Top 20 Easy to Use Apps That Will Make You Money


If you own a smartphone, there’s no reason to earn some extra cash on the side. Whether it be sleeping, working in the office or playing sports, there’s probably an app that will pay you for it. These apps are ranked based on money potential and the amount of time that you have to put into them. The less time you have to spend making money, the higher the ranking.

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1. Perk TV

The laziest of all the apps, PerkTV is by far the easiest app to use in order to earn cash. You receive points by simply watching videos. The best part? You don’t have to click anything to go to the next video, meaning that your points will continue to increase as long as you don’t touch anything. This means you could leave the app running 24/7 provided that you have a stable internet connection, earning over $60 a month for doing nothing! The only con that I could find is that PerkTV only provides cash to those who are current residents of the United States. Also see This App Will Make You $250 Per Month in Passive Income – Perk TV. Use promo code fe060f34 to get a bonus on sign-up.

Platform: iOS and Android

Earnings Potential: $70 per month if left on 24/7. Can be left on without doing anything, so no time is wasted.

perk tv 1

2. Swagbucks TV

Swagbucks TV is linked to a site called Swagbucks. On this website, you can points called Swagbucks by taking surveys, filling out various offers or watching videos. These points are then redeemed for gift cards. By using this app, you can continuously watch videos without the need to do anything or hit next to watch an upcoming video. That means you can even make money while you sleep. The only downside is that Swagbucks only allows you to make 50 Swagbucks a day, which equates to about 3 hours of watching videos. Watch for 9 days and you’ve earned enough for a $5 gift card to Amazon at 450 points. You must first sign-up for a Swagbucks account in order to start earning money.

Platform: iOS and Android

Earnings Potential:  $5 in gift cards after 9-10 days. No need to spend time on it, as it will run automatically.

swagbucks app1

3. App Trailers

A veteran of money-making apps, App Trailers pays you to watch videos about apps, games, movies, promos and much more. It can’t be left on repeatedly, so you’ll have to keep clicking in order to go to the next video to keep earning money. Points can be redeemed for gift cards or money directly deposited into your Paypal account. It has a very easy to use layout and a quick method for earning points fast.

Platform: iOS and Android

Earnings Potential: $10 after roughly 17 hours of use. However, you must be constantly clicking new videos.


4. Viggle

Reinforce your bad habit of watching TV with our number four ranked app, Viggle. This app pays you to watch TV or listen to music. All you have to do is “check-in” for Viggle to detect what you’re listening to, and then you’re rewarded points based on the amount of TV you watch or music you listen to. Points can be redeemed for gift cards or various discounts found at local retailers. Unfortunately, you have to keep manually checking-in when you change TV shows and commercials.

Platform: iOS and Android

Earnings Potential:  25 points per program watched. If you don’t mind constantly changing programs, you can earn about $10 from 15 hours of TV watching. Constantly switching channels defeats the purpose, however.


5. Shopkick

With over 100,000 users today, Shopkick gives you points for simply walking into a local retailer or scanning a specific product. Shopkick is linked with all of the major retailers, so almost any store you go to will have some type of way to earn points. This is a great way to get some extra cash while you’re out shopping. Points can be redeemed for gift cards to Target, Starbucks and more.

Platform: iOS and Android

Earnings Potential:  Depending on how much you shop and use the app, can earn up to $30 a month.


6. Ibotta

Covered in our Top 10 Smartphone Apps to Save Money at the Grocery Store, Ibotta is an app that pays you for scanning receipts from the supermarket. Each time you go to the grocery store, make sure to check the Ibotta app for cash back opportunities. After making a purchase, upload the receipt and you will receive cash back within one week. Only cash is given for certain products purchased. Ibotta is linked with most of the major grocery retailers, and many report getting up to as much as $20 in cash back per month.

