cause you to actually pay for rolls (optional)
  • Referral bonus isn’t that high
  • 2,000 ticket minimum to cash out (can usually reach this within a week)

How Much Can I Earn With The VeryDice App?

The goal of VeryDice is to get more rolls so you can get more tickets and buy more stuff – plain and simple. However, sometimes earning free rolls can be quite difficult.

How Many Rolls Do I Get?

We already stated that every day you log-in you spin a wheel to determine how many rolls your given for that day. You can earn anywhere from 1 to 50 rolls depending on your luck.

This is an incredibly huge range. If I’m only earning 1 roll per day, I’m not going to have that many chances to earn tickets.

If I’m earning closer to 50 free rolls per day, I might be able to cash out every 2 – 3 days. It really depends.

For the purpose of making this review as simple as possible, we’re going to assume you earn in the middle at an average of around 25 rolls per day.

How Many Tickets Can I Earn?

The amount of tickets you earn is directly correlated to the amount shown on your dice. Roll a 12? Earn 12 tickets. Roll a 3? Earn 3 tickets.

Again, it’s difficult to determine exactly what you will roll. For the purposes of this review, we’re going to assume you roll the most common number shown on a pair of dice – the number 7.

So How Much Can I Earn?

If you’re getting 25 rolls per day and on average you roll a 7, you’re earning about 175 tickets per day.

This means that every 11 days you have the chance to cash out since you need a minimum of 2,000 tickets to cash out (175 x 11 = a little over 2,000 tickets).

We decided to take a look at the items that cost just 2,000 tickets. The very first item they show is a World Pride Milk Coffee Frother that is currently going for around $3 on Amazon.

We also see that they’re offering a C&E HDMI Cable for around $3 and a Kitchen Finger Guard for just under $2.

At these rates, we can assume that 600 tickets is roughly equivalent to $1.

We can’t directly calculate this since the actual cost of the prizes are all different, even though they’re worth the same amount of tickets.

What’s The Hourly Rate That I’m Earning At?

If you want to get through the app as quickly as possible, you have the option to go through 2x or 3x the amount of rolls at a time. You’ll earn 2x or 3x the amount respectively.

For example, if you have 9 rolls and go with 3x the amount of rolls, you only have to actually roll 3 times and 3x the amount of tickets are given.

I can usually get through all my rolls in a day in about 2 minutes. When I say 2 minutes I mean that I’m going through the app as quickly as possible (and skipping the bonus games – more information below).

Now that we have more information, let’s do a quick review of what we’ve learned to calculate our hourly earnings:

  • As mentioned above, on average we earn about 175 per day on average (again, a rough estimation).
  • This means we earn at a rate of 175 tickets every 2 minutes.
  • We just mentioned that we can assume that 600 tickets is roughly equal to $1.

Calculate this out and we’re earning at a rate of 5,250 tickets per hour, which is roughly equal to $8.75 per hour. Not bad for a game that’s both entertaining and free.

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Is It Worth Saving Up For Items That Cost More?

Before we can determine whether you’ll get more bang for your buck when buying higher-cost items, we have to do a quick comparison between ticket values.

We’re going to select 5 random items from each category and average them out. Keep in mind that all of these prices were found using Amazon.

Items that cost 2,000 tickets:

Items that cost 4,000 tickets:

Items that cost 6,000 tickets:

Items that cost 8,000 tickets:

Items that cost 10,000 tickets:

Items that cost 20,000 tickets:

From the average costs calculated above, we found that the 10,000 ticket items were the most economical.

When buying the 10k ticket items, on average 600 tickets is going to be worth $1.08.

If you only buy within the 10,000 ticket category, you’re essentially earning at a rate of $9 per hour, $.25 cents more than if you were to buy items only within the 2,000 ticket category.

Conclusion: It’s more economical to save for higher-ticket items, but not that much more. Therefore, we suggest that you just select the item you want most when cashing out.

You can also claim prizes that cost more than 20,000 points (more on this below) – we also tell you how to cash out for Amazon gift cards.

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How Can I Earn More Tickets?

There are two main ways in which you can increase your earnings per roll. Both of these ways require you to roll doubles.

Play A Game For More Tickets

Each time you roll doubles, you have the option of receiving the face-value of the tickets on the dice, or by playing a game to see how many tickets you can earn.

