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App Trailer Rewards – Earn Cash From Watching Unlimited Videos

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A while back we did a post on the Video Rewards App, a cell phone app that enabled you to watch unlimited videos for points, and then exchange these points for cash. It was one of the highest-paying video apps, provided that you were constantly clicking for the next video.

The app was recently sold to a new owner and the quality of the app dropped dramatically. The original founders of the app were disappointed by this and decided to create a new app called App Trailer Rewards. You can watch unlimited videos and there’s no cap to the amount you can earn.

What Is App Trailer Rewards?

App Trailer Rewards is a free mobile app that’s only available for iOS devices. They connect with advertisers that want to display their product via video ads to consumers like you. Each time their video is shown, the app developers receive a small amount of cash and give a small portion to the end-user, you.

Each time you watch a video, you are awarded 5 points. Videos usually range in length anywhere from 15 – 30 seconds long, and you most likely will never run out. Unfortunately, this app is not passive, meaning you will have to click a button in between videos in order to play the next one.

You need a minimum of 5000 points to cash out (5000 points = $2.50 in cash). Points can be exchanged for either deposits to PayPal or gift cards to major retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, or Target. Since you earn roughly 5 points every 30 seconds, this means you earn 600 points an hour, or $.30 cents. If you kept this app running 24/7, you have the potential to earn $7.20 daily.

While this amount isn’t significantly high for running the app for such a long period of time, it’s a lot higher than most other rewards apps. A great way to quickly earn some extra points is to refer friends. For every friend you refer you and your friend get an extra 50 points. If you’d like to support FFL, you can use our referral code 5n1AvFDqipHmZ upon sign-up. We’d greatly appreciate it!

How Do I Sign-Up And Get Started?

Getting started with App Trailer Rewards is incredibly easy and can be done in just 3 simple steps.

1. Download. You can download the app via the App Store by clicking this link here. Once you install the app, enter in some information such as your name and email to get started.

2. Watch videos. There will be a list of the type of videos that you can watch on the home screen. Pick any one you want. If it so happens that one category is out of videos, move on to the next one. You should never run out.

3. Redeem Prizes. Once you hit 5,000 in points, feel free to claim your first gift card. Save 10,000 points to get a $5 payout to PayPal. Payouts are made within 5 – 7 business days, but you’ll usually receive it a lot sooner than that.

Final Thoughts

Is it worth it? For me personally, it really depends what I’m doing. If I were in a position at work that allowed me to sneak on my phone to watch videos, this is probably the first app I’d turn to in order to earn some extra cash.

However, if you’re looking to make a lot of money, it’s probably not the best idea. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them down below.

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