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10 Apps Like TaskRabbit: Make Good Money Doing Odd Jobs

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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

In the modern gig economy, there are endless opportunities for odd jobs and side hustles.

Websites and apps like TaskRabbit make it easy for you to find local and remote gigs. 

If you want to make money doing odd jobs, branch out and use multiple sites and apps. Below you’ll find (X) options for local side gigs and some options for making money online, too. 

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1. EasyShift

EasyShift is an app available in the U.S. and U.K., and it pays users to complete small, simple ‘mystery shopper’ type tasks.

You go to a designated store and complete the Shift, which is a time-sensitive task; examples of Shifts include:

  • Taking photos of product displays.
  • Checking the prices of products.
  • Reviewing in-store promotional events.

The EasyShift app is 100 percent free to use and available for Android and iOS phones. As soon as you download the app and sign up, you can start completing tasks in your area. 

How Much Does EasyShift Pay?

The pay for each EasyShift Task varies depending on factors like:

  • Location
  • The difficulty of a task. 
  • Length of a task.

Most users report tasks pay anywhere from $2 to $20 each. There are often bonus payments available for various tasks, meeting goals, and more.

How Do EasyShift Payments Work?

EasyShift pays users via PayPal, and payments are sent approximately 48 hours after a Shift is approved. 

2. Field Agent

Field Agent is another mystery shopper style app, and users work as Agents to complete short paid tasks. Some Field Agent task examples from their website include:

  • Checking in-store displays.
  • Checking product prices.
  • Taking photos of products.
  • Answering short surveys about the tasks.

For example, you may go to an electronics store and take photos of a specific computer. Then you answer questions about the price and computer’s features to complete your task.

How Much Does Field Agent Pay?

According to the Field Agent FAQ, each task pays between $1 and $12 each. How much you earn depends on how many tasks are available and how many you complete.

How Do Field Agent Payments Work?

Field Agent lets you cash out your earnings via direct deposit to your bank account. When you want to redeem your earnings, you simply request a cash out through the app. 

3. Zaarly

Zaarly is a website where small business professionals can look for local home service providers. You can sign up as a provider to offer services like junk removal, home repairs, cleaning services, and more. 

If you want to be a Zaarly service provider, you go through an application process. Steps include:

  • Passing a background check.
  • Providing several references.
  • Completing phone interviews. 

Zaarly jobs are geared toward people who have professional experience with home services. If you’re looking to use your skills to earn side income, this may be a great fit for you.

How Much Does Zaarly Pay?

Zaarly doesn’t disclose how much they pay service providers. However, they do take a 10% fee from earnings. 

How Do Zaarly Payments Work?

Zaarly uses Stripe and customers pay via credit cards. Once payment is approved and sent, it typically reaches your bank account within three days. 

4. Gigwalk

Gigwalk is a popular small task and mystery shopper app, and it’s very similar to Field Agent and EasyShift. To earn money, you download the free app, sign up as a Gigwalker, and perform tasks like:

  • Taking pictures of product displays at drugstores.
  • Checking product prices.
  • Asking store employees a specific set of questions. 

The easiest tasks take five minutes or so to complete, but complex tasks can take up to a few hours. You pick and choose which ones you want to complete.

How Much Does Gigwalk Pay?

According to the Gigwalk FAQ page, each gig pays anywhere from $3 to $100. Reviews say that most gigs tend to pay on the lower end around $10 to $20.

You’ll know ahead of time how much a gig pays, how long it may take, and how complex it is. This makes it easy to select the ones that suit your schedule. 

How Do GigWalk Payments Work?

Once your gig is completed and approved, payment is sent to you via PayPal. The general timeframe for approval isn’t listed on the Gigwalk FAQ page. 

5. is a very popular platform that pairs caregivers with people in need. You can sign up to provide caregiver services such as:

  • babysitting and nannying
  • in-home daycare
  • special needs care
  • senior care and nursing
  • pet care
  • tutoring 
  • housekeeping
  • odd jobs and running errands

As of June 2019, charges a monthly subscription fee for caregivers. You can start with a free basic membership to see if the platform is ideal for you, but only paid memberships cover all of the bases.

The fee covers a background check, verify you as a caregiver, and gives you full access to potential customers. Rates are currently six months for $10 per month, three months for $15 per month, or one month for $20. 

How Much Does Pay? states “ does not take a cut of your pay. Payment and payment details are strictly between you and your employer.” They also state that you should have contracts in place with your clients (employers).

The company has a free calculator tool to help you set your hourly rates. According to, the average caregiver from earns $16.70 per hour.

How Do Payments Work?

Payments are based entirely on however you choose to set them up with each client.

6. NeedTo

NeedTo is a platform that connects local residents with workers in their area. You can sign up as a worker to offer professional services like:

  • handyman services
  • furniture and product assembly
  • household cleaning
  • moving and hauling 
  • lawn and garden care
  • business and legal help
  • web and graphic design

These are just some of the potential jobs you can do; you’ve got a lot of opportunities to use different skills as a NeedTo worker.

