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150+ Free & Fast Ways To Make Money Now

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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

Looking to make money now and need it fast?

The methods below are ways in which you can earn some quick cash, or rather much more quickly compared to other money making methods.

While we realize that not all of the items on this list may cater to you, we hope that you find at least a few beneficial.

With that said, let’s get started. Here’s a list of 101 ways to make money now.

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1. Get Paid To Share Your Opinion

Survey sites were really helpful to me back when I was struggling to make some cash.

After a lot of testing and experimenting, I was able to narrow my survey site list down to a few of my favorites. At one point, I was earning an extra $200+/month.

Survey Junkie is by far one of the best sites out there due to their high payout rate provided that you stick to the higher-paying surveys. While they do have many low-paying ones, ignore those and you’ll be okay.

I usually find that with these sites that the more surveys I take, the more higher-paying surveys they give me.

Here are some of my favorite survey sites. Keep in mind that they’re all FREE.

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2. Get Paid To Take Pictures Of Your Receipts

If you’re going shopping, be sure to keep your receipt. Receipt scanning apps like Ibotta pay you to take pictures of your receipts from your phone.

Make sure to take a picture of the entire receipt to earn credit to your account within 48 hours of taking a picture.

When signing-up for Ibotta, you also get a $10 bonus after scanning your first receipt.

Here are a few other apps like Ibotta that are my favorite:

  • Shopkick – Earn points in the form of “kicks” when you scan your receipt, walk into stores, shop online, link your credit card, scan barcodes and more. Shopkick is one of the more versatile apps on this list due to the fact that they offer so many ways to earn when shopping. Get a 250 kick bonus as a new user.
  • Fetch Rewards – This is a fairly new receipt scanning app, but they’ve already proved their worth. Get a $1.50 sign-up bonus when you use the promo code HH3MN. While there aren’t that many offers available out yet, they tend to have a high payout compared to the other apps on this list.
  • Trunow – This app pays you specifically for gas purchases only. You automatically get 1% cash back of your total purchase. You get a $1 sign-up bonus when you sign-up using promo code TO1F19 and scan your first receipt.

3. Earn $36 To Track Your Amazon Purchases

Shoptracker is a free mobile app that pays you to track your Amazon purchases. Once you complete a short survey about your Amazon purchase history, download the app to your phone.

After that, from within the app link your Amazon account. From there you’ll be rewarded a free $3 Visa gift card when you complete registration. This entire process should take roughly 5 minutes of your time.

Want to earn even more cash? For each month you leave the app installed, you get an additional $3 Visa gift card – and all you have to do is let it run in the background and remember to cash out each month.

You’re essentially earning $36/year in passive income since there’s basically no work required on your end.

Looking for more apps like this? Check out our 20 free passive income apps list.

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4. Complete Small Tasks Online With Swagbucks

When it comes to one of the most popular rewards sites on the web, Swagbucks definitely has you covered. Earn free cash watching videos, completing surveys, completing free-trial offers, shopping online, playing games, clipping coupons and more.

Their abundant amount of offers makes it really easy to earn with this site. What’s even better is that they give you a $5 bonus when you register as a new user.

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5. WealthSimple Will Give You $50 To Start Investing In Your Future

WealthSimple is another robo-advisor on this list that takes all of the hard work out of investing for you. Fill out your financial profile regarding your age, assets, debt, income etc. From there, WealthSimple will select the best financial portfolio and automatically invest for you.

The investments they choose are safe, steady and long-term picks that are meant to help you gradually increase your wealth. All of the picks are based on the knowledge of the top financial experts in the industry.

The best part? When you sign-up for a free account, you get a FREE $50 registration bonus after you deposit your first $500. Of course, you can always withdraw this money once you receive the bonus.

6. Earn Free CryptoCoins Through EarnCrypto

EarnCrypto is a fairly new site that helps you earn free cryptocurrencies. When you sign-up for a new account, choose from hundreds of cryptocurrencies to select one coin as your currency of choice.

From there, each time you complete a short task, you earn in your chosen cryptocurrency. My favorite task with this site is watching videos since it’s basically passive. All you have to do is hit the play button – the videos can run for hours without any need to hit a next button.

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7. Amazon Trade-In

With Amazon’s Trade-In Program, you can sell your used items in exchange for Amazon gift cards. They originally setup the program for just textbooks, but now you can trade-in almost anything. This includes books, old smartphones, DVDs and more.

Keep in mind that not all offers are great, but some are really good. For example, I was offered $63 for an old math textbook that I’d never use.

On that same note, I was only offered $20 for a used smartphone that could’ve easily gone for more on Craigslist. Search for your item and see how much they’re willing to buy it for.

8. Watch Videos From Your Phone & More

Swagbucks is one of the most popular rewards sites on the web, paying you for watching videos, completing surveys and polls and even making searches on the web. While the points don’t add up quickly, it’s a great way to make some extra cash.

