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5 Best Ways to Make Money Blogging In 2020

5 Best Ways to Make Money Blogging In 2020
Jennifer Leach Oct 8, 2019
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Are you looking for some great ways to make money blogging?

If you are a blogger, you know wall the benefits that blogging can bring.

Not to mention, it’s a great way to make extra money that can turn into your full-time job.

Blogging brings so many fruitful opportunities and there are many opportunities to make money. Keep reading to learn about these 5 great ways to make money blogging.

Why start a blog?

You get to connect with an audience, write, educate and inspire others, connect with peers in the industry and make money. Did you know that there are many full-time bloggers?

Imagine blogging full-time as your own business?

You can definitely get there with these tips we’re going to share. Keep reading as we uncover these 5 great ways to make money blogging.

How to Make Money Blogging

This is a question a lot of new bloggers have.

Back in my days running an ecommerce store, I worked closely with bloggers. I would lean on them to review my online store and products, participate in events and giveaways with bloggers, and even used them as models for my garments.

As closely as I worked with bloggers, I had no idea that bloggers actually made money!

There are a ton of different ways to earn money as a blogger and some bloggers even have success with earning on their blog, from month 1:

  • Moms Make Cents published income reports showing $1,200+ per month in the first few months of starting
  • Crowdwork News reached $4,000/monthly within the first year
  • The Practical Saver has reached $15K+ months within a few years of starting a blog

What do all these bloggers have in common?

  • They treat their blog like a job
  • They use the blog as a way to fuel their business
  • They have diversified income streams

Treating Your Blog Like It’s Your Job

If you treat blogging like it’s your job, that means you will take it seriously and work professionally as a blogger, like you would in your 9 to 5.

This means:

  • Creating a work schedule
  • Responding to inquiries in a timely manner
  • Working part-time or full-time to improve the business

In life, if you treat just about anything like it’s your job, you will most certainly get a better result, than if you didn’t.

If you are new to blogging or have been blogging for a while and wondering how to take your blog income to the next level, take this advice and watch your blog grow and flourish.

Using Blogging to Fuel Your Core Business

The blog itself is not the business. It’s a way to fuel your core business.

Blogging brings awareness around a topic.

It drives traffic to a specific topic, growing an audience, and then once your visitors reach the destination, the goal is to have them take action:

  • Sign up to the email list
  • Make a purchase
  • Interact with the content (leave a comment, like a post, etc.)

For example, if you are a vegan chef, you might create a blog with your favorite vegan recipes, tips on how to cook vegan, how to eat at restaurants as a vegan, etc.

Your goal is to drive customers to the blog so they can discover your brand and the end goal is to have them buy your vegan cookbook.

It’s like attraction marketing.

You lure in your audience with free value, solving a pain point that they have, then offering an upgraded solution to help them better solve their problem.

With the vegan chef blog, consumers are arriving at the blog because they are looking for vegan recipes. They are greeted with free vegan recipes but the vegan cookbook offers more: tons more premium recipes including recipe cards and grocery lists, allergen information, in hardback and ebook versions.

This is what you should keep in mind when you’re blogging.

Exploring Diversified Income Streams

This means pursuing different ways to make money with your blog.

It’s just like investing.

You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket because if that opportunity fails, then you may be left with nothing.

The same goes with blogging. You want to earn in as many income categories as possible because anything can happen at any time, impacting your income and you want to be able to lean on those income sources to keep you afloat if the unlikely were to occur.

Make Money Blogging with Ads

The first way you can monetize your blog is with advertising income.

Advertisements or ads are present on a ton of different websites you have visited. Some examples:

Ads can show up in many forms including, side banner ads, popup ads, exit ads, header or footer placements, and more.

How Ads Work?

As a blogger, your first step to join an ad network.

Once you sign up with an ad network, you may or may not go through an approval process, depending on the ad network.

After signed up successfully, you’ll get access to ads that you can create in various sizes and place throughout your website.

