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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

Earning money with apps is not only a fun way to supplement your income in your spare time, but it’s also quick and easy. New apps seem to pop up all the time, offering you ways to make money with your smartphone just by doing things you normally would anyway.

S’more is an app that’s been around for a couple of years but continues to evolve to compete with newer money-making apps. This one pays you to do something you do every day: Unlock your phone.

Here’s the link to check out S’More for yourself:

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What is S’more?

S’more is an app for Android devices that helps advertisers spread the word about their products and services while paying you to see them. You can download the app to your device and use it as you normally would. S’more places its own lock screen over yours with ads that are of interest with you.

You don’t have to do anything with the ad. You can choose just to unlock your phone as usual. Either way, you’ll make money using S’more.

Although there are a lot of lock screen apps available, S’more offers a few different things that set it apart from its competitors. One benefit of S’more over similar apps is that it has a few different ways to make money, like with surveys and offers, than just interacting with your lock screen.

How Does S’more Make Money?

S’more works like reward websites that partner with advertisers to market to their members. The difference is in the way S’more chooses to bring those advertisements to its users.

While a regular rewards site might have you read paid emails and complete offers from advertisers to get paid, S’more lets you make money with your smartphone. It places ads on your lock screen to view, plus you can complete offers, take surveys, and interact more with advertisers with the app itself.

S’more is the middleman between you and its partners and is the first one to make money from advertising, but it then passes some of that cash onto you for participating.

Who Can Use S’more?

S’more is currently only available for Android devices through Google Play. You need to be at least 13 years old (with a parent’s consent if you’re under 18) to use it, and you must live in the United States or one of its territories.

How Does S’more Work?

When you download S’more for your phone, the app will place a new lock screen on it. Instead of your usual screen, you’ll see S’more’s simplistic screen with advertisements that you can click to learn more about a product, service, or brand.

You can choose to either click an ad or swipe up on your screen to unlock your phone to continue using it. You’ll get 10 cents a day either way, just because you have it installed. Unlike similar apps, you don’t get more money for interacting with ads.

Ads may sometimes pop up while you use your device, too, but you can always swipe up on them to continue what you were doing.

Pros and Cons of S’more

S’more’s great for earning a little extra money just by using your phone, but it also has some disadvantages compared to similar apps:

Pros of S’more

  • Get paid every day you use the S’more app
  • Get 50 points just for installing S’more
  • The app offers several rewards in the form of popular gift cards, like Google Play and Best Buy
  • Low minimum cash out amount for most prizes (500 points)
  • More ways to earn money than just with your lock screen
  • Referral program gives points for every friend you refer
  • Ads don’t slow down or interfere with your phone

Cons of S’more

  • Currently only available in the United States and its territories
  • Points system instead of cash
  • Points expire if they’re not used within 30 days if you’re not active, and after 12 months if you are active
  • Surveys are very low-paying compared to regular survey sites
  • Videos aren’t available often
  • You need to use S’more for at least 10 days before you can start redeeming points

Using S’more to Make Money

S’more is more than just a lock screen app. It’s more like a mix between rewards sites, like InboxDollars and Swagbucks, and a lock screen app. Below are the several ways you can make money using S’more:

Earn Points Interacting With Your Lock Screen

The main focus of S’more is to make money with your lock screen. Interestingly, it’s not the most lucrative way for you to earn money from S’more. By keeping the app installed and letting it place its own lock screen over yours, you’ll get 10 points a day, which works out to $0.10.

Whether you choose to click on ads or not doesn’t matter; you’ll still get just $0.10 a day as long as you use your phone with S’more installed.

To use this feature, simply turn your phone on. Either click an ad to learn more or swipe up to dismiss the ad.

Take Surveys

Once you get out of your lock screen to use your device, you can start taking available surveys through S’more and its partnership with the market research companies, Pollfish and Peanut Labs. If you’re familiar with online survey sites, then you’ll know how these work.

