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Nike Product Testing: How To Get Free Nike Shoes In 2023

nike product testing
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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

Do you love free stuff? It’s quite simple with Nike product testing.

This guide is going to show you how you can leverage your love of Nike into getting free stuff to try out that nobody else has yet.

While this might not be as great as getting cash for scanning your receipts, it’s still pretty great.

So here’s the skinny on how you can become a Nike product tester.

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What Is Nike Product Testing?

Nike is continually trying and developing new products, and they need feedback from real world users.

This feedback lets them make tweaks to their designs and materials.

That’s where you come in as a product tester.

Nike sends their product testers gear prototypes, meaning this is stuff that isn’t on the shelves yet.

Heck, some of the stuff you try out as a product tester may never make it to the shelves.

Product testers keep a record of how they use the stuff and where and when.

These include surveys as well as places to fill in little information.

This is information like how the fabric of the running jacket was a little stiff, or how the shoe laces come untied too easily.

This is small stuff to you, but to Nike, it is invaluable information that they use to tweak and make changes.

After a product testing period, which could be days or even months, the tester sends the product back to Nike.

Yes, that’s right; you don’t actually get to keep the stuff.

Nike wants to see how the gear wears.

For example, if they send you running shoes, and you run 20 miles per week in them, Nike wants to see how the soles wear.

When you first get the testing gear, you’ll get detailed instructions on how to wear things, and important deadlines.

Make sure you follow all the directions.

This is extremely important if you want to continue doing product testing for Nike.

This is because Nike does annual reviews of all their product testers.

If your participation was good enough, you’ll continue to receive products.

If they decide it wasn’t, then your partnership with them will be cancelled.

So who can sign up for the Nike Product Testing?


Now you’re probably wondering who can sign up for this program.

After all, the Nike Product Testing program is a great way to get to try out some new gear.

It’s a great way to help influence the direction that Nike takes with their new products as well.

If you’re a fan of Nike and always wanted to make a difference, this is how you can do it.

There are four criteria for Nike Product Testing that they look at to see if you’re eligible for the program

We will go into each of these categories in depth so you don’t have to worry about guessing if you’re eligible based on the category.

The four separate criteria that Nike looks at are the following:

  • Age – Because Nike makes products for different segments, they allow three different age categories for testing.
  • Location – Depending on what country you’re from, you are either immediately eligible to apply or you have to send an inquiry on availability.
  • Body Measurements – Nike uses your measurements to ensure that they send you products that fit correctly.
  • Activities – Nike looks at multiple types of activities, ranging from running to basketball players to skateboarding; The best bet is to be honest about your activities.

Age Groups

You might think that you have to be a certain age to sign up for the program

But no, virtually anyone of any age can sign up to be a Nike Product Tester.

That’s right, even kids are eligible to apply.

There are three different age categories that you can apply for.

The first is what you’d expect.

Adults over the age of 18 are of course eligible to participate.

Kids can even participate from the ages of 13 to 17 years old (If your 15 Year Old wants to make spare cash, here’s how).

The only caveat is that they must have parental consent.

Whether or not you want to give consent for your child to receive Nike products to test is up to you, but this will increase the chances that your household receives test gear.

The last group is one you might not expect.

Parents can sign up for kids that are 12 years old and younger.

But of course, Nike does make apparel for young kids as well as shoes, so it should not come as a surprise that they want feedback on that segment as well.

So those are the groups that can sign up for the Nike Testing Program:

  • Parents signing up for children 12 years old or younger.
  • Minor children from 13 to 17 years old.
  • Adults that are 18 years and older.

Geographic Location

Nike used to only accept product testers from a few countries.

Of course the United States is one of the countries that are accepted.

But what citizens from what countries outside of the United States are eligible to sign up for product testing for Nike?

The answers shouldn’t surprise you because they are where Nike has a huge following.

Countries whose citizens used to be the only ones immediately eligible for Nike Product Testing are:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Japan
  • China
  • Italy

However, don’t despair if your country isn’t one of those listed here.

Nike recently changed from the core six and now there are over 35 countries that are eligible to product test.

Nike understands that they are a global brand and even with the increase in testing, there may still be some of you who want to be product testers and don’t live in those countries.

