Money SMS App Review: Earn $.20 Cents/Message – Scam or Legit?

money sms app review
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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

How would you like to get some cash for doing absolutely nothing? Well, not exactly nothing. It sounds too good to be true, but it is!

You’ve probably heard of or tried many apps with a similar promise only to be disappointed in the end. There’s still one more that’s too captivating to ignore: Money SMS app.

This app guarantees you cash for doing so little, or so the website claims. There are lots of questions that may be racing through your mind right now. This review has all the answers that you need.

From letting you know the creators of the app, which year it was started, how to get started with it, how much you should expect to make from it, if it’s legit or a damn scam and so much more, we have what you need.

Don’t be too quick to trash it. Gone are the days of learning about a product and blindly following what people say about it.

Thanks to the magic of the web, you have the power to accept or pass on an offer. You can do some sniffing around for yourself if you want. Check it out first and try it, then decide for yourself.

If you’re not ready to go through so much hassle, just keep reading and by the time you read the last statement of this review, you’ll know what the app is all about and, hopefully, be ready to try it and enjoy the benefits that it has to offer.

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What is Money SMS?

Money SMS is a mobile app that pays you to get text messages from it on your smartphone. It’s not really known when it was started, but from the look of things, it’s a recent application.

It’s operated by TelQ, which is a German company that specializes in SMS testing. The TelQ platform allows Mobile Network Operators to keep an eye on and enhance the quality of SMS delivery and reception.

You receive payment to let SMS providers and Telecom Mobile Network Operators perform tests by sending you messages on your phone.

As per the app, these messages have no special meaning, so you shouldn’t reply to them. They’re random characters and begin with (!number!) within the content. Sometimes they might be links as well. You can delete them once your balance has been updated if you wish.

The messages are sent to their servers after you receive them automatically.

They carry out these tests to confirm and see to it that they deliver SMSs efficiently.

Speaking of worldwide, unfortunately, Money SMS is currently only available to some European and Asian countries.

How Money SMS Works

The app is only available to people using Android devices on Google Play Store.

To sign up, register with the company and provide them with your phone number and payment address. They’ll gain access to your geographical location. As you register, a list of countries that can use the app will be displayed. Select yours if it’s available and proceed.

If it isn’t among the countries, keep checking.

Ensure that you have an internet connection on your phone to receive the SMSs. You must also have a valid SIM card in your phone.

If you have a referral code, include it during the registration process. Once you forget to do so, the company can’t add it after you’ve registered.

The app should run in the background and you must have a stable internet connection at all times. Android OS closes apps sometimes, so you need to ensure that the app is opened if that happens. Messages are sent at any time of the day.

The number of messages you get largely depends on your location.

Getting Started with Money SMS

Signing up on the app is free and easy. You just need to download the app from the Google Play Store first.

You’ll need to provide details such as your phone number, password, the country you’re from and your email address.

You get 0.25 Euros for signing up. You earn an extra 0.50 Euros if you sign up with a referral code.

Although you have to allow the app to gain access to your phone’s usage data, don’t worry. It uses very little data and doesn’t read your messages.

It only sends messages that begin with its unique test ID that their system creates to its server.

If you don’t receive any message yet you’ve signed up:

  • Ensure that your SIM card is in the same phone that the app is running
  • Check if you’re logged in
  • Check the strength of your internet connection
  • See if the app can work in the background and if it can receive SMSs

Failure to receive a message even after signing up could also be due to your phone being disconnected. Note the system sends test messages to phone numbers that are indicated to be active on their listing.

Ways to Make Money with Money SMS

Referral Program

Money SMS provides a unique referral code to all of its users. Copy it down and share it with your buddies.

When they sign up and enter your code, you earn 30% of the cash that they withdraw from their account. Talk about a generous commission rate!

It’ll reflect in your account once they make their first withdrawal.

Receiving SMSs

Plenty of Mobile Network Operators and Telecom SMS providers want to send SMS test messages to other countries. They use Money SMS to carry out these tests.

Money SMS, in turn, pays you because the providers use your phone number to provide testing services.

How Much You Can Earn from Money SMS

Like most other apps, this depends on your location and the number of messages you receive. Many people get 2-3 messages in a day.

Each message costs 0.02 Euros. If you’re among those who receive few messages, look on the bright side.

There’s no exact number of messages that anyone can receive. Therefore, your luck might change for the better with time.

You can also maximize your earnings by being extra active on the referral program. Invite as many people as you can. They don’t have to be your friends.

