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Perk TV Review: Earn $250 Per Month In Passive Income With This App

Perk TV Review: Earn $250 Per Month In Passive Income With This App
Jason Wuerch Jan 5, 2020
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Note: The Perk app is no longer in service. For other articles similar to the Perk TV Review, we suggest checking out our review articles. For similar money making apps, check out our complete list of apps that pay.

Note: Perk has drastically changed their rewards system thus reducing amount of points earned per video. I did a trial experiment to see how much you can make per month with the new Perk TV that you can view in this article.

Do Almost Nothing and Make Money

If you been following my blog lately, you know that from my Top 20 Easy to Use Apps That Will Make You Money post that there are many apps that can help you bring in some extra cash. The problem is that most of them provide a meager side-income. Perk TV, however, works a little bit differently.

Fortunately, there is 1 app that can help you bring in an extra $250 per month in passive income. The best part is that it requires minimal work and anyone can do it.

I’m currently on track for earning that amount this month, and I want to share how you can do it too.

This short guide will explain all of the necessary steps to get you setup and running your passive income starting today.

What is Perk TV?

The sole app that we are going to use to create our income is called Perk TV.

what is perk tv

Perk TV is an app that pays you to watch countless videos on your smartphone or tablet. The videos only last about 1-2 minutes long on average, and you can choose between watching movie trailers or app trailers.

Each time you watch a video you are granted points. When you get enough points, they can be redeemed for gift cards to Amazon, WalMart, and Target, or you can have the option of opting out for cash and getting money directly deposited into your PayPal account. Now there’s even an option to redeem for Bitcoin.

These videos can be streamed continually without any work on your end. There is no check-in required to watch an upcoming trailer. Perk TV will automatically play the next video for you, meaning you will continue to earn points even if you aren’t near your phone.

Perk TV earns its income by hosting short ads before each trailer is displayed. You can visit the app’s website here to find out more information.

How to Make Passive Income from Perk TV

For the time being, every 2 videos watched pays you 4 points. 1 point is only worth 1/10 of a cent! Talk about your low earnings potential. So how is it that we can make any money from this app?

We let the app run all-night long.

Once you click on “Watch Movie Trailers” or “Watch App Trailers,” new movies will play over and over again without any maintenance required. Since videos automatically play from one to the next, we can simply sit back and relax while our points are adding up.

waiting for the next video on perk tv

I personally prefer to watch the App Trailers as they are slightly shorter than the movie trailers. For the iPhone, however, you only have the option of running movie trailers. Make sure to use androids if possible.

Just last night from sleeping alone I raked in about 550 points using 1 phone. This may not sound like much, considering that 550 points equates to only $.55 in cash. But this adds up fast.

And what if we ran the app for 24 hours in an entire day, never even touching it?

I slept for about 8 hours to get those 550 points, and I didn’t watch a single video. 24 divided by 8 = 3, meaning that we can earn 550 points 3 times in one day. 550 x 3 = 1650 points daily.

Using this logic, we have concluded that we can earn 1650 points in one day, or $1.65 in cash. In one month, this adds up to be $1.65 x 30 = $49.50!

That’s pretty awesome that $49.50 a month can be made for doing nothing.

There’s no limit to how many times you watch the same video. I’ve seen the same video come up multiple times, but I always get my points.

So How Am I Able to Earn Up to $250 Per Month?

I recently introduced this app to my girlfriend so that she could use it on her iPad Mini, and she’s already on her way to making some extra cash a month. That got me to thinking, what if you have more than one device that supports apps?

Let’s say you happen to have a tablet and a smartphone already. Does Perk TV allow you to run multiple devices on the same account? We went ahead and checked their website and here’s what we found:

“If you have more than one device that can run Perk TV, lucky you! You can use Perk TV on up to five devices as long as you are using only one perk account. You can run Perk TV on your iPhone and iPad at the same time!

If you are earning points too fast, you will receive a warning message:

“These videos were watched too quickly. Try Again!”

We suggest removing a device or two if you continue to see this warning.”

With two devices running Perk TV – one on your iphone and one on your tablet – you have double the amount of money phone farm with 5 phonescoming in. Instead of my lousy $49.50 a month, I’m now doubling that making $99 per month doing absolutely nothing other than clicking a few buttons.

Yet their website didn’t really answer what I was looking for. What I actually wanted to know is how many devices can we run Perk TV on only using one account?

We went ahead and sent them an email to find out the truth. Their response was that you can run up to a total of 5 devices using the same account.

If my current earnings are at $49.50 a month from running Perk TV on one device, that means that I could make a potential of:

$49.50 x 5 = $247.50 a month on 5 devices.

How much extra can we earn in a year?

$247.50 x 12 months in a year = $2,970!