That being said, there is a way for you to inquire about product testing if you live outside of the eligible countries.

Send an email to Nike at and include the following text in the subject line:

  • For apparel testing, put NPT Support (Apparel)
  • For shoe testing, put NPT Support (Footwear)

If Nike has a space available for product testers from your country, then they will send you a link to an online application.

This doesn’t happen always, but it’s definitely a way for people who don’t live in those countries to try to become Nike product testers.

In the meantime, here are some online jobs that will keep you busy while you wait!

Body Measurements and How to Do Them

Nike doesn’t just make shoes; they also make clothing for multiple different types of activities.

They make running gear, jackets for golfers, and tights of different lengths for athletes of all types.

There are four different measurements that they want in general.

These are:

  • Height
  • Chest / Bust
  • Waist
  • Hips

Measuring Your Chest

One measurement they want is your chest (or bust for women).

To do this measurement, you have to measure at the widest area.

This is usually just underneath the armpits.

You may want to have a friend help you with this, or you can wrap it around you like you would a towel.

Take the measurement in inches if you live in the United States.

If you live outside of the U.S., then you should take the measurement in centimeters (cm).

For women, measuring your bust size is much the same.

Place the tape measure at the fullest part of your bust and make sure that it is parallel with the floor.

Again, for women, make sure you take the dimensions in inches if you live in the United States.

If you live outside of the United States, take the measurements in centimeters.

Tips for Measuring your Waist

To find where your natural waist like is located, stand up straight and bend to the side.

You should see a crease form on your side.

That crease location is where your waist is located.

To measure your waist, wrap your measuring tape around the narrowest part of the area.

In general, this location is near your belly button or navel.

If you live in the United States, take your measurement in inches.

If you live outside of the United States, make sure to take your measurements in centimeters.

Measuring Your Hips Accurately

Stand up straight and measure your hips at the widest part.

This will be the fullest part of the hips and buttock region.

This will be the most accurate measurement of your hips for both men and women.

Again, if you live in the United States, take the measurement in inches.

If you live outside of the United States, take the measurement in centimeters.

Height Measurement Tips

If you have someone helping you, then this is fairly easy.

Stand up straight and have them measure from the floor to the top of your head.

One easy way to find the top of your head measurement is to use a book or other flat surface.

Balance it on top of your head and it will form an easy measuring point.

You can even use a baking sheet for this.

It might sound funny, but trust us, it works.

If you don’t have someone helping, then stand against a door frame.

Make sure the back of your heels are against the door.

Use a pencil to mark the top of your head against the door frame.

Now you can use the measuring tape to accurately measure your height from floor to the top of your head.

Make sure to remember to use the appropriate units.

Inside of the United States, measure your height in inches.

Outside of the United States, measure you height in centimeters.

Once you have all four measurements, write them down and have them for handy referral when you go to sign up.

There are multiple other measurements that Nike asks you for that are optional and we will cover those later in the article.

How to Sign Up For Nike Product Testing in 2023

To sign up to be a product tester for Nike in 2023 simply head to the following website:

Once there, you will see a login link in the upper right and a big orange button in the middle that says “APPLY”.

Because you’re just applying for the first time, click on the Apply button.

Once you’ve applied, you can then log in with the credentials you create.

However, for the time being, just click the apply button.

This takes you to a splash page.

Splash pages are pages that are designed to give you information quickly.

In this case, it outlines the application process and the testing process.

For the application, it shows a three step process.

  1. Apply to be a tester
  2. Get the green light! Selected to participate
  3. Eligible to test

The testing process is laid out in five steps.

  1. Get the Green Light! If you are selected to participate view the next steps for what to expect
  2. Accept the test invitation and receive the test packet
  3. Test the product
  4. Submit Feedback via website
  5. Return product to test again
  6. Return to step 2.

That’s right.

As we mentioned before, you do have to return the products to Nike so they can evaluate wear and tear with hands on inspections.

The testing cycle runs anywhere from a few days to months.

Once you’ve read the rules, you can apply under one of the three age groups we discussed before.

