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SkimaTalk – Make $15/Hour Video Chatting To People In English

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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

If you’re a native speaker or have a high level of English, you can help others learn by video chatting with them and earn $15/hour with SkimaTalk. This is a great way to make some extra cash in your spare time, or if you get good enough you can treat it like your full-time job. No experience required.

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What Is Skima Talk?

The goal of SkimaTalk is to help non-native speakers of English improve their language skills by speaking with those who have a native or near-native level. This gives those who don’t have the opportunity to travel to an English-speaking country a convenient way to practice.

English learners are able to find teachers to practice speaking in a one-on-one video chatting session. SkimaTalk is also looking to expand to other skills in the near future. When you join as a teacher, you can help them achieve this goal as well as make an extra $15/hour. You can see a sample lesson in the video below.

In order to get started teaching with SkimaTalk, you simple need to create a profile, take a few simple tests (you shouldn’t have any troubles passing this test if you’re a native speaker and read up on what SkimaTalk is about).

All video chatting sessions are done over Skype. You’re also given pre-planned lessons that you or your student can choose from so that you’re not lost during conversation. When you get a free moment, simply log-in and wait for a student to contact you.

Students typically leave feedback after each session, so make sure to do the best job that you can when teaching, helping with grammar, pronunciation, and other nuances of the English language. The better reviews that you have, the more likely other students are going to find you, thus increasing the amount of classes you have as well as your income.

How Do I Sign-Up As A Teacher?

Applying as a teacher at SkimaTalk is incredibly easy and can be done in just 5 simple steps.

1. Apply. You can apply for a new SkimaTalk teacher’s account by clicking this link here. Use your email or Facebook to register. From there you’ll need to verify your email and fill out a short form with some simple, personal information. Just be sure to select “teacher.”

2. Fill out your profile. I can’t stress this enough, but your profile is an important piece as to how many students you will get. Make sure to leave a friendly picture as well as fill out a nice self-introduction.

3. Create a video introduction. Students will also be looking at your video introduction before they decide to let you teach them. It’s important to speak with a clear and concise voice so that non-native speakers won’t feel intimidated when speaking with you. Make sure to smile!

4. Take a test. As long as you read their rules and can read English well, you shouldn’t have any trouble passing the SkimaTalk test. Be sure to study beforehand as you need to get all 19 questions correct in order to pass!

5. Wait and start chatting. SkimaTalk will look over your information and determine as to whether you’re eligible or not. Teachers are always in demand, so don’t stress too much about it. Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to start immediately and begin chatting with students. Log-in to determine your available schedule. They even have a dictionary for multiple languages so that you can help out your students.

Personal Thoughts

We decided to reach out to those who have been using SkimaTalk for a while. A person who has been on board for about six weeks states that even though they freed up a lot of their morning and late night hours in order to accommodate the time difference of those overseas, they only receive two bookings a week.

Currently, there’s quite a few teachers to compete with. However, if you’re willing to spend the time and be an excellent teacher, you can get your ratings up and more students will flock to you. Definitely put a lot of time in to your profile.

If you have trouble getting enough students with SkimaTalk alone, we suggest using this service in conjunction with two other English-teaching programs online:

Final Thoughts

Until you start getting a frequent amount of students on a consistent basis, we recommend that you keep your current job and slowly build up your SkimaTalk profile. Once you get a lot of positive reviews, you’ll get a large amount of students under your belt. If you’ve signed-up and used SkimaTalk, we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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