When you get enough points, you can exchange it for a gift card to a place of your choosing. For more information on how to make the most of Swagbucks and earn the most points each day, check out our full Swagbucks Guide.

9. Earn Cash Each Time You Use Your Credit Card

Drop is a rewards app that pays you when you make purchases on everyday things. When you sign-up, you’ll be given a choice to select 5 different retailers in which you want to earn cash back. Some popular retailers include Amazon, WalMart and McDonalds.

When you link your credit card or debit card and make a purchase at one of these retailers using that same card, you earn anywhere between 1% and 4% in cash back.

Use the promo code frugal4less when you register as a new user to get a free $1 bonus when you link your first card.

10. Teach English With VIPKID

VIPKID is currently one of the highest-paying English teaching programs on the web. Earn at a rate of $14 – $22 per hour teaching English online. This amount is guaranteed by the VIPKID staff.

Teach English to Chinese kids across the globe. The reason the payout is so high is because the interview process is a bit strict. However, once you’re in you’re in, and you can expect to make around $2,000 a month through this gig.

11. Start a Blog

While starting a blog doesn’t usually generate cash immediately, over time it can be a great way to generate some extra cash, even when you’re not working.

I started the Frugal For Less blog from scratch and now make a living from it. In order to help others out, I’ve put together a list of 7 detailed steps on how to start a successful blog.

Starting a blog is relatively inexpensive. We’ve partnered with Bluehost to give FFL readers hosting for as little as $3.95 per month and a free domain. Hosting services typically cost around $6 – $7 a month and a domain costs around $10 per year.

12. Get $5 For Free To Invest In Your Future With Acorns

When you sign-up with the Acorns app you automatically get a free $5 registration bonus to help invest in your future.

Acorns takes all of the stress out of investing in the stock market by advising you what to invest in – and the best part is that it does this automatically.

Fill out your financial profile based on your current assets, income, age, debts etc. From there, Acorns will calculate the best portfolio for you based on your answers.

The portfolio picks are meant for slow and long-term growth, so you can assure that Acorns will invest in safe and steady securities (such as ETFs and bonds) rather than volatile stocks. Not only that, but these picks are based on the knowledge of the top financial experts.

One feature that Acorns has that most robo-advisors don’t have is the ability to invest in your spare change whenever you make a credit card purchase. For example, let’s say you spend $1.25. Acorns will round this purchase up to $2 and invest the $.75 difference into your investments.

Most importantly with Acorns, you need only need a minimum of $5 to invest each time and there’s no commission fees when you make trades. This is extremely important, since most brokerage firms charge you anywhere between $4 and $10 per trade.

13. Sell Unwanted Gift Cards

You get a $25 dollar gift card to American Eagle, but you never really shop there nor do you have plans to do so. Instead, sell it at a gift card reseller and receive up to 90% of its value in cash.

Here’s a list of websites that are great for selling your gift cards:

14. Ebates

Ebates is an online shopping portal that pays you to make purchases online. They’ve partnered with thousands of retailers across the web, and each time you buy something you can earn 1% – 15% in cash back.

The best part? It’s 100% free, and you even get free $10 gift card as a nice registration bonus.

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15. Become a Lab Rat

I sometimes find ads in the newspapers looking for anyone willing to participate in clinical trials. You are reliable for any risks that you partake in, so choose wisely. You can try Prolific Academic to become a lab rat for online psychological studies.

16. Sell Your Services for $5 Dollars at Fiverr

Fiverr is a website dedicated to selling services setup by others who wish to sell their services for a minimum of $5. Do you know a second language? Translate a quick document for $5 – $20. Quickly build a reputation and then slowly raise your price.

The services on Fiverr range anywhere from graphic design, translation, marketing, advertising, face-painting any country you wish, writing a 500 word professional biography about you and much more. Anything you can think of is eligible for Fiverr.

17. Sell Used Clothes

Having clothes around that you don’t need anymore? There are places to exchange them for cash. One great store is Plato’s Closet. They quickly look at your clothes and offer you cash on the spot. Just make sure you wash them first.

18. Be a Beggar

Remember the time you walked by a homeless man with a hat on the street full of dollar bills? That could be you!

Put on some ragged clothes, splash some dirt on your face and sit on the sidewalk in your downtown area. If you don’t want to be recognized, putting on a fake beard is a good idea. In fact, some people make a living doing this.

19. Donate Your Sperm

Sorry girls, but this one is only for guys. Sperm banks are willing to pay anywhere from $25 – $65 per donation, so make sure to do your research beforehand on finding the best deal. Unfortunately, I don’t have any recommendations off of the top of my head.

20. Babysitting

You don’t mind kids and have nothing to do on a Saturday night. Your friend’s Mom wants to go out with her husband, but has no one around to take care of her 2-year-old. Consider advertising yourself as a babysitter if you don’t mind being around kids for a couple of hours.