Ads are a great way to make money on your blog.  Every time a website visitor clicks on one of your ads, you earn money!

That is the only commitment the visitor has to make, just click on the ad. Ad income is the most passive form of blogging income you can earn.

Most bloggers begin with Google Adsense, which is pretty easy to join and get accepted.

After your blog is seasoned and you start getting a minimum of 25,000 sessions per month then you can join Mediavine, which is a higher paying network.

Then, from there, you can move onto Adthrive, if you so choose, which requires a minimum of 100,000 page views for per month.

What you will love about Mediavine and Adthrive is that they manage the ads for you.

Once you apply to the network and get accepted, they take over, managing your entire ad network. Just sit back, continue blogging, and get paid when visitors click your ads.

Success Stories

Make Money Blogging With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the next income stream you can utilize to make money blogging.

Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative and goes hand in hand with blogging.

How it works

As an affiliate for a company, you will get paid to refer products to your readers.

If your referral results in a sale, then you get a commission, at no extra cost to the reader.

For example, if you are an affiliate for a hot sauce brand with 10% commission, and refer their hot sauce on social media, resulting in $1,000 in sales then, you will earn 10% commission on those sales, or $100.

Make sense?

Blogger refer products throughout their blog, social network, and email list.

Here are some examples of bloggers that make money blogging with affiliate marketing:

What Affiliate Marketing Programs To Join?

There are a ton of different affiliate programs available, for virtually every product or service available for sale.

The two main types of programs are:

  • Network
  • Private

What are Affiliate Network Programs?

Network affiliate programs are a affiliates under a network, like Shareasale.

As a blogger, you visit Shareasale, register for free, then you will instantly have access to their huge library of merchants where you can decide what affiliate programs to join and request to join, under the brand!

Networks make it really easy to join a lot of good, quality affiliate programs, fast.

Some other affiliate networks to check out:

Affiliate networks are a great way to stay organized with your affiliate marketing efforts. Most networks have additional tools to help you including links and banners, CPC, reporting, and other statistics and analytics to help you.

Best Practices for Earning with Affiliate Marketing

Scouring the internet for top tips about affiliate marketing will leave you finding a ton!

From an experienced affiliate marketer, the #1 tip I can provide is consistency.

From beginners to more seasoned affiliates, being consistent is something that will help you make the most money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate income may be slow to start for beginners, but as your blog grows, your traffic will grow and consistency will help bring you continuous affiliate income that will grow over time.

What are Private Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Private affiliate marketing programs are handled directly with the merchant.

Instead of going to an affiliate network, the middleman, to find merchants to promote, you will go directly to the merchant.

This means you’ll visit the merchant’s website, find their affiliate program and join.

Pro Tip: You can usually find affiliate program information in the footer of websites.

Here’s the difference between affiliate networks and private programs:

With an affiliate network, you will work with the network, with little to no interaction with the merchant. With a private affiliate program, there is no middleman, so you will work one-on-on with the merchant.

Which is better: an affiliate network or a private affiliate program?

This is a matter of personal opinion. Many argue that private programs pay better, since they don’t have to pay merchant fees that many networks have however, there are perks to network affiliate programs including having access to a lot of programs, the analytical tools, organization, etc.

If you’re curious, why not try both out?

Success Stories

Make Money Blogging with Sponsorships

The next blogging income source is sponsorships and brand deals.

Sponsorships and brand deals are the same thing. You will partner up with a company as a brand ambassador for the short term or long term, representing the company on your blog.

There are different kinds of partnerships, like:

  • Sponsored giveaways
  • Video demonstrations
  • Sponsored email blast
  • Sponsored blog post or feature
  • Sponsored social media blast

You and the brand will come together to collaborate in a paid deal. Beginning bloggers usually book short term deals, for one collaboration. More experienced bloggers may be able to book longer term campaigns for 6 months or longer.

How to Get Sponsored

You can book a sponsored gig by having the brand contact you, by you contacting the brand, or through a sponsored network.

