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Sites That Pay You to Watch Ads – Top 18 Picks

sites that pay you to watch ads
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You’ve seen over and over the different articles about earning extra money with Apps.

The majority of them are survey sites in which maybe you just don’t have the time or the patience to work through.

Not to worry, you can still earn a considerable amount just by watching videos. Here are eighteen sites that pay you to watch Ads.

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1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks does have surveys listed, but you can earn by doing so much more.

You can also earn by shopping online through their site, search the web with their browser, check out deals, play games, as well as watch videos.

You can download their App, hit Play videos and put your phone down and do other activities while it continues to play.

2. FusionCash

I listed this one last as they do offer earnings for viewing videos it’s very limited and you must have the window open and viewable at all times.

Nonetheless, FusionCash gives you another way to earn by watching videos.

Now you have 18 different sites to watch videos instead of those long, countless surveys. An added bonus is that these sites will give you a bonus of $5 or $10 for signing up!

The quickest way to earn towards your gift card or cash is to do the “Daily Tasks” that many of these sites have – usually just 5 things, refer your friends to the program – you could earn from their earnings, then let the videos run while you do other chores, work online, or even while you sleep.

Cycle through each App or website each day, or designate a day for each site only. In due time you’ll earn several free gift cards and cash.

3. InboxDollars

I love InboxDollars for it’s ease of use and many options to earn points.

Not only are there surveys, you can also shop, play games, watch videos on the website, and other options – you can download the App which is just for watching videos only.

You also earn a scratch & win card after a certain amount of earning actions as well as after a certain number of videos.

The number of videos you can view a day on the App is limited, but not so much that you can’t play them all night while you sleep.

4. MyPoints

I have earned countless gift cards on this site through their shopping portal as well as from reading emails. They’ve recently added a video portal on the MyPoints site.

You do need to stay on the video page and view several in a row before getting your earnings and they must be viewable otherwise the timer pauses.

Instead you can download their video viewing only App called Daily Scoop.

5. EarningStation

Another survey site that offers more than surveys. EarningStation also gives you the choice to play games, check out offers, print coupons, play games, shop and watch videos.

An Android App is available and even though the F.A.Q. says there’s an iOS App, I cannot locate it anywhere.

Nonetheless, you can have the website open on a browser and play videos while working or browsing on another tab.

6. CashCrate

Another small-task site with offers, surveys, shopping, referrals and a daily “check in”.

CashCrate pays to watch videos, but there’s a slight catch – they’ll flash 2 numbers across the video screen while the video is playing and you have to enter these numbers at the end in order to be credited.

7. National Consumer Panel

This site is a consumer data site where you scan products you’ve purchased to earn points. You either use your smartphone camera, or they’ll send you an actual scanner to use.

After a while, the National Consumer Panel will send you videos and you’ll need to answer questions about the videos.

8. QuickRewards

Another basic survey site that also offers video viewing for points. QuickRewards is slightly different from the “mainstream” reward sites as you can actually be more specific to how you want to earn.

For example instead of joining the whole site, you can opt for “Shop & Save” (shopping only), “Paid for your Opinions” (surveys only), or the “Earn Cash Online” (offers, emails, videos and more).

9. Perk

Perk has several different Apps under it’s name that does a variety of things such as shopping, quizzes, scratch & win, television check-in, and watching videos.

The video viewing App is called PerkTV. I have claimed about $50 in Amazon cards through their video App.

It used to be that you could run it all night without interruptions, but they’ve recently changed that and started asking if you’re still watching.

10. CashPirate

This is a downloadable App that pays you to watch videos, download free games and apps, product trials, surveys and others.

You can make about  300 “coins” a day on CashPirate, in a week (7 days) you’ll have 2,100 points. 2,500 points is needed for a $2.50 PayPal card. It seems to be a quicker earning site than most.

11. Viggle

Viggle is one of Perk’s Apps and it’s a great App to use if you watch a lot of television or streaming services.

You simply play your television show, get the App to “listen” and when the correct show pops up, check in and forget it.

It plays videos intermittently, but you can just put your phone down and watch your show. Check in to a new show to start over again.

12. CheckPoints

Even though this is a shopping rebate App, CheckPoints does have a great video player on it.

You can earn hundreds of points just watching videos, the only drawback is you have to close each ad that plays between videos to keep continuing.

13. Creations Rewards

Earn rewards the same way as many other sites on Creation Rewards that includes watching videos too.

Their video page has two types of videos – unlimited videos to stream (the EngageMe videos) and others are one time viewing for points and they disappear after you’ve watched them.

14. AdFun

This website and App is completely different from the rest I’ve mentioned. This is a prize bidding site.

You can be part of a team or go solo, chat online with friends and your team and earn bidding money by watching videos.

You can select what sponsor you prefer to win prizes from and much more. Basically you watch videos to earn “money” towards a prize to bid on.

15. AppNana

This is an App that pays “Nanas” to download games and Apps. The great thing about AppNana is that you get these games and Apps for free instead of their regular cost.

You then redeem the Nanas for free gift cards for Amazon, iTunes, Google Play or Xbox. You also earn Nanas for watching videos as well.

It does take a while to earn up points, but for free games and Apps, why not?

16. Netflix

Yes, you can earn some money working for Netflix. The opportunity to work as a “tagger” is rare but keeping an eye on their job page you may get lucky.

It’s only a part-time job but if you’re a binge-watcher, this is a great side hustle to have.

17. YouTube

Yes, you can get paid to watch YouTube videos on any topic you like. Just sign up at Paid2YouTube and start watching.

You can earn more for commenting, rating videos and referring friends. You earn 0.005 per video, 0.10 per comment, 0.01 per rating and 0.15 for each subscription you make.

18. App Trailers

This site pays you to watch videos about new Apps, video games, movie trailers and such.

The only drawback to using App Trailer is that you have to click next to see the next video, so this is a one at a time video viewer.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 18 sites that pay you to watch ads. See one that’s not on this list and should be? Feel free to let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling.

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