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20 of the Best Second Jobs For Extra Income

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Need a second job? Below you’ll find some examples of good part-time positions that you can fit into your schedule.

But which one is best for you?

That depends…

…you may need a second job to pay the bills, to save for a trip, to learn a new skill, or just to do something fun.

You also have to consider your abilities, situation, likes and dislikes.

Choosing the best second job clearly gets pretty subjective, so this is not a definitive list.

Instead you’ll find jobs divided into these six categories:

  1. Jobs That Let You Work at Home
  2. Jobs That Pay More Per Hour
  3. Jobs Where You Can Get Hired Quickly
  4. Jobs That Train You for a Business
  5. Jobs Where You Learn New Skills
  6. Jobs That Let You Do Something Interesting

Some of the positions listed are traditional part-time jobs, while others are actually contract work where you’re not technically an employee.

But in any case, in each category you’ll find some good candidates for the best second jobs, so let’s get started with…

1. Working From Home

What if you want a second job but you don’t want to spend any more time out of the house?

Get a job you can do at home!

Of course there are both advantages and disadvantages of working from home.

But if a home-based job is what you need, here are some of your best options…

Online Surveys

While this isn’t a full-time gig, it’s great for some extra side income.

When I was really struggling for cash, I used survey sites to boost my income by an extra $600/month or more.

Keep in mind that you should never pay for a survey site.

If at any time they ask for your payment information, it’s most likely a scam. Here are some of my favorite FREE online survey sites:

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Teaching English Online

If you’re a native English speaker and have a computer, you can earn $18/hour or more with programs like VIPKID or Education First.

You’re given a full curriculum so you know exactly what to teach.

However, you need to be entertaining and fun to keep receiving positive reviews and have a few regulars on your list.

The higher-paying programs usually have stricter requirements.

The best part about these online companies that pay you to teach English?

You can work around your own schedule and choose your available teaching hours.


Blogging isn’t very lucrative at first, but over time it can be a great side gig.

This blog started out just writing a couple of articles a week.

Now it’s used to make a full-time income.

Just be sure to find something you’re passionate about and are willing to write about if you can’t hire writers yourself. Furthermore, be patient with your results.

It may take some time for income to start coming in.

The great thing about blogging is that it’s really cheap to sign-up for.

Bluehost reached out to us to give our readers a special deal of a free domain your first year and a hosting plan at just $3.95 per month.

That’s only $48/year to get started.

Don’t be like me when I first started – hesitant because of the costs involved.

Even if it doesn’t make that much money, it can still bring in a bit of side income to make up for the cost of hosting.

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Search Engine Evaluator

As a search engine evaluator I was paid $13.50 per hour.

I looked at search engine results and rated them by various criteria, and I was hired without previous experience.

I worked when I wanted to, and often I didn’t even get out of my sweat pants before sitting down at the computer (you may also work from your phone).

In other words, this is a great second income if you want to stay home. It isn’t technically a job, however, so you’ll get no benefits and you’ll have to pay your own taxes.

You can apply for these positions at companies like Leapforce and Appen.

Customer Service Agent

There are many companies that hire home-based workers, and these are real jobs, often with benefits. Typically you work at your computer as you take phone calls from customers.

You can apply directly to some large companies (American Express, for example), or you can apply to work for providers that contract with various companies, like Sykes, for example.

Transcriptionist says they start at $20 per audio hour. How much you actually make as a transcriptionist depends on how fast and accurate you type.

For example, at $20 per audio hour, if you need two hours to transcribe each hour of audio, you‘ll make only $10 per hour. You earn a higher rate if you specialize in medical or legal transcription.

With TranscribeMe you work as an independent contractor, responsible for your own taxes, and with flexibility but no guarantee of work. To find work as an employee search “transcription” on job websites like

Online Tutor (Other Than English)

If you know enough about any subject from math to poetry to creative writing, you can tutor students from the comfort of your home.

