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DietBet Review: Is This Internet-Based Dieting Community Worth It?

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There are hundreds of weight loss programs, and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Fortunately, you can find something to suit you pretty easily. If you want to try something fairly new and unique, you may want to check out DietBet.

DietBet is an Internet-based dieting community that helps people meet weight loss goals via competitions with monetary awards. That definitely sounds different from any other program. But is it a legit weight loss program, and can you really win money? Read our thorough DietBet review to see what it’s all about.

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What Is DietBet?

DietBet aims to change the way people lose weight. Users join competitions called games, and each game has a different goal. Users who play try and meet the weight loss goals. And every user contributes to the earning pot via DietBet fees. Everyone who wins splits the pot and wins real cash.

DietBet proudly sums up the way it works – “players get hooked on the accountability, social support, and inspiration of our games—so they don’t just drop a few quick pounds, they build healthy lifestyles that last.

DietBet has over 700,000 players in 90 different countries as of November 2018. Players can access the games online or through iOS and Android smartphones.

This program is also heavily science-based. The groundwork for DietBet is also based on research from research from the Mayo Clinic, the University of Pennsylvania, and Brown Medical Center. Additionally, players are required to complete a two-step verification process to ensure they are honest about their weight loss.

This unique weight loss program has been featured on the Today Show, Wall Street Journal, ABC News, US Weekly, The New York Times, and more. These features are generally positive, and so are reviews by users. Yes, DietBet players do need to invest money to win money. But that’s just one part of this community-oriented way to shed pounds.

DietBet Pros And Cons

DietBet has a wide variety of feedback from current and former members. Below you’ll see DietBet pros and cons that are commonly mentioned in user reviews. I also used a few statistics to add to each list. Consider these positives and negatives about DietBet:

  • Google Play users give DietBet a 4.5-star rating based on over 6,600 reviews.
  • iTunes users give DietBet a 4.2-star rating based on over 1,600 reviews.
  • Over $59,978,815 has been paid out to DietBet winners.
  • 704,074 DietBet users have lost a total of 10,771,959 pounds.
  • Many reviews say that the DietBet app is very user-friendly.
  • Bets for games are as low as $10, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money.
  • Players are not competing against each other; every winner gets the same amount of money from each game.
  • New members can get a membership fee refund within the first seven days of joining.
  • DietBet is community-oriented with active chat boards and encouragement from fellow members.
  • The No-Lose Guarantee ensures that DietBet players who do not win games don’t incur any fees. I’ll explain this in more detail further below.
  • DietBet was featured in a Brown Medical School journal article that won the Obesity Society’s eHealth award.  
  • Other DietBet members do not see how much you weigh unless you choose to list your weight publicly.
  • DietBet claims that on average, you will win 1.5 to 2 times the fee that you pay to join.
  • International users are welcome to use DietBet.
  • Some reviewers feel that DietBet may not be encouraging healthy, long-lasting weight loss. These reviewers felt concerned that committing to weight loss to win money could lead to a cycle of temporary weight loss and weight gain.
  • Your game winnings are from a community pot, so your portion of winnings may only be a few dollars per game.
  • Some reviewers feel that using money and competition for weight loss motivation is unhealthy.
  • You have to invest money to earn money with DietBet.

Overall, there’s a fair amount of info to consider. DietBet can legitimately be a fun and social way to lose weight and win money. But your personal results will vary from any other user’s experience. If you’re willing to invest a little and try something new, DietBet may be worth a shot.

How To Join A DietBet Game

There are tons of DietBet games for you to choose from. Joining a game is a fairly straightforward process. However, it is pretty detailed to ensure accuracy and honesty from players. Each step is highlighted below so you know what to expect:

