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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

Are you looking for on-demand jobs that you can start making money with, today?

Finding extra income opportunities can be a time-consuming challenge.

First, you have to do heavy research to find opportunities. This might involve scouring the internet, visiting local job fairs, reading the newspaper, looking at job banks and career engines online and more.

Then, you submit your job application and possibly interview.

Job applications can take up to an hour to complete, seriously. And, the interview gets you one step closer to landing that job but oftentimes, you have limited information about the job itself until or after your interview so, you’re left knowing very little about the bare basics of the job: hours, pay, structure, work culture, etc.

Lastly, after all of that, you play the waiting game, wondering if you will get that job or not, while trying to balance looking for other job search activities.

With Steady App, they help you solve this problem by matching you with on-demand jobs to earn money and help you track your income!

Their goal is to help you search and filter extra income opportunities based on your availability and skillset. Plus, they want to inspire you to improve your financial health, while feeling motivated during the entire process. All this is built into their app!

Sound too good to be true?

Let’s examine further, as we review Steady App. Keep reading.

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What is Steady App?

Steady’s goal is to build a better future for America’s workforce. They seek to change the way America works.

Steady has developed a platform that helps the community to find jobs, increase income, and plan for their financial future. Their mission is fivefold:

  • Power of community
  • Goal achievement
  • Increasing income
  • Tracking financial health
  • Safety and security

Power of community

This is first and foremost, the community.

They are building a place where technology and information can meet, and work for the American worker. They have achieved amazing growth, with more than 650,000 members sharing their stories and moving forward to improve the way they work and make money.

Achieving goals

They want to help their users achieve their financial goals. They understand how motivated and inspired their members are by others’ success. They encourage storytelling to share your journey to continue inspiring others.

Increasing income

According to Steady, did you know that more than 40 percent of Americans have more than one source of income?

That figure is truly mind-boggling. That means nearly half of Americans have more than just their primary job.

With the growing gig economy, it’s not hard to see why. More and more people are craving extra income and gig jobs are making it possible. The flexibility and support that these gig jobs offer is truly unmatched:

  • Create your own schedule
  • Get paid weekly or on-demand
  • Work from home, work from your car, or other flexible environment
  • Control your pay, based on the hours you decide to work

Steady is here to help people find jobs that are the right fit for them, whether it be part-time, full-time, flex, or any time at all.

Tracking financial health

One of the features you’ll love is their Income Tracker.

What other on-demand job app has a built-in income tracker!

It was developed to help you focus on what and when you are earning, aiding in helping Steady provide even better job opportunities to fit your needs based on location, availability, and interests.

The importance of safety and security

They know the importance of safety and security. They know that privacy is important to their community and they assure you that your information is safe and secure. They use the latest technology to protect your data, never selling information to third parties.

Steady started in 2017 and today the company has over 1 Million app installs! Here’s how it all began..

How it all started?

One of the cofounders, Adam Roseman, shares his story here.

After his father recently retired, he faced what many retiring Americans struggle with: not having enough retirement savings. In order to stay afloat financially, his father needed to work part-time. Roseman stepped in to help, suggesting his father look for flexible opportunities that matched his availability and interests.

And so, the story of Steady began.

At A Glance

Steady matches users with on-demand jobs and helps them start tracking their income.

They help you look after your financial health, providing an income tracker to assist with monitoring your earnings, ensuring you have the benefits you need while working. They connect their members to extra income opportunities, helping them discover and share ways to increase their earnings, while motivating them throughout the process.

Steady is constantly adding new extra income opportunities.

Their built-in search and filter features make it easy to find income opportunities to suit your needs, skills, and availability.

You also get help tackling your financial goals with Steady’s Income Tracker, which lets you focus on what you are earning to understand where your money comes from, rather than just watching what you’re spending.

They seek to inspire their users, helping them find ways to earn more money, whether it be a part of their short-term plan or long-term solution.

How to Get Started?