You go through a series of questions to qualify to take the survey based on your demographics and interests. If you qualify, you’ll answer the full survey based on your opinions. Market research companies use your answers to inform brands of what consumers want to see.

To thank you for your time, you get paid. S’more, unfortunately, doesn’t have many surveys available at any time and several members say it’s tough to qualify for the ones that are available. Plus, payouts are low compared to most survey sites, many between 5 points and 100 points ($0.05 and $1).

Want better-paying surveys? Check out our list of some of the best paying survey sites on the web right now.

Complete Offers

Once in a while, S’more will add bonus offers in the form of advertisements onto your phone. These can be anything from downloading an app to signing up for a free, trial, or paid offer for an advertiser.

When you complete these bonuses, you’ll get extra points.

Unfortunately, you’ll never know when these are available until they show up on your phone. They’re not something you can find and complete by logging into the app unless you go through Peanut Labs surveys, which does sometimes have offers available.

They do pay decent points, though, so be sure to take advantage of those that make sense for you. Downloading suggested apps not only gives you points but may also help you find new apps you love!

Watch Videos

For every two videos you watch on S’more, you’ll earn 1 point. The videos are basically ads put in place by S’more partners. After each ad you watch, you’ll see the progress bar in the app move up. When it’s filled from watching two videos, you’ll earn your point.

Most videos are up to 30 seconds long, so you’ll usually make about $0.02 per minute you watch.

When you’re done watching a video, click the X at the top of the screen and then the button that says Watch More Videos to confirm your activity.

When there are more videos available to watch, the button in the Video section will turn green and will say Watch Videos.

Refer Friends and Family

The referral program is where you can earn a lot of points if you have several people you can sign up. Every referral gives you 25 points, or $0.25, which can add up quickly if you’re good at convincing people to sign up for things.

To refer people you know, you can go to the Refer section of S’more and click the share button to share your unique code and link via social media, text, email, and more. Your friends will need to use S’more for 10 days and earn enough points to redeem them for a prize for you to get your points, so make sure they stay active.

Redeeming Points

To redeem your points for one of several gift cards, you’ll first need to head to the Redeem section of the app and give S’more your email address. Go to your inbox and click the link in the email to verify your address. You should then see the full catalog of prizes.

Some gift card options are:

  • Amazon
  • Applebee’s
  • CVS
  • GameStop
  • Google Play
  • Target

All gift cards require at least 500 points except for Google Play, which is 1000, and Amazon, which is 100. Every point equals $0.01, so an Amazon gift card will be $1, while Google Play will be $10, but each gift card also offers higher denominations you can save for.

All gift cards come electronically within a few hours to a few days, so make sure you check your email’s spam folders if you haven’t received it yet.

How Much Can I Make With S’more?

Everyone will have a different earning experience with S’more depending on how many people they can refer, surveys for which they qualify, and the time they spend watching videos. Your location matters, too; people living in specific areas might see more survey opportunities and offers than others.

I’m going to recount my experience with S’more after using it for three days, just to give you an idea of the earning potential:

  • Downloading the app: 50 points ($0.50)
  • Three days of using my phone with S’more: 30 points ($0.30) for using the lock screen feature.
  • Verifying my email address: 10 points ($0.10)
  • Six videos each day (18 total): 9 points ($0.09)
  • Three surveys: 66 points ($0.66)
  • Three referrals (assuming they remain active and become eligible for rewards): 75 points ($0.75)

In my first three days, I earned $2.40, but technically only $1.80 when you consider that $0.60 of my earnings came from bonuses just for joining and getting everything set up. At this rate of $1.80 every three days, I could potentially make about $18 a month, but that’s only if I keep getting more people to join.

Realistically, I’d say most people can earn between $5 and $10 a month with S’more.

