Is AARP Worth It? 10 Things You Need To Know

is aarp worth it
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In this review, we ask the question: “Is AARP worth it?”

AARP stands for the American Association of Retired Persons, and this nonprofit members only organization is an important asset for retired and not retired individuals.

Many people don’t know that they can join the AARP before retirement age, but they can, and the benefits of doing so are many.

If you’re interested in learning more about the AARP and reasons why you should join, this guide will let you know more about the benefits of joining this organization.

This organization provides healthcare discounts, income security, employment, advice, resources, and promotes positive social change.

It’s an important organization to consider joining if you’re over the age of 50, but you can join as early as 18 years old.

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15 Notable Things to Know About Joining AARP

For those interested in knowing about AARP, there are many important aspects of having one of these memberships, and it doesn’t cost much to join.

There are benefits for adults of all ages, but AARP specializes in supporting individuals of retirement age and helps them to navigate retirement in a functional way.

1. What Is AARP?

The AARP is a nonprofit organization that caters to older Americans nearing the standard retirement age in the USA.

The AARP provides discounts of many kinds.

These discounts include retail and travel discounts, healthcare resources and discounts, employment advice and financial advice.

Some of the discounts included in an AARP membership also surround entertainment and dining.

You can get discounts for restaurants like McCormick & Schmick’s, Claim Jumper, Outback Steakhouse, Denny’s, Bonefish Grill, Carrabba’s Italian Grill and many more.

You can also get discounts on entertainment options like Regal movie tickets, Ticketmaster, and Ancestry.

There are many perks to having an AARP membership that extend beyond these options, and they are all beneficial to helping facilitate a comfortable life.

Their resources and benefits are all catered to people of retirement age, but you do not have to be in your retirement age to become a member.

This alone makes having an AARP membership worthwhile for many Americans, as other organizations may be limited in access to their benefits.

The yearly fee for joining AARP is low which makes it accessible to anyone interested in their membership benefits.

There are free benefits available for individuals who do not wish to join straightaway, but the best perks are for those who take the leap and join this organization.

AARP can help individuals who do not know their way around retirement planning as well as those who enjoy traveling at least once a year, or things like medical exams.

There are numerous ways that an AARP membership can benefit you, and if you’re considering joining, reading further will provide you with more reasons to do so.

2. How Old Do You Have to Be to Join AARP?

In America, the retirement age is usually around the age of 63 to 65 years old.

Because of the many beneficial elements of being an AARP member, this organization suggest you join them long before you reach retirement age.

Members who join earlier can also access all of the same benefits people of retirement age can.

AARP targets audiences over the age of 50, but you can join as young as 18 years old to begin planning your retirement and access the discounts and resources available.

No matter your age, if you’re a legal adult, you can join AARP by paying their low annual fee online or over the phone.

If you’re married, you can include your spouse in your membership at no cost and you both can access all of the available discounts, resources, and other benefits together.

It’s a good idea to look at all of the things an AARP membership offers, including what you can access without a membership and what you can access with one.

3. How Much Is an AARP Membership?

As of May 2018, a yearly membership to the AARP costs a mere $16 a year.

This a low, easy to pay price for many Americans, and the benefits of that come with paying this annual fee far exceed the price of a yearly membership.

If you choose to join and pay for multiple years up front, you can enjoy a discount of up to 25 percent for signing up.

This lowers the price even more, making it even more accessible, and lucrative for joining for many years to help you facilitate your retirement easier.

The breakdown in prices for joining the AARP for multiple years at once is as follows:

  • AARP for five years costs $63, which comes out to $12.60 per year with a 21 percent discount
  • Three years costs $43, which comes out to $14.34 per year with a 10 percent discount
  • Joining the AARP for the first year and choosing the auto-renewal option costs $12 for the first year, which is a 25% discount

You can choose to join for one year at a time if you wish to test out their benefits, but you will quickly learn how joining for multiple years can be life changing.

With this low price and the many benefits you’ll learn about in the rest of this guide will help you decide if joining the AARP is right for you.

4. AARP Financial Benefits

The AARP is a massive organization that boasts around 38 million members in the United States.

Because of its stature, AARP has the ability to partner with big companies and give their members all of their discounts, benefits, resources, advice, and other things.

There are many financial benefits that come with investing in an AARP membership that can be profoundly effective in helping you deal with your money and retirement.

Some of the benefits you can receive from having an AARP membership include helpful money management links and worksheet and Social Security benefits calculator.

This calculator helps individuals to determine when they can expect to start receiving Social Security benefits.

The AARP also provides identity theft protection services, which is very important.

Many senior Americans experience identity theft and do not know the first way of dealing with this massive problem.

The AARP can help you to keep away from having these experiences and help you learn ways to protect yourself from this damaging experience.

They also offer an AARP podcast that can help you to learn many ways to use your benefits, improve your life, access the necessary resources, and enjoy your retirement.