  1. Join a game. To join a game, simply go to the main page of DietBet. Click the ‘Find Games’ or ‘Play Now’ button for the type of game you want to complete. You’ll see several games listed in both game categories.
  2. Create a free DietBet account. Once you join a game, you’ll be prompted to create a DietBet account. You can quickly do this using your e-mail address or Facebook login. Submit a bit of information and continue back to the game you’ve joined.
  3. Add your monetary bet to the pot. Every game player adds a bet to the winning pot. A bet is a fee for playing the game. Don’t worry – you’ll never win less money than the amount you bet. The No-Lose Guarantee ensures your cut of the winnings will never be less than the bet fee you paid.
  4. Weigh-in to submit your starting weight. Two days before a game begins, you’ll need to complete the weight verification process. You do this by submitting two photos. The first is a photo of you wearing lightweight clothing while standing on a scale. The second is a photo of your scale’s readout and written weigh-in word. You’re given a unique weigh-in word to prove that your photo and weight are valid. This prevents cheating and keeps the community strong.
  5. Play the game. Once your starting weight is approved, you start playing the game. You play simply by losing weight, but DietBet games are also very social. You can share weight loss photos, comment and talk to other players, get weight loss tips, and more. There are even groups you can join based on health goals, age, interests/hobbies, and so on.
  6. Enter your weigh-out when the game ends. Once the game ends, you have 48 hours to submit your weigh-out. All players are asked to submit their weight even if they didn’t reach their goal. If you’re a winner, you’ll have to complete the photo verification process.
  7. Win and get paid real cash. The winning results of each game are made official one day after the 48-hour weigh-out period ends. The total pot amount is divided among all of the game winners. Winners are notified via e-mail about their payment. You can use your payment to place another bet, or you can simply cash out via PayPal.

Reading these details may be a bit overwhelming, but the games are truly easy. You can view plenty of examples on the DietBet website. If you are a game-winner, your winning payment varies with each game. I’ll thoroughly cover how this works and provide real examples of DietBet winner earnings.

How Do DietBet Games Work?

Games are weight loss challenges for DietBet players. You can join games and create your own. Players aim to lose a percentage of their starting weight within a set time frame.

Games are created by hosts, and you can host your own game whenever you want. Hosts can create Private (invitation only) and Open-Access (public) games.

There are two types of Dietbet Games – Kickstarter games and Transformer games. The concept of both game types is the same. The main difference is the weight loss goals, time frames, and similar factors. I’ll cover this in more detail below. Read about both types to see which one suits you.

When players join a game, they pay a fee to submit their bets. Fees for Kickstarter games are as low as $10, but the average fee is $35. The bet costs for Transformer games are higher, but that’s because these games last much longer. Players can join up to three Transformer games and three Kickstarter games at once.

Kickstarter Games

Kickstarter games are fairly short at only four weeks long. During this time, players aim to lose 4% of their body weight. Weight loss is determined using the weight verification process. Every player who loses 4% of their body weight within four weeks wins. Winnings from the pot are divided equally among winners.

According to DietBet, players lose an average of 9 pounds during Kickstarter games. They also state that 96% of players lose weight. It’s important to keep in mind that individual results vary. There are many testimonials from real users on the DietBet site. You can also read about weight loss potential later in this post.

DietBet recommends Kickstarter games if you want to shed a small amount of weight quickly. For example, you may need to lose a few pounds for an upcoming event. Playing a Kickstarter game is an excellent way to do that. These games are also a good fit if you’re not ready to make a long-term weight loss commitment.

Transformer Games

Transformer games are much longer and take place over six months. To be a game winner, players must lose 10% of their body weight in six months. The rest of the process is just like the Kickstarter process. Players must verify their weight, and every winner gets a portion of the money in the pot.

According to DietBet, players lose an average of 24 pounds during Transformer games. They also state that 94% of game players lose weight. The bet amount for Transformer games is a fixed fee. I’ll cover all of the fees soon to give you an accurate look at how much you may spend and win.

DietBet recommends Transformer games if you want to steadily lose a significant amount of weight in a safe yet fun manner. Over the course of six months, there are specifically monthly targets to help you keep a healthy weight loss pace. There are monthly prizes for meeting monthly targets.


Maintainer games are fairly new, so there’s less information about them. As the name suggests, players simply have to maintain their body weight within a 2% increase. DietBet doesn’t list information about average weight loss statistics for Maintainer games. They are still testing this new option, so it’s typically not as popular as other options.

How Much Will You Earn With DietBet?

There isn’t a definitive way to know how much money you’ll get if you’re a game winner. Many different factors come into play, and you should consider all of them. Winning amounts depend on the following:

  • The bet amount for a game. Higher bet amounts cost more for you up front. But this means all players are contributing that amount to the winning pot.
  • The number of winners for a game. The winning pot is split evenly among every member. If a game has several dozen winners versus 20 winners, your earnings will be less.
  • The bet amount versus the payout amount. Imagine that you place a $15 bet to play a game and you win. The winning pot is split evenly, and each winner gets $25. This means you’ve earned a $10 profit.