21. Wash Cars

Setup a small car wash service in the front of your house. It only takes about 20 minutes per car at most, and at $5 per car you could be making the equivalent of $15 an hour.

22. Use Your Truck as a Delivery Service

If you have a lot of items that you need to transport or are moving, the first thing you think of is hiring movers. However, if you’re trying to be thrifty with your money, you may look on craigslist for someone who offers their truck for around $30 an hour and helps you move.

If you have a truck and have some extra time on the weekends, this could be a great side business.

23. Recycle Your Used Cellphone

An old cellphone lying around is just taking up space. Might as well sell it.

Many places offer cash for you to sell it to them. I’ve never used their services, but a quick Google search shows that Pace Butler will buy your old cell phone for up to $300 depending on the phone.

24. Odd Jobs

Put up a sign on the street corner that you’re willing to mow lawns, pull weeds and other odd jobs around the area. This usually works better if you’re a student as the community will be supportive of your endeavor to fund your tuition. However, if you’re older, it’s still a good idea if you’re a hard-working individual.

Make sure to do a great job and by word-of-mouth you’ll quickly have a few clients in your neighborhood. Once this is done, hire someone else to work with you and you can slowly build your client base.

25. Street Perform

Street performers can make a good living if they play good music. If you’re a talented musician, find an area with lots of crowded people and start playing.

26. Sell Your Plasma

Trading plasma in the U.S. is legal and can pay up to $35 a donation. You need to be drug-free and have good health in order to donate. It usually only takes 30 minutes to an hour to do and you receive cash immediately.

27. Return Past Purchases

Finding yourself in a bind and wish you didn’t purchase that new TV? If you still have the receipt, you can usually get a full refund from the store you purchased it from provided that no damage has been done to it.

Don’t have a receipt? Stores are willing to offer store credit as long as you take in your credit card with which you purchased it with. Store credit can be a good thing if you need to buy groceries to eat instead of watching the news.

28. Rent Out Your Room

Having an extra room in the house can be a blessing. If you have a space to rent out, place an ad on Craigslist for a boarder. Be careful who you choose and if you have children. You want someone who is trustworthy and clean.

29. Get a Loan

If you need a couple of hundred bucks fast, this can be a great idea. Just remember to pay it back. If you have a bad habit of taking out loans but not paying them back, this may not be the best idea for you.

Keep in mind that the interest rates on these loans may be high.

30. Tap into Your Retirement Savings

Tapping into your IRA before you hit a certain age may lead to a 10% penalty, so think carefully before withdrawing. On the contrary, if you own a Roth IRA, all contributions you withdraw will be at no charge.

That means if you contribute $1,000, make $500 dollars from investing, you can still withdraw that original $1,000 but not the extra $500 you made at no cost.

31. Sell Flowers at Traffic Lights or Wash Windows

If you’re the driver, you usually find the people selling stuff while you’re waiting for a traffic light pretty annoying. As the seller, if you rake in some cash you shouldn’t mind too much.

Buy a bunch of perishable goods such as flowers, water or snacks and you can make some quick cash. Quickly wash someone’s windows with out them asking and put out your hand to see what happens.

32. Recycling

Drinking lots of soda can have its perks. Finding these cans in dumpsters or other trash cans can be easy. The website has good ideas on how you can recycle bottles and aluminum cans to make a quick dollar.

Take note that you usually have to have a large amount before cashing in.

33. Sell Used Cooking Oil

There are many recycling firms that will pay for the leftover cooking oil that you have used. After making that giant turkey at Grandma’s house, tell her not to throw down the oil down the sink.

Search on craigslist or the internet for areas in your area that will more than gladly accept your used waste.

34. Recycle Used Tennis Balls will buy all of your used tennis balls and send you a prepaid shipping label on top of that. I believe the minimum amount you can recycle at one time is around 150-200 tennis balls.

35. Sell Human Hair

Provided that your hair is over ten inches long, you can make money selling it. Search for places on the internet that are in your area willing to buy “used” hair.

36. Sell Bottled Water

On a hot day, you could be a lifesaver. Some great areas to save bottled water are at a freeway exit, the beach or at a sports stadium.

37. Gambling

Like the stock market idea, gambling also has its risk. I personally recommend not to gamble more than you’re willing to lose.

The games with the best odds are craps and blackjack. The odds of winning blackjack are just under 50%.

38. Airbnb

Through, you can offer your room for rent for as short as one night.

39. Sell Eggs

I guess this one is only fair since males can sell their sperm. Some ads state that they will pay you up to $5,000 per donation, Keep in mind that the process is a little bit longer and more complicated than donating sperm.

40. Scratch Tickets

It usually costs $1 to buy one, but think of the potential earnings! Most of the time you can earn that $1 back at a minimum and buy another one.