Using S’more With Other Lock Screen Apps

S’more is compatible with most other lock screen apps. That means that you can download and use others and their lock screen advertisements will layer over one another. The biggest issue this might cause is that your phone can lag with several installed at once, so people with older phones may just want to stick to one or two.

Since S’more is similar to other big-name lock screen apps, let’s compare a few of the most popular ones to S’more:


Slidejoy is probably the most well-known app of this type right now. One notable difference between Slidejoy and similar apps is that you can either swipe away from ads, engage with ads, or even swipe up to get a new ad to view.

You won’t get paid to interact with ads but will get paid by Slidejoy for using the app and unlocking your device.

You only need $1 to cash out for PayPal, Google Play credit, or Square cash.  On average, users can earn about $10 per month.

Read our full Slidejoy review.


Fronto is an Android-only app. The difference with this lock screen app is that it’ll pay you to engage with ads. For each ad click, app download, or news story you read, you’ll earn more points than you would if you just unlocked your screen. Regular unlocks give 20 points, while advertisement interactions can range up to 100 points or more.

When you have 25,000 points, you can redeem them for $10 in Amazon or PayPal cash.

Read our full Fronto review.


Adme is a lock screen app that pays you to use it whether you click on ads or not. However, the more you unlock your phone with Adme, the more you can make.

Adme doesn’t pay you more to interact with ads but instead pays you for unlocks. Adme’s algorithm does make sure you’re not abusing the system by continuously unlocking your phone to raise your balance.

You can cash out when you have at least $10 in your account with PayPal.

Read our full Adme review.

Whaff Locker

Whaff Locker is one of the few apps that won’t pay you just to unlock your phone with it. It focuses on getting more interactions with each ad, which is why it’ll usually only pay users who swipe left to engage with the advertisement, video, or article.

There are a few other ways to earn with the app, though, like referring friends and downloading other apps.

A minimum balance of $10.50 will let you redeem your earnings for PayPal cash or your choice of a gift card.

What Members Say About S’more

Although each user will have their own experience with this app, there are a few common points that get brought up frequently by those who have reviewed or discussed S’more online:

Low, But Reliable, Earnings

It’s not a secret by S’more users that the app doesn’t pay a lot. That’s typical with these apps, though, that are meant to just make you a little extra money from your phone. Ten cents a day from unlocking your phone is still a pretty good deal and makes for a reliable monthly income.

One thing that S’more stands out for is its ability to help you earn more by taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, and referring your friends, so don’t forget to tap into all those resources too.

Points Expire

The points you earn from S’more do expire after a while, which is kind of a bummer. I think a lot of people see this and automatically don’t want to use S’more. The truth is that, if you remain active with the app, you’ll likely never have an issue with expired points.

You just need to unlock your phone with S’more installed at least once every 30 days to keep your current points. Also, your unused points will expire after 12 months, so just be sure to redeem them before that and you’re good to go.

It Drains Phone Battery

This is a complaint that I can agree with, but it’s also true for any lock screen app I’ve tried: It can slow down your phone and drain your battery. My phone’s battery already drains fast, but I notice a more significant drainage with S’more installed.

The app, in some capacity, must remain running on your phone to be ready when you unlock your device, which likely accounts for it using some battery.

Is S’more a Scam?

From what I can tell, S’more is a legit app for making extra money. Will it pay the bills and put you through college? No, but it could be a good passive income solution when combined with other money-making apps.

How to Get Started with S’more

To download S’more for your Android phone, head to Google Play.

The app will walk you through getting set up with S’more. Remember to enter and verify your email address to get bonus points and to become eligible to redeem your earnings in the future.

Final Thoughts

S’more should be a contender if you’re looking for a new app that helps your phone pay for itself. It’s not limited to just unlocking your phone; it also gives you other fun ways to earn extra cash in your spare time.

Want more lock screen apps so you can decide on the right one for you? Check out our lock screen app guide that includes eight top lock screen apps that can help make you money with your phone.

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