There are also many different online tools available that the AARP offers.

One of them is their Symptom Checker.

This online tool gives individuals the ability to research any health issues that may arise and give them a leg up on moving forward with medical care if need be.

They also offer online tools to help individuals with their taxes.

Their online free tax preparation help can help AARP members begin the process of doing their taxes with some guided information.

As an AARP member, you can also find advice on how to avoid being scammed as a senior citizen.

There is a massive amount of different tools that you can find on the AARP website to help you navigate the financial aspects of your life.

If you’re looking to get your finances in order you can expect to find tools that cater to helping older adults achieve this.

There is an extensive three part program that covers budgeting and goal setting for individuals who are interested in balancing their finances in a manageable way.

This is important because as an individual gets into retirement age, there are many ways were money can become harder to come by.

Being able to balance your check book without a hassle and being able to save for the rest of your future is an important part of getting older.

Setting proper financial goals and trying to make your way into a cushioned retirement can be hard, but with these tools, you can expect to be able to plan well.

Working on a savings plan from an early age can help you steer clear of being financially unstable later in life.

For this reason, the tools that AARP offers when it comes to saving money can help anyone at any age, allowing individuals to plan for their future.

If you’re interested in protecting your assets, AARP can help you do this as well.

For those in debt who wish to eliminate it, the AARP can help you find ways to do so without being mislead or falling into financial traps that can deter you from doing so.

Accomplishing these goals are important for people of all ages, not just those in retirement age, and having access to AARP makes it easier to deal with your finances.

Using AARP’s financial tools can help you maximize things like your Social Security benefits.

This is incredibly important, as many individuals live off of their social security benefits when they’ve gone into retirement.

These benefits can actually be the main source of income for many people.

Because of this, maximizing your social security benefits can be very important for those who have moved out of the workforce.

If you’re interested in knowing how much you spend on healthcare, the AARP tools can help you track healthcare costs.

They can also help you find ways to finally pay off your mortgage in full so that you can worry less about your home and potentially being unable to meet these payments.

There are many different Social Security resources to help keep you on track.

With the AARP Social Security Resource Center, you can find answers to a lot of different questions including retirement benefits, family considerations and more.

If you’re interested in building credit in a smart way, as a member of the AARP, you’ll have access to exclusive financial benefits such as the AARP credit card from Chase.

This card is great as a cash back tool because it gives you 3 percent of your purchases back on dining and travel purchases such as gas.

You can also expect to get about 1 percent back on everything else you purchase, making the AARP credit card a great tool to win back some of what you spend.

This card is excellent for purchases made domestically, but it is important to note that this card has a high transaction fee when you travel to other countries.

For every transaction you make internationally with this card, you can expect to pay a 3 percent transaction fee, which is fairly high and negates your 3 percent benefits.

For this reason, do not use this credit card if you decide to travel internationally or you’ll end up losing money instead of earning it.

The benefits available to those who join AARP can help members enjoy a financially stable life.

The available identity theft and scam resources are bound to help many individuals steer clear from these terrible financial pitfalls.

You can also expect to be able to meet with a financial advisor if needed.

These advisors can help get your financial life on track if there are any concerns you may have about debt, your mortgage, savings, retirement and more.

The tax filing services available can also give you a leg up on getting back a hefty refund every year which can be very helpful if you’ve left the workforce by retiring.

Tax help can be very expensive and finding ways to cut corners on high tax preparation bills can be very lucrative for a lot of older adults.

Every year between February and April, AARP has a tool called Tax Aid that helps individuals with tax preparation.

This is a volunteer program that is staffed nationwide to help older adults prepare their taxes intelligently which will allow them to make back as much money as possible every year.

These volunteers are well trained and certified by the IRS.

These individuals can help with simple tax returns, but you should not necessarily count on them to deal with super complex taxes.

Even still, these volunteers can be extremely helpful.

If you’re dealing with a more complicated tax return such as ones that deal with income from rental properties it is smarter to go to a paid professional.

These volunteers can be extremely useful, but to properly file taxes for these bigger financial responsibilities, an expert may be more beneficial.

5. Medical Benefits

Being an AARP member can be awesome!

You can receive all sorts of discounts once you join this organization, and the discounts you receive range far and wide.

You can receive healthcare discounts on things like glasses, hearing aids, and other medical devices.

Some of the medical benefits you can receive are:

Custom Long-Term Care Plans

These plans are developed to help individual members build a custom long-term care plan for those in need.

This program is only available to those who live in New York.

These specially trained agents are very knowledgeable and AARP members can benefit greatly from having them alongside to help plan their medical care.

Dental Coverage

The AARP offers a Dental Insurance Plan.

This dental insurance plan is administered by Delta Dental Insurance Company.

This plan is great and gives its members the ability to receive dental coverage for individuals or the entire family.

This coverage is beneficial to those who are interested in reducing costs for the most common dental procedures.

