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10 Free Apps Like MobileXpression To Earn A Passive Income

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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

Looking for apps like MobileXpression can help you generate an extra income from your phone?

The great thing about this app is that it gives you cash just for leaving the app installed on your phone.

Simply let it sit in the background and generate a passive income in free gift cards and PayPal cash.

The only work you have to do is check back every few months and collect your free cash prizes.

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List of Top Apps Like MobileXpression

Let’s get started with our list of the 10 apps like MobileXpression to help you earn a passive income from your phone.

Keep in mind that we’ve personally tested all of the apps on this list, so we know they’re 100% legit and not a scam.

We’ll be covering how these apps work, why they make the list and how much you can earn.

And for those who aren’t sure what MobileXpression is, we cover it down below right after our list.

1. Drop

Drop App Logo

Earnings (Yearly)Payment MethodRegistration BonusRatingNext Steps
VariesGift Cards$5★★★★★Join NowRead Full Review

The Drop app allows you to earn points for gift cards when you shop in-store and online. Just connect the credit or debit card to your favorite shops and let the device help you earn.

Your rewards cards actually needed more space than your credit cards from your grocery store to the coffee shop on the road.

Although physical reward cards are no longer as widespread, loyalty systems are now just as prevalent as ever.

Both our reward points are automatically monitored these days. If you combine with a shopping game, you have got a formula for a good shopping app.

Drop is a retail program that lets you earn points from your favorite retailers while purchasing.

You can exchange them for gift cards if you receive enough money.The amount of cash you make each time you order depends on the retailer.

As a money-saving app, Drop likes to market itself. Drop’s overall goal is to help you invest as you receive bonuses back on your procurements.

Drop is a free app to use and even gives you a $5 registration bonus as a new member.

The amount of drop points you obtain each exchange is calculated by the dealer.

In one of your favorite shops, you can earn more points than others. Most consumers receive nearly 1% to 2 % back from their purchases.

This is definitely one of my favorite apps like MobileXpression.

Try the Drop App Free

2. Dosh

Dosh App Logo

Earnings (Yearly)Payment MethodRegistration BonusRatingNext Steps
VariesCash$5★★★★★Join NowRead Full Review

The Dosh app is a very similar app to the Drop app.

Earn cash back by shopping through the app and making a purchase at one of their many partnered retailers.

Once you sign-up for an account, connect your credit card or debit card to your account.

From there you can browse their list of retailers.

You’ll be redirected to the retailers’ websites and you simply make a purchase like you normally would using the card that you connected.

Within a week you’ll receive cash back to your account.

In short, you’re getting paid for something you already do on a frequent basis – online shopping.

The amount of cash you can make with Dosh varies depending on the retailer, but expect to earn anywhere between 1% and 10% in cash back.

Not only that, but once you make your first purchase through the app you earn a $5 welcome bonus.

Try the Dosh App Free

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks Logo

Earnings (Yearly)Payment MethodRegistration BonusRatingNext Steps
VariesCash & Gift Cards$5★★★★★Join NowRead Full Review

Swagbucks is an app that pays you to complete online tasks.

But did you know that with Swagbucks you can also earn passively?

There’s currently three different ways you can earn without doing anything through Swagbucks.

Watching Videos

You can make a passive income by leaving videos playing on your phone.

When you log-in to Swagbucks (on your desktop computer on your mobile app), go to the watch videos section.

Click “Play” and leave the videos running.

You can leave them going for hours without having to click a “Next” button.

Scanning Receipts

Swagbucks also recently installed a new receipt scanning option that pays you to take a picture of your grocery receipt.

The best part is that it doesn’t matter where or what you buy, just as long as it’s a valid receipt.

Online Shopping

You can use their online shopping portal to earn cash back.

Click on one of the links to their retailers and make a purchase.

They receive a commission from your purchase and give a portion of it back to you in the form of cash back.

You’re getting paid for something you already do.

Swagbucks is one of the best money making apps out there due to their wide variety of options.

