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10+ Best UK Survey Sites That Will Make You $300+/Month

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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

We have reviewed several survey sites, sites where you answer questions as part of consumer research and are rewarded with cash and gift cards.

It’s a fun way to make a little money when you are doing things like watching television or commuting on public transit.

In honor of our loyal UK readers, we wanted to review the best UK survey sites so they can make a few extra pounds.

Want to skip the reviews and get straight to it?

Here’s a quick list of some of the best UK survey sites.

Not a member of the UK? Not a problem.

Most of these sites work for residents of the US, Canada, South Africa and Australia as well.

With that said, let’s get started.

Here’s a list of the 10+ best uk survey sites with their reviews.

Table of Contents

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is by far one of the best paying survey sites out there – as long as you stick to the high-paying surveys.

While they do have a lot of low-paying surveys, as long as you avoid them there shouldn’t be an issue in earning between 5 and 15 pounds per hour.

When you sign-up, you’re automatically granted a 25 point sign-up bonus.

We highly recommend filling out all demographic surveys and to fill out your profile information.

For those that do, they tend to have more surveys available.

Don’t have any high-paying surveys for the day?

Log-in the next day to see if there are any good ones.

Again, there’s no need to waste your time on the low-paying ones.

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2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is among the best-known survey sites in the US, and it’s available in the UK as well. You can earn points (Swagbucks) by answering surveys, but you can also earn by doing things like watching videos and playing online games.

You can create your Swagbucks account for free using your email address. A typical survey is worth 70 points which is equal to 40p and takes 10-20 minutes to complete.

You can cash out your points for cash via PayPal or gift cards to 1,500 retailers like Amazon, M&S, and Argos. The threshold for cashing out depends on the type of reward.

For example, a £5 Amazon gift card will cost 620 Swagbucks. As with most survey sites, exchanging points for cash has a higher threshold. It takes 16,000 Swagbucks to earn £100 in cash via PayPal.

But the great thing about Swagbucks is that there are lots of available surveys (although you won’t qualify for all of them) and lots of other ways to earn so you can rack up points a lot faster on Swagbucks than you can with a lot of other sites.

3. Vindale Research

Vindale Research starts off great by giving you a £2 sign-up bonus just for registering a new account. The best part? A lot of surveys you can take multiple times per day. This is especially great if you get to take a great paying survey 3-4 times a day.

While you do need a minimum of £50 to cash out, we usually find that this amount is quite easy to reach. Vindale Research has a lot of surveys and a lot of high-paying ones as well.

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4. Toluna Opinions

Toluna is a survey site, but there is something that sets it apart from most other survey sites. Furthermore, Toluna lets you select the topics of the surveys you participate in like lifestyle or travel.

Its free to make an account and you can get started by providing your name, date of birth, zip code, email, and a password for your Toluna account.

Toluna rewards you with points which can be turned into cash via PayPal or gift cards to retailers like Marks and Spencer, iTunes, Mothercare, and more.

Each survey is worth between 3,000-6,000 points. You need a minimum of 60,000 points to cash out for a £10 voucher.

It can take weeks, up to six, for Toluna to credit your account with points so be sure to keep track of your points and contact Toluna if you don’t see the points hit your account.

5. Ipsos

Ipsos surveys are generally geared towards brand advertising across a wide array of industries.

You can create a free account using your email address or Facebook account. You’ll answer the usual demographic questions to determine which surveys you’re eligible for.

When you start a survey, you’ll answer a few qualifying questions. If you don’t qualify, you will still earn five points, so you haven’t wasted your time.

You can earn between 45-90 points per survey, and 100 points are equivalent to £1. You need £10 to cash out, and you can choose to receive a pre-paid Visa card, gift cards to retailers like Amazon and iTunes or you can donate your points to charity.

6. YouGov

YouGov surveys are on more serious subjects than washing up liquids or makeup brands, the kinds of subjects you see on a lot of survey sites.