41. Metal Detector

Go to the beach and find stuff under the sand. Even if it’s nothing expensive like jewelry, you can still find scrap metal which can be sold.

42. Cut Wood and Sell It

In the cold winter months, selling lumber to anyone with a fireplace can earn you some hard-earned cash. The only requirement is good, physical condition to chop wood.

43. Walk Dogs

Start a pet-walking business. I had a friend in college who would run people’s’ dogs for a summer job. He loved it because he was getting paid to run 7 miles a day with someone ‘s dog.

44. Be an Extra

Contact an extra agency and offer to be an extra in a film. The most you can earn is about $200 a day, but you get to see how a film is made in the process. It’s great for a weekend gig.

45. Get a part-time job

Find a part-time job on weekends can help bring in some extra income. Just make sure it doesn’t interfere with your main job.

46. Grow a Garden

Tell your friends and neighbors that you’re growing a garden. You can sell them, fresh, organic vegetables at a cheap price. It’s not only good for their wallet, but for their health as well.

47. Perform Tasks is a great place to outsource skills and household errands. Find out ways to help your neighbors while making money.

48. Become a Host Family

It wasn’t until after that I ended my host family stay in Spain that I realized that I was getting extremely ripped off. Hosting an exchange student can provide you a quick way to earn cash and to learn about foreign cultures.

49. Ask for Overtime

Let your boss know that you’re willing to stay later if it means getting more pay. This will not only increase your income but will make you look good to your boss. This could prove great for a raise in the immediate future or a promotion.

50. House-sitting

Check Craigslist or local ads for people who need someone to house-sit. This usually just includes checking their mail and doing some small tasks around the house.

If you want to use an agency for house-sitting try

51. Put ads on your car

Earn an extra $400 dollars a month just because you drive to work. Of course you won’t be able to quit your job, but if you don’t mind big, bulky ads being on your car, you can make some extra cash. currently offers this service.

52. Paint

Put up an ad on Craigslist stating that you’re willing to paint someone’s room for $100 and their house for more. Make sure that the person will reimburse you for the paint as well.

53. Carpool Coworkers to Work

Find out if any of your coworkers take the bus to work. To be honest, taking the bus each day can be an expensive task. Offer to drive them to work for $20 a week and earn some extra cash.

54. Sell Photos

Post your photos on and sell them for cash.

55. Remove the Gold from an Old Cell Phone

Here’s a quick video on how to remove gold from a cell phone. Once you get the gold taken out you can take it to a pawn shop and sell it. According to the video, you can find .034g of gold per cell phone.

56. Door-to-door Selling

Have a product or a craft that you want to sell? Try going door-to-door and selling it.

If you don’t have a product, you can sign-up for companies such as Avon and become a local sales rep. It’s only commission-based, so you put in as much time as you want into it. They also offer free training.

57. Advertise Yourself as a Designated Driver

If you’re a college student this one works wonders. Offer your classmates to drive them home from the bar for $5 back to their dorm room.

58. Look for sign-up Bonuses

Credit cards offer sign-up bonuses of up to $400 dollars. Each time I pass by US Bank, usually there’s a sign-up offer of $50 for opening a new account.

Here’s a list of ways to get credit card points and bonuses.

59. eBay

Put any items up for auction up on eBay that you may not need.

60. Make Money Writing Web Content

Offer to write articles for popular blogs. Articles can go for as little as $20 to $250 depending on the quality. Write a quick five articles and you’ve already earned $100. is one of the more popular websites that offers cash immediately for writing an article.

61. Become a Freelancer

Offer your web designing skills or other services on or

62. Clean out Your Closet

Sometimes we forget that stuff in our closet is no longer of use. Look in those dark corners and see if there’s anything that you can put of for sale on either Craigslist or eBay.

63. Peer-to-Peer Lending with Prosper

If you have some extra cash lying around, you can loan it to others with good credit at Prosper is specifically setup for you to loan money to strangers at an interest rate of your choosing. Try to find someone with a good standing in credit history.

64. Sell Scrap Metal

Have some extra metal lying around? Put it in your truck and take it to a junkyard. Search on the internet for how much you can get per weight on scrap metal and where there’s a junkyard near you.

65. Clean Houses

Cleaning the houses of others is quick way to make a minimum of $15 an hour. If you want, it’s very easy to advertise yourself in the paper and build a client base. Offering your services to family members is a great way to start, and maybe they can recommend you to other potential customers.

66. Flip Websites

Go to and find a list of websites that are auctioned off. Be wary of high-quality websites with a low price. You can find anything from $500 to $50,000 on there.

67. Flip Apps is one of many websites that auctions off websites. They literally sell you the code and all you have to do is change the user interface and graphics to legally put it back on the market.

It sounds more complicated than it really is. If you want, simply purchase an app, make some money off of it by putting ads on it, and then sell it later when its popularity dies.

Apptopia has apps that can range anywhere from $500 to thousands. Be cautious of anything lower.

