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ScriptSave WellRx Review: Can You Really Get Free Prescription Discounts?

savescript wellrx review
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The high cost of prescription drugs is a popular and controversial topic. The price of prescriptions increases about 10% per year.

Sadly, about 20% of Americans must resort to skipping doses and cutting pills. This makes it obvious that people need ways to save money on medication.

Pharmacy discount cards are a popular resource for getting cheaper prescription medications. ScriptSave WellRx is one company that offers free discount cards that reduce prescription prices.

You may feel a little skeptical and wonder if there’s a catch. I certainly had these thoughts, so I decided to find some answers. This ScriptSave review presents all of the facts that you need to know.

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What Is ScriptSave WellRx?

ScriptSave WellRx is a company that helps uninsured and underinsured people pay for their prescription medication. Even fully insured people with high deductibles and copays can use ScriptSave WellRx services.

This company is fairly new, but their parent company has helped others since 1994.

ScriptSave offers prescription discount cards. These cards are similar to coupons and can be used at dozens of different pharmacies. According to the company, users save an average of 45% per prescription.

In some cases, ScriptSave WellRx card users save up to 80%. For many, this means they save hundreds of dollars per prescription.

Their service is completely free to use. Users are not required to provide personal info or credit card info to use the site. ScriptSave WellRx has very positive feedback from users, and I’ll cover this in the review section below.

Read on for more details about how ScriptSave works.

How Does ScriptSave Work?

Finding out exactly how this works was my first step. After all, free services often seem to have some hidden fees or catch to them. Fortunately, that’s not the case with ScriptSave WellRx.

I even printed off a coupon to test it. It worked just fine – the coupon was in my hand in less than one minute.There are different ways to get access to the ScriptSave WellRx program. I’ve outlined them below.

Print Coupons From Your Computer

This method was the first one I found on the ScriptSave website. On the main page, type in the name of your medication and your zip code.

You’ll be presented with a list of pharmacies in your area. This list includes the estimated savings price you’ll get by using the coupon. Just click “Get Coupon”, print it, and take it to your chosen pharmacy. Pretty simple!

Print A Prescriptions Savings Card From Your Computer

Click the Get Card button on the right-hand side of the main page. If you don’t want to create an account, click the link that says PRINT THIS BASIC CARD.

This will open a PDF file with a prescription savings card. Print it and use it at your pharmacy.

Text or E-mail A Prescriptions Savings Card To Yourself

To get this coupon, you’ll need to follow the instructions above and click the PRINT THIS BASIC CARD link. This opens the PDF file in a new tab, but it also changes the web page you were on.

There are buttons that let you text or e-mail the card to yourself.

Get A Prescriptions Saving Card Through The Mail

Once again, you’ll click the Get Card button on this page. This will take you to the same page as the other options. You just input your first name, last name, e-mail address, date of birth, and zip code.

Your unique prescription discount card will be created and mailed to you. You have the option to create an account on this page, but it’s not required to get the card via mail.

Download The ScriptSave WellRx App

If you don’t feel like printing or using a card, the app is a convenient alternative. It’s available for iPhones and Android phones. The app is 100% free to download and use.

The App Store shows that this app was updated in August 2017. If you aren’t viewing this on mobile, simply search for “ScriptSave WellRx” in Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Free ScriptSave WellRx Perks

Earlier I covered the main free service provided by ScriptSave WellRx.

I discovered even more free perks by browsing I’ve listed some of those features below along with links to them.

  • Ask A Pharmacist – This free service allows you to speak to a pharmacist about your prescription drugs. You contact the pharmacist via phone. The service is available from 8 AM to 5 PM MST Monday through Friday.
  • Pill Identifier – This great tool comes in handy if you find a pill and don’t know what it is. For example, you may find one in your purse or while you’re cleaning. Identify the pill by typing in the color, shape, and imprint. The imprint is the letter/number combo on the pill. I used a tool like this when spilled water ruined the label on my prescription pill bottle. It’s certainly useful when you need it.
  • Find a 24-Hour Pharmacy – Sometimes your schedule doesn’t allow to you go to pharmacies that close early. Or maybe you need to get medicine for your sick child. WellRx has a tool that lets you find 24-hour pharmacies near you. It lists pharmacies that take the WellRx prescription card, so you can get the discounts you need.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – This feature isn’t exactly a tool, but it’s very useful if you have any questions. The FAQ section covers tons of information about ScriptSave WellRx. I suggest reading it if you have questions or concerns about the programs. It gave me quite a few answers within a minute or two. This section also has their Contact Us link if you can’t find your answers.
  • Member Accounts – You don’t have to sign up for anything to use a WellRx discount card. But creating a free account offers a few different perks. There’s a feature called My Medicine Cabinet that stores info about the prescriptions you need. This can make getting discounts more convenient for you.

Seeing all of these 100% free features gave me a good impression of ScriptSave WellRx. For almost every free feature, you don’t have to give personal information at all.

This is reassuring for many people who are hesitant to give info to a new company. Additionally, it really seems like WellRx makes their users a top priority.