To join, it’s free. Download the Steady app, available on Android and Apple store, then, create your account, and get started finding work.

After downloading the app, first you’ll enter your zip code to see what jobs are available around you. After entering your location, you’ll have access to browse available jobs.

You’ll be taken to a helpful screen that gives you four ways to search for extra money:

  • Work from home
  • Anytime work
  • Part-time & full-time work
  • Recently added work

Simple click a category to be taken to those jobs.

You’ll get a handful of opportunities to review up front but, you get full access unlocked once you sign up.

How to Sign Up for Steady

It’s a simple signup process.

  • Enter your name, email address, and phone number (you also have the option of signing up with Facebook)
  • Sign up for SMS text notifications (optional)
  • Create your password and go!

You’ll go through a quick survey which helps Steady match you with opportunities that fit your needs.

The multiple choice questions asked:

  1. What kind of work are you looking for?
  2. What’s most important in the opportunities you’re looking for?
  3. What do you want to do with extra cash you earn through Steady?
  4. Where do you want to work?
  5. What’s your highest level of education?
  6. What does your work situation look like right now?
  7. Which of the following do you use?
  8. How do you keep track of your budget or financial plan?
  9. What is your yearly household income?
  10. What products or services can Steady help you with?
  11. How did you first hear about Steady?

Once you complete the survey, you will gain access to the list of available opportunities. You can click into opportunities of interest and apply, if interested.

Steady App Opportunities

After browsing through available opportunities, you’ll click into an opportunity of interest and be taken to a page with a ton of information about the job:

  • Job activity
  • Job details
  • Pay insights
  • Time to finish application
  • Estimated time to get approved
  • What you need to apply
  • Opportunity insights

Job activity

This section talks about the type of job, for example, customer support, transcription, etc.

Job details

The job details section gives a short summary of the job duties. This includes what work you’ll be doing, tasks involved, key attributes and more.

Pay insights

The pay insights is your pay range. This section shows what you will be earning.

Time to finish application

The estimated time to complete the job application is shown here.

Estimated time to get approved

This is how long it will take before you get a response back from your application.

What you need to apply

Your job requirements are in this section, including things like:

  • Age requirement
  • Degree
  • Background check
  • History or experience

Opportunity insights

This final section gives a more broad overview of the job, sharing what kind of people are best suited for that job type.

So, you’ll see that you get a lot more information about jobs compared to a job opportunity from a typical career bank or company website. This structure is helpful in so many ways.

You get your expectations set up front, knowing how long the process will take to get started, the pay range you’ll be aiming for if you decide to apply, and more.

Once you click “Apply,” you’ll get a popup confirming the job you are applying for, with a reminder on the time it takes to complete the application and a “Continue” button to get started.

What You’ll Like About Steady

It takes the best parts of the job search process and combines it into one, making a streamlined, user-friendly experience for you to find jobs that suit your needs, without wasting your time or energy.

The app is laid out well, with professional appearance and navigation-friendly interface.

You can change your work filters at any time by toggling the Filter button in the upper right hand corner of the app, making edits like:

  • Location
  • Work type
  • Categories
  • And, more!

Is Steady a Scam?

Everyone is a little skeptical about new apps but, Steady App appears to be totally legit.

It’s clear that this company is doing great things in the on-demand job sector. Take a look at some of their glowing reviews:

Making a lot of money

“I’ve made more money from my part-time gigs through the app last month than my actual salary and I enjoy these jobs much more than my regular work. You should absolutely give it a try.”

Brilliantly designed

“It’s a brilliantly designed app that was very convenient to use when I was looking for a job last month. I was able to find something the very next day which really was a big relief.”

How Much Money Can You Make with Steady?

The amount you earn depends on the opportunity you pursue. Some of the jobs pay you up to $20/hour while others let you set your own rate!

A part-time worker making $20/hour at 20 hours a week can make around $400/week (or around $1,200/month).