These are surveys designed by entities like universities and charities, so you will find them more interesting than the usual survey site fare. The company is even publicly traded!

You can create a free account using your email address.

The downsides are that you won’t be sent surveys very often, about one per month and that the threshold to cash out is high at £50. Each survey is worth about 50p so it will take awhile to reach £50.

Your points will be rewarded as cash and paid out via bank transfer.

7. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost has a very low payout thresholds that vary by the type of payout you choose. It’s free to create an account using your email address.

Typically surveys pay 50p each and take about 15 minutes to complete. You will be asked a few qualifying questions before being directed to a survey to make sure you’re eligible. Once you qualify, you will be able to see how many points the survey is worth and how long it takes to complete.

You can cash out via PayPal or Amazon or iTunes gift cards. PayPal requires just 100 points which is equivalent to £5. If you prefer gift cards, you only need 50 points which is equivalent to £5.

The rewards are delivered almost instantly, within just a few hours of cashing in.

8. MySurvey

MySurvey has been around in one form or another for a long time, since 1946! These kinds of consumer surveys have been around long before the internet.

It’s free to create an account with MySurvey using your email address. You will be asked about a dozen demographic questions to determine which surveys you will be sent.

Most surveys pay between 50p-£1 (50-100 points). One point is equivalent to 1p. You need to accumulate at least 1,200 points to cash out. Most surveys take about 15 minutes to complete.

The minimum threshold to cash out is 345 points. You can be paid in cash via PayPal or with gift cards to retailers like Amazon and iTunes.

If you need cash fast, MySurvey is not your best option. It can take up to eight weeks for your payment to be processed and deposited into your PayPal account.

9. SurveyClub

Survey Club provides surveys from dozens of companies and businesses who want to collect data for market research in order to improve their products and services.

You can sign up for a free account using your email address or Facebook account. You will fill out some demographic information, so you are only sent surveys you are eligible for based on things like your gender, age, level of education, etc.

For each completed survey, you will be awarded points (the number of points varies by survey). The points are deposited into your Survey Club rewards account. Once you accumulate £ 20, you can cash it out via PayPal, Amazon Gift card, or a cheque.

10. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research doesn’t accept just anyone! It’s a survey and product testing site that is by invitation only. You can be invited by a current member, and sometimes you will see an invitation link on a banner ad on a website.

If you are lucky enough to snag an invite, you still aren’t in yet. You will fill out an online questionnaire, and if your demographics match what the site is looking for, you will be allowed to join.

Once accepted you could make some pretty good money. Surveys pay in points, and each survey is worth between £3-5, and you can earn up to £6 for product testing (the products will be sent to your address for free and are yours to keep).

The best thing about Pinecone Research apart from the relatively high payout per survey is that you are only sent surveys that you are qualified for which means none of the time wasted answering a whole or partial survey only to find out you don’t qualify which is how most survey sites work.

Another nice thing is how quickly Pinecone Research pays out. There is no minimum to cash out, and you will receive payment within 48 hours.

The points can be converted into cash or gift cards. If you prefer cash, you can choose payment by PayPal, cheque, or pre-paid Visa card. Gift cards include Amazon, iTunes, and Starbucks.

11. iPoll

iPoll provides consumer research primarily based on technology which is probably why they have Apps that can be used by both iPhone and Android users, and the Apps are really well designed and easy to use.

For you old school survey takers, you can still access the surveys through the website, but mobile users are offered more survey opportunities.

The surveys are worth between 40p-£1.70 and take about 15 minutes to complete. The minimum threshold to cash out is £20, and you can redeem your points for cash via PayPal, Amazon or iTunes gift cards. It takes about four weeks to receive your rewards.

12. SurveyBods

SurveyBods is based in the UK. They conduct market research for big companies like MTV and Nickelodeon. It’s free to create an account with your Facebook profile or email address.

You will answer some questions about things like demographics, the kinds of technology you use, your shopping habits, and media consumption, the kinds of newspapers and magazines you read and television shows you watch.