That’s a lot of money for essentially doing nothing. Just don’t forget to leave your phone constantly charging.

Find Cheap Devices That Will Reliably Support The Perk TV App

Most of us probably don’t have extra phones laying around, so we need to go purchase a few more.

In order to run the Perk TV effectively while still make a profit, we set out to find a phone or tablet that was both cheap and wouldn’t crash from consistently running the Perk TV app.

Before I would recommend using the Kyocera Hydro or the Kyocera Event due to their cheap price, yet too many people reported that these crash after about 8 hours or so. It’s always a pain to reset the phone, so now we have some new suggestions.

After doing some thorough research, we narrowed our search down to these 2 phones based on reliability, price and performance.

lg optimus zone 2 phone no contract
We recommend the LG Optimus Zone 2 or the LG Optimus Fuel Phone for the most efficient and reliable phone for Perk TV.

These two phones are essentially the same in every way in terms of performance. The only difference is their name and their carrier. No contract is required from any of these phones, as you can run it simply from Wifi.

If you don’t want to fork over the extra money for the LG phones, then the Kyocera Hydro from Kyocera is the best option. These phones often go on sale at Target for $10 – $15, so make sure to keep updated on local deals.

Kyocera Hydro
We recommend the Kyocera Hydro for the cheapest phone to run Perk TV.

The reason why the Kyocera Hydro crashes after about 8 hours or so is due to the amount of bloatware and cache memory that builds up in your phone.

Remember: The better the phone, the less likely they are to crash. Try to get the best phone that fits within your budget. After all, in about a month you can make up for the cost of your phone

Don’t spend too much on your initial investment and buy all 5 phones at once. If Perk TV ever shuts down, you might be trying to sell your phone just to get your money back. I would say that if your cost is under $30, you should be okay making your money back within the first month.

Before You Start Running Perk TV

Now that you have your phones purchased and are ready to start your Perk TV Farm, it’s time to look at a few precautions.

1. Low Bandwidth Setting

In order to make sure your phone doesn’t slow down from constantly streaming videos, make sure to put your Perk TV on the low bandwidth setting found under your account settings.

perk tv low bandwidth setting

This setting reduces the quality of the videos and therefore frees up more bandwidth. Videos will load much faster and your phone will be less likely to freeze.

For those of you who have a capped data plan, the Perk TV app uses roughly 2 – 4 GB in a 24-hour period per phone depending on the device (from personal experience).

2. Get a Decent Internet Connection

With all of these devices running videos under the same network, a good internet connection is necessary. Otherwise, you might be constantly checking on your phones to make sure that the app hasn’t stopped or gone down.

If videos take too long to load on the Perk TV app, sometimes the app will stop until you hit the resume button on the video player. Remember, we want to be making passive income, not constantly attending to our devices.

I currently run a cable internet connection from Comcast on all 5 devices and haven’t experienced any problems as of yet.

Another method you might try is to use your both your data plan (make sure it’s unlimited) from your phone and your internet connection from home. This way you can create two separate networks, spreading the bandwidth and making it less possible for either of them to go down

3. Limit Screen Brightness and Reduce Heat

Depending on the device, your phone or tablet can get hot from running videos 24/7. It’s important to keep down the brightness to both extend the device’s life and keep it cool. It might even be wise to put your entire Perk TV Farm near a fan.

Search in the App Store for an App that lets you dim your screen even further.

4. Restart Your Phone Every 24 Hours of Use

This step is not required, but I highly recommend it. Some phones are known to go for a few days running Perk TV without any problems. I like to be on the safe side and not lose out on any points that you could potentially earn. Try restarting your phone once a day if possible.

Potential Earnings

Now that we have our phones setup and running, let’s calculate the total potential earnings from the Perk TV app.

Let’s say you already have one phone that you can dedicate solely to Perks TV running at 24/7. This means you still have 4 more devices to purchase for a maximum of 5 to run your Perk TV Farm.

With a good deal on the LG Optimus Zone 2 Phones mentioned above, we can get 4 of them for $30 each.

Cost – $120

Our next cost would be our internet connection. With my Comcast cable plan, it usually comes out to be $30 a month. Living with a roommate reduces my internet cost to only $15.

Cost – $15/month or $180/year

We also need to calculate the amount of electricity for charging 5 phones in your home at all times. We’ll say that this comes out to $.20 a day for all 5, a very reasonable price.

Cost – $6/month or $72/year

Perk TV will also send you a 1099-MISC tax form if your earnings are over $600 in one yer. According to law, any side gigs, awards, contests or drawings that provide over $600 in income in one annual year must have taxes paid on it.

Last time I checked, the tax rate was at 15.3% for self-employment (please keep in mind that I’m no tax expert). Above we mentioned that our earnings would equate to $2,970 a year. At 15.3%, the taxes would be equal to $454.41.

