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5 Best Call Center Jobs From Home: Earn Up To $19 Per Hour

best call center jobs from home
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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

Working from home is ideal for many reasons, and it’s more common than ever before.

Millions of people make full-time or part-time income without going to an office.

One very popular option is working a call center job from home.

According to Glassdoor, the national salary for a call center representative is $30,061 per year.

This makes it a truly good opportunity if you want to begin your work from home journey. 

Below you’ll find five companies that hire virtual call center representatives.

You can also read about what this job entails, what kind of equipment you need, and more.

Find out everything you need to know so you can make real money from home.

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Work At Home Call Center Job Description

Virtual call center companies provide customer care solutions to clients. The clients are businesses that fall into many different categories.

Some examples include insurance companies, car rental service, technology brands, and retail chains. These businesses have customers, and the customers are connected with call center agents.

In most cases, call center companies have individual job listings. These listings don’t disclose companies names, but they describe the business category of a client.

A listing may say ‘Call Center Representative – Tech Support’. You’ll always find plenty of detail in the job descriptions to ensure you’re an ideal applicant.

Virtual call center jobs usually fall into two categories – customer service or sales. Customer service call center agents answer incoming calls.

The type of calls you answer depends on the client. You may provide troubleshooting advice to customers of a cell phone company, or you may address questions about benefits for customers of a health insurance company.

Call center agents working in sales may take incoming calls and make outgoing calls. These positions usually require you to meet sales goals.

For example, a car rental company may be a client. When the car rental company customers call, you try to sell upgraded features to them. These positions typically offer a base hourly pay and commission.

Some virtual call center services offer at-home positions where you’re an independent contractor. This means you’re responsible for paying self-employment taxes, and taxes aren’t deducted from your pay. 

Other companies hire at-home workers as regular employees. Your income is taxed as it would be for most traditional jobs.

These companies offer employee benefits. Some examples include paid time off, healthcare plans, employee assistance programs, and 401k plans.

Work At Home Call Center Qualifications

Every call center company has different qualifications you need to meet. However, most of the base requirements are the same.

You typically need some relevant experience and skills for any virtual call center job. Here are some examples of popular qualifications and traits.

  • 1-2 years of call center experience or customer service experience.
  • 1-2 years of sales experience (for sales and marketing roles).
  • Proficient typing skills or a minimum WPM.
  • Proficient at using computers, phones, and web browsers.
  • Self-sufficient and motivated while working alone.
  • A quiet and private home office or dedicated workspace.

Some positions require more than the basics listed above. For example, if you’re taking inbound calls for a medical service, you may need work experience in the medical field. Some positions require college degrees or other educational requirements.

Work At Home Call Center Technical Equipment

Every work at home call center company has technical requirements. The exact details vary and companies list technical requirements ahead of time. Some of the most common technical requirements are described below.

  • corded or wireless headset – You’ll need a headset to receive calls and speak to customers/clients. Some companies require corded headsets that connect to a landline. Others are fine with wireless or USB headsets. Headsets cost anywhere from $20 to $200 or more and are easy to buy on Amazon.
  • latest OS and web browsers – You’ll need to use the latest Windows operating system for many call center positions. Some do allow Mac OS, but it’s less common. Many companies also require workers to use the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser.
  • Internet connection – The specific Internet requirements vary. For example, you may need a cable or DSL connection. You may also need to meet certain download speeds.
  • sufficient computer memory – Many at-home call center companies state you need a computer with at least 1GB to 2GB of RAM.
  • sufficient computer processor – Most companies have requirements for your computer processing system.

For each of the companies listed below, we’ve included details about technical requirements if they’re available. Make sure you can meet the criteria before applying for any position.

1. Liveops

About Liveops

Liveops is a very well-known call center service provider. They hire virtual call center agents as independent contractors.

Agents are connected with Liveops clients – companies and businesses – that need call center services. Over 20,000 people work as independent home agents for Liveops.

To apply for Liveops, view their job listings to see current openings. The listings are divided up by different industries.

For example, there are currently call center representative positions for roadside assistance, life and health insurance, retail, and more. If you don’t see listings that fit you, you can contact Liveops for general consideration.

Liveops Pay

Liveops states that pay depends on performance and the role you apply for. They also say clients typically pay $0.25 per minute of talk time – that converts to $15 per hour.

A current Customer Service Retail Representative position pays $0.31 per minute of talk time. Liveops pays twice per month via direct deposit or check.

Liveops Hours

The Liveops FAQ states that they don’t have hourly requirements. However, some job listings may have minimum hourly requirements. Liveops also note that inactivity is noted when contracts are renewed.

Liveops Job Requirements

The exact job listing information vary greatly based on the client’s need. Most job listings include opportunity details, preferred skills/experience,  minimum hourly requirements, schedule details, earning potential, and available hours.

Liveops Technical Requirements

Liveops lists their technical requirements with plenty of detail. However, individual job listings may have additional requirements. For example, a current job listing states the exact headset models that must be used.