For the job opportunity to make the most money, aligned with your needs and skills, make sure to answer your survey honestly.

All questions are multiple choice and let you pick more than one answer, if needed.

This is the best way to ensure the opportunities presented to you, are a match!

Steady Easy Wins

The app offers Steady Easy Wins, too!

With this feature you can earn money in a few steps, helping you boost your income and improve your financial health. Hand-picked jobs and offers you can review for money.

These special offers are incentivized so you can take advantage of an offer, like joining Instacart, for example, and earn $20 from Steady.

To access, go to your navigation bar at the bottom of the app and click benefits.

Then, you scroll through all the available easy wins to pick the ones you’d like to earn cash on!

At the time of this writing, there are offers totaling over $2,000 in Steady Easy Wins in cash earning and cash saving offers. Don’t miss out on this.

Discovery Feed

The Discover section is available in your bottom navigation bar.

This resource center presents you with helpful advice and articles on income, careers, and finances, from top publishers around the world like:

Plus, much more!

Income Tracker

You can gain free access to the income tracker, which is also found in the bottom navigation bar.

Get access to:

  • See what jobs make you the most money
  • Snapshot of your monthly income
  • A safe and secure way to help get the best jobs delivered to you and track your income

They never sell your data to third parties and all you need to do is click the “Let’s do it!” button on this screen, to get started.

Getting started is easier than ever.

Just link your bank account. This will track the extra income you make from your Steady job opportunities. That’s it!

What I Like About Steady

This is what I love most about Steady App.

1. It’s Free

You can’t beat free! You’d be surprised how many career banks and job search engines are paid.

It’s nice that Steady offers this free resource to users to help them connect with on-demand jobs to suit their needs and lifestyle.

2. It’s Easy

The process is super simple. From start to finish, it will take you under 5 minutes to complete the setup, including installing the app, signing up, and completing your survey.

If you are looking for a job search engine that is user-friendly and easy, Steady delivers!

3. It’s Comprehensive

One component I really enjoy is that making money and saving money are blended together in this app. This is unlike other job banks that focus solely on jobs. So, the process is twofold.

On the front end, search for on-demand jobs on Steady, find opportunities, work and get paid. On the back end, monitor your earnings, track your financial health and improve your financial picture!

4. It’s Rewarding

In addition to be connected with real, legitimate job opportunities, you get access to these bonus features in the Benefits section. This gives you a cool way to earn extra right away, in a multitude of ways!

5. It’s Fun

Who said job hunting isn’t fun?

Because they provide so much information about each job, including pay rate and time requirement for application, your job hunt on Steady will be enjoyable and fun. You are brought on-demand jobs right to your fingertips, from the convenience of your cell phone and given a multifaceted platform to help you earn and save money!

6. Lots of Job Results

At first, I was a little disappointed, only receiving around 21 jobs in my search but, you can edit your work filters to get more jobs, and I did!

This little change gave me so many job results I couldn’t count them all! Tons of opportunities in part-time, full-time, work from home and more. If you find that your job results are limited, tweak your filters to increase the number of results you get.

What I Don’t Like About Steady

Here are a couple things that I think the platform can improve upon.

1. Extend to Website

It’s awesome that this app offers so much, right on your cell phone but, for those that like to review on a larger screen like a computer, this is left on the table. In the future, we hope Steady extends to a desktop version for computer lovers to enjoy their on demand job process and income tracker, too.

2. More Benefits

While there are over $2,000 in money-making and money-saving offers in the Benefits section, this leads to only around 18 offers.

I want more!

Expanding this section a bit more would be preferable for me. I love to see pages of offers, that let me scroll endlessly. This section should be beefed up.

3. No Friend Referral Program

One thing I really love about a lot of apps I have on my phone, is the refer-a-friend program.

