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25+ Ways To Make Money At School

make money at school
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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

In college and too busy for a full time job but want something better than flipping burgers? This list is for you.

In High School and want extra spending money for yourself? Some of these will work for you too.

Some of these jobs have age restrictions, so please research them further before applying to them. If you’re under 18 years old please get your parents’ permission first before starting any job.

Now onto the awesome list of more than 25 jobs you can do between classes:

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1. Take Surveys

Have a few minutes between classes, open a survey app or survey site from your phone and fill out a survey. Depends on the survey site you could make $1 to $25 or more per survey. Not bad for a few minutes sitting at your desk waiting.

Don’t know where to get started? Here’s some of our favorite survey apps:

2. Resell TextBooks

After the semester’s over check out BookScouter and find out how much your books are worth and sell them. You can also sell other used books you have at home that you no longer read.

A bonus tip – Instead of buying next semester’s books from the college bookstore – look at Amazon Rental and rent them instead. You could save about 90% off the costs.

3. Sell Candy

If you’re in a Dorm, selling candy is a great moneymaker. Other students want quick energy for that cram session and if they know you’re a supplier, they’ll come knocking often. You can make a few hundred dollars a week, depending on the size of your dorm building.

4. Private Tutoring

Excelling in a class or just know a topic really well, offer to tutor other students. Sometimes the student center just doesn’t have enough tutors to go around (or can’t match your hours). This is a great way to earn money – possibly up to $25 dollars per hour.

5. Sell Crafts You Handmade Yourself

Like making crafts and get complimented on them? If they are not time-consuming and interfere with your studies this would be a great way to earn some money and enjoy the process as well.

6. Watch Videos on your Phone

Another great money-earner while waiting between classes is to watch videos on your phone. A great time-killer when you’re bored too.

7. Start a Blog

Did you know you can write about almost anything and earn money from it? With a little research on popular niches you can create a blog, get affiliate links, advertising and sponsored posts for it.

8. Clean other Kids Dorm Rooms

Some kids are just too busy or too lazy to clean their dorm rooms, you could make a little money cleaning their rooms for them. This would be a great quick profit when it’s Parent’s weekend too.

Several bucks for less than 30 minutes work isn’t bad at all. Do check your college rule book first to be sure it’s not against the rules.

9. Clip Coupons

You can gather all the flyers from the front desk and mail room or from home and clip coupons. Even though you cannot sell them to other people physically you can sell them on eBay.

There is a limit though – eBay sellers can only sell up to $100 or 25 valid, unexpired, original coupons per month.

10. Teaching Assistant

Look on campus for any teaching assistant jobs available. These jobs help the teacher with everything except the actual teaching. This is usually a part-time job and the average pay is $10 an hour. You could earn more depending on the topic and location.

11. Help the Neighbors

Any school and college kid can earn money this way by working around their neighborhood. Various jobs can be mowing lawns, shoveling snow, walking dogs, cleaning up after dogs, running errands, and much more. Need ideas, there’s more in this book.

12. Pet Sitting

This is an easy job and many people have one. The majority of pet-sitting jobs consists of dropping by in the mornings and evenings and feeding them, taking them for a walk, and general care.

You can charge around $25 to $50 a day to drop in and check, and around $50 to $75 to stay overnight.

13. Independent Sales

This is an easy job that doesn’t take much effort. Most direct sale jobs consist of dropping off catalogues, collecting orders and then delivering them afterwards.

If you want more earnings you can host a “party” of your products and demonstrate to your friends, family and neighbors.

The average commission for a direct sales consultant is 20 – 35 percent; so if you sold $500 in products and your commission rate was 25 percent, you’d earn $125 for a few hours of work.

14. Donate Blood

You can sell your own blood and plasma for a good sum. BioTest will pay you between $20 – $50 per donation (depends on your weight and the volume drawn)..