68. Sell Homemade Crafts

If there’s a particular craft that you’re especially good at making, put it on the market. Look in your newspaper for craft fairs and find out how to be a participant.

69. Refer a Friend

Nowadays, many credit card companies and websites offer a referral bonus. The Discover It Credit Card for example, offers you $50 for every friend that you refer. Check with your credit card companies to find out more.

70. Find a Temp Job

Temp jobs are abundant to come by, in which you can temporarily find a position within a company. Show your boss that you’re hard working and there’s a good chance he’ll give you a permanent position.

These jobs usually pay well. Agencies can be found on many job searching websites, such as

71. People a Sports Coach or Referee for Youth Programs

Many schools have after-school sports programs in which they either need coaches are referees. They pay a decent wage and it’s usually not a stressful position. If you have talent in a particular sport, look for jobs related to coaching.

72. Use Cash Back Credit Cards

Just as credit card companies like to give sign-up bonuses, they’ll also give you cash back depending on the purchase you make. Sometimes you can get as much as 5% cash back of the total amount you spend on movies, groceries, and much more.

73. Podcast

Technology is used for everything these days. If you have a particular subject that you’d like to talk about, start a podcast. If you get enough viewers you can find affiliate marketers willing to throw some ads on your show.

74. Photoshop

This one is a little more difficult since it’s so competitive these days. However, if you learn Photoshop and learn it quickly, you can make some quick change.

If you spend a few hours each day, you can start selling your services after a couple of months. The quicker you learn, the quicker you can make money.

75. Start a Business

No business idea is dumb. If you have something that people want, give it a shot. For those who don’t know how to get started, here’s a list of 206 business books recommended by professionals.

76. Become a Virtual Assistant

On freelance websites, it’s easy enough to find someone who doesn’t have enough time in the day that needs a virtual assistant.

77. Dumpster Dive

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Sometimes you can find high-quality items in the trash that can be traded for a lot of money.

78. Computer Help

If you’ve got a technical hand, offer your skills to help someone repair their computer. Other jobs that are involved include web design, programming and much more.

79. Rent out Storage Space

Offer your garage or a spare room as a storage unit. A lot of extra income can be made from this.

80. Sell Collectables

You’ve had those GI Joe figures and those baseball cards for decades now, but you need the extra cash. This may be the saving grace you need to get some extra dough. Look around your closet for anything that you might be willing to let go of.

81. Sponsor Tweets

If you’re active with Twitter and have a larger number of followers, this one could be for you. connects tweeters with advertising companies.

82. Design Clothing

If you like to sew or have a gift for making t-shirts, put them up for sale. A great way to sell them is by creating a website or putting up pictures on Craigslist. If the design is great, people will buy them.

83. Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is dedicated to sharing ideas related to making money and marketing. You can find a lot of cool ideas on here.

84. Shovel Snow

During the wintertime, offer your neighbors to shovel their driveway for an extra $20.

85. Trade in Your Car

All cars get you from point A to point B. One possibility is to trade in for a cheaper one and use the extra cash. This could also reduce your car payments as well.

86. Hold a Garage Sale

If you have any used or unwanted items, having a garage sale is a great way to make a couple of hundred bucks on the weekend. Just make sure to put a sign up around the corner. Even a small ad in the newspaper makes a world of difference in attracting customers to come.

The best way to sell your junk is to coordinate with other members in your community. If you find out that your neighbor is going to have a sale, you should sell your stuff on the same weekend.

People are more willing to go to an area where there’s lots of stuff at a discount rather than just a little, so make sure to communicate.

87. Flip Garage Sale Items

Take along your smartphone with you next time you attend a garage sale. Look up the average price for any used item that you see and find out if you can get it for more by selling it to someone else.

88. Clean Gutters

Not the most prestige job out there, but if you aren’t afraid of heights it can land you some extra money in your pocket.

89. Sell Artwork

If you’re good at drawing or painting, considering displaying your artwork up where it can be seen. When people ask about it, mention that it’s for sale.

My old coworker was an excellent artist and I often considered buying her designs. The trouble, however, is that I was too frugal to buy any.

90. Create Domain Names and Sell Them

Do you have a great idea for a website domain but don’t want to put the time and effort into building it? Create the domain and sell it. People are often willing to pay big dollars in order to get the name they want.

91. Wash Windows

If you don’t want to do it yourself, find someone to hire to wash windows for someone who needs it.

92. Deliver Papers

If you don’t mind getting up at 5 AM every morning, contact your local paper and ask how you can get your own paper route.

93. Pass out Flyers

Often these gigs are one-time and pay minimum wage, but can help you with your financial situation if you need the money. Look on Craigslist or your newspaper to find one of these jobs.

94. Advertise on Your Body

If you like to go running each day and tend to pass a lot of people while on your way, find a company that is willing to pay you for wearing their t-shirt or putting a design of their logo on your forehead.