Vision Insurance

For people who have sight issues or wish to see a vision specialist, you can get the vision insurance offered by the AARP.

There are three unique vision plans that start at a low rate of $4.38 per month.

These plans all come with the ability to receive a comprehensive vision exam as they are needed.

These exams will have a copay that will not exceed $10, which is very cheap!

They also come with diabetic and loss-of-sight benefits for those in need.

This insurance plan also offered even more discounts and benefits, so it is a lucrative option for those looking for low cost vision insurance.

Medicare Advantage

For those who want medical coverage that is geared towards helping older Americans care for their bodies and health, then you can receive the Medicare Advantage plans.

These plans combine Part A (hospital coverage) and B (doctor coverage) to ensure that individuals have full scale health coverage.

This plan also comes with prescription drug coverage within one plan, making it easy for those who need to be on medication to receive their drugs for little to no money.

Medicare is a massive insurance benefit, but not all of the different medicare plans are the same.

These plans offer more benefits than the original Medicare options that exist.

The cost of these plans and what is covered varies from plan to plan.

It is also important to not that you do not need to be an AARP member to enroll in Medicare, but being an AARP member can help you receive better benefits.

Medicare-Related Plans

There are definitely a few different plans that AARP offers in terms of medicare for their members.

These plans are important for those who need help for out of pocket costs when it comes to medicine.

These plans are all comprehensive ones that have more benefits than the original Medicare.

Medicare Part D Plans

When it comes to prescription drugs, many individuals may be met with high healthcare costs.

The Medicare drug coverage that you can receive through AARP comes from UnitedHealthcare and can be a good option for those with pertinent drug needs.

There are different plans to choose from available to AARP members, but you do not need to be a member of AARP to get into one of these programs.

Medicare Supplement

The AARP also offers supplemental insurance coverage for individuals enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.

6. AARP Home, Life and Auto Insurance

When it comes to home, car, or life insurance, you can find out quickly that these different protections are not cheap.

Thankfully, AARP has partnered with some major companies that offer insurance policies to help AARP members get discounted insurance coverage.

There are different options available for individuals who want insurance coverage from AARP.

Some of these benefits are even better because on your own they may be hard to acquire.

When it comes to saving even more, AARP members will find that bundling different policies together will drive the overall cost of their insurance policies.

This is awesome for those who like to have adventurous vehicles or multiple homes be able to enjoy them without worrying about accidents or maintenance problems.

There are insurance policies from everything ranging from main homes, daily use vehicles to mobile homes, boats, ATVs and more.

These policies are great and getting a quote for them is super easy.

One of the important aspects of being a home owner or car owner is being able to rest easy knowing your investments are safe.

If you are a safe driver and are experienced, you can expect to acquire insurance coverage for your vehicles through AARP easily.

Some, but not all, of these policies come with the possibility of renewing them for life!

This is a big deal if you plan to keep your home for generations or purchase vehicles that you expect to last you for a long time.

You can also find awesome coverage for different kinds of vehicles like motorcycles and boats, as well as life insurance policies to help your family.

There are many different companies out there that offer different insurance policies and will quote you different prices.

It is a good idea to shop around and make sure that the insurance policy you choose is the best for you, so feel free to get quotes without worrying about committing to one.

This list will detail the different coverage you can get from AARP and the benefits of having these different policies to protect your life, your home, or your vehicles.

Life Insurance Coverage

For those interested in life insurance, you can expect to receive benefits from the AARP that allows members to apply for up to $100,000 in life insurance.

This can help protect your family from a sudden loss and the information for the available life insurance policies from AARP are free.

All you have to do is ask!

Auto Insurance

When it comes to owning a vehicle, there are a lot of responsibilities and things that must be looked after throughout the time you own a car.

A lot of these costs can be extremely high, and having the money to pay for them out of pocket is not always easy.

Having some sort of cushion in the even that you need to fix your vehicle or deal with an accident can be very helpful.

The AARP auto insurance program is run by The Hartford.

This auto insurance program allows AARP members to receive different offers that allow them to save money.

These benefits are designed to help AARP members who are safe and experienced drivers to save big bucks when it comes to taking care of their vehicles.

In most states, you can choose to use their Lifetime Renewability which means you can have this vehicle coverage for the rest of your life!

To be eligible for this, there are a few requirements, but they are not difficult to meet.

This program offers car insurance quotes to AARP members at no cost and individuals who inquire are not required to accept the insurance coverage if they do not want to.

The best part about this particular insurance program is that you can choose to add on homeowners insurance.

This will result in more savings as both insurance policies under one operator means spending less overall for each policy over the course of a year.

Homeowners Insurance

If you’re interested in insuring your home, AARP offers a homeowners insurance program that is available through The Hartford.

This coverage is for individuals who own a house or a condo, or people who rent a house, condo or apartment.

These benefits and services cater to AARP members and is specially designed for each member to cover what they need.