Platform: iOS and Android

Earnings Potential: Completely dependent on what you buy. Each item usually redeems from $.50 to $1.50.

ibotta 1

7. Checkout 51

Similar to Ibotta, Checkout 51 also gives you money for grocery shopping. After scanning your receipt from your purchase to your iPhone, you will receive money within 1 week. The only reason that Checkout51 ranks below Ibotta is because it doesn’t have as many offers. The best way to make some money is to stack Ibotta and Checkout51 together in one purchase. It’s a very easy app to use and requires very little work to get some extra cash for grocery shopping.

Platform: iOS and Android

Earnings Potential:  Completely dependent on what you purchase. Each item on average earns you $.50 – $1.50 in cash back.

checkout 51 1

8. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog gives you points for simply taking snapshots of your grocery store receipt no matter what you purchase. The higher your total, the higher amount of points you will receive. You can also earn points by inviting friends, taking survey, or spinning the hog slot machine. Once you get enough points you can choose between cash and gift cards for redemption. This is a definite must for anyone looking to get some extra cash out of their shopping experience, as not much has to be done beyond keeping receipts. Use code zuss1319 to get a bonus on sign-up.

Platform: iOS and Android

Earnings Potential: Not very high unless you are constantly scanning receipts.

receipt hog 1

9. Mobee

If you like to shop, Mobee is definitely the app for you. This app pays you to mystery shop – taking surveys or filling out forms regarding services and places that you’ve experienced. Mobee sends you notifications depending on your location and will give you a certain task to do that never requires a large amount of time. 100 points is equivalent to $1, and there is no limit on the amount of points earned. It’s a great app to check whenever you’re out and about to see if some extra cash can be made. Use referral code H3HR to get a bonus on sign-up.

Platform: iOS and Android

Earnings Potential: Given that you spend a lot of time going to different shops, I would say that you could make an extra $30 a month.


10. Iconzoomer

This app definitely gets two thumbs up for creativity and fun. Iconzoomer pays you to do small tasks, and are usually very minimal such as taking a picture of your shoes and uploading it. Every picture taken can be redeemed for roughly ten credits, and 200 credits is equal to $10 to Paypal or a $10 Amazon gift card. Not a bad deal for simply taking pictures.

Platform: iOS Android

Earnings Potential: New tasks are not updated very frequently. May be difficult to earn a large amount.


11. GiftBay

GiftBay is an app that pays you to download and try out other apps. Install them to your phone, open them for a few seconds, and get paid. Expect to earn around $10 – $15 per month. There’s enough offers available when you first register to quickly earn $5, and there’s only a $1 minimum needed for cash out. You can also complete other tasks such as daily check-in, watching videos and more. What’s best is their referral bonus. For every friend you refer, they get a registration bonus and you get 30% of all their earnings. Use referral code 3b92e05 to get a bonus on sign-up.

Platform: iOS and Android

Earnings Potential:  Although tasks are easy, usually very minimal. The most might be $5 – $10 a month.


12. GigWalk

Want to receive money for doing tasks on the go? Gigwalk is the app for you. This app finds local “gigs” that fits your profile. These little tasks include taking photos, filling out surveys, mystery shopping and more. Gigwalk usually pays a hefty amount, sometimes earning you up to $20 per task completed. I can’t personally use this due to my current location in Taiwan, but I’ve heard great things from friends and it has been well-received by its users.

Platform: iOS and Android

Earnings Potential:  A little more time consuming, but gigs can be completed for up to $20. High potential.


13. EasyShift

EasyShift is a great app that gives you money for doing small audits at stores. It is similar to mystery shopping, but a little less work is involved. Some tasks might include taking pictures, counting inventory or doing price checks. Occasionally other small tasks may appear that you can do at home. Each task usually pays you around $2, but payouts of up to $12 can be made depending on the job.

Platform: iOS

Earnings Potential: Tasks are time-consuming with high earnings. Can make up to $12 per task done.