In addition to what we mentioned, you can make money watching videos, playing games, answering online paid surveys, online shopping, taking polls and more.

Swagbucks starts off great with a $5 signup bonus for new users.

This is a great app like MobileXpression since there’s many different ways to earn, such as cash back for shopping, watching videos and more.

Try Swagbucks Free

4. Rakuten

Rakuten Logo

Earnings (Yearly)Payment MethodRegistration BonusRatingNext Steps
VariesCash & Gift Cards$10★★★★★Join NowRead Full Review

Rakuten (formerly Ebates) is an online cash back portal that pays you for shopping online.

They’ve partnered up with thousands of retailers across the web in order to help you save money through cash back.

When you sign up for Rakuten, search for a retailer of your choosing.

They have plenty to choose from such as Walmart gift cards, Nike and many other retailers.

Click on one of the retailers you want shop at, and you’ll be redirected to their homepage.

Once you click on the link to another retailer, Rakuten automatically installs a cookie in your browser that tracks your purchase patterns.

From there, simply make a purchase like you normally would and Rakuten will know how much you pay when shopping online.

Wait up to 30 days to receive free cash back in your account.

Essentially you’re getting paid for something you already do: online shopping.

When you sign-up as a new user, you get a $10 signup bonus in the form of a free Walmart gift card or another retailer of your choosing.

Not only that, but they have an excellent referral program that allows you to make up to $25 per friend referred.

Try Rakuten Free

5. Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Nielsen Company Logo

Earnings (Yearly)Payment MethodRegistration BonusRatingNext Steps
$50/DeviceCash & Gift CardsN/A★★★★★Join NowRead Full Review

The Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is another app that pays you just for leaving it installed on your phone.

While installed in the background, Nielsen collected data about your phone.

This includes how many texts you send per day, what websites you are browsing, etc.

From there, they sell this information to companies in the form of market research and give a portion of it back to you.

It’s a win-win situation.

For those who are concerned about their privacy, not to worry.

All of the data is kept completely anonymous so no one will be able to trace it back to you.

Since the app uses up so little memory and processing power, you won’t even notice it quietly running in the background.

The Nielsen panel awards you $50 reward per year per device you have the app installed on.

This means that the more devices you install the app on, the more you earn.

As far as we know, there’s only a limit of the amount of devices you can install in a certain area, but no limit to the amount in one home.

The Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel also comes with a desktop application, but they only pay in sweepstakes drawings.

It’s another great app like MobileXpression.

Try the Nielsen App Free

6. Smart App

Smart App Logo

Earnings (Yearly)Payment MethodRegistration BonusRatingNext Steps
$60/DeviceGift CardsN/A★★★★★Join NowRead Full Review

The Smart App (previously known as Smart Panel) works in exactly the same way as the Nielsen app.

Simply download the app to your phone to generate a passive income by leaving it installed in the background.

When you first register, you’ll need to take a short survey to find out if you qualify.

However, most people usually pass this as long as they’re located in the US and there aren’t too many users in their area.

The more devices you connect, the more you earn.

You earn $5 per device per month or $60 per year.

For every 3 months that you leave the app installed you’re given a loyalty bonus.

Looking for even more cash?

The Smart App also pays you free cash to take surveys.

Sometimes they’ll even enter you in a free giveaway.

Keep in mind that the surveys are completely optional and not required to earn passive income like you would with MobileXpression.

Try the Smart App Free

7. SavvyConnect

SavvyConnect Logo

Earnings (Yearly)Payment MethodRegistration BonusRatingNext Steps
$60/DeviceGift Cards$5★★★★★Join NowRead Full Review

SavvyConnect (by SurveySavvy) as part of Luth Research has been developing new, creative tools for the market analysis industry over the past 35 years.

Being a pioneer in community engagement and perspective, they saw the arrival of SurveySavvy in 1999, an innovative electronic polling group, at the forefront of the internet era.

SavvyConnect by SurveySavvy gives you fingertip surveys.

Furthermore, your VIP program uses state-of-the-art safe data collection technology while surfing the web.