You’ll be given the choice to play one of two games. When you roll a doubles of anywhere between the numbers 1 – 5, you can choose to play a basketball game. Shoot hoops to earn tickets.

The higher your roll, the more time you’ll be given. I usually find that I can earn more by playing the game, but only by a few more tickers.

In order to save time, I usually select to take the face-value of the dice.

If you roll two 6’s, you can play the hoops game or play a mini-arcade game. I suggest going with the arcade game since you can usually keep playing until you die, meaning you can earn a lot more tickets.

Complete Daily Doubles

Completing the Daily Doubles means you’ve rolled a doubles for each possible pair within 24 hours for an extra 300 tickets.

This means you’ve rolled two 1’s, two 2’s, two 3’s, two 4’s, two 5’s and two 6’s – all within one day.

This is typically pretty difficult to complete since you usually don’t have enough rolls available. I’ve gotten pretty close, completing 5 out of 6. However, this isn’t enough to earn the Daily Double bonus of 300 tickets.

Earn More Tickets Completing Surveys, Watching Videos, Playing Games Etc.

If you don’t want to wait for more rolls, you can earn them immediately by participating in bonus activities through VeryDice. This can be found in the bottom left-hand tab on the app.

You can watch video of roughly 30 seconds and get one free roll. Usually you have a limit, only watching about 2-3 videos every 30 minutes.

You can also take surveys for extra rolls as well. Expect to earn at a rate of around 1 roll per minute.

The great thing about taking surveys with VeryDice is that they always tell you how many rolls you get and how long each survey takes before you actually take them.

Another great way is by playing their Solitaire Deluxe Social Game. With this option, keep in mind you need to wait up to 24 hours for rolls to be credited.

Sometimes they have free-trial offers that you can complete as well for extra rolls. VeryDice is a fairly new app and is expanding rapidly, so expect them to have more options soon.

Referring Friends

Referring friends is by far the best and easiest way for you to get extra rolls with VeryDice.

For each friend that joins using your Friend Code, you get a bonus of 30 rolls your friend earns 50 to start. A great way to quickly post your referral code is through Facebook or Twitter.

If you’d like to support FFL or thank us for writing this review, use Friend Code 1228038 – we’d greatly appreciate it!

Don’t Forget To Claim Your Bonus Rolls

After you complete a bonus activity with VeryDice, you need to actually claim your bonus rolls. Simply click the suitcase item in the very middle at the bottom of the screen.

Tap on each bonus offer to claim your rolls. As mentioned above, you’re playing the Solitaire Deluxe Social Game, you may need to wait up to 24 hours for your bonus to appear.

You Can Pay For More Rolls

If you’re really impatient, you can buy more rolls by clicking “Get Instant Rolls” in the bonus activity tab.

Keep in mind that this is completely optional. You can still earn cash prizes with never having to ever pay a single cent.

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How Do I Get Started With VeryDice?

Getting started with VeryDice is incredibly simple. Yet in order to make sure you don’t miss any steps, we’re going to walk you through the process in detail.

1. Register.

You can register for a FREE VeryDice account by clicking this link here and use promo code 1228038. You need a Facebook account to get started.

If you forget to enter the code upon registration, click on the person icon (second to the left) at the bottom of the screen and click on “Enter Someone’s Friend Code” to place the code.

While you’re not required to enter a promo code to get the 50 free rolls at startup, we’d greatly appreciate it!

what is verydice

2. Start rolling.

As soon as you get an account setup you can start rolling. Simply tap on the dice on the home screen. You’ll earn tickets in the form of tickets, always the amount of the face-value of the dice.

You can speed up your rolls by making each roll count for 3x and earn 3x the tickets. Click on the small die in the upper-left-hand corner of the screen to change this.

verydice review roll app

3. Complete bonus activities.

Complete bonus activities such as watching videos, filling-out surveys, completing free-trials and more in order to earn more rolls.

Don’t forget to claim your bonuses afterwards by clicking on the middle tab at the bottom of the screen.

You can also earn a bonus of 300 tickets by completing the Daily Doubles.

verydice review bonus activities

4. Refer friends.

Referring friends is the easiest way to earn extra rolls. Each time a friend registers using your Friend Code, you get a bonus of 30 rolls.

verydice review refer friends app

5. Cash out.

You only need a minimum of 2,000 tickets to cash out. The first time around I find that I can usually reach this in about 5 days. From there on out, about once every 11 days.