How to Receive Money

The cash-out amount of Money SMS is 2 Euros. They have several payment options from which their users can choose from:

  • Litecoin
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • WebMoney
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin

These are the only options that the company accepts. According to their site, they have no plans of adding any more options.

They don’t transfer cash to users’ bank accounts, mobile phones, or credit cards because of the high transaction fees charged.

Payment isn’t automatic. You have to request it from the company. Your payment is processed within 48 hours, but it usually reflects in your account in a few hours or minutes. At times, it may take two days before the money reaches you.

If after two days you don’t get your money, don’t hesitate to contact customer care. A lot of users complain about their money being held up when, in fact, they could improve the situation by doing something about it.

If you’re using PayPal, you have to be keener. You may be asked to accept or decline a payment that you receive.

Check your PayPal wallet. If you see ‘Unclaimed Payment’ from the company, choose ‘Accept’ and try any of these:

  • Open a secondary balance in Euro
  • Convert the cash in your local currency (note: Money SMS sends money to its users in Euro form).
  • Decline the payment and resend it to the sender. When they accept one payment, all payments to you in the future will automatically be accepted.

Money SMS may try sending money to you but the payment status reads failed. This means that they tried sending money to the payment address you filled in, but it didn’t go through.

Trying again may do the trick. You could also switch to another accepted payment option and make a withdrawal request again.

If you’re a PayPal user, check whether money reception is supported in your country.

Money SMS User Reviews

Most users think it’s great. Others with negative reviews mostly focus on the small amount of money it offers and that most times, the number of SMSs received are few.

All in all, the many positive reviews confirm that it’s creating an awesome name for itself and is not about to stop any time soon.

  • “It’s a good app”
  • “Best app”
  • “Hey my app is up-to date but I didn’t receive SMS why n Wi-Fi is on 24 hrs”
  • “Nice app fast pay”
  • “Good”
  • “I give 5 stars for many reasons: the app is legit, it doesn’t consume energy from my battery, I don’t need to work, I always receive reply from support. Although, the earning is very low but I like the app. I wish the app will not turn to scam in the future. I would like the developer to increase the earning. It takes too much time to reach the minimum. Keep on good work. Kind regards”.
  • “Good it’s real. But I don’t receive enough SMS. I made more than 2 months to have 2 Euros”.
  • “While the payouts aren’t a lot you don’t have to actually do anything. I’ve cashed out via PayPal before but I’m trying to let it run a little longer this time before calling out again.”
  • “I like this app they’re really paying..I just received it in my PayPal”.
  • “Get money for nothing”.

Pros and Cons of Money SMS


  • It’s lightweight
  • It’s got a fast payout rate
  • The commission rate for users who invite friends is unbelievably great
  • You have to do very little to get money
  • It offers users a variety of payment options
  • It is secure
  • Signing up is free

It’s Lightweight

Money SMS takes less than 5MB to download. Plus, it doesn’t take up so much space on your phone and is easy on its battery.

It’s Got a Fast Payout Rate

How many apps have a great cash-out amount? Not many. With Money SMS, you can withdraw your money once it reads 2 Euros in your account.

If you want the money to remain in your account until it multiplies, you’re free to do so. You call the shots when your money hits the 2-Euro mark.

Super Commission Rate

There are lots of online users. Finding ten or more people and inviting them to join Money SMS is, therefore, a piece of cake. The app’s unbeatable offer of giving you 30% of each of your pals’ earnings can earn you some amazing cash in a jiff.

Little Effort, More Money

Give them your phone number, ensure your internet is stable and that the app is always running in the background. That’s all it takes to make some money with this cool app.

Variety of Payment Options

Money SMS is flexible in terms of payment. If you don’t do Skrill or it isn’t working, the app offers you five more options that you can choose from: PayPal, MoneyWeb, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

It Is Secure

Though the app has access to your SMSs, it doesn’t read your private messages. It only reads the test messages that it sends to you. You, therefore, don’t have to fret about your security.

Free Sign Up

You don’t need to pay even a dime for you to register to the app. And, you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees along the way. The app is as transparent as can be. You get 0.25 Euros just for signing up. If you sign up with an invitation code, the app gifts you with an extra 0.50 Euros.


  • It isn’t available to all countries
  • Inconsistent number of test messages
  • Only available to smartphone users
  • It can’t work without internet
  • Few money-making opportunities
  • If your friends forget to include your code, you don’t get any credit

It’s Available to Selected Countries

Only people in some Asian and European countries can access the app. Others, including those in the U.S. and the U.K., can’t use the app.