For clarification, these age groups are:

  1. Adults that are age 18 or older – Sign up HERE
  2. Minor children from 13 to 17 years old – Sign up as a Teen HERE
  3. Children 12 years and younger (requires a parent to apply) – Sign up minors HERE

Children 12 years and Younger Application Process

If you’re signing up for your children that are 12 years old or younger, here’s what you should expect.

Be ready, because the complete application will take about an hour to complete.

Create a Parent Login

The first step is to create a parent profile before you can apply for your children.

Nike will ask you what country you are from, and there is a complete list of countries, not just the major countries.

After that, it will ask you your age by prompting you to put in your date of birth.

Then it asks if you are an employee of Nike.

This is because Nike has their own internal testing program specifically designed for employees.

This testing program is for the general public.

They then ask if you are an athlete in the NCAA or if you expect to become one soon.

The reason they ask this is because of the rules surrounding endorsements and gifts for athletes who play sports in college.

After this, you create your user log in.

You have to enter your name, email, and create a password.

Nike then asks how you want to be contacted.

The choices are via email or via text.

If you choose text, you have to enter your phone number with the warning that carrier data rates may apply.

If you have a plan for your phone that has limited text messaging, each communication will count as one.

Once you select that, you are taken to a page with a rather long document.

This is a three-page waiver that everyone must read and sign.

It is a traditional waiver statement that has some rather standard sections.

It is recommended that  you take a few minutes to read over the agreement rather than just blindly clicking that you’ve read it and agree to the terms.

Important Sections of the Waiver

Some highlights of the waiver document include:

  • Assumption of risk – You agree that testing carries risks of personal injury and you agree that you are mentally and physically able to do proper testing.
    • Additionally, you agree that you are responsible for any and all medical costs required for any medical treatment because of injuries.
    • You also release Nike from any costs, meaning that they don’t have to pay for it and you can’t sue them to make them pay for it.
  • Release From Liability – This is where you agree that Nike and everyone connected with Nike are not responsible for anything that happens during testing and that you won’t claim they are responsible.
  • Covenant not to sue – This means exactly what it sounds like; you promise you won’t sue anyone for anything, and your insurance companies cannot sue to recover funds either.
  • Confidentiality – When you’re a product tester, it’s important that you keep everything private.
    • This includes not posting pictures to your Instagram or social media accounts
    • We’ll delve more in depth into confidentiality and what it means to you a little later

Agree to the Release and Waiver, and you’re on to the next step.

Resuming the Sign Up

Here is where you select the gender that you identify with.

Because Nike makes apparel, they still have binary options.

If you are non-binary, then we would suggest that you choose male to get a more gender neutral selection.

Next, they need contact information so that they  know where to ship the products if you are selected as a Nike Product Tester for 2023.

Enter a mailing address and you’ll move to the next step.

Finally, Nike wants to know how you heard about the testing program.

Your choices are

  • Event
  • Website
  • Referral
  • Other

Of course, you’d put website in, and then our website address.

You can just copy and paste the url above into the text field.

Congratulations, you have now put in your information as a parent. Now it’s time to register your children.

Registering A Child

Once you’ve created your login credentials, you can begin giving information to Nike about your children that you want to become Product Testers.

This is very similar to your registration as a parent, but it only has nine steps instead of eleven.

First, select the country your child is in.

Then enter their date of birth.

Nike uses the month – day – year format instead of the day – month – year format.

Then enter their full first and last name.

You can use an alias if you like to protect your child’s privacy.

Next, if you’ve received a recruitment code for your child, you enter it at this step.

A recruitment code is a special code that is given to you at Nike events by a Nike representative.

If you don’t have one, then just click Next.

The next step is reading the waiver and release.

This is very similar to the one you did as a parent, however, you do need to fill out the information on the third page.

This waiver uses Adobe Sign to prompt you to the appropriate sections.

Fill them out until you reach your signature prompt.

Note that you need to use an actual email address that you can access.

This is because they send verification and you can’t continue until you verify that email address.

So while a lot of people use fake email addresses or one-use email addresses to reduce spam, this is a time when you need to use your real email.

Halfway Through The Process

If you’re using a phone or smart device with a touch screen, then you can sign your actual signature.

Otherwise, select type and you can just type your name in.

Press the “Click to Sign” button that will light up in blue and you are on to step 6.

At this point, Nike will send an email to the address you put on the waiver.

