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Before I ever buy any Amazon product, I always look on Amazon review sites to see if I can get the same product at a cheaper price. Today we’ll be walking you through the VIP Power Club review, another popular Amazon review site.

These websites are willing to give you a large discount – sometimes up to 100% off – in exchange for your product review. Registration is completely free.

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What Is VIP Power Club?

VIP Power Club is an Amazon Review site that helps consumers and Amazon sellers connect. Sellers are looking to get more reviews on a particular product, and consumers are always looking for a great deal. This site solves this problem by making a deal between the two.

Sellers are willing to lower the price of their product provided that the consumer will promise to leave a review after they purchase and test the product. The discounts you see from these Amazon Review Sites tend to range anywhere from 50% – 100% off, but I’ve noticed that with VIP Power Club I typically can get items at anywhere from 90% – 100% off of their listed Amazon price.

Unlike other review sites in which you have to log-in and search for a product to review, VIP Power Club sends you emails on the latest products that are up for grabs at a discount.

From my personal experience, I receive an email about once a week. The image below shows a cake decorating kit that I got entirely free, and it normally costs $17.

cake decorating kit
I received this cake decorating kit for free thanks to VIP Power Club.

You get discounts by receiving a promotion code in your inbox that can be applied during checkout. If for whatever reason your code isn’t working, email support and they should remedy the situation rather quickly.

How Should I Write The Reviews?

After you receive a product, you have up to 10 days to leave a review. Failure to do so can result in the suspension of your account, and you most likely never receive emails for free products. Once you leave a review you’ll be required to submit the link to the VIP Power Club page for approval.

Reviews need to be at least 3 – 4 sentences long, and the more detail you give the better. If VIP Power Club finds that you’re continually leaving short reviews or extremely biased, it may also result in the suspension of your account. For that matter, try to be as concise and honest as possible.

Furthermore, be sure to include the phrase “I received this product at a discount/for free in exchange for my honest review.” This way Amazon doesn’t find your review suspicious. There have been cases in which the reviews seemed biased, and Amazon has banned people from leaving any more reviews. Just be honest about what you say and include the phrase, and there shouldn’t be a problem. You can see a sample of my review below (click to enlarge):

leaving a review with vip power club

How Do I Get Started With VIP Power Club?

Getting started with their service is pretty easy, but there are a few things that you should be aware of. We’re here to walk you through it in just 5 easy steps.

1. Register. In order to register for VIP Power Club, go to their website and type in your email, name and Amazon profile link. You’ll also need to verify your email address.

2. Wait. After you sign-up you’ll automatically be placed on their email list. Now all you have to do is wait for offers to appear in your inbox. My first offer took about a week to appear.

3. Claim your coupon. Be sure to read all of the rules before you agree to purchase a coupon. This includes leaving a review within 10 days, being honest, etc. Failure to do so can result in the suspension of your account.

4. Make a purchase. Claiming your coupon will give you a promotion code for the specified discount. On the checkout page, paste in your promotion in order to receive the discount and purchase the product.

entering a gift card and promotional code on amazon

5. Leave a review. You need to leave a review within 10 days of receiving your product. Make sure that it’s at least 3 sentences long and is your honest opinion of the product. In the review, be sure to include the phrase “I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.” This notifies Amazon why you’re you’re getting the product at a discount and they won’t find the review suspicious.

vip power club leaving a review

6. Submit your permalink. After Amazon approves your review you’ll be able to access its permalink. In the original that you received, there will be a link for submitting the permalink. This allows VIP Power Club to verify that a review has been left so that they continue to send you offers.

How Can I Save Even More Money On Amazon?

You can also save more money on Amazon by using cash back portals. These portals are online websites that partner with thousands of online retailers and post their affiliate links onto one page. When you click on one of their links and make a purchase, they receive a commission and give the majority of it to the consumer, or in this case you.

While there are various different portals, the one we like to use the most for Amazon is called TopCashback. Right now they’re offering up to 10% cash back on all Amazon products. Keep in mind that the amount of cash back you receive completely depends on the category from which you’re purchasing. Here’s a short list of what they’re currently giving discounts on:

Once you reach a minimum of $10 in cash back in your account you can withdraw it to your PayPal account or receive the cash in the form of Amazon Gift Cards (for a 3% cash out bonus). Not only that, but TopCashback also gives you a $10 bonus just for signing-up as a new member. Registration is completely free.

If you want to save even more, we wrote a post on the top 10 ways to save on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Review Sites are a great way to get Amazon products for extremely cheap or even for free. Normally you have to log-in to check offers, but VIP Power Club sends you email updates one to two times a week on the latest products.

Discounts usually range anywhere from 90% – 100%, and I’ve gotten a lot of free products such as iPhone charging cables, an Apple Watch Stand and more. Don’t get impatient about receiving their emails, as there once was a time in which I had to wait up to 30 days before I heard anything back from them.

We’d love to hear about some Amazon products that you’ve received from VIP Power Club. If you have any questions or comments about our VIP Power Club review, let us know in the comments below.

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