If you’re from other countries, the only chance you get to the app is by tricking the online system.

Some users have shared their success of using the app even from countries that the app doesn’t support. Google offers some pretty neat ways to do this. It isn’t a guarantee that it’ll work, by the way.

Limited Test Messages

Having access to the app isn’t a guarantee that you’ll make some moolah fast. Depending on your location, you might get as low as two to no messages in a whole freaking day! Let’s not forget that each message earns you a mere 0.02 Euros.

Only Smart Phone Users Can Use It

Android users, to be more specific. Those with laptops, I-Phones, tablets, and other forms of technology can’t use the Money SMS app.

It Doesn’t Work Without Internet

The app can’t work on your phone if your phone doesn’t have internet. What’s more, you have to allow it to gain access to your internet. The internet has to be stable. Plus, you have to keep checking just in case the app has been closed.

Few Money-Making Opportunities

Most other apps offer their users more than two ways to get some cash in their account. Whether it’s through watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, and other wicked offers, you’re assured of making some real money at the end of the day.

That’s not the case with Money SMS app. Apart from receiving SMSs on your phone, the only other chance you get is joining and being active in the referral program.

If Your Friend(s) Don’t Include Your Code, You Get No Credit

To err is human. There’s a chance that one, if not all your friends, may accidentally forget to enter your code as they sign up for the app. It’s perfectly normal to forget.

Well, if they don’t enter your code, you don’t get 30% of their earnings even if you invited them to join. Here’s another drawback: once they’ve forgotten, you can’t enter your code later.

What Puts Money SMS a Step Ahead of the Rest?

It’s free and easy to join, offers a variety of payment options, guarantees you security and the best part; it gives users a generous commission for inviting their friends to be a part of it.

Granted, other apps may provide you with some or all of the above offers, but the deal isn’t as good in the commission part. A number of apps don’t even reward you at all for expanding their fan base.

They also show you the countries that have access to it before you log in so you won’t have to waste time joining if your country isn’t one of them.

Most importantly, no matter how busy you are, you can spare less than a minute for it in a day. Your smartphone does all the work for you while you take care of other duties. You’ll only have to check if the app is running and if your internet is in check from time to time.

Is Money SMS Legit or a Scam?

Many users have shared their concerns about the security of their messages. Money SMS has assured users on their website that they don’t read what they aren’t supposed to.

Away from that, lots of users have shown their approval of the app by giving positive reviews about it. That means it’s a 100% legit way to earn some extra money.

Plus, Money SMS takes all the required measures so it complies with the latest GDPR privacy policy requirements.

They have an independent website, NetBusinessRating, where you can have a look at the proofs of payments from many of their users.

Is Money SMS Worth Your Time?

We can tell you this for free: Hell yeah! It’s the perfect app for you if you’ve got a lot on your plate but you can really use a couple of extra bucks.

Money SMS is a pretty straightforward app, which is a plus if you’re not the tech-geek type since you can use it with the greatest of ease.

In addition, in case you get stuck along the way, or if you’re experiencing any difficulties in the signup process, you can always check out the Help Center page on their website. It’s detailed and offers help for the most common problems.

Contacting customer care is another option. The staff is competent, polite, always willing to help and most importantly, always available no matter what time of the day it is.

It wouldn’t hurt for you to sign up and take advantage of its generous referral program offer. If you aren’t satisfied with it, you can always opt out of it completely and try other sites that you feel have better offers.

Money SMS Alternatives

If you’re looking to earn more than you would on the app, or want to know other apps that you can pair the Money SMS app with to make more money in a short time, here are some apps that you should check out and sign up to:

Final Thoughts

Finding a legit money-making app can be difficult. It’s easy to lose hope on the internet and stick to the 9 to 5 or worse, borrowing loans from your friends and loved ones.  You may ultimately feel like losing hope. Try the Money SMS app.

Sure, it may have its drawbacks, and the pay isn’t always impressive, but what better way to earn money than the easy way?

If you have any doubts, read what others are saying about it. Better yet, give it a shot to get a feel of it.

Money SMS is a great app that you can use to earn a small passive income from the comfort of your phone.

Word of advice though: Don’t make it your only source of income. It may take you more than two months to attain the required cash-out amount of 2 Euros.

Consider signing up now to it if you haven’t yet. And if you already have, please share your experience with us. We’d love to know what you think.

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