Every homeowner has different needs, and AARP recognizes this by making it easy to pick and choose what coverage you need for your home.

Like the available car insurance, this program offers members the ability to renew for a lifetime in most states.

You’ll have to meet some simple requirements to be able to do this, but if you can and you do meet them, then you will be renewed every year without a hassle.

These policies are different from plan to plan, but to inquire about them does not cost any money.

Individuals are also able to look into these plans without having to commit to purchasing one.

You can get a quote by looking into this program and decide for yourself if it is worth the purchase.

If you manage to get homeowners insurance through AARP, you can also choose to bundle the car insurance together with it and save even more money!

This is a very lucrative option because home and car insurance can be very expensive.

Mobile Home Insurance

When it comes to those who live in mobile homes, there is often a need to get insurance for these homes.

There are different issues that can arise with having a mobile home, and whether its recreational or a primary residence, insuring your mobile home has many benefits.

The plans offered by AARP for mobile home insurance are provided by a company called Foremost.

These plans are specialized to help individuals who own a mobile home to protect their investment.

The ability to renew for a lifetime is also available with this kind of insurance coverage.

You will also be able to file a claim any time, day or night, thanks to their 24/7 claim service.

Motorcycle Insurance

When it comes to being able to go on adventures, many people turn to motorcycles for their freeing feel and the ability to travel in style.

For those who have reached a point in their life where they want to own a motorcycle, it’s important to make sure you insure it like you would any other vehicle.

The AARP offers a motorcycle insurance program through the company Foremost.

This program allows AARP members to receive discounts and coverage for their motorcycle.

These benefits are also available for optional motorcycle equipment as well as safety apparel, which is one of the most important parts of owning a motorcycle.

If there ever is a need for your motorcycle to be towed, you can expect this insurance to be there to help.

You can also expect to have roadside assistance in the event that a problem arises while you’re riding.

There’s also a very special part of this program for people looking to have this insurance coverage.

In many states, you’ll be able to receive a free DNA+ Forensic Coding system that helps protect you in the event that your motorcycle is stolen.

This can help you be prepared in any emergency situation or simply keep up your motorcycle during normal riding and the wear and tear that comes with it.

Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle insurance offered by AARP can also include other types of mobiles besides your actual car.

This can be lucrative for those who like to live their life adventurously!

This program is available from AARP through The Hartford.

You can customize your insurance to suit your needs when it comes to recreational vehicles.

This includes insurance for ATVs, golf carts and snowmobiles!

You can be eligible for even more savings by bundling your auto and home policies through AARP.

You can also choose to receive these discounts by insuring multiple vehicles that are intended for recreational use.

This means that you can go ahead and make the purchase for a cool new ride without worrying about what will happen if it’s damaged or stolen.

This can be an important addition to anyone’s life planning, and AARP makes it possible to keep all of the necessary insurance plans in one place.

Boat & Personal Watercraft Insurance from The Hartford

If you’re interested in purchasing a new boat or another kind of personal watercraft, then you can expect to find beneficial insurance policies for them through AARP.

These policies are offered from AARP through The Hartford.

You can choose to add customized coverage for a boat or other personal watercraft through this program.

You can easily get a quote for these different policies for each type of boat or watercraft without having to pay a dime.

You’ll also be able to get information about all of the available options without having to commit to a plan if you do not see it as valuable for you.

Even if you already have a boat or watercraft, you can see yourself cutting the costs of your policies by switching the insurance for them to these plans offered by AARP.

They can help you save in the event that something happens to your boat, or if there is damage from natural disasters or other mishaps that may arise.

Collectible Car Insurance

When it comes to owning a cool car, collectible vehicles are a go to for many.

These cars can be beautiful and exciting to own, but they can also be very expensive.

Finding insurance for collectible cars can be harder, but thanks to the AARP, members can easily find collectible car insurance.

These different plans are offered through The Hartford.

They are design to help individuals protect their collectible cars specifically.

You can receive a quote for these plans without having to pay anything up front.

If you decide that the plan is not for you, you are not obligated to commit to any of the available quotes that you may receive.

If you own a collectible car or are interested in purchasing one, then you can expect AARP to have your back in finding ways to protect your investment.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

When it comes to having a recreational vehicle for vacations, you may be wondering what the best policies are for insuring them.

Thanks to the AARP, you’ll be able to get a quote for your RV’s, trailers and motorhomes at no cost to you.

These policies are available through The Hartford and can be bundled with other insurance policies that you may receive through these programs.

You can expect to get specialized protection for your recreational vehicles by getting a quote, but you do not have to accept the policy if you’d rather go with another company.

That being said, you can find yourself with even more savings if you bundle different types of insurance policies together.

You can also choose to receive these benefits by bundling insurance for multiple recreational vehicles if that’s what you’d prefer.

You can also get some of these discounts if you choose to take a defensive driving course or are a member of an RV club!