Cost – $494.41

We have all of our costs, so let’s see how much we can make!

Current Smartphone – $0

4 New LG Phones – $120

Internet – $15/Month or $180/Year

Electricity – $6/Month or $72/Year

Taxes on Earnings from Perk – $454.41

Total Expenses: $826.41

Total Income From Perk: $2,970

Total Profit = $2,970$826.41 = $2,143.59

For doing almost nothing, we’ve earned a total of $2,143.59. That’s not bad for just sitting on the couch.

Take note that these figures are only estimates and will depend on your current living situation. I just consider this a nice way to generate some extra cash. After all, building wealth is a process.

You could also count your cell phones as a business expense, lowering the total amount of deductions on your tax form.

Take note that if you decide to have money deposited via PayPal from Perk, the points are actually valued at a slightly less amount. Currently, the best deal is 140,000 points for $100 to PayPal, reducing the value of your points.

claim your prizes with perk

This is why I prefer to get the gift cards and then sell them to make the most profit. The best deal that I’ve found is to redeem for the Walmart gift card. I can sell it for 92% of its value at This is much better than cashing out for PayPal, but does require a little more work on your end.

Are You Still Watching?

As of a few months ago, Perk made a major change that could possibly affect your earnings potential. Since Perk wants you to watch their ads, they setup a way for people who aren’t actually watching to stop earning points.

Every 2-3 hours, a message will now come up on your screen that says, “Are You Still Watching?” Then you must click the “Yes” button in order to continue receiving points.

There really is no way around this without violating their TOS. The best way to keep this going is to either set a timer for every 3 hours and check your phone, or take shifts with your roommate.


1. Perk TV does not allow you to have multiple accounts. Please do not try this or you will be at risk for getting all of your points taken away.

2. Only use 5 devices running Perk TV at the same time. If you use more than 5, Perk TV has the option of closing your account. Even if you did try this, Perk TV will detect that you are earning points too quickly and not give you any rewards for the extra videos you are watching.

3. Do not try to setup multiple accounts. Since we have to pay taxes on our earnings, setting up different accounts with different names would not work well when it comes time for tax season.

4. For users outside of the US, only the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and India can earn points through Perk TV. You could use a VPN to earn money outside of these countries, but I do not promote nor recommend this since Perk TV’s Terms of Service states that their services can only be used for users inside of the US. Any points earned in countries other than the  US are less than stated in this guide.

5. It is against Perk TV’s Terms of Service to “earn through the applications without any user activity for any extensive period of time.” Make sure you’re not using the application for too long without any inactivity, but Perk TV doesn’t really define how long this is. For their list of full Terms and Conditions, go here.

How to Make Even More Money

Tell your friends and family about the Perk TV and get them to sign-up for an account. Not only will you get a small referral bonus, but you can offer to “watch” their phone so that it never stops or freezes. You could charge them a 50% commission fee.

If you have a family member who doesn’t mind giving you 100% of the proceeds, even better.

If you liked this article, you might find this one interesting as well: Top 20 Easy to Use Apps That Will Make You Money.

See something that’s not here on this Perk TV app review and should be? Let us know in the comments below.

Jason Wuerch

My name is Jason Wuerch and I'm currently located in Madrid, Spain running a personal finance blog called Frugal For Less. My goal is to help everyone and anyone willing to make and save money through easy and simple ways that don't require much effort. Just because you're frugal doesn't mean you have to give up life's luxuries.

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Have you gotten paid by them before or is this just speculation on what you could make, but haven’t made anything yet?

Thanks for answering that. Another question. Has Comcast bothered you about the high bandwidth usage? My area’s Comcast doesn’t have a data cap (some areas have 250-500gb a month data cap, mine does not) but I’ve heard that Comcast sometimes gets on people’s nerves by slowing down their internet or in some occasions fee them. Any issues with them since Perk TV can potentially use several gigs per day per device?

This could be a potential problem down the road, but they haven’t bugged me about it yet. Keep in mind that I have only 3 devices running, not the total 5 at the moment. But I did find this thread that talks about how people are getting calls from Comcast because their data usage is around 220 – 270 GB of data per month (apparently the cap is around 50). Most are recommending Century Link. Here’s the link:

Thanks for the heads up on perk. I signed up and am using it. I only have one device, but it’s good for now. I found something you might want to look into. It’s actually because of your site why I found it. Take a look when you can.

Quick question. How did perk send you the reward. Mail or email. I never received the reward. I may have signed up thru facebook, so maybe there was no way to find me that way. BTW what did you think about Giant Cinema.

Perk sent me the reward via email. Did you try contacting Perk customer support? They’re really up-to-date on making sure people get their reward.