DietBet states that Kickstarter game winners get paid 1.5 to 2 times their bet amount on average. That means that a $35 bet may result in winning $52.50 to $70. This equals an overall profit of $17.50 to $35. They also state that Transformer game winners get $325 for winning all six rounds or $175 for winning round six on average.

Aside from the above factors and statistics that DietBet provides, individual reports from winners are helpful to read. They give you a real look at how much people have won in the past. I used multiple sources to find claims from DietBet game winners. Most of these reports list profits, which is the winning payment amount minus the bet amount. Here’s what I found:

  • One player says they usually profit $10 to $15 on a $35 bet.
  • Another player profited $13.40 by placing a $35 bet and earning $48.40 from the winner’s pool.
  • One player regularly uses DietBet and averages a $20 profit per game.
  • Another DietBet player with experience reports an average profit of $5 to $15 per game.
  • A player who paid a $35 fee made a $15 profit after winning a game.
  • A Google Play user said they bet $30 and won $57, so they earned a $27 profit.
  • Another player reported losing 10 pounds and earning a $20 profit.
  • One user who bet $100 on a game won a profit of $29.

Overall, the profits are somewhat small but 100% legitimate. If you want to make a ton of money, DietBet isn’t the way to do it. If you’d like to a bit of extra cash while losing weight, it’s definitely a much better fit.

How Does DietBet Pay?

One major benefit to DietBet is that their payments are verified and fast. DietBet pays users via PayPal, and winners get their earnings pretty quickly. Shortly after a game ends, earnings show up in the Points section of your DietBet account.

To cash out your points through PayPal, select that option in this section. Payouts are available within 48 hours of payout requests. Alternatively, you can leave your earnings in your Points section to cover future DietBet fees.

DietBet Pricing And Fees

It’s important to fully understand DietBet pricing and other payment information. A few negative reviews are based on misunderstanding how bets and winning payments work. Here is what you need to know about the pricing and fees:

  • Kickstarters bets start at $10 but average $30.
  • The majority of current games list bets ranging from $10 to $35
  • A few current games feature $100 bets, but they’re uncommon.  
  • Transformer games charge a fixed rate of $25 per month or $125 total.
  • DietBet takes a small portion of earnings from winning pots; the amount ranges from 10% to 25% of the total winnings.
  • The commission taken by DietBet comes from the gross earnings, so your individual winning amount stays the same.
  • In some rare cases, winners may have to get paid via paper check. There is a $5 fee for processing paper checks.

This pretty much covers all of the expenses you need to know about. If you have questions, visit the main site and look for the purple ‘Help’ button. This lets you send a message to the DietBet support team.

DietBet Refunds And No-Lose Guarantee

Are you a bit hesitant to jump into DietBet? That’s understandable, but the DietBet refund policy may reassure you. Kickstarter games have a money-back guarantee. If you cancel within seven days of a game starting, and you get a full refund.

Transformer games also have a money-back guarantee. You can cancel within 14 days of a game starting, and you get a full refund. Contact to begin the refund process.

DietBet also has a No-Lose Guarantee that’s very helpful. The guarantee means that if you win a diet bet, you will never lose money. DietBet says that games rarely have an abnormally high percentage of winners.

This makes the payment for winners lower than the bet they paid. If this happens, DietBet forfeits their own 10% to 25% cut from the winning pot. This guarantees that all winners will profit or break even.

For example, say you paid a $30 bet for a game and won the game. The game was very popular, so there are several winners. This means that each winner is only awarded $26. Without the guarantee, you’d lose $4. But the No-Lose Guarantee prevents this from happening. You’ll either win an amount greater than your bet, or you’ll break even.

How Does DietBet Prevent Cheating?

Each DietBet player has to enter their weight, so you may wonder how cheating is avoided. Fortunately, DietBet has this covered to ensure that games are honest and fair. The first measure they take is the two-step photo verification described above. But that’s only part of it.