7. AARP Health & Wellness Benefits

When it comes to taking care of your health, its important to utilize as many tools as possible, especially as we get older.

There are many wellness benefits that the AARP offers it members, and all of these options can help to keep you happy and healthy for a long time.

Outside of the medical plans that are offered which have been detailed above, there are a ton of other benefits that you can become a part of.

You can expect to take advantage of the medicare plans available as well as dental, hearing and vision plans or plans that help cover the cost of medication.

These are just the tip of the iceberg though, as AARP doesn’t just help you to cover the basic necessities when it comes to your health.

You will be able to access all kinds of different tools that help individuals to check their medical symptoms, calculate their body mass index or check for drug interactions.

There are also medical related expenses that you can save from at different stores and pharmacies.

Companies that participate in these savings programs include:

There are also supplemental insurance plans available for the individuals who can receive medical coverage through Medicare.

This means that you can choose to take on insurance plans that can help you lower the cost of medication and many other important parts of taking care of yourself.

To qualify for the available supplemental insurance plans available through UnitedHealthcare, you must be an AARP member.

Another important thing to note is that these prices are not dependent on things like your age, gender, or your state of health.

This is important to note because this is very rare to find when it comes to taking on an insurance policy.

Older adults who have health conditions that require specialized attention usually find that getting coverage costs them more

You can imagine how taxing this can be on a person’s financial health, especially if they’re in retirement age and do not have high paying jobs or have left the workforce.

Some of the available health and wellness benefits you can take part in are:

Living Well with Hearing Loss

One of the many benefits available for AARP members is their program that helps members deal with their hearing health.

This program helps to teach individuals how to maintain their hearing health and have access to important advice about dealing with hearing loss problems.

When it comes to this program, you’ll be able to find needed information, different tools, and solutions for dealing with these problems in a concise way.

AARP members can also take a scientifically sound hearing test over a phone for free once every year.

This makes it easier to have one less trip planned to visit your doctor each year and can help keep you informed about your hearing health.

Discounted Fees and Tax Advantages

AARP members are eligible to take advantage of tax benefits surrounding their healthcare costs.

Individuals who have a qualifying health plan with a high deductible can find savings at the end of the year just for being an AARP member.

You’ll also be able to access different tools, resources, and information surrounding their retirement requirements.

If you’re under the age of 65 and an AARP member, you can receive a discount of 20% on monthly maintenance fees for these different advantages every month.

If you’re older than 65, you can expect these fees to be completely waived!

Hearing Care Program

When it comes to caring for your hearing, there may be a lot of costs involved to help you maintain your hearing health.

If you’ve reached the point of needing things like hearing aids, you can expect to get a 20% off discount on the retail cost of different hearing aids.

You’ll also be eligible to receive a free cleaning of your hearing aids, free demonstrations of different hearing aid technology, a free hearing check up and more.

You’ll be able to join the hearing care program available through AARP with a 90 day trial.

You’ll also be able to receive a year of extensive follow up care without having to pay a dime.

Your hearing aids will also come with a 3 year warranty and a supply of 3 years worth of hearing aid batteries.

For individuals who need to use hearing aids, this can be very helpful.

Prescription Savings

Everyone knows that prescription drugs are expensive, especially if you have to continuously take medication to maintain your health.

A lot of different medications are available for free or at a low fee if you have medical coverage.

Even if you do have medical insurance, this is not always guaranteed.

AARP members save a lot of money on medication just for being an AARP member.

The average savings for prescription drugs not available for individuals who cannot be covered by their insurance is about 61% off.

These savings are also available for the dependents of AARP members no matter what age they are.

With these savings, you’ll be able to use your free prescription discount card at over 66,000 different pharmacies nationwide.

Boost Your Brain Health

AARP members have the ability to enjoy a benefit called Staying Sharp.

This program has been developed to help members enjoy content that helps maintain their brain health.

Members will have access to healthy recipes, articles, activities, games and much more to maintain a healthy noggin.

AARP members will also be able to receive recommendations that are personalized for them if they choose to take the Brain Health assessment available for a small fee.

Vision Discounts

Taking care of vision health is also as important as taking care of your bodily health, and with AARP at your back, you can expect many beneficial discounts.

There are exclusive discounts available for those in need of vision exams, glasses, and many other vision related tools, exams, and more.

You can save money from independent companies that have contracts with AARP!

Determine Your Healthy Weight

When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, we may not always be equipped with the right information to help you keep track of it.

With the BMI calculator you can determine what your weight is and if it is healthy for you.

Knowing your body mass index can help you handle other health issues, determine if you need to gain or lose weight, and what issues may arise if you’re over or underweight.

In-Home Caregiving Services

If you’re in search of pre-screened, professional caregivers, then you can count on AARP to help you find them with CareLinx.

This program affiliation with AARP can help you receive a 3% discount on services regarding in home caregiving.