While tutoring has always been a decent way to generate a second income, it has become simpler thanks to platforms like They find the students for you, handle all of the billing, and you work via computer and phone.

Payscale says the median wage for tutors is $17.07 per hour, and higher pay is the norm if you tutor students on topics like physics, science, math, reading, and French language.

2. Making a Good Hourly Wage

If you value your time a job has to be either something you love doing or something that pays well. This is especially true when you already have a full-time position and you’re looking for a side job.

Here are some of the best candidates for part-time second jobs that will net you the most money for your time.

Uber Driver

When you work for Uber or Lyft you get to set your own schedule, which is a nice feature for any sideline income. But it’s especially important in this context, because you can use that flexibility to make more money by working during busy times.

That’s when Uber uses “price surging,” and you get paid more. When it’s busy you also have less unpaid “down time.”

When Buzzfeed analyzed Uber drivers’ pay, they found a range between $10.71 and $31.44 per hour after expenses. Work the right areas and at the right times to get near the upper end of that range.

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Many of the best second jobs involve tips. Just ask the Margaritaville bartender who made $760 in one shift.

The key here is to work weekends, which might be the only days you have free for second job anyhow. It also helps to work at a bar that’s busy and has relatively high prices.

Restaurant Server

As a servers you can do well despite a low base wage, thanks to tips. As with all tipped positions, you want a job at an expensive and popular place, because tips are largely based on the size of the bill, and serving more customers means collecting more tips.

Work the busiest shifts that fit your schedule. Working the right times at the right restaurant, a part-time server can make over $25 per hour.

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Event Disc Jockey

As a DJ for parties and other events you typically work weekends, making this good work if you have a full-time weekday job. Individual party-goers might toss you a dollar or two for playing their favorites, and that can add up, but weddings can be even better.

Contributors to a forum post on show a range of fees from $495 to $1,800 and tips on top of that ranging from $40 to $200 for the session.

3. Getting Hired Right Now

If it’s easy to get hired right now, the job probably doesn’t pay well. On the other hand, it may meet other important criteria. It may be close to home or offer flexible scheduling.

And, of course, if you need a second income as soon as possible, you have limited options. Here are some of them…

Fast Food Restaurant Worker

The employee turnover rate for fast food restaurants is over 100% per year. That’s bad news for the owners, but for you it means there are almost always jobs available. Part-time positions are common, another aspect that makes these decent second jobs in the right situation.

Pizza Delivery Driver

Turnover is high in these positions too, so if you have a car and/or a valid driver’s license, you can probably get a job delivering pizza within a few days. And this is usually a big step up from fast food work because of the tips.

Although tipped positions have a lower minimum wage, most pizza restaurants pay the regular minimum wage to their drivers, so your tips can push your total income to $15 per hour or more if you work the busy shifts.

Day Laborer

There are two kinds of temporary agencies. “Job placement” firms like Manpower have a more traditional interview and placement process that takes a while.

But “day labor” firms can put you to work right away. For example, Labor Works says, “Arrive early. Get a job every day.” Like most day labor employers, they pay you at the end of each day. That makes this the fastest way to get a paycheck from a second job.

4. Training for a Business

A second job can be a great way to make money to eventually start a business, but it also can be a way to learn what you need to know about a particular business or investment. Here are a few examples…

Renovation Worker

An investor hired me at $100 cash per day to help him renovate houses, and I was free to work when I wanted (I worked 2 or 3 days per week). More experienced crew members received $160 per day, but I also received knowledge and experience. Since working that job my wife and I have made money on several homes.

If you take a part-time job working on houses, and your goal is to learn the ropes, be sure to work for someone who is willing to talk and answer questions. Watching and working will help, but you need to learn about the numbers, the permitting issues, and so on.

House Cleaner

Many small cleaning companies need part-time workers. The pay is not usually that high, but this is a great opportunity to learn about the business. If you want to specialize, like doing foreclosure cleaning, for example, find a company that does at least some of that work.