I’m a little confused on Giant Cinema. Does it run ads like Perk?

It looks like my last comment didn’t go through. Anyways, contact Perk customer support if you never received the gift card, but I received mine via email for the Amazon one. Giant Cinema… does it essentially work like Perk? Would you mind if I wrote a review about it on this site? Thanks.

Hi, Thank you for this article, very useful information. I have a question : do you know why my points won’t add after half an hour of watching? I run the Perks Tv on my Samsung tablet 2.

I would recommend checking your perk account at That’s probably the best way to get an exact up-to-date reading of how many points are in your account. Sometimes it doesn’t show on your device. This usually works 95% of the time.

If that doesn’t work, try looking in the app store to see if there’s an update for the Perk app. Install that and it should update for you.

And finally, if all else fails, contact Perk customer service after waiting a minimum of 24 hours. Hope this helps!

Thanks, I’ve done install/ uninstall and it’s the same. It seems there is a problem with Samsung tab 2.0. Unfortunately, the Perk customer service, didn’t reply.

So I’ve just started looking into Perk TV but the little I’ve heard is recently they changed the way the app runs and that you now have to click it every hour? Is this true? If so how much has it affected your earning with them?

I’ve also noticed this too, where the amount of time between clicks has decreased. It really depends on how much you’re on the phone. If you were to be quick about it, your earnings shouldn’t change much. Perk is getting more and more strict as more and more people sign-up. As for me personally, it has affected my earnings slightly, but not by a whole lot as I’m able to be near my phones often.

If you work in an office building with wifi, then I recommend bringing your phones with you and just monitoring them, or even leaving a set at just for work if you wanted.

Perk has stopped paying most all users for watching videos. Various reports are saying users are going hours without getting any points for watching the videos (including myself). Just FYI – most people are shutting down their phones and not watching if Perk is not rewarding them.

Some massive idiot posted last night that he had 27 phones and never had to do a thing, this causing those running Perk to drastically change everything. So, as usual one massive buffoon ruins something for everyone.

Well, from what I understand it’s mostly because of the new CEO of the Perk TV company. Apparently he has the reputation for fleeing drowning companies. Maybe when he makes Perk TV drown by losing its customer base he’ll flee too.

In any case, it was a good run while it lasted. You can still earn some cash, but it might only be 70 – 75% of what you could originally earn.

Yea, unfortunately :( But now Perk has come out with a statement they award 1-3 points per video, as opposed to what was equal to 2 every video in the past. However, you can still earn some points. It’s just that more likely than not you’re only going to be earning 1 point per video and maybe 2-3 points on a rare occasion, at least that’s what has happened to me.

Roj still is, and has been the CEO and Co-Founder of Perk.
They brought in Mr. Hastings, mid December, 2014, as President.
Perk’s been going down since that inception.
He just loves to scale down operations and thus he has taken his
scalpel to Perk.

Let’s hope Roj and team hear us.
My time is worth more than 1 pt and I really
appreciated the additional income during this recession.

Some have chosen to boycott Perk by shutting down their phones.

Choice is yours.

Thanks for the update.

So have I… until Perk starts to raise their points back to normal I will keep my phones off. They say it’s 1-3 points per video, but it’s basically 1 point for 10 videos and then 2 points and probably never 3.

Same here been running perks for 10 days and have only made 20.00 I make more with Swagbucks so thinking about running that until perk fix this problem.

Did you see the note at the very top of the page? Click on the article at the very top to be redirected to a new perk article with new earnings after their update.

Perk Members are permitted to create one account per household. Multiple accounts via the same IP will require you to provide Government Identification in order to verify other members in the same household.

how can i make 5 acc ??

You can have 5 phones per account and 5 accounts per household. Does that make sense? With 5 phones you should be able to get around $150 (after the updated perk)

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New Member Striving to work looking at movietrailer an live TV. I don’t understand how live TV live is ra is that a passive income? And with the trailers I thought we have a option of what we look at but on my computer and phone Iam not getting many options and how to function it so I canhave a variety of things to look at, yes it runs but I thought we are suppose to bigger variety maybe I don’t know what to tap.New Member please I need assistance ?.I am A Movie and TV watcher. Thank Youuuuuu!

Can someone tell me what the F’ed is going on? I’m not mad I’m just a lil confused right now. I’ve been using perk T.V. before Thanksgiving of 2018 ,right near that time ,maybe few days before. I managed to get 9,679 points on two phones ,right now I’m using one Android phone that I currently use that have a plan and it’s prepaid, one that I use to do work on but I’m looking to get more phones in the future real soon. I just cashed out to Starbucks gc still have 4,679 remaining on both phones. I want cash out to PayPal and get the 250$ a month. What should I do?

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