Answering these questions allows SuveyBods to send you surveys tailored to your habits.

Each survey pays between 50p-£3 and takes about ten minutes to complete. You will receive 2-4 surveys each month.

You earn points for each survey, and 100 points are equivalent to £1. In order to cash out, you need at least 1,500 points (£15).

You can redeem points for cash via direct deposit, Amazon gift card or use your points to enter sweepstakes (never a good option in our opinion, you are taking a big chance that you’ll trade in your hard-earned points for nothing).

It takes about three weeks for the cash to be deposited to your account and takes just five days to receive your Amazon gift card.

13. PopulasLive

PopulasLive specializes in market research for companies primarily in fields related to culture, politics, and business so these surveys might be more interesting than the surveys from similar sites.

It’s also one of the nicer sites to use, clean and easy to navigate.

You can make a free account with your email address. This site pays pretty well; you can earn about £1 for every five minutes you spend taking surveys.

The values of the surveys vary, and each point is equivalent to £1. Note that points only post to your account once the survey closes, not once you complete it.

Some surveys remain open for as long as three months so you could be waiting awhile to cash out.

The threshold to cash out is £50 which is high, and PopulasLive only offers one option for payout, cheque. But we like cold hard cash better than gift cards, so that’s not really a downside in our opinion.

14. Crowdology

Crowdology is one of the more straightforward survey sites. Not points with cutesy names, you see your earnings in straight up cash!

You can sign up for a free account using your email address. The average survey pays between 40p-£10 but don’t expect to find too many £10 opportunities. The average length it takes to complete a survey is between 2-15 minutes.

Another advantage of Crowdology is the low threshold to cash out, it’s just £4 and is paid via PayPal. You can also redeem your cash for Amazon gift cards, but the threshold is higher at £10.

15. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions pays pretty well, £1-£5 per survey! It’s free to create an account using your email address. Surveys are emailed directly to you and take between 15-20 minutes to complete. Your points will be rewarded as soon as you have completed a survey.

The payout threshold is pretty low at £8, and you can be paid via gift cards for retailers like Topshop and Amazon.

Note that there is an “administrative fee” of 50p charged each time you cash out so to cash out at £8, you will actually need £8.50.

16. Vanson Bourne

Vanson Bourne surveys are not open to everyone, but they pay so well we included them. You can create a free account using your email address, and you will be asked questions to verify that you are an IT or business professional.

“Business professional” is a pretty broad description though so many of us can qualify.

If you qualify, you will be well rewarded; each survey pays between £5-£10 which you can redeem for Amazon gift cards. You will receive the card via email within just a few hours of completing a survey.

A Good Side Hustle

Earning money by taking surveys is a fun past time and a good way to make some money while you’re doing something unproductive like waiting to be seen by a doctor or standing in a queue at the bank.

Taking surveys is not going to earn you a full time living but none of the sites advertise themselves as such so don’t go into this expecting to quit your day job. Just look at it as a semi-lucrative hobby.

A few things to keep in mind. Do set up a separate, dedicated email account when you sign up with these sites.

Some of them do sell your email address to third party sites which will send you all kinds of junk email, and some of the sites themselves send you a lot of emails that aren’t surveys or other money earning opportunities.

I also never give out my actual date of birth when filling out the demographic questions. Your date of birth is often something banks or other institutions who handle your sensitive information ask for as a means of proving your identity.

You want the information you provide to be accurate; it helps to make sure you get surveys tailored to you. But these sites don’t need your exact date of birth.

Give them the actual year which is the important part for demographic purposes, but use a fake day and month.

One more thing to be aware of. All of the sites we have listed are legitimate sites. They will not ask you for information like your bank details or credit card numbers.

These sites are free to use, so they do not need that information. If you happen upon a survey site that does ask for those things, run away! That is a sure sign of a scam.

So sign up for a few of these sites, answer some question, have a bit of fun and make a little money!

We have also reviewed the best survey sites in South Africa and Australia.

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