Tickets can currently only be exchanged for real cash prizes. Keep in mind that shipping is free for all products! It may take up to 7 business days for your prize to arrive.

verydice review cash out

A Trick To Get Any Prize You Want (Including Gift Cards)

When you try to claim a prize, you’ll notice that the only prizes available are actual physical products. However, there’s a way to get almost any product you want – including gift cards.

Click on the prizes tab at the bottom of the screen in the lower-right-hand corner. From there, click on “Search.”

Type in the product you’re looking for. VeryDice literally has thousands of products available.

If you’re looking for a gift card, type in “Amazon Gift Card” for a chance to claim an Amazon gift card with a value of $25.

verydice review amazon gift card

Is VeryDice A Scam Or Legit?

From my personal experience, I can honestly say that VeryDice is not a scam. They have always sent me my prize, and it’s always been given to me usually within 7 business days.

However, just because we say that VeryDice is legit, don’t take our word for it. Here’s what others have to say about this free mobile app:

  • The forum on BabyCenter states that it’s a great way to earn free stuff in your spare time. This is a great app for those that are looking for free stuff for their babies.
  • Reddit users state that it’s a quick and easy way to earn free stuff, and the prizes are almost endless. The only downside is that you must have Facebook to join.

Since VeryDice is a new app out there, we were unable to find very many reviews. Yet from what we’ve seen so far we can say that they mostly lean toward the positive side.

The one thing that we do want to advise you about is the fact that you have the option to buy rolls.

I find VeryDice to be somewhat addicting. It’s fun, easy to use and I can get cool cash prizes. When I run out of rolls I’m quite disappointed and want more immediately.

It’s easy to buy an extra 30 rolls for just $.99 cents to get going again. However, you can still earn great prizes without having to ever pay a single cent.

Buying rolls is completely up to you and we are neither for or against it. We only suggest to think about it before doing so and want to advise that it’s completely optional.

Here’s some quick payment proof of a Steam Gift Card that we claimed:

verydice payment proof steam gift card

What Are Some Other Great Rewards Programs Like VeryDice?

Just because you’re earning with VeryDice doesn’t mean you have to stop there. There are plenty of rewards programs out there that pay you.

Here are three of our favorites, and they’re all FREE.

1. Ibotta
  • Registration Bonus: $10 when you redeem your first offer
  • Join Ibotta

Ibotta is one of the most popular rewards apps out there. Get paid to take a picture of your receipt at grocery stores, electronic stores, for your prescriptions and more.

Simply match the offer that they have on the app with your receipt. Once you take a picture of your receipt, you can earn anywhere between $.25 and $5 in cash back.

Cross the $5 threshold by claiming more than one offer per receipt, but keep in mind you can only scan a receipt one time.

Ibotta also has other ways to earn: linking your loyalty cards, shopping online, and referring friends.

The amount of time you spend earning cash back with Ibotta makes it easy to guess why it has over 50,000 5-star reviews on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Get a bonus of $10 when you sign-up and scan your first receipt.

Read our full Ibotta Review

2. Survey Junkie

While Survey Junkie doesn’t come with a sign-up bonus, they’re definitely one of my favorite survey sites out there.

I usually find that I can on average earn at a rate of $12/hour, and if I stick to really high-paying surveys I can even earn at a better rate.

Just avoid the low-paying surveys or you might be losing your time. As of now Survey Junkie is available to both users in the US and Canada.

We suggest logging-in about once every few days at a minimum and taking at least one survey. If Survey Junkie sees that you’re a consistent survey taker, they’re more likely to reward you with higher-paying surveys.

Read our full Survey Junkie Review

3. Shopkick

Shopkick also pays you to scan receipts for specific offers, just like the Ibotta app mentioned above.

However, there are many other ways to earn cash prizes with this app. You can earn points in the form of “kicks” by walking into store, shopping online and scanning barcodes to check for prizes.

My favorite part about Shopkick is earning cash walking into stores. Turn on your bluetooth, and when you walk into their partner retailers a pop-up will display on the app.

Verify that you’re in that store and earn points just for being in the right place.

You get a bonus of 250 kicks as a registration bonus. Earn an extra 250 kicks each time you refer a friend. You can cash out for cool prizes or a gift card of your choosing.

Read our full Shopkick Review

Final Thoughts

VeryDice is not only an easy way to earn extra cash, but it’s also entertaining. I constantly find myself checking the app to see if my new rolls have appeared.