If you haven’t responded to the email, you can’t go any farther.

You’ll just get a pop up telling you that you haven’t responded to the email and please do so.

Once you’ve verified the Adobe Sign email, you can then enter your child’s address.

It is automatically prefilled to your address, but if  you need to change it because they attend boarding school or live with another parent, this is the time to do so.

Now enter their height and weight.

It’s important that you enter an accurate measurement for them so you receive appropriately sized products.

Next, put in the gender that your child identifies with.

Again, this is a binary option between male and female.

At this point, you’re ready to select what types of products you want your child to be testing.

You can select either apparel or footwear.

You can also select both if you want to maximize your child’s chances of getting chosen as a product tester.

Child Product Testing Criteria

If you select footwear or both, you’ll find yourself at a screen where you can select your child’s shoe size.

There are four options for shoe sizing

  • Infant and Toddler – 5C to 10C
  • Little Kids – 10.5C to 3Y
  • Big Kids – 3.5Y to 7Y
  • No Longer in Kids Sizing

Now you can select what size shirt or top your child wears.

The options range from XS (7) to YXXXL.

Next, select their preferred pants size.

Again, the options range from SX (7) to YXXXL.

The next screen is where you put in their body measurements.

The three measurements that Nike requests are your child’s chest, waist, and hips.

Remember to keep the measuring tape horizontal while measuring your child.

For the chest, you should measure around the fullest part which is usually located under the armpits.

At the waist, the narrowest part is measured.

For the hips, measure the fullest portion of that area for accurate sizing.

Child’s Activities

After you’ve put in your kid’s dimensions, you need to give Nike more information about their sports and other options.

You can select up to six options from a range of 18 activities that range from baseball to gymnastics to martial arts and more.

You then check a box for what type of shoes your kid would be willing to try.

The choices are either high top or low top.

You can also select both.

Choosing both will maximize your choice of receiving a test item, but remember that your child has to wear the shoe.

If they don’t wear the shoe and you don’t give good or accurate product feedback, this will impact your eligibility for future testing options.

So choose appropriately to which one your kid is going to wear.

Once you have selected that, you are done with registering your child.

At this point, you can enter information for another child if you like.

Minor Children Applications

This section covers applications for kids that are 13 to 17 years old.

The process is very similar to signing up for a minor child that is 12 years old and younger, with one difference.

You don’t have to create a parent account for them.

Again, the application needs to be done all in one go.

There are twenty individual steps in the application for a child from 13 to 17 years of age.

Steps for Signing Up

The first step is the initial message that tells the child that they need to have a parent present to complete the sign up.

Additionally because they are a minor and their parent needs to sign for them, Adobe Sign will send an email to their parent.

The parent needs to be able to monitor that email address or the child won’t be able to complete their sign up.

The second step is to select the country that is being applied from.

The countries are the same ones that we listed before, from the United States to Vietnam.

The third step prompts for a parent’s email address.

This can be the same email address that was used to sign up for a minor child (7 and under).

The next step is to put in the date of birth.

This is month – day- year format.

Creating Your Child’s Product Testing Account

After that, your child is prompted to create an account for themselves.

This does require an email address that cannot be the same as one that was used before, such as for a parent’s account.

Additionally, a password must be created.

Again, the password criteria are not very strong.

You only need a password that is at least 8 characters long and has one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and at least one number.

The next step is the release and waiver, which is powered by Adobe Sign.

The tab keys are very helpful to allow you to move between fields.

As the parent, you need to approve them and sign for them.

The waiver contains standard information and is the same as the waiver for both the parent and a minor child that is 7 or under.

This information includes acknowledging that all risk is on you as the tester.

Additionally, you hold Nike and everyone associated with Nike blameless and that you promise not to sue them.

Once you have done so, an email is sent to the parent account and must be verified. Again, failure to verify means that the sign up cannot continue.

The next question is whether or not you, as the minor, are going to become an athlete in the NCAA or if you are one currently.

Of course, this is because of the sponsorship and gifting rules that apply to collegiate level athletes.

The following step is to fill out the contact information.

After you put in your mailing address, then you have to choose your gender identification.

Again, this is a binary choice, so you have to choose between male and female.