15. Babysitting

If you have evenings and weekends free and you’re good with kids, consider a babysitting job. Some of these jobs are for late night as parents go on a “date night” and kids are already in bed – a good time to do homework.

The national average charge is $13 an hour but you can make more in larger cities.

16. Fiverr

If you’re 13 years old and older and have some good sellable skills such as drawing, computer skills, music, and pretty much anything. You can sell your “gig” on Fiverr for $5. (Extras can be added for more money).

17. Help with Research Papers

You can help your fellow students with their research papers. You can help find resources, proofread, and type them up up in the proper style for them. (Everything short of writing it for them).

18. Student Aide

If you don’t want to do research papers, you can still earn money from your classmates by proofreading their homework, writing study guides, and taking notes in class for them.

19. Listen to Music

Who doesn’t like listening to music? Almost everyone has some music playing in the background while working, studying, driving, and so on. Why not get paid for listening to music? You can earn on Slice The Pie and MusicXray.

20. Video Game Tester

Yep, you can get paid to play video games! You’ll receive games to play and give reviews and many times you get to keep the games too (and sell later on for more money).

You just need to open an account, pick a game, then get paid. Let’s say you are earning $10 an hour and you play for 3 hours a day and only for 3 days a week – $90 a week earned.

21. Personal Assistant

There are plenty of busy moms, Event coordinators, office executives and others that have a busy and overloaded schedule. Offer to help a few hours a week either running errands for them or doing some administrative work in their office.

22. Online Customer Service

There are many companies hiring customer service representatives to work from home helping customers over the phone or chat. Many require you to be at least 16 and older.

One such places is U-Haul which has part-time and seasonal opportunities and you can make $7 to $8 an hour and minimums is 25 hours a week.

23. Participate in a Clinical Trial

If you’re pretty healthy, or even suffer from a particular disease, you can participate in a clinical trial. ClinicalConnections has a search engine that connects you to the nearest trial happening, the place studying your illness and others.

You could possibly earn $50 – $300 per visit depending on the trial, overnight visits pay more.

24. Post on Forums & Websites

Earn money by posting on various forums. Sign up on Post Loop or Forum Wheel and earn about 7¢ to 13¢ per post which is collected and paid to PayPal.

25. Sell your Talent Online

Create your own designs, artwork or love taking photos? You can sell them on Zazzle. Create, upload and put them on a variety of products such as T-shirts, cell phone cases, mugs, and so on.

The pay depends on what product you picked and the royalty price you added (from 5% to 99%). For example: A cell phone case (no design) is $7.00. You decide to add an 80% royalty cost for adding your design.

Now that cell phone case costs $12.60. Your profit will be $5.60 each time a cell phone case with your design sells. You also earn 15% of a product’s price every time someone buys through your social media link.

26. Translator

If you’re fluent in more than one language, you can work online as a translator. You can work on Lingosaur. You just need to pass an assessment and you can start translating documents in your free time.

27. Book Reviewer

Get paid to read and review a multitude of books. If you love reading, this would be a great job to do in your spare time.

Check out AnySubject and work on a book by book basis and you have the option to accept or reject books. Pay depends on genre and word count (the book and the review).

28. Campus Tour Guide

If you live on campus and know the area well, you could work as a campus tour guide for your college. Check out your campus recruitment office for any availability. This could possibly earn you $7 to $15 an hour depending on the size of your college.

29. Study Participant

Check out your School’s various Labs and Research facilities and see if they are looking for study participants. This could be anything from Psychology tests to Sleep studies to donating bone marrow and everything else in between. Human lab rats earn about $15 to $40 an hour.

30. Do Nothing

Yep, did you know you can earn money just buy doing nothing but your regular routine? These 8 Apps will show you how to do just that.

And there you have it – plenty of ideas to work in between classes and on weekends that doesn’t involve asking “you want fries with that?” Some are easy, some are time extensive, but all can be done as a teenager or young adult.

Combining several of these together can add up to a pretty good sum of money, but please don’t get carried away and let your school work slack.

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