95. Watch Viggle

Download the Viggle App and get paid to watch TV.

96. Play Games pays you to play games online.

97. Make a Youtube Video

Have an interesting video to share? Put it up on Youtube and get enough people to watch it. After a while, make sure ads are displaying and earn some passive income.

98. Build an App

If you know how to build an app, go ahead and build one and put some ads on it. Don’t know what to build? Games are always a good idea.

If you don’t know how to build an app, it doesn’t take long to learn. is a great resource for learning how to start to code. Although it costs $29 a month, there are some trial lessons that you can sample before paying.

99. Rent Out Your Car is a service to help you find people who will rent your car by the hour.

100. Instagram

If you have a lot of followers on Instagram, offer to put up a link on a specific photo caption for $5-$10.

101. Learn To Code

While this won’t earn you money directly, learning to code can have a huge impact on your future salary. It’s not uncommon for junior developers to earn a starting salary of $90,000 – $100,000. You can check out my post on how attending Epicodus Coding School for 5 months landed me a programming job.

102. Write an ebook

Writing an ebook is a great way to make some passive income. Sell your book for a good price with good content and you’ll get a lot of buyers. I wrote an ebook on 101 Money Making Apps and I currently bring in about $15 per month in passive income.

103. Tutoring

Good at math,science or know a second language? You can mention to friends or put an ad in the local paper that you’re offering your expertise in a specific subject.

104. Ask For a Raise

Don’t be scared to ask your boss for a raise. If you’ve been at your company for over 6 months and you feel like you’ve put your time in and have excelled in many areas, your boss will usually be more understanding and know that you deserve an increase in pay.

105. Sell Your Jewelry

There are tons of pawn shops around. Check if you have any jewelry that you’re willing to part with and find out the price you can get at a local pawn shop. You can even try and sell your gold and silver pieces for more cash.

106. Sell Baked Goods

It’s never too late to become a girl scout. If you have a great baked good in mind, why not offer it for sale from your home kitchen? Offer a free sample to your neighbors and ask if they’d be willing to purchase some.

107. Stock Market

This one is usually a little riskier, but it’s one way to make some cash if you’re knowledgeable in the area. If you don’t have any experience with trading, try trading fake money Spark Profit. If your stocks go up, they pay you, and you don’t need any cash to start!

108. Sell A Parking Spot

Living near a sports stadium can have its perks. People are willing to pay some cash to use your parking area for a few hours, especially if spots are slim.

Find out when local events are starting and put up a sign in your garage with a price.

109. Focus Groups

Test new products, taste new snacks or drinks, or even watch a TV show. All of these are ways you can get paid as part of a focus group, just for being someone’s guinea pig. If you’re okay with putting yourself out there to try new things, you can net anywhere from $75 – $150 for your efforts.

110. Top Bet

This tip is more of a gamble, but online sports betting can make you some quick cash depending on how much you’re willing to wager. Plus it’s pretty simple and fun.

You’ll want to be brush up on your knowledge about the spreads and matchups before finalizing your bet.

111. Lose Weight

For anyone trying to lose weight, you can essentially bet on yourself for a chance to win money just for losing weight. Winners can win up to $10K! In they participate in the team challenge. But in order to win, you have to actively lose weight and meet your goal within a set amount of time.

112. Cut Back

It’s never fun to cut back expenses, but if you’re looking for quick cash, sometimes the best bet is to hold on to the money you already have and cut back on anything considered unnecessary, such as bar hopping and eating out.

113. Find Unclaimed Money

The government may owe you money and you don’t even know it! If the government, business or employer can’t find your address to send you your check, this money gets turned over to an account full of unclaimed money.

Check out your state’s government webpage to see if there’s anymore that’s owed to you. Or you can check out or

114. Credit Card Cash Advance

If taking out a loan doesn’t work for you, then a credit card cash advance is also an option. Basically this means that you are drawing funds directly from your credit card to put cash in your pocket.

Unlike a standard ATM withdrawal, there is often a 10% – 15% fee that comes along with a credit card cash advance, plus you will have to pay the money back.

115. Open a New Checking or Investment Accounts

Simply opening a new checking or investment account at a bank of your choosing can lead to a pretty sweet sign-up bonus. Not all banks offer this, so you’ll want to shop around.

Most banks will offer anywhere from $50 – $200 to open a new account with them. Sometimes there are qualifying activities you will need to complete before you see the bonus money in your account. Just be sure to read the fine print before making the commitment with a new bank.

116. Employee Referral Program

A lot of bigger businesses offer employee referral programs. If you work at a company that offers this, then you should try to take advantage and start having friends or family send in their resumes for qualifying positions.

At the low end, you could get as much as $200 for referring someone who is hired. Some companies will require the employee to meet the standard 90 day probation period before paying you your bonus.