Once you’ve done that, you’re on to the next 11 steps that deal with measurements.

Step 10 requires that you put in your height in feet and inches.

Step 11 is for entering the weight of your child in pounds.

Then select the shirt or top size.

The options range from XS to 3X.

After that, choose the appropriate jacket size.

These options also range from XS to 3X.

Next, for females, you need to choose your bra size.

The options range from 28 to 46 and A to G.

Additionally, you need to add your sports bra size.

This sizing ranges from XS to 3X.

After this, your pant size is needed.

Pant sizes range from XS to 3X.

The next size is for shorts, which also vary in option from XS to 3X.

You then can put in your shoe size, which can range from 5 to 14.

They then ask how you heard of them.

Again, you should put in website and copy our url from up above to past into the text box.

Choosing the Categories to Test

The last step is to select what categories of apparel and footwear you’d like to apply for as a teen.

This selection determines what sort of activities for gear you will be eligible to test out.

The options range from Basketball, Jordan, and Golf to Running, Sportswear, or Men’s and Women’s Training.

You can choose up to three different categories by holding the ALT key and clicking the different options.

Once you’ve done that, then Nike is going to ask you a lot of questions about the activities that were chosen.

For example, if you selected “Running” as one of your chosen activities, you will be asked questions based on running.

One of those questions will be, “Where do you run?”

Possible answers for this question are

  • Road / Street
  • Trail / Off-road
  • Treadmill
  • Indoor Track
  • Outdoor Track

So you can see that Nike is looking for a wide range of runners, not just people who run one way or another.

They also ask questions about the distances you run per week and what level of participation you’re in.

When they say participation, they mean levels of competition, such as high school track, college track, locally competitive, or do you run to stay in shape.

They will also ask you what your preferred sock height is, whether it is no show, ankle, crew, or even knee high.

As we said, they really get into specifics, looking for the widest range of testing candidates that they can find.

Once you answer the questions about the three activities that you chose, you will have finished the application.

Nike will then notify you via email for each sport category that you applied for to let you know if you’ve been accepted or declined.

Adult Applications

An adult application is much like an application for a teenager.

When you start out, you’ll need to indicate that you are applying as someone 18 years of age or older.

You’ll be asked what country you are from.

The drop down list is the same as before with 38 different countries to choose from.

You’ll then be asked to choose what type of products you want to test.

You can choose from apparel or footwear, or select both.

Next, they verify your age by asking you to put in your date of birth in month – day – year format.

The next question asks if you are an employee of Nike.

Again, this is because Nike has their own employee testing program, so they want to ensure that the two programs don’t overlap.

The fifth question asks if you are going to be an athlete in the NCAA or if you are currently an athlete in the NCAA.

They have to ask this so they can be in compliance with regulations around sponsorship and collegiate athletes.

Creating Your Test User ID

The next step is to create your user ID using your name, email, and password.

Both your name and email should be valid and true.

The email is important because that is the default method that Nike uses to contact you if you’re chosen to be part of the program.

Once you’ve created a password that is at least 8 characters in length and has an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, and a number, you’re on to the next step.

At this point, you have to decide how you want Nike to notify you if you’re eligible for product testing.

The default communication method is email, but you can opt to use text messages (SMS) if you like.

Keep in mind that text messaging does use up your data.

Release and Waiver

This release and waiver statement is handled a lot more casually than the release and waver form that is done for minors.

In this case, you just need to check the box next to the red statement that says that you’ve read and understand the waiver and that you voluntarily agree to it.

Once you’ve done that, you can download a copy if you like.

The next screen will ask you for a recruitment code, which if you’ve been provided with one by Nike, you would put it in here.

If you don’t have a recruitment code, then you should just move to the next step.

This step involves giving Nike your mailing address so they know where to send product for testing.

Vital Information

At this point, you need to put in your vitals, including height, and weight in feet and inches and pounds.

After that, you are ready to select the categories you’re applying for when it comes to apparel.

These are the same seven categories available to teens:

  • Basket ball
  • Jordan
  • Golf
  • Men’s Training
  • Women’s Training
  • Running
  • Sportswear (lifestyle / casual wear)

Again, you can choose up to three different categories by clicking on them while holding down the CTRL key.