Considering how expensive this can become, this is a great thing to have available if you or your spouse are in need of in home care.

Flip50 from Tivity Health

If you want discounts on fitness memberships, then you can use your AARP membership to pay for flip50 from Tivity Health.

You’ll be able to pay a fee of $30 per month to have access to over 10,000 fitness locations all over the country.

You’ll also be able to use discounts at over 17,00 wellness practitioners, including chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and more.

You’ll also be able to use a $20 voucher that you receive monthly to help you pay for these different services within the network.

You’ll have the ability to download a mobile app companion with helpful plans that help you maintain your health and wellness on a weekly basis.

For those who need glasses, AARP members receive a 30% off discount on all orders from

This online retailer has partnered up with the vision discounts provided by the AARP through EyeMed.

These discounts include the 30% off, as well as free basic lenses or 25% off lens upgrades as well as free shipping and returns.

You can also expect to get free frame adjustments at LensCrafters with this program.

HearUSA Hearing Shop

When it comes to paying for listening products, you may be happy to know that AARP provides 15% off listening products and accessories.

These products include hearing aids, batteries, different supplies and more.

If you need assistive listening devices, sound amplifiers, amplified telephones, television listening sets, clocks, smoke alarms or any other listening device, you’re in luck.

These products can take a big chunk out of your wallet and make it hard to equip your home, so having a decent discount every time you buy something makes it easier to do.


If you’re looking for different ways to save money on eyeglasses, you can expect to save up to 30% off on complete pairs of glasses with your AARP membership.

You’ll be able to save money on your glasses and also get $55 eye exams at LensCrafters, as well as get an extra 10% on transition lenses.

You’ll have to purchase frames at LensCrafters to take advantage of this discount, but choosing to go down this avenue can mean great savings for quality eyewear.

Philips Lifeline

When it comes to the safety of the senior members of your family, or for yourself, having ways to alert family of an emergency is important.

Falls, slips, and other things can occur at any given moment.

Many seniors live alone and do not have access to constant care, which makes having a medical alert service important.

Lifeline offers AARP members a 15% discount on their alert services along with free shipping and activation.

You’ll be able to select a service that suits how you live, and have 24/7 access to emergency services whenever you might be in need of it.

Rite Aid Pharmacy

If you want more ways to save on prescriptions, pairing up your AARP membership with the Rite Aide Pharmacy’s around town can help you save money.

AARP has their prescription program, and you can take your free discount card to Rite Aid to help you lower the cost of your prescriptions.

These savings can help you lower the cost of FDA-approved medications not covered by your current insurance provider.

Being able to pay for your prescriptions is important, and having an AARP membership can help you do that.

Target Optical

When it comes to saving on eyeglasses, you have different options to explore as an AARP member when you are in need of purchasing them.

With your AARP membership you can head to target and receive a $55 eye exam as well as money off of your eyeglasses.

You’ll be able to get $10 off your eyeglasses or sunglasses in Target Optical, helping you to save more on your vision health.

These are just some of the many different benefits available to members of the AARP.

Read on to learn more!

8. AARP Travel Benefits

When it comes to traveling, AARP can be a beneficial tool in helping you facilitate trips that cost less and are fun!

If you become an AARP member, you’ll have access to many different savings, including on car rentals, travel tours and packages amongst many other discounts.

Some examples of different discounts you can receive as an AARP member include getting $100 off per person on different guided vacations and cruises in Europe.

You can also receive 12% off at Parl Ride Fly’s 150 different locations at different airports across the country.

AARP members are eligible for 30% off AVIS Rent-A-Car base rates and get extra eligibility for vehicle upgrades too!

There are many travel benefits for seniors looking to travel, but these benefits don’t only apply to individuals in their golden years.

You can also receive discounts on flights, hotels, car rentals and more!

You’ll be able to receive access to different AARP travel centers across the nation.

These travel centers are available to help AARP members figure out different things related to their travel plans and get new ideas.

AARP also has a handy partnership with Expedia that can help members to do basic travel planning like booking hotels, car rentals, cruises and more.

You’ll also be able to book travel packages with no booking fees, as well as receive a nice cash rebate for your reservations at participating hotels.

You can find yourself with a decent 30% discount on car rentals at Budget, Payless and Avis.

You’ll also be able to save money on round-trip tickets that you can book through British Airways.

You’ll be eligible for a $200 discount as an AARP member, and that’s a nice chunk of change for a vacation!

You’ll also be eligible for hotel discounts at Best Western reaching up to 15%, 10% off at Choice hotels and up to 20% off for booking with Wyndham hotels too.

With all those different hotel booking saving, you can travel more for less.

If you’re more into water travel and like to go on cruises, you can find awesome discounts for booking through AARP’s travel center.

AARP members are eligible to get special member pricing by two distinct companies that work with AARP.

Some of these travel destinations include Europe as well, and there is no time better for international travel than when you’re on your way to retirement.