2. ACD Direct

About ACD Direct

ACD Direct is a contact center service company whose clients include PBS, NPR, and ASPCA. They hire independent contractors to provide call center services to businesses and non-profit organizations.

Some workers also perform data entry and web chat services if the client needs them. To apply for ACD Direct, start by registering at the link above.

You’ll also submit a voice sample, submit onboarding documents, complete certification process, and pass a test call. The certification process takes about six hours to complete.

ACD Direct Pay

ACD Direct states that inbound phone agents earn $0.20 to $0.32 per minute of talk time. For an hour of talk time, that equals $12.00 to $19.20 per hour.

The company also notes that you can earn more for meeting incentives or for various projects. ACD Direct pays twice per month via direct deposit.

ACD Direct Hours

ACD Direct doesn’t have any minimum work requirements. They do note that they look at agents who are consistently active when they renew contracts.

You set your own schedule using their online scheduling tool. Shifts/hours are available days, nights, and weekends.

ACD Direct Job Requirements

ACD Direct lists preferred skills and experience on their Opportunities page. The list includes organization, people/phone skills, self-motivation, and being a team player. 

ACD Direct Technical Requirements

ACD offers thorough information about its technical requirements. You’ll also find a few details about their home office requirements.  

3. Concentrix

About Concentrix

Concentrix is a global company that offers a wide range of business services to clients. Work from home opportunities are for call center customer service.

Concentrix hires all workers as employees – even virtual call center agents. The company offers job benefits including paid training, performance bonuses, and health insurance.

Concentrix Pay

Concentrix states that they pay per hour versus talk time. The minimum starting rate is $10.00 per hour and geographic location factors into pay rates.

Concentrix pays once every two weeks. Work at home employees can choose payment via direct deposit or pay card.

Concentrix Hours

Concentrix offers full-time, part-time, and seasonal positions. You can work a maximum of 40 hours per week, scheduled shifts fall between 5 AM and 11 PM, and specific shift details vary with each client.

Concentrix Job Requirements

The Concentrix Work At Home page says they look for these traits: organized, independent, focused, effective communicator, personable. Each job listing includes details such as required work experience, educational requirements, keyboarding skills, and desired traits.

Concentrix Technical Requirements 

Concentrix lists some basic technical requirements but also notes that details vary with each client. Specific tech requirements are included in the individual job listings.


About is a well-known company that offers technical support services to its clients. Clients include businesses that sell electronics, software, and more.

The company hires tech support agents for their virtual call center. has individual job listings, and job titles include Technical Customer Solutions Professional and Customer Service Technician. hires work-from-home agents as employees. They offer many benefits including paid training, medical/dental/vision insurance, tuition reimbursement, paid time off, and more. Pay

Pay rates vary depending on the exact work-from-home role. For example, a current job listing for a full-time Customer Service Technician cites $9.50 to $10.25 per hour. Another listing for a full-time Technical Customer Solutions Professional cites $12.00 per hour. Hours

All current job listings are for full-time positions. Specific hours are not mentioned, but they do say extra hours are sometimes available or required. Job Requirements

Job requirements are based on the position you apply for. However, most job listings have many of the same required skills and experience.

Examples include excellent oral and written communication, ability to quickly learn technical concepts, problem-solving skills, ability to work quickly, and at least one year of experience working in a customer service role. Technical Requirements

Technical requirements for each job are listed on the right-hand side of every job listing. These are the work-at-home job openings currently available. Click on any job title to see the tech requirements for the position.  

5. Enterprise

About Enterprise

Enterprise Holdings is the parent company for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, and National Car Rental. Their virtual call center jobs are for car reservations and general customer service. Both of these positions have opportunities for career advancement.

Enterprise hires call center reps as employees versus independent contractors. You get benefits including paid time off, medical/dental/vision insurance, 401K and profit sharing, and more.

To apply for a position, view the list of current work at home job openings. You need to live in the state that’s mentioned in the job listing.

Enterprise Pay

Enterprise job listings for Work From Home Customer Service Representative and Reservation Sales Representative list starting pay as $13.00 per hour.

The listings also mention individual and team bonuses along with commission pay. Individual bonuses are as high as $800 per month, and team bonuses boost hourly earnings.

Enterprise Hours

All Enterprise work from home jobs are full-time and 40 hours per week. Schedules are made in advance and don’t rotate weekly. Your scheduled start time is between 11 AM Central Time to 1:30 PM Central Time.

Enterprise Job Requirements

The exact requirements vary depending on the Enterprise role you apply for. Each job listing is extremely detailed, but most of them share some similar requirements.

They include these skills and qualifications: customer service experience, work-related experience using computers, three weeks of mandatory training, and more.

Enterprise Technical Requirements

You can view all technical requirements for any position by viewing the job listing. Go to the current openings and click the ‘View’ button next to any listing to see tech requirements.

Final Thoughts

If you’re serious about working from home, consider applying for virtual call center jobs. These part-time and full-time positions offer great potential. The five companies above are diverse, so you can easily find something that suits you.

Call center jobs from home aren’t the only online jobs that pay hourly. We frequently review all types of legit work-from-home positions. If you want to learn about them, check out the posts below.

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