14. Field Agent

Similar to Gigwalk, Field agent gives you money for completing small “jobs” or tasks. The tasks are simple enough, such as going to a grocery store and taking a picture of a product or filling out a survey. Jobs will depend on your location, so the more you move, the more opportunities you have! Tasks usually pay a generous amount, up to $12, but can be somewhat time-consuming.

Platform: iOS

Earnings Potential:  Tasks are time-consuming, but can pay you up to $12 an hour.


15. Yaarlo

Yaarlo is a free mobile app that pays you to scan receipts to your phone. Yaarlo uses your purchasing data and sells them to companies as market research. In exchange, you get a small commission every time you submit your receipt. Normally you’ll receive .25% of your total purchase price, but this can vary depending on what you bought. Keep in mind that all data you submit is completely anonymous. Get a $1 sign-up bonus by using the referral code FRUGAL upon registration.

Platform: iOS and Android

Earnings Potential:  If you’re looking for a way to support charities, this is perfect for great earnings. Otherwise, tasks are time-consuming and at most pay $10.


16. CheckPoints

This app includes a little bit of everything when it comes to making money. Points can be earned through watching videos, scanning bar codes on products in stores and filling out small questionnaires. The points can then be redeemed for gift cards, airline miles or electronic devices. With the ease of simply scanning bar codes, it’s not difficult to make some money off of Check Points. The only problem is that tasks tend to be somewhat limited. Use code jwuerch to get free points upon registration.

Platform: iOS and Android

Earnings Potential:  Very low considering the small amount of tasks available. Tasks are simple, however.


17. iPoll

Have some extra time while waiting in line and can fill out a survey? iPoll is perfect for that. It’s an easy way to make money by answering questions about products and services you use and places you visit every day. You can earn gift cards, airline miles and cash deposits to Paypal.

Platform: iOS and Android

Earnings Potential:  Tasks are very time-consuming, but can receive great payments depending on the survey.



While it may not have the best looking design, the app has the most surveys out of any other source I’ve seen. The earning potential isn’t very high, but you should never run out of surveys to complete if you have some time on your hands. It’s a surefire way to earn some cash if you’re not willing to try any of the above apps. Surveys sometimes don’t pay out more than 50 cents, so make sure to look at the potential earnings before choosing which one to fill out.

Platform: iOS and Android

Earnings Potential:  Depends on the amount of surveys you do. Surveys are extremely abundant.


19. Boom Gift

Boom Gift is very similar to the app mentioned above called Gift Bay. Get paid to download apps and try them out. While there isn’t a timeframe in which to leave the app open, we suggest a minimum of 30 seconds in order to ensure that your account gets credited. If you don’t get your credit, contact support and explain the problem. Similar to Gift Bay, expect to receive the same amount of earnings at $10 – $15 per month. There should be enough offers available on registration to quickly earn $5. Use code 6702298 to receive a bonus on sign-up.

Platform: iOS and Android

Earnings Potential:  Very low considering the amount of tasks available, although tasks are quite easy.


20. Gym Pact

While this app may include a lot of work for some, for others it could be a great way to motivate you to exercise being very convenient. Gym Pact pays you money for completing your exercise goals, giving anywhere from 30 cents to $5 at a time. If you don’t complete them, it takes money away from your PayPal account, usually at around $5. Of course you can fake the amount you exercise and lie, but users usually find that logging in their meals, buying new, healthy dishes to photograph and recording their exercise time isn’t worth the trouble. This app made the list due to the fact that you can get paid to exercise. What’s more convenient than that?

Platform: Android and iOS

Earnings Potential: Not worth the time unless you need motivation to exercise. Tasks are too time-consuming otherwise. Possibility of losing money with this app.

gym pact1

Final Thoughts

Do you have an app in mind that’s not on this list? If so, let us know in the comments below. Thanks again for reading, and feel free to leave any suggestions for other apps in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article, you might be interested in Top 10 Apps for Saving Money at the Grocery Store.

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