You can always choose to turn on notifications once your 24 hours is up.

Registration for the app is completely free. Again, never pay for a rewards program that asks for payment information as it’s most likely a scam.

While you can buy more rolls, keep in mind that this is completely optional. You can still win a lot of free stuff by never paying a cent.

If you have any comments or questions regarding VeryDice, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Jason Wuerch

My name is Jason Wuerch and I'm currently located in Madrid, Spain running a personal finance blog called Frugal For Less. My goal is to help everyone and anyone willing to make and save money through easy and simple ways that don't require much effort. Just because you're frugal doesn't mean you have to give up life's luxuries.

Comments (69)

Just so u know no matter what a person starts with 50 rolls nothing else with or without a code, spreading false info about them receiving 30 extra rolls for using our code can get you shut down, I suggest you join some verydice groups like the ones I run and reading all of the help section under the settings tab, I have 1546 referalls so far almost 500k tickets and 66 redemptions

Hi Megan,

If you read the article, nowhere does it state that you only get the 50 roll startup bonus if you use the promo code. It states the promo code, and it states how many rolls you get to start. In the beginning, it also states that you’re given 50 rolls just to start.

Obviously your comprehension of what you’re ready is very low. Try re-reading the article and you will find that she stated you do not have to have a code for the bonus.

I I’ve the app the only thing now is they just did an update and now they have 1500 ticket prices that us to be 8000 and they say cuz market place prices changed witch is a lie…so there is new prices on it I hope they put it back the way it use to be soon with out 1500 or 1700 and so on..other then that it’s a grate lagit app!!

Have a complaint. I have written many times to. Verydice. No answer. It tells me I get ten tickets. I never get there it stops. Another time four tickets. Nothing.

Anyone else experience this

I’ve tried 3 different times to buy something and was told I bought it and a few days later I was refunded my tickets and the item went up 10,000’s such a joke…I’m going to report to FCC and trade commision…this app needs to be pulled…fix my issues very dice…I’ve reached out to your CS reps…and nothing..fix your app or pull it from the app stores…Ty..

I think you might be haveing problems with the app because they just had an update and it made it so there was a glich witch had itams under the wrong ticket price if u continue to have problems you can email them

Hi Shawn,

Like Danielle14820 said it’s probably best to email them. They are a fairly new app so are undergoing some glitches, but don’t let that deter you. It’s one of the most entertaining money making apps out there that I’ve experienced.

If u was refunded. Then that means what ever u was ordering was out of stuck and they do take like 7 days to get back to you sorry u feel that way about the app

This is legit and they ship items quick! I personally think the points well represent the prices of items :) so fun and simple!

Have you ever seen “Cash”? CASH does NOT look like a milk frother. You need to stop talking about “Real Cash Prizes”, when all they give out is garage sale reject stuff.

Hi Lauster,

Cash prizes in this article means items that have value in the form of cash. All prizes that you can claim have some sort of cash value. For example, the milk frother is an item that has a certain value in cash. Furthermore, keep in mind that VeryDice also provides gift cards, such as a $25 Amazon Gift card.

I’ve been using Very Dice since July. Have never paid a dime. I’ve gotten about $50 in Amazon gift cards before they did away with th gift card option, a $45 lego table for my son, a shirt for my son, some hair dye, and some tools for my husband. Great app and completely legit.

I have had verydice for awhile now I got a milk whisk for 2,000 tickets and my order was done on November 13,2017 I did not receive it on the estimated date December 27,2017 I made a report to them and then checked later and my estimated date changed to January 3,2018 I checked it today and it said shipped but I didn’t receive it and I know the address is correct as I have received other items from verydice so really disappointed I either want my item or refund on my tickets or free rolls or something for the delay of still not getting it when I ordered it 2 months ago

This game is awesome and legit!! I am a make-up junkie and I have redeemed over 17 products from them over a 4 month period!! It’s completely free, but it is very addicting!! I totally love this app!!❤

I have found it’s better to save dice rolls till I get about 100. Then roll 1 set of dice at a time and usually get the doubles 300 bonus in like 60-80-rolls. I play videos throughout the day and get around 25 rolls per day. Then roll the dice every like 4 days and stop when I get the doubles bonus. In that time I earn around 1,000 tickets.

