Moolah App Review: Is This Cash Back Service The Real Deal?

moolah app review
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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

I’ve recently started using a few cash back apps and websites to earn extra money.

If I’m shopping online, I might as well save money however possible. To my surprise, I’ve found several legit services. One new service that’s a bit different from others is Moolah.

I’ve earned cash, gift cards, and more.  It earns you cash back when you shop online, but in a unique way.

In this post, I’ve covered everything there is to know about Moolah’s cash back service. As always, it’s important to know if an app or website is a scam or legitimate.

At the bottom of this Moolah review, you’ll find my conclusion. Read on to discover what you need to know about this way to make money online.

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What Is Moolah And How Does It Work?

Moolah is a web-based company that’s designed to get you cash back based on price drop policies. Let’s say you purchased a TV from Best Buy a week or two ago. Now the price is lower than what you paid.

Based on Best Buy policy, you may be entitled to a refund to pay you the difference.

Moolah is designed to get you that refund that’s owed to you. They do the legwork, and you get your money. The company is partnered with over 100 major stores including Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and many more.

The diverse selection of retailers makes it very likely you’ll genuinely earn cash back.

Moolah was founded by two friends in 2016. Their mission was to help their users save money by getting the money that is owed to them. They do not currently have a smartphone app, but they do have a mobile-friendly website.

The service is free to use, which I’ll discuss further below.

Moolah Pros and Cons

There aren’t many Moolah reviews from users because the service is so new. The main source for the pros and cons list is user reviews from their Facebook page.I also read customer testimonials on their website. Lastly, I found pros and cons based on my own research of the service.

Here are the highlights:

Moolah Pros
  • It’s 100% free to join.
  • The company finds price drops, so you don’t ever have to look for them yourself.
  • They get price drop cash back from big-name companies.
  • The company uses secure encryption to keep your info safe.
  • Customer testimonials on the Moolah website verify getting cash back.
Moolah Cons
  • There is no smartphone app available for this service.
  • You are required to give Moolah access to your e-mail account.
  • You are required to provide your credit card information.
  • Refund approval or denial is 100% up to the retailer. They can reject any refund claims at their own discretion.
  • Amazon does not offer a refund for price drops. Any Amazon-related refunds are based on the credit card you used to make your purchase. You must use a Chase credit card to receive Amazon refunds.

To sum up the Moolah pros, the service does all of the hard work for you. You don’t ever have to search for price drops, memorize store policies, and so on.

You’ll simply receive an e-mail alert from Moolah if they’ve found a price drop. If the retailer approves it, you’re all set to get cash back.

To sum up the Moolah cons, you’re trusting the company with a lot of your personal information. They need full access to your e-mail account and credit card information. This is understandably off-putting for a lot of potential users. I’ll detail Moolah’s security measures below.

How Does Moolah Work?

Moolah works by scanning your inbox for receipts for online purchases you make. Your receipts are automatically added to their tracking list. They compare your receipts to their database of price drops.

This is all automated, so you don’t have to do anything. You do need to give Moolah access to your main e-mail account. This allows their program to detect price drops on your purchases.

Once a price drop is found, Moolah files a refund claim with the retailer. Their FAQ section states that it usually takes 1-2 business days for retailers to respond to claims. After that, it takes about 3-7 business days for the money to be refunded.

It goes back to the card you used to make your purchase. So the entire process takes about 10 business days.

Is Moolah Free To Use?

Moolah is completely free for you to use. The company does take a 20% commission on the price drop cash back they get for you. So if your refund amount is $100, you’ll receive $80 and they’ll keep $20. You don’t have to pay a dime out of pocket to use the service.

How Much Can I Earn With Moolah?

As you can imagine, there’s not a set answer to this question. If you shop often, you’re more likely to be eligible for refunds. And big-ticket items may net bigger refunds than smaller ones. It’s all based on your shopping habits.

The Moolah website has a list of recent refunds that they’ve gotten for customers. This is a scrolling list featured toward the bottom of their main page. I compiled the items and refund amounts into a list.

I think this gives you a pretty accurate look at how much cash back you may earn.

  • Nike tennis shoes – $22 refund
  • smartwatch – $28 refund
  • floral print ballet flats – $37 refund
  • plush teddy bear – $18 refund
  • leather travel bag – $26 refund
  • pink leather purse with gold accents – $82 refund

In addition to this recent list, there are three featured customer testimonials. The first customer received a $35 refund for a pair of Adidas shoes. The second customer received a $47 refund on her entire order from Nordstrom.

Another customer mentions getting a refund every two weeks due to frequent shopping on Amazon. Her most recent refund was $32.48.

These real statistics are a pretty good reflection of how much the refunds can vary. But overall, any refund is free cash back you wouldn’t have gotten without Moolah. If you’re interested in price drop refunds, this service seems like it’s worth a shot.

Is Moolah Safe To Use?

Moolah’s security is a hot topic among users and prospective users. I can understand why – you’re trusting a new company with access to your e-mail, credit card information, and more.