Refer-a-friend programs helped me:

  • Earn my first $10 through Dosh App
  • Share money-saving site Ebates with my sister, earning her $10 and me $25 just for sharing it
  • Make money every time a new friend of mine tries out my favorite meal delivery service, GrubHub

This was a bit of a disappointment. I’d love to see a refer-a-friend program on Steady.

4. Pay Insights Across All Job Opportunities

One of the features I truly loved was pay insights. This little feature shows you how much a job is paying!


A lot of job banks and search engines do not show that information. While you can do a little research yourself to find out on your own, or wait until you get hired to negotiate pay, it’s definitely nice to have this information handed to you up front, before you even apply.

Because pay is important and it can determine if you should pursue a job in the first place.

If you have a pay range in mind, instead of wasting time completing an application, interviewing, and finding out at the time the job is offered, that the pay rate doesn’t work, it’s great having this important detail in advance.

While pay insights on Steady App shows up on a portion of the job opportunities, it does not extend across all opportunities and it would be great if it did!

Who Should Use Steady?

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with Steady App. It’s a great tool to help connect you with jobs to earn more money and help you track your income, effortlessly.

If you’re looking for a way to make extra money to supplement your income or just looking for a job, in general. I’d recommend you check out Steady. It’s perfect for many types of job goers:

  • College students looking for part-time, flex, or work from home jobs
  • Stay-at-home moms and stay-at-home dads looking for income opportunities from home
  • Retirees trying to find part-time jobs to supplement their income
  • Freelancers looking to close the gap in their pay with extra income
  • Anyone looking for a job

I think Steady App is an excellent way to have on-demand jobs brought to you!

The Best Way to Use Steady

I think a great way to use Steady, is in junction with other kinds of job search tools. Using multiple tools can cover a broader landscape and really give you the best comprehensive view of jobs in your area: work from home, part-time, full-time, etc.

Here are some job tools, available on app and online that you can check out to aid in your job search:


If you have any skills at all, you can work with TaskRabbit. After getting this app, answer a few questions about your skills and how much you want to be paid, and then watch the jobs pour in.

You can become a tasker to start tasking and make money you way, helping others with everyday things. Job categories include:

  • Handyman
  • Delivery
  • Cleaning
  • Moving
  • Personal Assistant
  • Furniture assembly

At TaskRabbit you can find jobs you love, at rates you choose, and make a schedule that fits your life.


Great if you’re handy. Think more along the lines of handyman or handywoman, doing things like assembling Ikea furniture, moving, cleaning, and related.

You supply your own equipment and tools, and use the app to get matched with clients who need handy work.


Grab the app and get connected with hourly and/or daily jobs, right at your fingertips.

  • Choose the perfect job
  • Apply for a job
  • Manage your freelancer profile
  • Manage your income

Wage App

On demand jobs and gigs, right from your cell phone!

Select the jobs you want, seal the deal, earn money, and build your reputation with a star rating.

Jobble App

The largest community of on-demand workers!

Jobble is hard-working, progressive, and reliable.

  • Choose when you work
  • Get a variety of different jobs
  • Enjoy flexible income, making money and getting paid within a reasonable time frame

The sign-up process is easy.

First, create your account. You’ll register with your name, email address , and location. Upon registration, you will confirm your email address to verify your account.

Then, you will set up your profile.

From there, search your personal board to find local job opportunities, apply, and get accepted for work.

Lastly, contact your hiring manager to discuss important job information and that’s it!


Ok, so there are a couple job resources to check out to look for extra income opportunities. If you happen to already know what kind of job you want, like dog walking or delivering food, you can go straight to that company to apply. Here are some general gig work categories to think about:

  • Delivery
  • Driving
  • Pet care
  • Admin or assistant
  • Home-related

Here’s a list of the 50 best gig economy apps to find work and live the gig economy lifestyle.

Final Thoughts on Steady

This wraps up our review on Steady. I hope you found it educational and you feel fully informed, left with no questions to ask.

In case you do, comment down below to share your questions on Steady, first impressions and overall thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

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