117. Sell To Consignment Shops

If dealing with invoices, packaging materials and driving to the post office sounds like a hassle, you will be better off checking out your local consignment shops.

Consignment shops generally take your sellable merchandise and put them out on the floors of their store. When your items sell, you will get a notification and can then come in and collect your cash. You won’t make a lot of money doing this, but it is nice to earn some cash in hand.

118. Yard Sale

When you really want to try to get rid of items fast and make a few bucks, the best thing to do is have a yard sale or garage sale. If you have 50 items and list everything for a $1, that’s an easy $50 you can make with minimal effort.

Granted you’ll have to sit there and hope for people to be interested in your stuff…but you will be surprised by what people will buy, especially if it is cheap. And if you don’t have a yard, ask to use a friend or family members.

119. Sell Through Facebook

This one is great when you want to stick with selling to local people only. Selling on Facebook is basically having your own virtual Facebook Yard Sale.

You simply post what you have available and then make arrangements for items to be picked up or delivered. It’s perfect for getting rid of bigger items like a couch or dresser, and baby items tend to sell really fast with minimal negotiating involved.

120. Sell Electronics

A few of us may be guilty of buying CDs and DvDs that end up spending years unused in a back corner of the entertainment center. If you need the cash and the extra space, all you need to do is select a few relics you are comfortable giving up.

121. Sell Water/ Soda at Events

Before trying this one, make sure it’s legal to set up a cooler outside your local sporting events or concerts. Often you can get a case of water and sodas for cheap from Costco and sell them at an elevated price at events.

Trust me people will buy your items because you will at least be cheaper than buying water or soda from inside the venue. If you tweak your pricing reasonably, you should make enough to cover the initial cost of everything and have a little extra on the side.

122. Sell Hair

The type of hair that sells the best is usually medium thickness, un-dyed and undamaged. On average, someone with at least 10 inches of hair that fits the description above can earn anywhere from $50-$100.

123. Become a Tester

Make an easy and quick $10 via PayPal for every 20 minute video you watch through the website UserTesting. UserTesting pays you to visits apps or sites and perform a series of tasks, and share your thought out loud.

124. Sell Textbooks

As a student you can be left with a mound of textbooks by the time you graduate. Instead of giving these away to the library or simply tossing, you can try to sell these back to your school as used textbooks for new students.

Or you can sell to sites like and Trust me, future budget-conscious students will appreciate your old materials at a discount price.

Be sure to check out the 20 best places to sell textbooks.

125. Sell Notes

Another tip perfect for students is to sell your notes to your fellow peers. You’ll have those students that play hooky and miss a class for whatever reason and will later need to catch up.

That’s where you can step in and offer them a chance to copy your notes for a small fee.

126. Sell Skills

Anyone with any kind of expertise in a certain skill, can benefit from teaching that skill to others for a set price. This could literally be anything. Cooking, guitar playing, tennis, chess…someone wants to learn these things and you could be that perfect person to teach them.

All of this can be done through a site called SkillShare.

127. Rent Out Clothes

Fashionistas rejoice, you can finally put that extensive closet and sense of fashion to use by letting people rent your stylish clothes.

The process is simple; submit your closet selections for approval, price your items at 5%-10% of the retail value and then just get ready to ship. You’ll get to keep 80% of the proceeds.

128. DoorDash

DoorDash is essentially the Uber for food deliveries. Once you sign up as a Dasher, the app will let you accept orders for delivery. You get paid for every order you deliver and you keep 100% of the tips you may receive.

129. Deliver Groceries

Talk about an easy way to make quick cash! Companies like Instacart allow you to earn extra cash in your spare time by shopping for others. You can choose how often and when you work. Plus, you get paid weekly.

130. Personal Training

One of my good friends makes a decent side income as a personal trainer. The key to success is building up a study clientele, so start by reaching out to friends, family and even coworkers.

You can become affiliated with a specific gym or you can opt to offer private sessions outside of a gym. If you work privately, you can at least benefit from keeping 100% of your earnings.

135. House Sit

People take vacations and they can’t always board their pets or expect their plants to survive while they are away. That’s when a home sitter comes in handy. In most cases you’ll be required to physically live in the home while the owner is away, so think of it as a mini vacay for yourself.

136. Pet Sit

Pet owners know how hard it can be to balance work and getting home in time to let the dog out. Pet sitting gives owners an opportunity to have someone else care for their pet while they are away.

With Rover, you can find several pet sitting positions as well as simple dog walking jobs or just dropping in to give a pet some attention after they’ve been alone for a few hours.

137. Become a Handy Pro

Similar to TaskRabbit, Handy lets you become a professional at basically whatever needs done around the house, from cleaning, to assembling furniture, to helping someone pack. Some of their top professionals make more than $1K a week!

138. Find Quick Gigs

Next time you have free time and want to make quick cash, consider taking up some quick, side gigs. You could end up working as a last minute server at a banquet or even as a brand ambassador for a few hours.The gigs really are quick and the payments lucrative.