I been playing verydice for 8 months . don’t just look at items they show you do s search of item like i did you can look for tv . cd dryers and so on mostly anything you can think of I’m trying to earn enough for a salt lamp i even got a roaster pan so look under search items.

Who pays for all the goodies you are getting? Are there advertisers? Maybe the advertisers are paying for the surveys.

Hi im Tonya…just started playing VERYDICE about 5 months ago, after my son used my credit card to BUY rolls, since then I’ve earned 3 (totallay free, no shipping! NEVER enter a credit card number…i got a NINJA mixer..and a glass bathroom scale…enter my code number for 50 free rolls…then follow me n lets C who can get their FREE stuff first! Txt me for tips and my ticket total!! I have 8,773 tickets rite now! Im goin to 30,000 STAND MIXER!!! They have hundreds of prizes. U have to look them up…ASK ME

If you like Verydice (friend code 135254), give BoredWalk a try! My friend code for that is 102255. It is made by the same company as verydice and holds the same concept except that you play games with tokens instead of roll dice with rolls. But you can earn real prizes on there too! So please add me and have fun!!! :)

Ive been playing awhile and tonight see my points are gone…I had 22,000 and enjoy this being a single mom, love us info leaves very little help..i was looking forward to getting prizes…i feel this is a scam and if my acct is not fixed i will b reporting to fcc…and social media…

Hi Margaret,

Most people report that they always receive their points with VeryDice. Are you in the US? Otherwise, the cash out option may not work. I would suggest contacting support.

I’ve been playing this game for awhile and so far I’m happy. I’ve cashed In about 20,000 tickets and my prizes were shipped within 2 days! Today (4/12/18) I spent 10,000 tickets on a glass, I’m just hoping it comes in safely.

Great info. thank you. Another great app is called Google Opinion Rewards. I use my rewards to buy in game purchases, subscriptions and music.

I don’t know why so many people are complaining about the items this is the first app that the items are truly free I’m a stay at home mother and have allot of free time and I get my children cool items off of verydice and did I mention free be grateful if your not Happy delete the app it’s not like anyone came out of pocket overall I’m happy with the app

Hi Angela,

There should be an option in the app itself that tells you how to contact support. You can also go to the VeryDice website and contact them directly regarding any issues you might have.

I find it difficult to select answers on my phone. I press and press and very often the answer does not register with the survey so I have in essence wasted my time.

Lately, there are NO surveys for me to take and NO videos for me to watch. What is going on there???

Is it the fact that I am a three-headed person??!!!

Hi Ro,

What I find with VeryDice is that it’s best to log-in occasionally to get the free rolls. I don’t really waste my time on answering surveys or watching videos for free rolls.

I was just curious is there a legitimate way to getting unlimited rolls and tickets? Reason I’m asking is cause I just started not too long ago and I see things I really want to get but it’ll take a long time to save up, like just by watching the ads, doing surveys & if I’m lucky enough having people join (not really having much luck there :P ). So if there are any ways of using a cheat or hack that actually works (I’ve found some but they don’t work) and how & where to put the codes in that’ll be awesome Please. ^^

Even though it’s been slow going, I am very happy with Verydice. I reached my personal goal of 10,000 tickets and redeemed them for a single serve blender which I use all the time for smoothies and milkshakes. I was impressed with how quickly it arrived (3 days) and that I didn’t have to pay for shipping. My next goal is 20,000 tickets and I am well on my way.

I love verydice I got a wifi router and just completed 20,000 points for a rocku and I started again for something else I’m interested in also love the surveys

I can’t get onto verydice it says dies not exist or it send me to a different site. I’ve saved my tickets and now I can’t even get back on. What’s up with that.

I ordered (earned) a $50. gift card from Walmart a week ago. Received no email confirming yet my 50,000 points were deducted from my account.

I didn’t read all comments so forgive me if this is repeat info.
I just wanted to mention that the app also offers a game log and redemption log which is very handy.
The only complaint I have is that the prizes aren’t that great, and once you use your initial sign up rolls, you only get a few rolls a day (unless you buy).

I have written to them three times. No response. My game just disappeared from my computer. Their app. won’t let me install again or uninstall. It is just gone. So I lost all my tickets AND all the time I spent on it. Nobody seems to care.

If you can’t install it on your phone, you could backup everything on your phone (photos, videos, contacts) and format your phone to start fresh. You could research the problem and fix it so you can install the app as is. Or you could log into your account on another device.

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