Booking a Sponsorship Through Brand Contact

When the brand reaches out to you, they’ll share their design to work with you in a paid campaign. Then, you and the brand can hash out all the details of the partnership, including:

  • Type of deal: video, giveaway, feature, etc.
  • Timeline
  • Requirements (like number of clicks, number of signups, other benchmarks, etc.)
  • Compensation: how and when you will be compensated
  • Miscellaneous details: preapproving content before publishing, extras, etc.

Booking a Sponsorship By Contacting the Brand

This is similar to the first scenario except instead of the brand contacting you, you will contact the brand.

Here’s an example of a pitch you can email the brand:

“Hi Press Team for Brand,

My name is [your name] and I am writing from the blog, [name your blog]. I’ve been a big supporter of your brand for a long time.  I really love what you offer to the public, your services of xyz.  I’d love to feature you on my blog.

My audience is [insert audience demographics] and my readers are crazy about…[insert key features of brand]

Would you be interested in collaborating in a paid partnership? I have some ideas I’d love to share with you.

Please contact me back at [insert phone number]. I’d love to hear back either way.

Thanks for your consideration.

All the best,


Then, wait to hear back from the company and negotiate the details or the campaign.

Booking a Sponsorship Through a Sponsored Network

When you work within a sponsored network, the network will act as a middleman between you and the company.

They will help coordinate all the details of the campaign such as:

  • Timeline
  • Compensation
  • Campaign goals/benchmarks
  • Key metrics
  • Campaign features (video demo, giveaway,etc.)

And, for their efforts, they are typically paid a cut of the campaign.

For example, if the campaign pays $500, the network might receive 10%, or $50, which means they get $50 and you get $450.

Sponsored networks have access to a ton of brands, some which may be difficult to contact, like Walmart, Target, Nordstrom, Fisher Price, etc.

With sponsored networks, you can usually apply for multiple opportunities.

Top bloggers like The Savvy Couple, earn upwards of $30K+ per month, from sponsorships alone.

There is money to be had with sponsorships and it’s a fun way to connect with a brand, practice your negotiation skills, and share your favorite brands you love with your audience.

Make Money Blogging with Products and Services

One of the most lucrative and rewarding ways to make money blogging is with products and services.

How it works?

First, you create products and/or offer services to solve a pain point that your audience has, like:

  • Learning to sew
  • Starting to homeschool your child
  • Losing weight

Then, you will sell those products/services to your audience.

Your products can be digital products or physical products.

Check out these examples:

Digital Products

  • Digital planner
  • Guide
  • Checklist
  • Ebooks
  • Courses
  • Printables

Digital Services

  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting
  • Social media management
  • Copywriting

Physical Products

  • T-shirts
  • Artwork
  • Coffee mugs
  • Crafts like, handmade wreaths, jewelry, etc.

Physical Services

  • Computer repair
  • Computer programming
  • Picture hanging
  • Interior design

How to Sell Digital Products and Services

To get started, you just need an idea and an opportunity to execute your idea.

For example, for your interior design blog, you could create an online style guide for Fall home decor and sell to your audience. You could price the style guide at $50 and sell 100 copies for a total of $5,000!

To execute, you will plan a product launch to introduce your product to the public.

This will be your first introduction to the market and a great starting point to make a lot of money in the beginning. Read more about product launches in this checklist.

Digital goods are a great way to make passive income. You create the product once, launch to the public, and continue to earn money in the future with little to no maintenance needed.

Physical Products and Services Selling

There is a huge place for physical goods and services.  Marketplaces are a great place to sell them:

Selling products and services, whether physical or digital can earn you a full-time income.

Success Stories

Check out these resources to help you with a great product launch:

Final Thoughts

There you go. As you can see, there are multiple ways to make money from blogging. From earning with ads, to monetize your site with affiliate marketing, sponsorships and creating your own products and services, blogging can be a lucrative endeavor that pays!

What do you think?

Do you feel inspired to start your own money-making blog?

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