DietBet hires Referees to manually review each photo carefully. Referees are current and former DietBet players with extensive experience. They are responsible for making sure every player uses valid photos, and they take this job seriously.

Additionally, there is an automated system in place to prevent cheating. The automated algorithm is designed to flag any accounts if unusual patterns of weight loss are detected. If this happens, a member of the DietBet team directly contacts the player. Flagged players must submit video weigh-ins until the flag on their account is removed.

DietBet has a zero-tolerance policy for cheating; they understand that players are using their hard earned money. So they ensure that any dishonesty or suspicious activity is handled correctly. DietBet reports that 99% of players use the platform for honest and positive reasons.

DietBet Tips For Earning Money And More

No one can promise you’ll earn a ton of cash with DietBet. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips available for playing games. Using strategies and tips may boost your chances of earning more money. You can also improve your overall weight loss experience. These tips come from many review websites with DietBet feedback. I’ve also included some tips based on reading the DietBet support pages. Keep these things in mind:

  • Know the rules before you play. There are various rules for DietBet games, and they’re pretty simple. The rules are mostly about honesty and how to avoid getting disqualified. You can find all of them on the DietBet FAQ page. Check them out before you play a game so you don’t accidentally break a rule.
  • Use the smartphone app for convenience. DietBet players rave about the smartphone app. It makes taking weigh-in pictures easy. When your weigh-in pictures are clear and accurate, you don’t have to worry about disqualifications.
  • Join the DietBet community boards. The social part of DietBet is one reason why people love it. But it’s also a great tool for players who need tips. There are so many threads with healthy weight loss tips, lifestyle changes to consider, and more.
  • Take high-quality weigh-in photos. You don’t need a professional camera to take great weigh-in photos. Your smartphone camera or any basic digital camera is fine. Just make sure photos are clear and focused. Follow the rules for wearing lightweight clothing. If possible, take pictures in front of a full-length mirror or have someone help you.
  • Consider healthy lifestyle changes. Making healthy lifestyle changes is the ideal weigh to lose weight in a steady and safe way. You may not have time for lengthy workouts, and following a strict diet can be difficult. But squeezing in some exercise and eating a bit healthier makes a big difference. Again, check out the DietBet community boards for some inspiration.
  • Higher stakes games aren’t the best option. There are high stakes games with $100 bets, so naturally, it seems like the winning amount may be worth the risk. But many DietBet players avoid higher stakes games. They report that so many people enter, and there are a high amount of winners since no one wants to lose a $100 bet. So the profit ends up being similar to $30 games. It doesn’t hurt to try them out once in a while, but this is definitely worth noting.
  • Stick to highly populated games in the $30 to $35 range. Several DietBet players recommend betting on lower bet games with many players. Thousands of people join these games. This makes the winning pot fairly large, but players may be less competitive when they have less to lose.
  • Lose weight strategically before weigh-ins. It’s normal to get stuck shedding the last few pounds you need to lose. Make sure to check your weight one week before weigh-in time. If it’s not where it needs to be, increase your exercise and improve your diet. This is a safe way to try and win each game.
  • Set goals throughout the week. One great thing about DietBet is that you know exactly how much weight you need to lose. This makes it easy to set weekly goals for every game you play. For example, you may aim to lose 0.5 to 1 pounds per week. Or you may commit to exercising three days per week. Just set healthy goals that suit your lifestyle and needs. This will keep you motivated, and it may boost your chances of winning.
  • Get tips from the Testimonials page. The DietBet website has a Testimonials full of true stories from game winners. Many of the testimonials include tips about how the players succeeded. Take some time to browse through this page and make note of any ideas you think will help you.

Verdict: Is DietBet Legit Or A Scam?

Based on in-depth research, I feel confident that DietBet is completely legitimate. The concept isn’t ideal for everyone because you have to spend to win. But DietBet is very transparent about all fees, winning potential, and more. There aren’t hidden charges, and many reviews from players confirm they received payments. You have to know that you may not earn money every single time you play a game.

And DietBet isn’t suitable for anyone who wants to make hundreds of dollars. It’s just not realistic. Some DietBet player reviews also say the games may lead to crash dieting. If you’re worried about being able to commit to truly healthy changes, it may not be for you. But if you want to have fun, make money, and safely lose weight, DietBet is worth a shot.

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