After that, you go on to select your various clothing sizes.

Women’s sizes run from XS to 3XL, while Men’s sizes go from XS to 4XL.

As you can see, they want to test with people of all shapes and sizes, not just people who are aggressively fit.

The clothing sizes they are looking for are shirt, jacket, pant, and shorts.

Footwear Testing

Now you get to choose the activities that you would like to test footwear for.

These eleven categories run across an entire gamut of possibilities.

Here they are:

  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Gold
  • Men’s Training
  • Women’s Training
  • Running
  • Skateboarding
  • Sportswear (Lifestyle / Casual Wear)
  • Tennis

Again, you can choose up to three different activities by holding down the control key as you select them.

They then ask you to pick your shoe size from a chart that has US sizes, UK, EU, Brazil, as well as sizes in centimeters and inches.

You are then asked how you heard about the Nike testing program.

The options are:

  • Event
  • Website
  • Referral
  • Other

Select the appropriate option, add the information to the text box and you’re good to go.

Supplying Further Information

At this point, Nike is going to drill down into your chosen activities to ask you some questions about them.

This helps to refine what type of testing gear they are going to send to you.

For example, with Basketball, they will ask you a series of questions around how you play.

Some of the questions they ask for apparel with the optional answers are:

  • How many days per week do you play basketball
  • Where do you play most often? Indoor or Outdoor?
  • What is the highest level of competition or play you achieved
    • Recreation / Pick-up, High School, Adult League, College Division I, College Division II or III, or Professional
  • What do you wear under basketball shorts when you play?
    • Compression Shorts, 3/4 tights, full-length tights, padded compression, or other.

When it comes to Basketball and footwear, the questions will differ.

This is where they ask the following questions.

  • How many days per week do you play basketball
  • How many hours per day do you play basketball
  • Which days do you play
  • What was your highest level of competition in basketball
  • What system of measurement do you use for shoe size?
    • US, UK, EU, or cm.
  • What style of basketball shoes do you prefer
  • Do you wear orthotics
  • What kind of court do you play on
  • Specifically, where do you play?
  • What positions do you play?
  • Do you currently have basketball shoes?
  • What do you most look for in a basketball shoe?
    • Lightweight, cushion, speed, upper support, durability, or traction

As you can see, they are looking to find people of many different calibers and different levels of play.

So even if you only play a pickup game once a week at your local park, you should still apply for the Nike testing program.

Other Information You Should Provide

After you’ve signed up and given the requested information on your activities, there’s still more information that you should share.

After all, the more complete your profile, the better your odds that you will fit into a criteria for product testing that Nike is looking for.

Here are some sections you should be looking at.

Click on the Profile link at the top of the page.

It’s the first link from left to right.

This will take you to your profile that Nike Testing has on you.

Here you can upload a personal photo, or pictures of you doing the activity you have chosen.

You can do that under Image Gallery.

If you provide photos of yourself playing basketball, if you chose basketball as one of your activities, this could help you get selected as a product tester.

Additionally, under Body Measurements, you have the option to include sizes for things such as shoulder width, shoe width, and base layer top and bottom size.

Some of these are self-explanatory, but if you are curious about how to measure your thigh or neck, we’re here to help.

Thigh Measurement

Measuring your thigh is fairly easy.

You want to be sure that you are standing up when you do it.

Wrap the tape measure around your thigh at the fullest part, usually a couple of inches from the point where your legs meet your body

Don’t cheat by lowering the tape, because you won’t get an accurate measurement then.

Measuring your Neck

You should measure your neck size by wrapping the tape gently around your neck about one inch from where it meets your shoulders.

Make sure there is no dangling space between your neck and the tape measure.

Don’t pull too tightly, but don’t hold it too loosely.

After the Application – What to Expect

Now that you’ve filled out your application, what should you expect?

How long does it take to get approved and get your first shipment of test items?

Well, you will need to be patient.

Keep in mind that things can take weeks to approve.

Sometimes it may even take a couple of months to be approved.

But don’t worry.

Just because you aren’t a good fit for one product doesn’t mean you aren’t a great fit for another one.

Once you are chosen, then you’ll be notified via the method you chose when you signed up.