I’m usually skeptical when it comes to online security, so I looked into the safety features Moolah described on their help page. Here’s what I found:

  • Moolah uses 256-bit security encryption. In simple terms, 256-bit security encryption is advanced encryption used by Google, banks, and other big companies. It’s reliable and well-known for keeping user information safe.
  • Moolah’s website is protected by Comodo SSL certificate and Norton.
  • Moolah only stores the last four digits of your credit card number. They do not keep all of your credit card information on file.
  • Refunds to your credit card are protected by Stripe. Stripe is the world’s biggest credit card processor.
  • The personal information you provide is only used by Moolah. You can read the full Moolah Privacy Policy for more details. I also recommend reading the Terms of Service page.

All of this information can be summed up pretty easily. Yes, Moolah seems just as safe as other websites you provide credit card info and e-mail access to. Some examples include Facebook, Amazon, and other online merchants.

Their combination of security and privacy policies are standard for web-based companies.

How Do I Start Using Moolah?

Signing up for Moolah is simple and straightforward. Just follow the six steps below:

  1. Go to Join Moolah and click the green ‘Get Moolah For Free’ button. This launches an on-screen popup where you start the signup process.
  2. Select your e-mail service provider. If you don’t use Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, click the link that says ‘use other e-mail provider’.
  3. Select the e-mail address that’s associated with your online shopping accounts. This ensures you get as many refunds as possible.
  4. When prompted, you’ll need to grant Moolah access to your e-mail account. I’ll use Gmail as an example. This is what it says when I go to sign up – ‘Hi Amy, (e-mail address here) wants to read, send, delete, and manage your email.’
  5. Click ‘Allow’ to grant access and continue the signup process.
  6. If/when prompted, link accounts such as your Amazon account.

That’s all there is to it. The process takes a few minutes or less. Once you’ve completed the above steps, Moolah does the rest of the work for you. Just continue shopping online as you normally would.

Verdict: Is Moolah A Scam Or The Real Deal?

My conclusion is that Moolah is legitimate cash back service. It’s a real, secure way for you to get cash refunds based on price drop policies. If you shop with these online retailers, your e-mail receipts will automatically be scanned for price drops.

Moolah contacts the retailer for you to inquire about a refund. That’s really all there is to it.

The retailer does have the final say on whether or not they’ll give a refund. That’s important to note because you may not get price drop refunds for every single purchase.

But overall, customer testimonials on the Moolah website show a wide range of cash refunds from many major retailers.

If you’re still concerned about security, you can contact Moolah at In the section about safety, I’ve provided a link to their FAQ where they address security concerns. They will also reply via their Facebook page if you have questions or comments.

What Are Some Other Great Programs To Save Money?

Using Moolah and loving it? Combine it with some other rewards programs to increase your earnings. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Ibotta
  • Registration Bonus: $10 after scanning your first receipt
  • Join Ibotta

Ibotta is primarily known for earning cash back by taking pictures of your store receipts. Earn cash back on common products such as groceries, electronics, prescriptions, alcohol, meals at restaurants and more.

I usually find that I can earn $.25 to $5 in cash back per offer. Cross this $5 threshold by claiming more than one offer per receipt. The best part is that you get a $10 bonus when you sign-up and scan your first receipt.

In fact, Ibotta has recently expanded to give you cash back when you shop online or through one of their partner apps.

For example, they’re currently partnered with Groupon. When you log-in to the Ibotta app, click on the Groupon icon to be redirected to the Groupon app (or be asked to download it if you don’t have it installed). Make your purchase like you normally would, and receive 10% in cash back off of your total purchase price.

Cash out when you reach a minimum of $20. You can cash out in the form of PayPal, Venmo or for gift cards of your choosing. There are also 11 other apps like Ibotta that pay you to scan receipts. Stack them together to increase your earnings.

Read our full Ibotta Review

2. Shopkick

Shopkick pays you to scan receipts like Ibotta does but with a lot more. You can also earn cash by walking into stores, scanning barcodes on products, shopping online, linking your credit card, referring friends and more.

This is the best part about Shopkick – there never seems to be an end to the amount of ways you can earn.

Shopkick often has great incentives for its users as well. For example, a couple of weeks ago they were giving out 2 $75 gift cards per day. While this promotion has since ended, they often have deals like this.

Each time you complete a task with Shopkick, you earn points in the form of “kicks.” These kicks can be exchanged for cool prizes such as gift cards to popular retailers or physical prizes. You get a 250 kick bonus as a new user.

Read our full Shopkick Review

3. Survey Junkie

We mention Survey Junkie because it’s one of the better survey sites out there. Although they don’t come with a registration bonus, I find that I can earn around $12 per hour provided that I stick to the higher-paying surveys.

Yes, you can also earn at a rate lower than this, but that’s if you’re continuously taking lower-paying surveys. Stick the ones that are worth your while and earn some good cash.

Check back daily since Survey Junkie tends to refresh their list quite often. The more surveys you take, the more surveys Survey Junkie will reward you with, thus increasing your chances of receiving a high-paying survey.

Read our full Survey Junkie Review

Final Thoughts

Moolah is one of many ways that you can earn cash back on your everyday purchases. My favorite part is that all of this is done for you, and it’s 100% free as well.

If you have any experience with Moolah or any other ways of getting cash back, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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