139. Help Out Friends and Family

When you don’t want to bother with fancy websites or apps, your best bet is to ask friends or family if there are any tasks you can help out with that they are willing to pay you for. Be reasonable in your monetary expectations.

140. Photography

For those with somewhat decent photography skills and a working, high-end camera, you can start a little side business as a photographer. Choose your own hours and work, whether just family portraits in the park or weddings on the weekends.

141. Drink Beer

Beer lovers, this tip is for you. Finally you can make money off of enjoying a craft brew or two and sharing your experience. You’ll need to provide a writing sample in order to be selected as a Secret Hopper, but it’s for sure a fun way to make some quick cash and enjoy a cold one while you’re at it.

142. Landscaping

Pulling weeds, planting flowers, laying down some mulch…these things don’t happen on their own and I’m sure there are people out there who would gladly pay you to make their yard look beautiful.

143. Teach Music

I’ve had friends who were able to quit their day job because they start earning more money giving music lessons. This may not work out the same way for you because it will depend on what instrument you play and how many students you can get signed up. But, as a means of making extra cash quickly, you can’t beat it.

144. Busking

Busking aka street performing, is a classic way to earn quick cash. Simply find a high traffic spot and commit to performing for a few hours. While you won’t go home with wads and wads of cash (or maybe you will if you’re really good), you won’t go home empty handed either.

145. Cook

Eatwith allows you to post events, create menus and share your culinary skills with people from around the world, whether visitors from out of state or neighbors down the street. Hosts generally get paid within 48 hours after the hosted event.

146. Transcribe

Transcribing audio files may not sound like the most fun job in the world, but it is a perfect one to do in the evenings or on the weekend. You can pick and choose projects when convenient and get paid per project.

147. Social Media Promoter

Due to the high popularity and use of social media, social media promotion has become a real job for many people. Basically, it is your job to bring more visibility and traffic to someone’s social media accounts. By helping others get paid, you’ll get paid.

148. Give An Honest Review

With Slicethepie, you earn cash for every review that you leave. I like using Slicethepie to review music, but you also have opportunities to review clothes and other things. The better your review the better you get paid.

149. Golf Caddy

If you have no plans this weekend, call up your local golf course and see if anyone needs a golf caddy. You don’t have to make this a regular thing, but simply let the golf course know that you can be available as a call-in if one of the regular golf caddies calls out sick.

150. Fix Computers

My dad is great with computers so everyone comes to him with their computer issues. He quickly realized he can start charging people a small fee for the work he was doing and no one complained. If you are a computer wiz too, let your friends and family know you can help out for a set price.

151. Bartend

Bartending is a fun way to make quick cash, both in the form of a paycheck and in the form of tips. The more popular the bar and the friendlier you are, the more tips you can expect to earn.

152. TV/Movie Extra

You could make about $90 a day working as an extra. Those extras connected with a union can earn up to $300 for eight hours of work. You’ll have to commit to being on set as long as needed, but it’s an easy way to make quick cash just by blending into the background.

153. Mock Juror

Essentially, as a mock juror you’ll get paid to participate in mock trials. Lawyers do these in order to prepare for a real trial and map out their strategy. You could get paid anywhere from $5 – $10 per case you sit on and you can work a few of these at once.

154. Haul Junk

If you have a car and extra time, offer to haul someone’s trash or throw away items to the junkyard. You can charge reasonably based on the gas used to get from place to place and extra if you are required to help load everything up.

155. Life Model

This tip isn’t for the faint of heart or shy of body. But, if you okay with showing some (okay a lot) of skin for the sake of art, then you should check out your local university or art school  to see if they need a nude model. Most models can earn anywhere from $15-$25 per session.

156. Teach English

Qkids allows you to pick your own hours and you get to make anywhere from $15-$22 an hour just to teach English from the comfort of your home. All you need is a firm grasp of the English language and a working computer.

157. Consulting

If you’re an expert in a particular subject, i.e. dating, nutrition, fitness, finance, etc, you can make a nice side income as a consultant. You’ll need to market yourself a bit to build a client base, but once word of mouth spreads, your bank account will thank you.

158. Party Planning

If you are highly organized and have an eye for detail, consider offering your services to friends, family or coworkers as a party planner. I had a coworker who organized her boss’s daughter’s Holy Communion party and made a nice amount of cash for something she loves doing.

159. Editing/Proofreading

As an editor and proofreader, you can offer your services to companies or individuals looking for an extra set of eyes to make sure their work checks out. Get paid per project or even consider taking a contract position with a company.

160. Tour Guide

If you live in a city frequented by tourists regularly, then consider working as a tour guide. You’ll need to be fairly familiar with your city and friendly, but it’s the kind of side hustle that you can do every few weekends for extra income.

Final Thoughts

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