You receive cash bonuses by discovering patterns in web quests, shopping online, movies, and other features.

Set up your devices and receive cash to hold the free SavvyConnect program enabled.

Computer installation is not mandatory for online surveys.

The computer recognizes “Private Browsing,” “Incognito mode” and avoids transmitting when these modes are allowed.

Once you activate the app, you can fully grasp SavvyConnect and its customers’ online activity and can collect paid surveys to stay involved.

Daily rewards would be offered to you to engage in SavvyConnect.

SavvyConnect offers quick and fast exposure on your mobile to all your web survey invitations.

You can receive $1 to $3 for each survey you complete, and will offer a check reward when the account is just $1.

You can qualify for a monthly draw of 50 $10 awards if you are filtered out from a sample.

You can receive $5 extra per device you have set up with the program, for a limit of three devices per household.

That means you can make a total of $180 per year in passive income.

It ensures that with any month you use the site extension you are getting $15 extra dollars.

Try SavvyConnect Free

8. Panel App

Panel App Logo

Earnings (Yearly)Payment MethodRegistration BonusRatingNext Steps
$12/DeviceGift CardsN/A★★★★Join NowRead Full Review

Panel App has paid over 2 million dollars in cash and incentives for its exclusive smartphone reward program.

Benefit points for place-based polls and data sharing.

For consumer study and review, the Panel App analyses mobile info, including applications and locations.

The App Panel values the privacy of your device and enables you to delete the application from your device at any time.

It is a major passive revenue program for smartphones and it is accessible on both Android and IOS.

Panel app pays roughly $1 per month for each device it’s installed all.

All that you have to do is install the app, sign up and address a few quantitative questions.

What you need to do is make sure that the Panel Software stays working in your phone history and points are credited each day.

You will receive Amazon or Costco gift cards at a minimum of $1.

It can take 1-2 weeks to receive your payment dates, but the Panel App is responsive and has no problems.

Try Panel App Free

9. Mobile Performance Meter

Mobile Performance Meter Logo

Earnings (Yearly)Payment MethodRegistration BonusRatingNext Steps
$60/DeviceGift CardsN/A★★★★Join NowRead Full Review

The Mobile Performance Meter by Embee is yet another great passive income earner.

Simply leave the app installed in the background, use your phone like you normally would and get paid in free gift cards.

You can cash out to retailers such as Amazon, Sears, Walmart and many others.

Expect to earn around $5 per month or $60 per year.

While it isn’t much, you’re basically getting a free pizza without having to do any extra work.

The homepage of the Mobile Performance Meter isn’t very well done, but don’t let that fool you.

This app is 100% legit and pays you real cash prizes.

The only downside is that it’s currently only available on the Google Play Store and isn’t available to iPhone users.

The one thing I love about the Mobile Performance Meter is that they have great customer support reviews.

Contact them with any issues you might have and they’ll get back to you right away.

Try the Mobile Meter Free

10. ScreenLift

Screenlift Logo

Earnings (Yearly)Payment MethodRegistration BonusRatingNext Steps
VariesGift CardsN/A★★★★Join NowNo Review

Once you have the app installed on your phone, an advertisement will appear each time you unlock your phone.

You can either choose to engage with the ad or swipe left to make the ad disappear.

Whether you engage in the ad or not, you’ll earn a few extra points that can be converted into cash prizes such as free gift cards.

This app isn’t 100% passive since you have to do one extra swipe when unlocking your phone, but it comes pretty close.

Expect to earn an extra $5 to $10 per month just for unlocking your phone like you normally would.

The great thing about ScreenLift compared to other lock screen apps is that you can customize your lock screen and choose what you want to see.

You can choose between having to view the news, ads, the weather and other options.

Try ScreenLift Free

What Is MobileXpression?

For those of you who don’t know, MobileXpression is a consumer analysis forum intended to consider people’s mobile internet patterns and behaviors.

Are the internet’s most popular places always the most popular on the smartphone internet?

Where do people surf, and what mobile apps are they using?

These are the concerns that MobileXpression should tackle.