Real Examples of WellRx Discounts

After reading all of this information, I was curious about the actual discount amounts. Are the savings for medications really significant? I decided to the site out to find some real numbers.

Below you’ll find the names of some popular medications. I’ve included the lowest WellRx discount price along with the cash price.

The cash prices without insurance are based on True Med Cost estimates. This may help you understand how much money you can save.

  • Prozac (FLUOXETINE HCL) is a popular antidepressant. You can get a 30-count bottle of 10mg capsules for $4.00 at WalMart Pharmacy with a WellRx coupon. The cash price for the same dosage and quantity is $222.05 at WalMart Pharmacy.
  • Gabapentin (GRALISE) is a seizure and nerve pain medication. You can get a 30-count bottle of 300mg capsules for $6.87 at WalMart Pharmacy with a WellRx coupon. The cash price for the same dosage and quantity is $30.00 at WalMart Pharmacy.
  • Xanax (ALPRAZOLAM) is used to treat anxiety and panic attacks. You can get a 30-count bottle of 1mg pills for $6.32 at WalMart Pharmacy. The cash price for the same dosage and quantity is $97.54 at WalMart Pharmacy.

With these three examples, you would pay $17.19 with your WellRx discount. This may even be less expensive than filling your prescriptions and paying your health insurance copay.

Without any discount, you would pay $349.59. That is a huge difference – you literally save hundreds of dollars by using a free program.

To further test the site, I put in the prescriptions that I take daily and used the cash prices I have documented. I’d pay about $100.00 with WellRx instead of over $500 with cash prices for my medication.

Again, that’d be a major discount on crucial prescriptions that I need.

There are two easy ways to find out if your meds are covered by ScriptSave WellRx. The main page has a search bar. Just type in the generic name or brand name of your medication.

Then put in your zip code so you’ll get a list of pharmacies close to you. You can view their entire Drugs Savings List; there are over 12,000 medications that are eligible for WellRx discounts.

Reviews From ScriptSave WellRx Users

I used a couple of different sources to find reviews from ScriptSave WellRx users. Their own website features customer reviews near the bottom of the main page.

Ialso found several reviews on Google Play and one review from a blog. Below you can read the key points from each resource.

Reviews on ScriptSave WellRx Website
  • One member mentions saving $50 on just two of her prescriptions.
  • Another member says his prescription savings card covers medication that his Medicare plan doesn’t cover. This is a good example of how this card word for underinsured and fully insured people.
  • The WellRx discount card reduced one woman’s prescription cost from about $120 to $55. This cost covers three prescriptions, so it reduced them from about $40 each to a little over $18 each.
  • Another woman saved more than 50% on her prescription using her card. The price went from $18.79 to $9.00.
  • One member was pleased to learn that ScriptSave WellRx covers various pet prescriptions. It helped her save money on her dog’s thyroid medication.
Reviews From Google Play WellRx App Users
  • Google Play users rate the app 3.6 out of five stars.
    • About 63% of the reviews are 5-star and 4-star reviews.
    • These stats are based on a total of 608 reviews between 2016 and 2017.
  • Common pros that users mentioned in their reviews include:
    • saving a significant amount of money
    • The overall performance of the app
    • The discount it offers if you’re struggling with underinsurance or no insurance
  • Commons cons that users mentioned in their reviews include:
    • The app not operating correctly or not opening
    • Discrepancies between the app’s discount and the discount their chosen pharmacy would give.
  • This is a sponsored post from late 2016 written by a blogger and brand ambassador named Pam.
  • Pam began her review by stating that she no longer had health insurance coverage. This led her to use ScriptSave WellRx to help save money on prescriptions. She uses it for herself, her son, and her husband.
  • Pam helpfully mentions that you can’t combine the ScriptSave WellRx discount card with your insurance. Compare WellRx prices to your insurance copay. Use whichever is less expensive at the pharmacy.
  • Pam gives positive feedback that’s consistent with other reviews I’ve read. She also notes the great free WellRx features that I’ve discussed in this post.

After reading user reviews, it seems the general consensus is very positive. The only problems people have seem to be technical.

For example, the app was not operating or opening on some smartphones. Others had confusion with using the coupons and their insurance at the same time.

But as far as actual usage and features go, customer satisfaction is pretty high. You can check out any of the links above to read more reviews and feedback.

Verdict: ScriptSave WellRx Is a Free, Easy Way to Save Money

My overall conclusion is that ScriptSave WellRx is the real deal. There’s no catch to it, there are no hidden fees, and the free services are comprehensive.

This program is excellent for anyone who needs to cut down their prescription medication costs. Even if you have insurance, I suggest checking it out.

You may be surprised to see that some of the discounts are cheaper than your co-pay.

Free money-saving tools are beneficial for pretty much everyone. We’ve posted about many of them on Frugal For Less.

Some examples I like are Drop App Review: Link Credit/Debit Cards & Earn Cash Back and 15 Free Apps That Pay You To Watch Videos From Your Smartphone.

Read these posts to discover free ways to save and earn extra money. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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