Remember, that’s either email or a text message.

Once that happens, you can expect the package in the mail within 7 to 10 business days.

Depending on what you’re approved for, this can be a shirt or a pair of sneakers.

Also included will be a survey form and complete instructions on how you’re supposed to test out the product.

For example, it could say to wear the jacket three times per week when you go running.

In general, the instructions will say:

  • What the testing period is.
    • Should the products be worn daily, a few times per week, etc.
  • How to test the product
    • Should you run for thirty minutes when testing?
  • How feedback for the survey should be completed
    • Some testing requires a mail survey, some have a contact page.

Whatever the instructions are, you need to make sure that you’re following them as closely as possible.

That’s because Nike will evaluate you at the end of the year to decide if you are going to continue as a product tester.

If you’ve been following the directions and doing what’s asked, then it’s likely you’ll be asked to continue your product testing for Nike.

What About Compensation?

If you want to earn money testing products, then unfortunately this isn’t the gig for you.

That’s right; you don’t earn any money being a remote Nike Product Tester (but here are over 150 ways you can!).

What you do get is the chance to try out Nike gear that hasn’t hit the shelves yet and try out some gear that many never make the shelves.

You also can get free Nikes for a few months to use.

That’s a great deal, saving the wear and tear on your normal shoes.

There are even cases where you don’t have to send the tested product back.

So you may be able to keep a shirt or jacket for free!

However, remember that if you don’t send the tested item back, then you’ll likely lose out on any future testing opportunities.

I Heard Someone Got Paid for Testing Nike Gear

There are cases where people get paid to be a Nike Product Tester, but these are limited to in-person testing.

These opportunities are few and far between, but it does seem like some people have been paid to show up and try things out for a day.

That being said, in product testing may be rare, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

But if that’s all you want, you may have to wait a long time for that gig.

What About Cash?

If you’re really driven and want to know some companies that do give you cash to review or rate products, then you can try the following sites.

  1. Survey Junkie: You can earn up to $50 per survey on one of the sites with the highest-paying surveys on the internet
  2. MobileXpression: You download an app to your phone and earn free gift cards as time goes on.
  3. Swagbucks: You earn Swagbucks for doing activities like watching videos, shopping, and taking surveys. Each activity earns a few bucks that you cash in eventually for gift cards, or even Cash.
  4. LifePoints: This new survey site is becoming one of the best places to make some side cash just by taking surveys at up to $10 per pop.

These aren’t the only ways to earn cash on the internet or on your smart device just by doing some quizzes or downloading an app during your boring commute.

For 35+ ways to make easy money online, see our write up here.

Things to Know to Avoid Being Removed as a Product Tester

If you like the idea of getting Nike gear to test, then you likely want to remain a part of the program for as long as possible.

That means staying in Nike’s good graces.

Here are three tips on how to do that.

One: Keep it on the Down Low

One of key things that is a part of the Waiver is the confidentiality clause.

Nike takes this part very seriously because if they’re testing a new model of shoe, the last thing they want is a competitor to see it and steal the design.

That being said, you cannot post pictures of the shoes online to your social media account.

You also cannot wear the shoes to someplace where they could be photographed without your permission.

Two: Send it Back

If Nike asks you to return the shoes by a certain date, make sure that you do so.

This is one of the easiest ways to be removed from the Nike Product Testing pool.

If you fail to return the shoes, you could also receive a bill in the mail for them as well.

So return the product in a timely manner.

Three: Follow The Directions

Make sure that when you get approved to test a product that you follow the directions as clearly as possible.

This doesn’t mean just wearing the gear when they tell you, although that is also an important part of it.

It also means that you should be providing the requested feedback.

But don’t just stick to what they tell you.

Take notes while you’re wearing the product so you remember what you’re thinking while using it.

When they ask if you have any comments or concerns, relay those notes.

This extra information is super helpful to Nike, and they’re more likely to keep you on.


While being a Nike Product Tester is certainly a great way to get your hands on some free Nike gear to use and test, if you’re looking to make money doing so, you should look at other avenues for making money.

We have several articles on ways to earn money and how to make the money you do have stretch farther than you though possible.

We also show you how to get free stuff on your birthday and ways to get free diapers for your baby.

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