They advise that participants install the app on their mobile devices to engage in this research project.

The analysis program would track the Internet usage of group participants

This allows the app to gain awareness about how they access the Internet on their mobile devices.

They also occasionally invite their members to participate in optional surveys that help companies understand their mobile device interests.

Participants of the panel would be given bonuses for their attendance.

As a participating member of MobileXpression, you are eligible for weekly vouchers which a wide range of retailers will exchange for gift cards.

You must be at least 18 years old and have a mobile device available with the app software in order to become a participant.

Furthermore, you should also be allowed to use your phone to navigate the internet.

You qualify for a $5 Amazon gift card if you hold the device enabled for 1 week (7 days).

If after the first week you remain an active member, you will continue to earn credits for every week that the app is installed.

With gift vouchers, you can exchange certain points from eBay, The Home Depot, Dunkin Donuts, among others.

Furthermore, the MobileXpression app also holds sweepstakes where up to $100,000 can be won.

If you still have more questions, be sure to check out our MobileXpression review.

How Much Does MobileXpression Pay?

MobileXpression gives you $1.32 per week for leaving the app installed on your phone.

If you continue to leave the app running, this equals $5.28 per month or $63.36 per year.

You also receive a $5 Amazon gift card bonus just for leaving the app installed for the first seven days.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of common questions that we frequently receive.

Where Can I Download These Apps?

The majority of the items on this list work can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or App Store, and some even have PC applications or a browser extension that you can install.

How Much Can I Make?

We can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to make a certain amount off of our above list.

However, we estimate that you should be able to bring in roughly $1,500 per year in extra income without a lot of extra work.

Are These Apps Scam Or Legit?

The apps that we’ve presented on this list actually pay real money and are 100% legit.

We’ve personally tested and cashed out through all of them.

With that said, never sign up for an app that asks you to make a payment using your credit card or any other payment information.

If that’s the case, it’s most likely a scam.

What Do I Need To Sign Up?

For most of these apps, you typically just need to enter in your name, email address and create a password to get started.

Keep in mind that most of them will have you verify your email address after registration, so be sure to check your inbox.

How Is It That These Apps Are Able To Pay Me?

You’re probably wondering how these apps can even pay you since for the majority you’re just leaving them installed on your phone.

These apps collect market research such as how many texts you send a day, what websites you browse, etc.

They then sell this market research to companies for cash.

In exchange for this data collection, they give you a small commission in return.

Don’t worry about your information being stolen.

All of the data collection apps on this list keep your data anonymous so no one will be able to trace it back to you.

What Are The Best Apps That Pay On This List?

If you’re looking to get straight to the point, we personally like Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel and Drop for the best passive income earners on this list.

For those who don’t mind a little bit of work, Swagbucks is definitely the highest-paying and most enjoyable.

What Can I earn?

For the majority of apps, you can earn free gift cards or cash via PayPal. The majority will have the option to cash out for an Amazon gift card.

None of these apps allow you to cash out directly to your bank account.

What Are Other Great Apps Like MobileXpression To Make Money?

Looking to earn even more?

We suggest the following:

  • Survey Junkie (one of the best online survey sites on the web)
  • Branded Surveys (quickly becoming a very popular survey site due to its high payout)
  • Fundrise (an easy way to invest in private real estate without a large amount of capital)
  • DoorDash (earn extra cash delivering food on your own time)
  • Inbox Dollars (another site to earn for completing small tasks – $5 registration bonus)

Apps Like MobileXpression For A Passive Income

With these apps that pay you passively or for little time and effort, there’s never been an easier way to earn money from your phone.

At the end of the day, neither of these money applications will make you filthy rich, but you could earn a free gift card or some extra cash.

This is particularly great for college students looking to pay off student loans, stay at home moms or simply anyone just looking to make some cash fast.

It’s also a great way to start getting closer to reaching your personal finance goals.

If you found this post on the 10 best apps like MobileXpression interesting, you may also enjoy the following:

If you have any other items you’d like to add to our list of the 10 best apps like MobileXpression, let us know in the comments below.

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