Of course, the business is more than just cleaning, so ask a lot of questions. And if you hope to start a cleaning business in the same general area, work for a company that does not require you to sign a non-compete agreement.

Tax Preparer

Tax preparation companies need part-time workers during the season, and you are typically paid for your training time. This is a great way to learn how to do taxes if you think you might want to make a business of it later.

If you have to sign a non-compete agreement consider working further away from home so the agreement doesn’t cover the area where you plan to do business.

5. Learning New Skills

Sometimes a side job can be great for learning new skills and introducing you to new careers. Here are some possibilities to consider…

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Adult Education Teacher

You don’t always need a teaching degree to work part-time as an adult or “continuing education” teacher. Often you just need enough knowledge about a subject, which could be “How to Use Facebook,” “How to Identify Wildflowers,” or any number of other possibilities. In fact, you often get to propose your own classes.

Classes are typically in the evening, so they can fit with a day job. For example, when we lived in Naples, Florida, my wife taught Spanish for two hours three evenings weekly. She was paid $20 per hour and there was even a retirement plan.

Teaching is a great way to develop your speaking skills, and you may be able to promote your books or business as well. To find these positions, check with your local schools and Google “continuing education” for your area.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is not technically a job (you’ll be self employed), but it can be a great second income. Look at Nicole Dieker’s income report for an idea of what’s possible.

If you like the work and you develop a good clientele you might transition to writing full-time as your new career. You also could be hired by a client. I’ve been offered full-time positions with benefits (but I prefer the freedom of freelancing).

Freelance writing is a great for developing new knowledge and skills. For example, researching writing about credit cards and bank accounts helped me make thousands of dollar annually from credit card and bank bonuses. For various clients I’ve had to do research about wine coolers, real estate, and pre-employment testing.

One of my favorite freelance sites is Hubstaff Talent since they charge 0% fees. You can also find other freelance positions aside from just writing.

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Temporary Worker

Day labor companies were discussed under “Getting Hired Right Now,” but some temporary agencies place you in positions for longer periods of time. When I worked for Manpower I had positions in factories, an infomercial shipping operation, and as a highway flagger.

These were meant to be long-term assignments, but I routinely quit so I could be assigned to something new. This is a great way to learn new skills to add to a resume, and to find work you might enjoy doing.

6. Doing Something Interesting

A second job might pay poorly but still be fun or interesting. In Florida I had a part-time job driving an electric tram, taking passengers from their homes to their seaside restaurants.

We stopped to watch alligators eating turtles, bird eating snakes, and cute baby owls hiding in the mangrove swamps. When the job was no longer interesting I moved on. Here are some other potentially fun or interesting second jobs.

Trail Builder

Building trials is a great temporary job if you love the outdoors and you have summers off (if you’re a teacher, for example). How interesting the work is depends on what kind of environments you enjoy and therefore where you work (I wouldn’t build trails in southern Florida).

The Professional TrailBuilders Association can help you find work; they organize training events and sometimes post open positions on their website.

Camp Counselor

This is another good one for a teacher or anyone else who needs a second job to fill an otherwise jobless summer. Naturally you should enjoy working with kids and being outdoors.

You can search the usual job websites for opening or go to a specialized one like

Rafting Guide

Not all second jobs that are fun and outdoors require you to be a teacher with summers off. As a river rafting guide you can work weekends. In fact, River Riders in Oregon claims their guides are often, “ordinary people who work a weekday job and go out on the weekends to play and get paid for it.”

River Riders also provides the training necessary on weekends, so it won’t interfere with your weekday job. There is a training fee, but it’s refunded once you’ve taken passengers down the river a dozen times.

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You can make up to $80 per run plus tips, and you can do two trips daily. If you enjoyed this article, you may also enjoy the following:

Which are the best second jobs in your experience? Tell us about them below.

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