10+ Best Ways To Get Paid To Unlock Your Phone

get paid to unlock your phone
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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

Looking to get paid to unlock your phone?

Frequent users of their smartphone can get paid for something they already do: unlock their phones. Earn money with these 10 best money lockscreen apps that are 100% free for your smartphone.

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Get Paid To Unlock Your Phone

All of these apps are reviewed and rated personally by us.

1. Screen Stash

screen stash lockscreen

Screen Stash is one of the higher-paying lock screen apps out there as well as the most passive. Once you install it on your phone, there’s literally no extra work that needs to be done. The only thing different is that an ad appears when you unlock your phone.

Whether you choose to engage or not in the ad, you still get paid. Once you reach a minimum of 1,500 points you can cash out for $1. However, we recommend saving up for a bit more since your points become more valuable the more you save up.

On average, I find that I can earn about $5 – $10 per month using the Screen Stash app. While it’s not much, it’s definitely the least intrusive on this list and most passive.

2. Adme

what is adme

Last but not least comes Adme. While it doesn’t offer anything incredibly special, users can be pretty much guaranteed to earn anywhere from $10 – $15 dollars per month.

You receive $1 dollar just for signing up. Each time you get paid you receive about $.02 cents, but you won’t get cash each time you swipe your phone.

Adme is very strict about fraudsters trying to earn extra cash, so they have an extra strict algorithm in how you earn money.

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3. Fronto

introducing fronto

Each time you unlock your phone, Fronto will pay you for doing one of four things: reading news articles, downloading apps, get involved in promotions, or simply unlocking your phone.

Fronto comes out on top at #1 due to its expected yield of $20 per month, a lot higher than most lock screen apps. It’s usually best to save up until you can cash out when you reach $25 dollars since your points will go a lot farther when you cash out in higher increments.

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4. Perk Screen

introducing perk screen

Perk Screen belongs to Perk, a series of reward apps that pays you for doing certain tasks. Perk Screen comes in at #2 since it is linked with your Perk account. This means whether you’re earning money through Perk TV or Perk Screen, all the points will accumulate into one account, making it easier and quicker to cash out. Don’t expect to make much from this app alone. It usually helps to be using other Perk Apps to help supplement your income.

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5. Slidejoy

Members of lock screen apps know all too well of Slidejoy, a veteran in the rewards app list. Users can expect to make anywhere from $5 – $15 dollars per month with more frequent phone users on the higher end. You get a free $.20 cents for signing-up and have the option of automatically donating all proceeds to charity. Get friends to sign-up and you will earn 20% of their first month’s earnings.

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6. ScreenPay

introducing screenpay

This app has one of the lowest payouts yet one of the most generous referral programs. ScreenPay will give you $3 dollars for each friend that is active for at least 30 days, and your friend will even receive a $1 dollar bonus when signing-up. Users can expect anywhere from $7 – $15 dollars a month, but more realistically will earn on the lower end of that number. Funds can only be withdrawn to PayPal at this time.

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7. ScreenLift

introducing screenlift

ScreenLift is by far one of the best lock screen apps out there. The payout is great, and you automatically get a 250-point bonus just for signing up as a new member.

What I like about ScreenLift compared to all of the other apps on this list is that it’s probably the least annoying. What this means is that the only difference when unlocking your phone is that there’s a small ad there.

Whether you engage in the ad or swipe right to unlock the ad, you get paid. This means there’s literally no extra work involved – the only thing you will notice upon unlocking your screen is a small ad image. You need a minimum of 1,500 points to cash out for for a PayPal deposit or a free gift card to Google Play, Amazon or Wal-Mart (this list may expand in the future).

We highly recommend saving more points before cashing out, since they become more valuable when you redeem a higher amount. For example, you can buy a $1 gift card with 1,500 points or a $5 gift card for 6,750 points – the second one is a much better value.

8. S’more

introducing s'more

S’more is one of the newer lock screen apps on the market, but that doesn’t mean they don’t pay well. What I love about this app is that you always will get $.10 cents per day just by having the app installed. It doesn’t even matter how many ads you engage with. You need a minimum of 150 points to cash out, and each point is worth $.01 cent. The one downside to this? You won’t get paid any extra. Use your phone once and you’re still going to get $.10 cents.

You can also earn points by taking surveys from brands, but this feature has yet to be released. As of right now, they don’t have any referral program currently going. If cash is what you’re looking for, this is probably not the right app for you. However, if you’re looking to make some easy money, you’re going to get $3 a month using the S’more app no matter how much you use it.

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9. Whaff Locker

introducing whaff locker

What I like about Whaff Locker is that you always know how much you’re going to get paid, and when you get paid. Each time you engage with an ad, $.03 cents is added to your account. Uncertain as to whether you’re going to get paid? If they don’t have cash available for you when you unlock your screen, they don’t give you an ad.

For this reason, it’s one of my favorite ads since they don’t waste any of your time unless they’re able to pay you. The one downside is that the payout isn’t high, and they don’t have payouts as frequently as other apps. They also have free-trial offers that you can participate in to earn some extra cash. Some of these are quite simple, such as filling out a survey or installing an app and testing it out. Use bonus code BQ17924 to get a bonus of $.30 cents upon sign-up for both you and your friend. of t

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10. MooCash

introducing moocash

The last app on our list is the Moo Cash App, the newest on the list. You only get coins by swiping left and engaging in an ad. When you swipe right, you go directly to your home screen, and unfortunately, you don’t get paid for this. This is the only app I’ve had extreme difficulties in determining how much I get paid. Nonetheless, it’s quite obvious that it’s the lowest among the lock screen app. If your phone can’t handle several of these apps at a time, we suggest not installing this one. However, if you do decide to use it, don’t expect to make any more than a few dollars per month.

Some other ways to earn some free cash are by installing apps and trying them out. Usually, you can get anywhere from $.30 cents to $1 for doing so. You can also get a bonus of 20 coins when you use code ROUEUC61 upon sign-up. Each time you refer a friend, you get a bonus of 300 coins. 1,000 coins are worth $1, and you need a minimum of 5,000 to cash out to PayPal or for gift cards to popular retailers.

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Final Thoughts

The best part about all of the apps is that they can be used l together. Each lock screen app installed on your phone will appear in a different order when you unlock it. For example, Perk Screen will appear. When you swipe it away, Fronto appears. This continues until you get to your main screen.

Do this with all 10 apps installed on your phone and you could earn an extra $50 – $60 per month for unlocking your phone. This is something you would normally do, essentially making these apps a stream of passive income.

The only problem one might encounter with these apps is that they only work with Android devices. Sorry iOS users, but Apple is very strict about what apps they accept.

If you have any other ways that you can get paid to unlock your phone, let us know in the comments below!

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