How Much Does NeedTo Pay?

On NeedTo, you make offers on listings created by NeedTo clients. For example, they’ll write a bit about the task at hand and provide an estimated budget.

You and other workers make offers, and you choose how much you’re willing to accept as payment. NeedTo clients check out offers and info on worker profiles to select a worker. 

How Do NeedTo Payments Work?

NeedTo secures payment from clients for workers; once a job is completed and approved, you’re paid via PayPal. There’s no estimated time frame given for worker approval and payout. 

7. Handy

Handy is a website where people can seek out local cleaning and handyman services. Workers can sign up as Pros, and they may perform tasks like:

  • deep cleaning
  • move-out cleaning
  • appliance installation
  • furniture assembly
  • plumbing tasks
  • lawn care
  • home renovations

These are just some of the dozens of services offered by Pros, so you may easily find one that suits your personal or professional experience.

How Much Does Handy Pay?

On the Professional signup page, Handy states “Make up to $22/hour/job as a cleaner or $45/hour/job as a handyman.” They also say that their top Pros earn over $1,000 per week. 

How Do Handy Payments Work?

Pros are paid by Handy via direct deposit. Money is sent shortly after a job is completed and approved, but a specific time frame isn’t mentioned. 

8. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most well-known online marketplaces for selling services and goods called Gigs. You sign up as a Seller on Fiverr and can offer Gigs like:

  • writing blog posts
  • recording personal greetings
  • designing logos
  • social media promotion
  • creating GIFs 
  • building websites
  • data entry 

There are thousands of Gigs you can create, customize, and offer to a huge customer base. Fiverr reports that a Gig is bought every four seconds and they’ve had over 50 million transactions to date. 

How Much Does Fiverr Pay?

You have complete control over pricing your Gigs as long as they’re a minimum of $5. Many Sellers offer Gigs for a set rate, then let buyers upgrade for custom options. Examples include:

  • Editing a blog post for $10, and offering rush-delivery service for an extra $2.
  • Creating a black and white logo for $15, and offer customized colors for an extra $3. 

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that Fiverr takes a 20% commission on your earnings. So if your Gig is priced at $10, you’ll actually earn $8. 

How Do Fiverr Payments Work?

Fiverr offers payment options like PayPal and direct deposit. Once your Gig is delivered and approved, your payment is transferred. The exact time frame isn’t disclosed on the Seller signup page.

9. Crowdflower/Figure Eight

Figure Eight – formerly known as Crowdflower – pays you to do small tasks without leaving your home. This option is a bit different from others, but it’s a great pick if you’d prefer to make money online instead.

To perform tasks on Figure Eight, you sign up as a Contributor and quickly get access to quick jobs like:

  • Reading social media posts and categorizing the emotions they contain. 
  • Read and view texts and images to decide whether they’re for general audiences or not.
  • Listen to short audio clips and transcribe them into text.

There are dozens or hundreds of small tasks like these available for you to complete anytime you want.

How Much Does Figure Eight Pay?

You’re paid for each quick job or task you complete, and they can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. Super-quick tasks may pay a few seconds, and complex jobs will pay a few dollars or more.

How Do Figure Eight Payments Work?

Figure Eight pays Contributors via PayPal. Tasks are reviewed and approved, and the money is added to your Figure Eight account balance. 

You can transfer your earnings to PayPal once per week. Figure Eight doesn’t take a commission from your balance, so you get to keep 100% of your earnings.

10. So Many Errands 

So Many Errands is a website where you sign up as an errand runner. Errand runners perform odd jobs and part-time work for local clients. Example jobs include:

  • grocery shopping
  • mowing lawns
  • cleaning homes
  • picking up or dropping off items

Signing up as an errand runner is free, and you can search and apply for local errands. 

How Much Does So Many Errands Pay?

Each errand or task pays a certain rate. Here are two current example rates from So Many Errands:

  • Picking up mail and running a short errand for $40.
  • Picking up and mailing a sports package for $20. 
  • Picking up and dropping off items from a pharmacy for $20. 

You’ll always know upfront how much an errand pays, so you can decide if it’s worth applying for or not. 

How Do So Many Errand Payments Work?

So Many Errands does not handle payment transactions. Instead, errand runners are paid by clients directly. Payments are made in cash. 

Online-Only Apps Like TaskRabbit

If you prefer doing odd jobs online, you have plenty of options for working 100% from home. The list below features websites and apps for small gigs, freelance work, and other simple virtual tasks:

Amazon Mechanical Turk and Crowdworker are similar to Figure Eight. You don’t need any specific skills or experience to find small tasks, and the work you perform is the same.

The other websites focus a bit more on your personal or professional skills. Each offers diverse options for work and payment, so check them out to find suitable matches.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve got 10 websites and apps like TaskRabbit to try, you can start earning extra money whenever it suits you. Mix and match the apps and websites above to make money faster than ever.

We’re always on the lookout for side hustles, work from home opportunities, and more. Check out these Frugal For Less to find even more real gigs you can do locally and online.

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