If you travel frequently, being an AARP member can be of great benefit to you.

You’ll definitely receive more in discounts than the price of your annual membership.

$16 for an AARP membership translates into hundreds of dollars in savings for people who travel, even if it’s once a year.

You can visit the AARP travel page to discover the different partnerships that AARP has available.

There, you will be able to find out what packages, deals and discounts you can take advantage of for your next round of travel plans.

If you discover something on this site that interests you, then you can click on the associated link and call the numbers that show up to get more details.

9. Entertainment AARP Discounts

When it comes to enjoying entertainment opportunities, you can find awesome discounts using your AARP membership.

You’ll be able to save money on all sorts of things, including movie tickets at Regal Cinemas, 20% off on Cirque du Soleil tickets and savings through Ticketmaster.

If you’re the kind of person who like to enjoy new dining experiences, or visit your favorite restaurants, you can use your AARP membership for those too.

You’ll be able to dine at places like Bonefish Grill, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Outback Steakhouse, McCormick & Schmick’s, Denny’s and many more places.

You’ll also be able to save on gifts for your loved ones and flowers with the available AARP membership discounts from different companies.

This includes 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-BASKETS, Harry & David, Simply Chocolate, The Gift Card Shop, The Popcorn Factory and other companies that work with AARP.

10. AARP Job Search Assistance

If you’re interested in navigating the job market but find that it becomes more difficult with age, you are able to turn to AARP for help.

There are definitely challenges that older adults face, and AARP is aware of these challenges.

They do their best to help their members deal with these challenges by helping their clients discover different job opportunities that are available to them .

This means that as an AARP member, you’ll be able to discover different jobs that are listed on the AARP job board.

This job board will be of great help in matching you with different companies looking to hire employees based on their years of experience.

This is a great thing to have in place, especially if the particular sector that you’re working within is trying to hire younger employees.

There is a definite disparity these days when it comes to equal employment and the matter of age.

These companies have committed to helping older citizens find employment with good companies that pay decent wages.

AARP also provides various resources to people aged 50 or older that helps them determine ways of navigating the job market.

These tools help older citizens develop skills necessary for them to work, develop resumes and nail job interviews with their tips.

There are also listings for career events that AARP members can participate, making them more available for employment.

Considering that many older Americans do not want to be employed full time due to their life requirements, family, or physical condition, AARP helps there too.

AARP members will be able to find different options in part time work or developing business models and strategies.

The AARP Work 50+ program is a great way for AARP members to get the help they need.

The information, training, support and other necessary tools to succeed are readily available for individuals who want to go back to work.

You’ll be able to participate in online job fairs, watch informational videos, webinars, and find in-person events that are geared to helping those over 50 search for work.

11. AARP The Magazine

Once you’ve joined the AARP, you will have access to their magazine.

Every membership automatically comes with a subscription.

This magazine features relevant news in health, tech, literature, film and more.

You’ll be able to read celebrity interviews, receive money tips, healthy recipes, and find more entertainment with their magazine.

You’ll be able to get a physical copy of this magazine, but you can also choose to view the magazine on the go with their digital version.

You can download the AARP app and read your magazine on an iPad!

This magazine is beneficial because it can help you be smart with your money and keep you on track as you enter retirement in intelligent ways.

AARP memberships are a good way to save money in your life and find ways to keep track with your savings goals.

To be able to make the most of your AARP membership, it’s good to know that you’re in a place to take on these responsibilities.

You’ll be able to discover more benefits with their magazine as the benefits can change, usually for the better.

With your AARP membership, you’ll also be able to learn about different ways to be rewarded for using their services.

You’ll be able to receive rewards in the form of gift cards for restaurants, travel, electronics, and even more!

12. How to Join AARP

If you’re interested in joining the AARP, then you’ll want to know which ways you can acquire a membership.

There are two main methods for getting a membership with the AARP.

The first is by signing up online.

You can easily do this in a matter of minutes.

Once you’ve completed the necessary steps, you can get your AARP card!

You can do this by waiting for the mailed out version that will come to you, or you may print yours out and start immediately using your benefits.

The mailed out card will take around three to four weeks to receive, so this may be a batter option if you’re interested in getting your savings right away.

If you find that getting your membership together would be easier by communicating with an agent directly, you can call the organization to begin the process.

You will be able to talk to someone by calling 888-OUR-AARP (1-888-687-2277).

Their hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

For Spanish speakers, you can call 877-342-2277

Free AARP Tools Without Membership

Not everything AARP offers requires a paid membership.

There are several free benefits and tools that anyone can use.

13. Ace Your Retirement Tool

Getting on track with your retirement plans can be easy with this free tool from AARP.

It doesn’t matter your age, looking ahead to retirement is an important aspect of anyone’s life.

This tool is designed to help you do just that.

AARP’s Ace Your Retirement tool features Avo.

This is a digital retirement coach.

To help you get started on your retirement planning, you will have to answer some simple questions that Avo will ask.

The questions are easy to get through, and it only takes a few minutes to complete them.

You’ll be able to receive advice from this digital retirement coach that is personalized for you.

The results will be surrounding what different things you can do to get started on your retirement path and what the next steps will be once you get your grounding.

14. AARP Brain Games (Free Online Games)

The AARP offers free games for members and nonmembers alike.

You can use these games to help train your brain and keep your mind sharp.

Furthermore, you can easily find these games by navigating online to the AARP website.

You can manage to keep your brain in the best shape as you move through life.

These games are beneficial for people young and old, and can help you hone some of the skills you need in every day life.

Not only that, but these games are all important ones that help you focus on your math skills, vocabulary skills, problem solving skills, and more!

These games are enjoyable, but not always easy.

The point is to challenge your mind.

You can play classic games like Mahjongg, Black Jack, Solitaire and classic crossword puzzles among many other different games.

There are tons of free games available, but there are a few that are reserved just for AARP members.

You can find all of those members only games along with the nonmember games in the Staying Sharp section of the AARP website.

These are games designed to help your mind remain active and stay sharp!

You can create a free AARP account and log in to play any of these games, or get a membership and really dive into the beneficial game zone.

15. AARP Now Mobile App

One special benefit of using AARP and all its perks is that you can download an app and access all of the information for AARP on the go.

This app is available for Android and Apple devices alike.

You are free to download the app at no cost, but some of the available features are only available to people with a paid membership.

You can use the app without a membership, but you will be prompted to secure one.

You’ll be able to keep up with new information about AARP and it’s progress as well as upcoming events and relevant news about the organization and its community efforts.

The app and the website also offer useful information about new things going on that are relevant to older adults.

You’ll be able to learn more about the different health benefits of being an AARP member as well as entertaining celebrity news.

You’ll be happy to learn that a lot of the information on the AARP website is free for anyone to read.

Some areas will be blocked off, but you’ll have access to the financials section which details information about budgeting, dealing with debt, saving, taxes, and much more.

The retirement section will provide individuals with more information about dealing with their Social Security benefits and more information about health coverage.

If you’re an AARP member, you’ll be able to access your membership card within the app after signing in with your login credentials.

You’ll also be able to renew, join, register and manage your membership through the app as well.

If you’re interested in knowing about the local deals and discounts that are available in your area, you can find these in the app too.

You’ll be able to find offers that are specific to your neighborhood!

Finding events and exploring different entertainment options will also be available to those who are interested in using the app for this as well.

Downloading the app will let you set alerts for different deals and events that are in your area, making it easy for you to keep track of fun, savings, and other information.

AARP Alternatives

If you’re looking for other organizations like AARP to join, or to combine benefits, you can find those options listed below.

It may be a good idea to compare and contrast the different benefits, or to consider what the combination of different memberships can mean for you.

American Seniors Association

This organization is very similar to AARP.

This foundation focuses mainly on conservative values and reforming Social Security, Medicare and taxes.

You can join this organization for $15 per year.

Association of Mature American Citizens

AMAC is another conservative option.

It offers similar benefits and discounts to the AARP.

To join, you can acquire a membership for $16 per year.

National Association of Conservative Seniors

This organization promotes the values in relation to serving in the military, operating and supporting small businesses, and faith-based living.

The base membership for the first year is free; after that, it’s $12 a year.

It’s important to remember that you can receive all kinds of discounts if you’re over the age of 65 just by asking.

Decide If AARP Is Right for You

As we get older, many of us do not work as much as we did in our younger years.

Managing money and staying financially stable is important for many nearing the age of retirement, but this is true for everyone at any age.

If you’re an older adult or a younger adult, AARP can be beneficial to you in innumerable ways.

There are definitely options and discounts that are only available to people of older age or only useful for older citizens.

This doesn’t mean that AARP can’t be useful for younger people too.

If you’re an avid traveler or dine out often, then you can find a lot of benefits in having an AARP membership.

The financial resources and health tools are also very useful for people of any age and can help you to plan a healthier, stabler life.

If you have any curiosities about how beneficial an AARP membership will be, you should consider trying it for a year and seeing how much you can get from AARP.

It’s hard to argue that the benefits aren’t worth it, so don’t be afraid to dive in!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the pros and cons of joining AARP, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Many individuals who have this membership reap the benefits on a daily basis, and you can join in on the discounts, services, and deals available too.

You will quickly see how joining AARP can add to your life, especially if you’re reaching retirement age and want to discover ways to cut corners on costs.

You can use AARP on its own, or you can combine the benefits available through this organization with others that may suit needs that AARP does not meet.

Whatever your ultimate choice may be, you’ll find that there is something for everyone who has an AARP membership, and the great value of it will never stop wowing you.

Now we want to ask you the same thing after having read this review: is AARP worth it? Let us know in the comments below.

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